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29 Commenti
•Michael• 3 minuti fa
his head got to heavy lol
ssdd Kar
ssdd Kar 3 minuti fa
Wtf is this sheet 😂
Sarah Coates
Sarah Coates 7 minuti fa
Renita 26 minuti fa
countryangle84 33 minuti fa
I can’t get around as I use to do as I have advanced arthritis in both of my knees at 37. I have been like this for over a year now and it has taken away who I use to be and I miss it. I can’t figure out how to get the old me back.
Sharee Maddox
Sharee Maddox 44 minuti fa
I love her
Alyssa Schuler
Alyssa Schuler 49 minuti fa
Hannah Roque
Hannah Roque 53 minuti fa
The elvis move
Shakira lookalike
Crystal Peterson
I love love love love this!!!
Pzge Yo
Pzge Yo Ora fa
U need to stop. Terrible
Clarellen Ora fa
Azsa R.
Azsa R. Ora fa
Thank you for being so transparent with us Talia ! I have been feeling this exact way for a couple weeks now and been struggling to find myself and this just gave me that extra motivation I needed. If someone is able to say something negative about you it just goes to show people will always find something negative to say because you are a literal ray of sunshine ☀️
Valerie Miller
Valerie Miller
I’m so happy for you
PEYTON Clement
EZ AnTic
EZ AnTic Ora fa
Why spit on your wife😂
Deb Garcia Y
Elly Sarmiento
flower pot
flower pot Ora fa
n m
n m Ora fa
Wasting food and u call urself influencers. Shame
La'Saw Brewer
La'Saw Brewer 29 minuti fa
@Festive Vibez! Thank you!
Festive Vibez!
Festive Vibez! 52 minuti fa
Leave them alone did you not see their newest video about the hate like them have fun and stop being a hate tbh they influence me every single day so just stop and learn how to be kind because your being rude
La'Saw Brewer
If you don't like their content, don't watch it, but you are not going to post negative comments just to bring people down.
Elly Sarmiento
Karen, I'm sure 2 tortillas aren't gonna solve the worlds problems pff
Negar Moghadam mir
You look waaaay more beautiful before like 6month ago Now you look weird !your hair color is not nice though
Ish42O34 2 ore fa
1/10 no soul
La'Saw Brewer
La'Saw Brewer 2 ore fa
Dang! She was fast with it too!
Sophia Carreiro
Thank you for being so raw in this video! It’s very human and only natural to feel this way sometimes. Mental health is super important and I think we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves and to eachother most importantly. Love you always and thank you for sharing loving positive videos for us to brighten our day. I hope you take the time for yourself and do things you love again. 😘✨🫶🏼💗
Hannah_🫶 2 ore fa
Zoe Lindquist
Zoe Lindquist 2 ore fa
Love you Tal! ❤️💕 you got this!
Nature and Rural areas beauty
It is the kick for me
LaUgHEd ThEn fArTeD!
I'm sorry but her screaming! Is funny af!🤣🤣😱
Deborah Garcia
Thanks for opening up! I’ve been struggling with my mental health postpartum. I’ve recently been cleared to work out again, and I’ve been reminded how amazing working out is for my mental health. Thanks for sharing your struggles. It really helps to normalize that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.