Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077
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Rinchen Yangden
6:36 Atom from real steel
Kose nanat
Kose nanat 4 ore fa
Trailer from 8 years ago ...
Moataz Elmasry
Mass Effect meets Fallout
Francois Dupont
looks like a scripted to shit waypoint, x-ray vision, glowing item, aim-bot casual console port.
Boiling Jill
Boiling Jill 7 ore fa
If I were a time traveler, I would go back in time for five years, and if someone asked me "When is Cyberpunk going to be released?" I'd answer "Idk, i don't have 2020 vision"
StandArt Media
Which software your preference?
HellaHellaHella HEY
Coolest guy on earth
HellaHellaHella HEY
Coolest behind the scene footage ever.
Chris M
Chris M 10 ore fa
Wonder how many ciri and geralts will be made in character creation
STRIKER RON 12 ore fa
Literally Chicago.
Dwayne Pinto
Dwayne Pinto 12 ore fa
Looks like watch dogs and far cry.
Sunil Sushila
Sunil Sushila 12 ore fa
V is the Logan of Cyberpunk 2077😁👌
Catholic Racialist
Cyberpunk77 is a trash game. I don't know why so many idiots like this game
Meshal Alrisheedi
And still pretty good😍
viraltaco 17 ore fa
I can't wait to play this game. I really hope it delivers on the expectations. It's very story driven so I assume they got that nailed. All we need is good gameplay. I want the game, please ;-;
GOLDEN SPARK 18 ore fa
I will play this in 2077.
嬌糖 19 ore fa
my graphics card is burning
Злой Котан
What's about special abilities? Will we be able to rape people anally making them our thralls? Either take the dick out of pants and piss on people? Can we either masturbate in public place or torture a cute kitten in order to lure enemies? And, finally, what's about such an important thing like TACTICAL DEFECATION? Let's let we have an area to be sneaky infiltrated, all is under surveillance... Tough mission! We can use a bunch of crap taken in our hand - and throw it precisevly (nano-sensors with real-time ballistic model assist a fling) into cameras or cyborgs faces! It's kind of low-tech against high-tech perk! What's about deep-diving without computers, just by LSD comsumption? It might be helpful to avoid enemy net-runners (while we have ourself properly handcuffed to heating battery, at least). What's about those mighty gorilla-cybernetic hands? Are they going to be useful for jerking? Can we apply 1000 kilogram-force to prostitute's boobs to smash them? Can we crash shit-filled high-pressure pipes to make local fountains of pure shit as diversion deluding our enemy? LET'S MAKE THE GAME REALLY PLAYABLE!
Hosue Rodriguez
Hosue Rodriguez 20 ore fa
I'm late to the party but I have to say all the controversy about the Vodoo boys is such bs, this game is badass and can't wait to play this game.
Isaac Burr
Isaac Burr 21 ora fa
Built a 2 thousand dollar PC just to watch this demo on
Althane Frostbane
6:16 boob glitch
Charlie smells like dog cheese
this keeps randomly playing on my youtube
Ocram Giorno fa
DAMN, THE *DOWNGRADE* IS *REAL* Imagine for Xbox One/PS4
I was 17 when this was uploaded, had a Compaq AMD Duel Core Desktop with 3GB RAM and a 550Ti with a 500GB HD , though 2 weeks after this vid, I gotten a HP Desktop with a Quad core Core i5 with 8GB RAM and a 1TB HD (And since gotten a GTX 970 3 years ago) I'm gonna turn 25, months before Cyberpunk comes out and I'll probably build a new Custom PC by then. Very hard to believe that my computer at the time of this trailer would had become too obsolute for future games like Witcher 3 and I'm sure Cyberpunk 2077 will have even slightly higher requirements then before.
Just Fruit
Just Fruit Giorno fa
i can't wait
john murdoch
john murdoch Giorno fa
I only will playing you play as joker
Josh Ellison
Josh Ellison Giorno fa
What's up with Keanu Reeves?
Thanks for the 5rd grade history lesson about the abandoned mall of Pacifica but I want to know more about how do I create my perfect costumized character and what weapons are the best to use in this game
Interfector0 Giorno fa
*Wake the fuck up, samurai! We have a graphic card to burn.*
Craig Penfold
Craig Penfold Giorno fa
Hollie Bennett? I recognise her from somewhere, I don't know where...
Seedgroup Giorno fa
CD PROJEKT RED you are Poland national treasure!!!
Gohanburner Giorno fa
Me: Also unmotivated to workout This song: Get up, we've got a new PR to hit!
Optimaa Giorno fa
Wake up, we got a city to burn 😎😐.
BaLu Giorno fa
I‘m already stressed out by that character customization
Core Montana
Core Montana Giorno fa
Me too.
山田太郎 Giorno fa
GamesTricker Giorno fa
"Your Cyberpunk Your Rules" I hope bathistha Should hear this.
Sean Costa
Sean Costa Giorno fa
This game looks like is has a little to much detail, looks cool but I doubt I will be able to grasp it for its true intentions
Joshua Drogmiller
you ever wonder that if you play this game and its the best thing you've ever played and everything else that comes after in terms in video games just feels like shit until the dlc expansion or the sequel comes out?
Alina Terbakova
Alina Terbakova Giorno fa
I had this problem with Witcher 3.
Matthew Harris MRHINC
That commentator sucks I bet hes never played a game
Core Montana
Core Montana Giorno fa
itvid.net/video/video-hOCAgHYPtF4.html Wow you should think before you talk.
benmac2112 Giorno fa
Jonathan Harker John Wall Don John John Rain Johnny Mnemonic John Constantine Johnny Utah John Wick Johnny Silverhand
Guilherme Lopes
Guilherme Lopes Giorno fa
El Samurai Punk♡
Jungle BOYZ
Jungle BOYZ Giorno fa
Wait Why Are They Speaking Creole I Need Some Explanation?
VodkaFox 2 giorni fa
Wake the fuck up, Samurai...
Mark Able
Mark Able 2 giorni fa
If I was on that panel I would probably accidentally leak too much, thereby getting me fired and joining the homeless in Pacifica...
TheVitalikUA 2 giorni fa
нот бед
xdbos gaming
xdbos gaming 2 giorni fa
Can u guys make a discord server for those guys that get banned for no reason please?
CrazyEscapy 2 giorni fa
This trailer has nearly been out for half of my life
vahnn0 2 giorni fa
Looking great. I just really hope they don't force the Keanu cameos too much and turn it annoyingly cheesy.
Soumyadeep980 2 giorni fa
This Give me Chills 👀😮😍
c0l1n_M4 2 giorni fa
Skolasiński Łukasz
so release date is 2020, kind of symbolic. any info on why 16th April? not sure if it has some meaning
alphabet kosa kata
alphabet kosa kata 2 giorni fa
Nano 2
Death the Kid
Death the Kid 2 giorni fa
This sounds like a limp bizkit song
Professor Fukyu
Professor Fukyu Giorno fa
In an alternate universe where limp bizkit is good. Refused was way before him and has shockingly outlasted him by almost 20 years.
Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane 2 giorni fa
No Cyberpunk better WITCHER 4 !
PiercingHeaven 2 giorni fa
Everytime I hear Dex I think to myself, "Impossibear???"
FoxerPL 2 giorni fa
May I ask for a soundtrack playlist from this video? ;)
Thomas Skaria
Thomas Skaria 2 giorni fa
Now i am scared that, will it run on my rtx 2060
Icey 2 giorni fa
wake the frick up samurai
Mr Death
Mr Death 2 giorni fa
Game of the year sure
Mobile Phone version needed.
Core Montana
Core Montana 2 giorni fa
They said no.
Make it for Mobile.🙏🙏
grumpychris 2 giorni fa
A mobile phone version of Cyberpunk 2077 is extraordinarily unlikely. There's a very, _very_ slim chance we'll get a spinoff of Cyberpunk 2077 with completely different gameplay and story available for mobile phones, but as it stands Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be exclusive to PC and consoles.
If it available for Mobile will best
CyanideZoker 2 giorni fa
how can I get a job in cd project red??? please help.
Araz Fazil
Araz Fazil 2 giorni fa
why does it now look like a blurry mess with low poly count models and rectangular shapes cobbled together with a bunch of triangles. I don;t think this is caused by the ray tracing, it looks way way worse than the 48 minute gameplay demo. I'd prefer a shorter game if that meant they could focus on the visuals more.
100,000 subscribers with no videos
it looks a bit blurry and the graphics a re weird looking in some shots
Solless 3 giorni fa
V is out there. V can’t be bargained with. V can’t be reasoned with. V doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And V absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.
Clarence Escuella
Clarence Escuella 3 giorni fa
This feels too much like a Bethesda fallout engine. Which is not a good thing
Matt Eloht
Matt Eloht 3 giorni fa
One word: Breathtaking...
monkeypolicd 3 giorni fa
I hope the game very immersive to a point it follows majority of physics laws, not some Bollywood shit lol.
Hussam Jamal
Hussam Jamal 3 giorni fa
Wake the FU@$k up SAMURAI!!! We have hearts to steal....😏
bud king
bud king 3 giorni fa
18 million vows this game will sell like weed cakes
Tom Eibl
Tom Eibl 3 giorni fa
Oh hell yeah finally a good game this year I, along with everybody else was majorly disappointed by wolfenstein the new blood but this is fucking awesome Can't wait to pick this game up And also bonus points for Keanu of course
ZoeZoe1804 3 giorni fa
13:18 this game is so fucking realistic. The player had to look both ways before crossing the street.
Follow the Sky
Follow the Sky 3 giorni fa
as a ghost in the shell fan i must play this.. <3
Werlay Brinvert
Werlay Brinvert 3 giorni fa
My male v Megas is sarcastic charming paragon who uses talking , stealth and cheating to beat the bad guys. My female v Calypso is a condescending baass bitch who tough as nails and take no shit also loves explosion, fire and is a renegade
Anthony Schlott
Anthony Schlott Giorno fa
My V (Name tbd) is an aloof, calculating outlaw who prefers humiliating his targets before he kills them, hacking into their network and turning their own weapons against them, maybe getting them to dance a little, before killing them outright.
Big Larry
Big Larry 3 giorni fa
I've lost count of how many times I've watched this. Must be nearing 20 times by now. This game is gonna cost me $1500...
Ian Duncan
Ian Duncan 3 giorni fa
*GPU has left the chat*
paszczakone1985 3 giorni fa
Is that Jay z at 0.28 or I'm to high?
Wes Hoolahan
Wes Hoolahan 3 giorni fa
Can somebody let me know the time stamp when/if they talk about the interiors etc
Krzychu GhosT
Krzychu GhosT 3 giorni fa
Am I the only one who gets a little Red Alert 3 vibe?
Cyber Doomgirl
Cyber Doomgirl 3 giorni fa
Enemies are so awesome I don't think I want to kill them. Let em live together forever on this dystopian hell hole.
UNCLE JOE 3 giorni fa
This is yet the most detailed collectors edition of a game i have ever seen. Bethesda can kiss my ass.
h3lix86 3 giorni fa
Praying this isnt a huge disappointment like witcher 3
cherry-wave 3 giorni fa
Poor Jackie, already got used to him D=
cherry-wave 3 giorni fa
I am gonna hack everything that doesn't run fast enough <3 Netrunneeer
Joblow Johot
Joblow Johot 3 giorni fa
This game is literally Deus Ex meets Grand Theft Auto. Come up with a better analogy.
Jack M
Jack M 3 giorni fa
How about, come up with a comment of actual value instead of spewing worthless hyperbole
ForsakenSavior 3 giorni fa
god damn the vocals to this music is so annoying! where is the techno trance vibe something more similar to Deus Ex
ForsakenSavior 3 giorni fa
PLEASE CHANGE THE MAIN CHARACTER! why would anyone to play a trash main character like this?? i was expecting something more like this itvid.net/video/video-P99qJGrPNLs.html&has_verified=1
bud king
bud king 2 giorni fa
You do reliz that you can cosomiz your carictor to be black or white or anything inbetween this is just a trailer they used a white carictor becos this is a polish game devaloper most of the devalomant team is white and most of the gaming comuanty how are the people buying this game are white
Dangdood 3 giorni fa
I cant fucking wait holy FUCK
magpies in space
magpies in space 3 giorni fa
I'm unbearably hyped for this game
Jaguarattack 3 giorni fa
I heard cyber ninja and I got 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% more excited
LBP_ TV 3 giorni fa
I wanna make a hybrid ROIDED OUT netrunner who’s physical ASF
Orakzy 4 giorni fa
The new Panini lyrics is Amazing
Lord McLoudmouth
Lord McLoudmouth 4 giorni fa
People, we need to purchase the shit out of this game to send a big "fuck you" to companies like EA and Bethesda. Talkin bout single player games are dead. Fuck outta here.
bud king
bud king 3 giorni fa
Ea is making a single player starwars game right now . star wars jadi falling order
mortl 4 giorni fa
best soundtrack/ music in games? weeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll gimme more of these please
Noxislight 4 giorni fa
I just built myself a beast computer mostly because of this game. Cant wait to play it!
Mr Uneducated
Mr Uneducated 4 giorni fa
So glad I had diarrhea so I could sit on the toilet and watch the whole video.
blebleh999 4 giorni fa
Only way for diablo IV is coop action like new god of war