THE PRINCE FAMILY featuring NOVA, DJ, KYRIE, DAMIEN BIANNCA!! On this channel you'll find a variety of content, vlogs, pranks, challenges, games and much more!
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Amelie L.
Amelie L. 7 secondi fa
Wow 10 advertisements in just one video. Greedy
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 7 minuti fa
Catelyn Robbins
Catelyn Robbins 9 minuti fa
unicorn kk kk
unicorn kk kk 10 minuti fa
Team Biannca all day everyday
Jason Maxwell
Jason Maxwell 14 minuti fa
Popeyes and KFC and they are fries
Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lewis 17 minuti fa
i have a nana
Elizmar Rivera
Elizmar Rivera 17 minuti fa
yes Thay boow
Talaiqua Smalling
Talaiqua Smalling 18 minuti fa
Damien your kinda overreacting in round one
Jordan Mc Intyre
Jordan Mc Intyre 23 minuti fa
Biannca stop being too jealous lol I love u
chonelle brown
chonelle brown 29 minuti fa
100. 10
chonelle brown
chonelle brown 27 minuti fa
Avuye Dolly
Avuye Dolly 31 minuto fa
Be safe stay strong
appil Dd
appil Dd 31 minuto fa
Love you. Look up on ITvid. Pastor John Hagee. CORONAVIRUS DRESS REHEARSAL FOR THE NEW WORLD.
unicorn kk kk
unicorn kk kk 36 minuti fa
Biannca won
Ivelina Radeva
Ivelina Radeva 36 minuti fa
I love scary films
hope davids
hope davids 37 minuti fa
Biannca close them eyeballs you fiiiiiiil me
Queen areen Bashir
Queen areen Bashir 38 minuti fa
Bianca is ok
Samantha Gaboury
Samantha Gaboury 43 minuti fa
you are awsome
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson 47 minuti fa
Is that y’all new house
Keldon Green
Keldon Green 50 minuti fa
Lol lol lol lol dwl dwl dwl dwl
unicorn kk kk
unicorn kk kk 55 minuti fa
It was a girl that was watch your video when she was talking about you but I didn't care I still watch a videos and I love y'all that's why I try to get notified
Ronnique Carty
Ronnique Carty 56 minuti fa
Team bianncaaaaaaaa❤️
KIO & KEN Channel
KIO & KEN Channel 59 minuti fa
hope davids
Team Damien all day every day 🤟🤘✌️
Martine Lema
Team Bianca
anne marie
anne marie Ora fa
pink vs purple
Martine Lema
Bianca you are pretty 😊
Evelyn Nunez
Team Bianca!!!
Evelyn Nunez
Myraa Lovee
She Got In Whole Demon More 😂😂😂😂 ‘
hope davids
Oh no! hell no I love do part 2
Christine Butler
Team b and Damien
Miraculous Ladybug
The pineapple wasn’t ripe enough to be cut yet
Ernest Gedeon
Team Demim I laughed because the reaction of Bianca was funny
kimberly hawkins
No only had chocolate milk and white milk not strawberry milk tell me how does it taste
Mimi Dabi
Mimi Dabi Ora fa
I really like this song it's the best song ever
Yaq_FN Ora fa
Ernest Gedeon
I have the purple skittles to
Ernest Gedeon
I love your videos alot
Cari B.
Cari B. Ora fa
“Mexican burger....Mexican corn” 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
sharon ditshetelo
team biancaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all day everyday
rufine munoh
Happy birthday B ❤️
Joe Huss
Joe Huss Ora fa
Get tik tok
Joe Huss
Joe Huss Ora fa
How are you doing
Alrafi onos
My score is 1M
Yourtypical Leah
Am i the only one that wonder what she’s eatin🤔
hope davids
Team Damien and Team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca
rufine munoh
rufine munoh 2 ore fa
I love Biancaaaaaaaaaa ❤️❤️💕💕
Carlene Wiliams
Bica can you please send me your slime kit ship it to Jamaica
Cheketa Wilson
Bianka is picky about food
Turntup Chase
Turntup Chase 2 ore fa
Aww god bless y’all and she Proposed to him 😍real women propose too ain’t nfn wrong with that 💯
Carlene Wiliams
I want the slime kit plz
Carlene Wiliams
I want the slime kit
Carlene Wiliams
I want the mupy
Stay awesome family! I used to be a ketchup/mustard combo. Yet i liked ketchup a bit more(then). However, that changed and m u s t a r d on! Anyway, stay good. :)
michele monroe
Damian trying to be sleek😂😂😂
This was hot
Antravious Culberson
I swear they had the best effects throughout the video
Keekea Gang
Keekea Gang 2 ore fa
Caution headphone users
Tymeiraa Wyd??
Ngl I like the song only cuz Nicki’s in it😘 Nicki hair in this video is 😍FIREEEEEEE
Famke Bauer
Famke Bauer 2 ore fa
I am going to be ten in fith grade!!!
Famke Bauer
Famke Bauer 2 ore fa
Whaaaat 14 years old in fourth graaaade!!!!!!
Famke Bauer
Famke Bauer 2 ore fa
Chocolate milk is better but strawberry milk good too
pretzel Blaze1038_plays
Whack him for days
Famke Bauer
Famke Bauer 2 ore fa
Biancca has the best pop tart
1 year later
This was emotional. Back to the into. I love it
Jiang Li
Jiang Li 2 ore fa
unicorn kk kk
unicorn kk kk 2 ore fa
Team biannca all day everyday
Aysha Camara
Aysha Camara 2 ore fa
I love you biancca
Jaida Kirby
Jaida Kirby 2 ore fa
Rosell Battle
Rosell Battle 2 ore fa
Rock j
Thato Mokoena
Thato Mokoena 2 ore fa
When Bianca was i crying my heart just broke💔
Jariah Collins
How can you talk about someone else's song listen to your song poo.
Queen Ice KK
Queen Ice KK 3 ore fa
are u guys wereing makeup- the boys?
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell 3 ore fa
they just teamed up on damien like that
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell 3 ore fa
biannca is a really good actor
carol ioane
carol ioane 3 ore fa
Your girl is good it the game 😊😊😊
carol ioane
carol ioane 3 ore fa
You girl is good😊😊
amb vvsh
amb vvsh 3 ore fa
why everything end with a break? 😑
amb vvsh
amb vvsh 3 ore fa
oh shoot this was last year, mb 😂😂
Tareze 3 ore fa
I cried at the begining
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell 3 ore fa
this video was sad
K̤̈Ë̤R̤̈Ä̤Ḧ̤ Ẅ̤ö̤r̤̈l̤̈d̤̈
Why you make a baby girl name nova
Call me
Want did you now
I can't sleep when it's hot either
K̤̈Ë̤R̤̈Ä̤Ḧ̤ Ẅ̤ö̤r̤̈l̤̈d̤̈
Damien:”this my baby” Nique:”STOP TOUCHING MY BABY MOMMA!”
Christine Hunter
All 100
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
Zy'Onna Lockett
Popeyes 😍😍😍!!!!
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
I hate hot stuff
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
Do you have a dog 🐶
Sonya Imhotep
Sonya Imhotep 3 ore fa
I go with the orange team
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
😲 mg
Rose Marie Hunter Hunter
Come Bianca bo it Bianca
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
Me to ❤️❤️❤️
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
Wow amazing
Joe Huss
Joe Huss 3 ore fa
I love that you said miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa