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Alfred Parker
Alfred Parker 6 minuti fa
Family Dollar store is not a dollar for everything store
grace day
grace day 11 minuti fa
I would not recommend any of the crayons other than Crayola at Dollar Tree. I think there is a Playskool brand and maybe Jot, but whatever they are, they are thick, waxy and chunky things that make nothing but a mess. The Texas Toast in the freezer is delicious (I can't have it, but my family and guests love it) and at $1 a box, I can buy enough to make everyone happy. The reading glasses work great, and I buy enough to keep in the boat, the RV, each car, my purse, my office... you name it because I am always losing my readers. Some of them are actually cute, and I've gotten compliments from strangers. And I've learned to smile and say "thank you" instead of "Oh I just got these at the Dollar Tree." Toothpaste is a great deal. Someone once said they are knock-off brands, but I kind of remember making some phone calls to verify they are legit. (It was a few years ago, so feel free to do that yourself!) The Brim's Pork Rinds are better than any brand of pork rinds I've bought anywhere else, and of course they are a lot less expensive.
Mikethebutcher 52 minuti fa
Sams club Avacado Oil is $3 cheaper than Costco. I have both memberships.
Rick Kube
Rick Kube 55 minuti fa
Our family has been members of both places.....it's kind of a give and take......like the chicken from Costco..... and the produce is pretty good as well.....friendly staff, and helpful.....and fairly close by!
Good video. I have memberships at both. Costco is more upscale and carries a bigger variety of some items; coffee, for one. I agree about the Kirkland brand, and Consumer Reports rates them highly. In fact, CR rates Costco very highly overall. One of the big reasons I shop at Costco is because of the way Costco treats and pays their employees. The Waltons, on the other hand, treat their Walmart and Sam's employees like human chattel, and are some of the greediest billionaires on earth. So I trade at Sam's when I HAVE to, but at Costco because I WANT to.
I don’t wanna double mine I wanna multiply it
Carmen Irizarry
We used to have both. Costco brings with more consistency. Sam’s brings what they can get Vintila there is no more and you get hooked on something they never bring back again
Steve Drawdy
Where is she finding 3 dollar Adidas?
Brian Riley
Brian Riley 2 ore fa
In your opinion.... Kirkland is better.... opinions are like armpits- we all have them and they potentially can stink.... so facts is what matters!
Just Saying
Just Saying 2 ore fa
What about BJs?
Dan Ortego
Dan Ortego 2 ore fa
FYI...Wayfair is involved in human trafficking , their CEO just left or was arrested. Already all over the internet.
Brook Hall
Brook Hall 3 ore fa
repackage are usually either a return or something someone opened in the store but didn’t buy.
Carlos Pinto
Carlos Pinto 3 ore fa
Kirkland sparkling water is the best
Kristie Kamber
The discount does not work anymore
mukkiiieeeee 4 ore fa
Had my two now the LCD on the remote don't work just white anybody no how to fix
Jessica Taylor
Target offers a debit version of their store card to get the 5% no fees what so ever! Just like any debit card just links to your existing one and does not hurt your credit! And with clearance if you use the red card you get an additional 5% for it being clearance :) just some things from a target employee
Monetish V
Monetish V 5 ore fa
Kirkland individual organic hummus cups... yummy and great quick snack for the kids or yourself
Kat Allen
Kat Allen 5 ore fa
Good info. We enjoy Kirkland canned tuna.
Gina Jackson
Gina Jackson 5 ore fa
Keep us updated🙄🤪
fredy Rodriguez
Roku by far, specially Roku TV..
Jennifer Velez
Kirkland garbage bags and their beef patties are AWESOME!
Denny Banks
Denny Banks 6 ore fa
The only Kirkland product I have a problem with is there liquid laundry’s soap. It has way to much water to soap ratio you must use way to much for same clean.
Lorenzo Johnson
My friend, I haven't seen your videos in a long time
The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy 6 ore fa
Glad to have you back Lorenzo!
Also what you might not have noticed, at least when I did this last year, Costco prices were higher online than in the stores. If all your (and Cheapism) prices were from just looking online, they might be different (cheaper is what I found) in the store. Just a thought.
TheRonZombie 7 ore fa
Sam's Club closed 3 locations in CT. Costco opened new ones. Who one?
Jason James
Jason James 7 ore fa
I have both close to me but I choose Costco because 1) I want to support companies that treat their employees well and Sam’s/Walmart is known to not do that. 2) The employees have great attitudes and are universally helpful. 3) Anything Kirkland is top quality and good value. 4) Better prepared foods and better meat selections. 5) Better wine selection. 6) Better return policies and warranties.
Matt Higgins
Matt Higgins 7 ore fa
Family Dollar is NOT a 'Dollar' store.
sue kirsh
sue kirsh 8 ore fa
I love costco paper products, Kirkland brand, and their meats, eggs etc also i buy most of my gas there. I thought I had a Sam's club membership but it was actually BJs. I thought Sam's Club was just a glorified Walmart. My friend loves sams club.
Without Limits Abbassi
You should also mention that Instacart allows you to shop at both Costco and Sam’s Club without a membership through their online ordering and they bring it straight to your door therefore you have no fees at Sam’s Club no fees at Costco’s Instacart brings it to your house and you still can do Marx member in Kirkland brand as well without any fees
NA 10 ore fa
What an incredibly sweet guy. He thanks us for watching and our time, then he says he loves us. Aw, that's too sweet. I'm subscribing!
The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy 5 ore fa
Glad to have you here!
Jim Schultz
Jim Schultz 10 ore fa
Convenience of location is big for me. I use both stores. Some things I prefer Costco and others Sams.
laker824 10 ore fa
I have memberships at both places having been a Costco member for about 15 years and Sams Club for about 2 years now. I have a better overall experience at Sams Club so try to do as much of my bulk shopping there as possible. Sams Club members are actually more civilized drivers in the parking lot and the stores are less crowded. I love the Scan and Go app at Sams Club so I don’t have to try to guess which line is going to move the fastest during check out-I just scan each item on my phone as I shop and hit “checkout” when I’m done and leave. Costco does have the edge when it comes to certain items so I will keep my basic Costco membership active but will shop more at Sams.
Eric Q
Eric Q 10 ore fa
thanks for your informational videos. love them lol. i have a request on personal A/C since living in las vegas with temps in the 100's could be super useful and im looking to buy one. any advise?
Brandi Mendes
Brandi Mendes 10 ore fa
Love the Kirkland Greek yogurt, peanut butter, no salt seasoning and organic almond milk
Lissette Gotay
Lissette Gotay 10 ore fa
The organic olive oil is great and it’s such a great price I used to buy it at amazon for 25$ and I cosco is only 13$
Larisa Lindemann
Also cosmetics are a great buy at $1 like eye shadows/mascara. So overpriced elsewhere! I get all my toothbrushes there too.
Zhiwei Wang
Zhiwei Wang 10 ore fa
cannot beat Sam's scan and go app, essentially makes a warehouse trip to a CVS trip
Heather Vazquez
Heather Vazquez 11 ore fa
Sams Club had a special in May/June to get $45 back on your first purchase so I basically got my first year free. We are a smaller family of 3 and I also feel the package sizes are more reasonable for us. Costco packaging on many things is one large package and I feel at Sams they break it up into multiples of smaller packages which are more reasonable for us to use.
NU MOO 11 ore fa
You completely left out the return policy!!!
Sherri Murphy
Sherri Murphy 11 ore fa
Logi Circle has great cameras too. Been using them for several years.
Lawrence Richards
China store. 80 % from china
Lepon Kazi
Lepon Kazi 11 ore fa
Barbie Kathleen
Barbie Kathleen 12 ore fa
Walmart will not match their online prices because it could be a third party seller, we have tried this. nor will they give cash back with uploaded receipts any longer.
Shonté Hanna
Shonté Hanna 12 ore fa
About my fourth video from you, subscribed this time. This was helpful, thank you.
Judy Kurtz
Judy Kurtz 12 ore fa
Please do a piece on IKEA.
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright 12 ore fa
Hi Matt I have alot of questions, would love it if you could help me. I live in an area that I pretty much only has Satellite available to me. Which I am a gamer and that just isnt good enough for me. I found having an antenna pointing towards the cell tower, which is a 4g lite system works far better for me. I have tried so many things to increase or better my speeds. I get anywhere from 1 to 12 download speeds. I had at one a time the google mesh hooked in but it stopped working properly. I have had maybe 5 different hot spot things trying to get better speeds. I also had the Weboost speed booster which is the one for 5000 sq ft. If I didnt have that, I would have no cell phone here. HELP..... I am so tired of buying things that do ok for awhile then shut down.....can you give me some advice. ??
rivkabornstein 13 ore fa
Not amazing when it's such a rip off! I guess it's good for desperate people. :(
Arlene Stone
Arlene Stone 13 ore fa
Costco credit card gives additional protection on purchases such as a washing machine-two years :) extra!
Daisy Bravo
Daisy Bravo 13 ore fa
No Costco in my area. Haven’t joined to try their shipping. I wish one of them would pack and ship frozen products. I do as much shopping as possible in line these days. Only go out for fresh produce and meats for kids. The stores with in 15 minutes of me are so limited in their selections especially now. It would be great if they shipped packages of meats.
Phil Chao
Phil Chao 13 ore fa
I wish Canadians could get that credit card. Ours is a Mastercard from Capital One and the percentages for cashback are much lower..
C Frayre
C Frayre 13 ore fa
Does anyone recall Matt’s favorite pots and pans set? I can’t find the episode
Bernice Cassells
Thank you for these great tip!
AJ B11
AJ B11 13 ore fa
“Awesome” cleaner is the BEST EVER! It took Sharpie out of my carpet! It’s a GREAT VALUE!
MarkH10 13 ore fa
Matt. Here is a professional language use tip. One of..... The only... There is no such thing as plural/singular, which is what the lazy contemporary cliche', "One of the only...." Means. One of, means several who do a thing THE ONLY does the thing alone, and exclusively. What to correct this misstatement to? If more than one store is doing a function, then state that, "One of the very few who....". If the store is the only one to do a function, then that is what the word, "only" is for. "The only store to...." Please adjust the speaking habit you have. Thanks.
grscot4 14 ore fa
Totally agree with you, I have a membership at both. Costco has much better meats and love their seasonal items.
maria garcia
maria garcia 14 ore fa
Kirkland : trash bags, parchment paper, shredded cheese, laundry detergent and softener, shampoo and conditioner, bar soap, dishwasher pods, dog food, makeup remover wipes, frozen pizza, frozen veggies, frozen lasagna, beef hotdogs, prenatal pills, toilet paper....just to name a few are all good quality products!!!
maria garcia
maria garcia 14 ore fa
Kirkland coffee is good too
Stu Walerstein
Stu Walerstein 14 ore fa
What’s your thoughts on WiFi I have ring and WiFi connectivity issues.
Bridgett McGill
Bridgett McGill 15 ore fa
You forgot to mention Sams club scan and go. Completely avoid the lines all together.
Kathleen Benjamin
Kirkland tuna is the best ever.
Alexis Verrett
Alexis Verrett 15 ore fa
Thank you for info especially Walmart and amazon! I found things seemed pricy as to wat it use to be!
Corrina Stone
Corrina Stone 15 ore fa
We love Costco. Kirkland brand maple syrup is great.
J. Hutchens
J. Hutchens 15 ore fa
So with no subscription fee needed overall you like the remo all around? And can I work real time with iPhone?
Just Di
Just Di 15 ore fa
I’m a Costco member for years, I love all of their store brands. We mostly go for the toilet paper. Sadly due to the “situation” those products are hard to come by and we live about 75 miles from Costco, buttt still worth the visit.
Bob McFadden
Bob McFadden 15 ore fa
Sam’s Club app is great especially the scan n go. We don’t have a Costco near us so I’m not sure if Costco’s app offers same.
Diego V.
Diego V. 15 ore fa
This comparison is pointless. The IPad you are showing in the video is an old IPad Pro from 2016. The 2020 IPad Pro is the one that starts at $799 and it is far superior.
Dulce Hdez
Dulce Hdez 16 ore fa
Used to have both membership but only keep Costco.....Costco is the best!!
E C 16 ore fa
Thanks for your information!! You are so funny!!
Mike Gushwa
Mike Gushwa 16 ore fa
Hey! I What About The FREE MacBook Pro???
Debra Litz
Debra Litz 16 ore fa
Thanks! We are COSTCO all the way! We purchase Kirkland products, for the most part, and LOVE the quality!
Shammi Marimootoo
I have the same tablet ipuhad
FoX PrimeRose
FoX PrimeRose 17 ore fa
'2:10' Whenever someone wants some Gift Cards only search: ⇒ *eGiftaholic* So grateful it exists in 2020@ සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණයි
Mary Shaw
Mary Shaw 17 ore fa
Wow...I wanted one of these but they’re out of stock. I hope they get more in because I really want to buy 2
Nance323 323
Nance323 323 17 ore fa
I just commented on your sams vs Costco video and said I only had a bjs 😂 I am new to your channel, so I just searched your channel and bjs and found this video. I am considering renewing my bjs membership, so this video is very helpful!! Thank you for sharing this. I usually get most of my household products such as laundry detergent, dish soap, etc, for very cheap using extra care bucks and coupons at CVS. I haven’t shopped cvs in months, but I am excited to get back to my coupons and deal shopping. Glad I found your channel! Have a great day!
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 17 ore fa
I have both and sometimes locations determine which place I go. I compare these as Costco is Publix and Sams Club is Kroger in the grocery chains
Joseph Moffitt
Joseph Moffitt 17 ore fa
Both discriminate against single people with no options to purchase what we need instead of to much and waste. Need singles or at minimum couples portions for FOOD
Nance323 323
Nance323 323 18 ore fa
I am new to your channel, and like you, I have no life and no friends 😂👌🏼 I unfortunately do not have Sams or Costco in my area. I do have a BJs, but I have not renewed my membership in quite awhile. I have been considering renewing my membership. Great channel, glad I found it! Have a great day 🙂
Auric & Andrea G
I'm a little confused? Did you say what the brand was?
Trav City
Trav City 18 ore fa
I am a member of both. We go to Costco for all their organic higher end products and Sams for a lot of other items Costco doesn’t offer. Both are great in there own way. I do agree, checking out with self checkout at Sams makes it a preferred place to shop.
John Secret Spirit
11:27 homosexual?
John Secret Spirit
Yes you can use paper coupons after a price match on the same item same Transaction, what it exclude is target app digital coupon. It depends on your cashier if they don't care you price match and coupon and target app percentage digital. Expect more ,pay less
Angie Singleton
Angie Singleton 19 ore fa
Have been a Sam's club member for 20 years. In the last 6 years the quality has really changed. It seems more like Walmart the only difference you can buy in bulk. The bakery that used to have the best bake goods is horrible now, it pulled a lot of products and the quality went from a 10 to a 3. I will consider Costco now because I've been unhappy with Sam's Club for a long time.
Al Amin Khan
Al Amin Khan 19 ore fa
'1:12' In case someone desires some Gift Cards just make a search: ⇉ *eGiftaholic* So glad it is available in 2020!! සියලු මිනිසුන් සඳහා ඇදහිය නොහැකි
Insane Angel
Insane Angel 21 ora fa
Matt I am immunocompromised and disabled. My husband is essential. Please help us find Lysol since it kills the virus!
Mike 21 ora fa
The reason the Costco's employees get paid more because they charge more most of their items. You will never find Costo in mid level to lower income areas. Where as Sam's club will open up many places. I understand business is business and business wants to make money but really don't care for the regular public. Let me know when you see a Costco in average neighborhood.
Rocio Simaytis
Rocio Simaytis 22 ore fa
We have both memberships, we can’t let go any of them, I love many things from Costco but I also love Sam’s Club, but if I want to go in & out Sam’s is the way to go, so easy to find parking, now I love the Bakery at Sam’s better, Sam’s has a giant selection of birthday cakes, Costco Birthday cakes are very plain. Costco has a great Customer Service, Sam’s Customer service is very poor!! But once again I love both 😉
Laura Miller
Laura Miller 23 ore fa
TBH I’ve never been to a Costco. I always hear about how great it is. However, this video just goes to prove I don’t think it’s worth my bother. I have a Sam’s about 10 minutes from my house. It would take me 45 minutes, and going to another state, to go to Costco. I don’t think these small differences probably merit that.
Angel Quintanilla
Thank you, Matt! I looked at this video last week and used Stock Informer. I had it open on my web browser, in the background, and set the alarm to update me the moment the Switch was available. I just received mine today! I paid $299.99 for a new one through Amazon, sold directly by Amazon. You have to be fast because these things sell out within 5 minutes of hearing the alarm.
shontae1998 23 ore fa
I'm a member at both. I love love the ability to scan and pay through the app at Sam's. It's so easy and I don't have to wait on line. I show the person at the door my bar code and I'm out the door. The lines at Costco are so very long mainly because there are more Sam's Clubs than Costco in my area.
D Faison
D Faison Giorno fa
I have memberships at both. Cosco has more organic products, which I like. One negative about Cosco is that they only accept Visa credit cards. You must have cash, debit or a Visa credit card. Sams accepts all credit cards. I shop at Cosco most of the time because the of the organic products and better customer service.
Melissa Richardson
Please cover shopping tips for LOWES. Specifically what holidays have what discounts. What months have the best 0% for 6,12, and 18 months for lowes cardholders. When lowes offers custom cabinet financing deals. I was able to quadruple down with 0% for 18 months on a purchase greater than 2k, + apply the 5 year 5.99 percent (for up to 84 mo no prepayment penalty) if not paid off in the 18 months, and the specific color i wanted available with only one brand carried at lowes had a free sink kitchen cabinet and a wood upgrade. Very happy but the timing literally was just a coincidence. I would love to plan big purchases in advance. Thanks The Deal Guy
The RC Gamer
The RC Gamer Giorno fa
Straight China Trash $15 rc helicopter
analyndouachi Giorno fa
I have both membership and I like Costco A lot more...
Cathie Herrera
Cathie Herrera Giorno fa
My favorite perk at Sams Club is that you can check out using an app. You scan the item as it goes in the cart. You pay for it where ever you are standing when you are done, and the square code gets scanned at the exit. Unless you are buying and item that requires an id (alcohol/cigs) then NO LINE. Time is money too.
Texas Gal
Texas Gal Giorno fa
I love the Kirkland battery prices, but when I bought a package of double A’s they had an oily discharge or something. Is that normal?
Luis Barrio
Luis Barrio Giorno fa
You forgot to mention 1 very important detail and that is RETURN POLICY! I have memberships to both and Costco’s return policy is much much better than Sams. I am a business owner and I make sure to buy the higher dollar products at Costco because you can return them and get a replacement or money back as long as you are a member, whether 6 months or 6 years. I think that is very important.
Natalie Severdia-Abboud
One big pro I enjoy at Costco, and you did not mention, is that if I’m not satisfied with a product for any reason I can return it for the price I paid. That means I can try all sorts of products without risk, so I’m more likely to try new things. To me that also means that the products are likely to be excellent quality because they wouldn’t stock products that would result in a large number of unhappy customers.
Minito Restrepo
Minito Restrepo Giorno fa
Lol! I am member of both of them.