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This is a place for all people who love football. Here you can find the most epic videos in the highest quality about the world’s greatest footballers ever. The videos do not only focus on the most popular parts like the best goals or skills, but they show as well rare aspects of their unique way to play the beautiful game. Subscribe to see more!
Muneer Ora fa
A96oaye 3 ore fa
Why has the Real Madrid v PSG game been dubbed over?
Secret Truth
Secret Truth 3 ore fa
Poor guy
Enmanuel Hernandez
Karius 🔥🔥
King Grey
King Grey 22 ore fa
CR7 did him dirty
_Yuko_ 22 ore fa
Luis Felipe de Aquino
In football or in Europe?
Justin hope
Justin hope Giorno fa
FootballVIP Giorno fa
I don’t think so but I’m sure it
Игорь Кожбахтеев
Only goals or passes are the best answers for all dirts
Richard dangler
Richard dangler Giorno fa
Was woman’s one a joke?
Ali Mht
Ali Mht Giorno fa
Abel Mandume
Abel Mandume Giorno fa
The goal is offside if om right
Sj B
Sj B Giorno fa
I wish Zlatan never aged, would be fun to watch him forever
Asisa Giorno fa
Immobile ❤
Olsen Bryan
Olsen Bryan Giorno fa
Merxu 2 giorni fa
I bet psg feeling REAL stupid about that now
Kartik Joshi
Kartik Joshi 2 giorni fa
Nothing is more satisfying than seeing pepe get destroyed. That man plays so dirty.
kiilerich84 2 giorni fa
Schmeichel ??
mickael dibella
mickael dibella 2 giorni fa
Best revenche IS Zlatan vs matterazi
2 giorni fa
Toàn Football
Toàn Football 2 giorni fa
Người hâm mộ từ Viet Nam🇻🇳👏👏
Arman Saif
Arman Saif 2 giorni fa
3:20 my favorite, overreacting kimich.
Phantomblade 2 giorni fa
LMAO neymar took it personal with the ref 💀made sure he never put another yellow card again
Adele marie Touna
Adele marie Touna 2 giorni fa
Pablo Shicoan
Pablo Shicoan 2 giorni fa
Balotelli the dopey wank twat 😂😂😂😂 and Haaland couldn't get revenge on himself if he tried the spunk bubble
Geraldo GMZ
Geraldo GMZ 2 giorni fa
geovani villa
geovani villa 2 giorni fa
messi es major
L U C I F E R 2 giorni fa
7:39 ayoooo 😂🎉😂🎉
Deep House
Deep House 3 giorni fa
A great collection of scandalous goals⚽⚽⚽
Oppo Realne
Oppo Realne 3 giorni fa
1 3 giorni fa
이랬던 데헤아가 ㅠㅠ
karma 3 giorni fa
ههههههههههههه ❤😂
karma 3 giorni fa
Respect ❤👍
Arturo Nieto Meléndez
4:20 lmao
Lucas Lopez
Lucas Lopez 3 giorni fa
3:32 the player saving without gloves, spectacular.
Ricardo Bruce
Ricardo Bruce 3 giorni fa
And Claudio Bravo?! This video is 🤡🤡🤡
56 Nights
56 Nights 3 giorni fa
the headshot made me weak😂
Alka Vij
Alka Vij 3 giorni fa
Dude give the 2nd go respect he didn’t even try
Work Of art
Work Of art 4 giorni fa
التي عجبتني ودعيتلو أن يهديه ربنا سبحانه وتعالى للاسلام خصيصا هو فاردي لانه ضد المثلية
Augusto César
Augusto César 4 giorni fa
*DISLIKE* , i come for the Thumbnail but it inst in the video at all.
koolkat 4 giorni fa
Imagine these pretty little things playing NRL. Makes me giggle like the girls they are.
KD 4 giorni fa
This video is rly funny. There are so many wrestling scenarios.
KD 4 giorni fa
S. 0:22. De womans are harder than de mans. 😅
ephi lyrics
ephi lyrics 4 giorni fa
Zlatan 😮
Ahmed Zaki Khan
Ahmed Zaki Khan 4 giorni fa
Mostly World Cup and Premier League celebrations.
William Segura
William Segura 4 giorni fa
Poreso cancelan los partidos como fas contra alianza a bi do una emegencia like sino la madre de la naturaleza te va a matar si le haces daño😊😊❤❤🎉