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75 Commenti
ME 4 ore fa
ME 4 ore fa
Nobody knows the words because if they did half the folks using it on IG wouldn't lol
Christopher Glenn C. Libre
am i the only one who thinks gumball sang this😆
Taliwest 4 ore fa
What the hell
Mark Jay SaysonVEVO
the lit song and beat ends on 1:47 🥺😔
Nivalis Jo
Nivalis Jo 4 ore fa
Ai bin tinking of our fitur caos iL never se thuse Dais i don't know tis has hepin but i probably deservit
『ɾσxƙϙႦყҽ 』
**Pansexual Twerking**
Zax was found anime edits
Whenever I hear this song 🐬🐋🐬🐋🐬🐋🐬🐋🐬🐋
Trend MusicAZE
Ou yeeees😱
marisol diaz
marisol diaz 5 ore fa
Can someone explain to me what half of the words mean I’m American but this song has crack in it
Uden 5 ore fa
From me to me
Kannon Burton
Kannon Burton 5 ore fa
anyone know the name of the guy with the deep voice?
Serene 5 ore fa
0:32 lemme just put this real quich
Praponpan Angsanavanich
*Why do people enjoy this song when this kid wiped out tomato town?!*
Lmao what
Lmao what 5 ore fa
If there's a definition for movie ending, it's literally just a link to this song
YoKakha 5 ore fa
my friend listen to xxx: yeahhhh me: uhhh i do listen to good songs friends: ayy tell us man me: uhh oh i gotta go ok<:)? friends: ok?
Snufkin 5 ore fa
I’ll call you every Sunday! Okay! Last seen: 4 years ago She didn’t die, we grew apart
Jeon!! 5 ore fa
I aint russian but this song is such a vibe
Uriel 5 ore fa
Whats Is your favorite color Timy Turner: 0:00
irrxlxvant tanvxlxrri
Wool Sheesh fire straight hot fire 🔥
guadalupe mujica
Pov: u see roblox and mincraft fighting...
L 5 ore fa
Pov: you searched “osms swear to god”
It gives chill song vibes
Константин Комаров
если новые воспоминания то со старыми тебе людьми
Akram Ma
Akram Ma 5 ore fa
Gta v: tik tok 🌝
Piece ctrl unknxwn
Good for breakdancing!
Something Or Other
Honestly I'm just glad people are finding good music through tiktok
TRP Om 5 ore fa
Is this song copyright??
Charu karthikeyan
This song *exists* Armys *imma make my bias 1000 times hotter with it*
booty_ hunter420
Not even close to the lyrics
raposa craft music SAD
shheeeyat 6 ore fa
Among Us
Among Us 6 ore fa
I searched no by no lmao
ʟᴏʟ ɢᴀʏ
1:45 🤭😂😂🤣🤣
Drake Scoot
Drake Scoot 6 ore fa
Musicians in music history: I will compose epic symphonies even though I can't hear Musicians now:
JJRainbowss 6 ore fa
the start: aaaaaauuahhhhhuuaaahhhhauuuuhhhhauauhhhhh
Mark Shiman
Mark Shiman 6 ore fa
I love the background instrumental, someone should just put out the music with no lyrics.
Paul Barry
Paul Barry 6 ore fa
*Pro fortnight gamer twerk*
The glam sparklers
5% of people understanding the lyrics 99% ok people enjoying touch it,bring it,pay it, watch it, tum it, leave it, stop , format it
major games
major games 6 ore fa
1:59 people want to dap it up 👆
Axel Velasco Diaz
El remix del remix jajaja
Creamwas TAKEN
I dont know this lil nas x songggggggggggg
blasting 6 ore fa
people really think this 00:40 this is morgz
Playerify 6 ore fa
POV: ur typing {Emotion} Twerking
Random Gamerz
Random Gamerz 6 ore fa
My friend said : This is a good tiktok song Several days later Me : we will celebrate your birthday in a restaurant with animatronics My friend : Wow thats cool Me : That will be exciting Also me : *Calling Chain Killer to come in my friend birthday at the Restaurant
Hawa Waganneh
Hawa Waganneh 6 ore fa
why is there no bell after daisy
Celestia ツ
Celestia ツ 6 ore fa
Rickroll link im guessing
ranne mb
ranne mb 6 ore fa
Even if this song has double meaning still sounds so good 😂😍
JNS Gaming
JNS Gaming 7 ore fa
What I'm did it 😭😭😭❤️
Maswiaam Suhaila
This song reminds me of wattpad fantasy stories
CountryBall Studios
this gives me 60s soviet military vibes xD
ADO plays
ADO plays 7 ore fa
Found this through TikTok. Might be the first and only time I thank TikTok.
Dr.kirti shekhawat
Workout playlist updated * 2021 missing vibes already
Faridi Friction
i searched for "am pull up on sex ladies like a pro"😂😂😂
Lenie Presbitero
This song is cool
Muhammad Dhafin Zulkarnaen
me: among us bro? friend: of course tomorrow :) me: okay *last seen 8 months ago
Kie yeezy
Kie yeezy 7 ore fa
0:39 slaps the second bar 🔥🔥
Vine Smoke
Vine Smoke 7 ore fa
hell yeah
Malcolm Carter
Malcolm Carter
Ok hi
Malcolm Carter
Hannah Borawski
I genuinely cannot believe this is a song. Like... this is music guys. What the hell.
Pompeii 7 ore fa
I just come to dislike this -_-
wendyspremo _
wendyspremo _ 7 ore fa
Let's be honest, we all thought this was pop smoke😂
To be honest, I haven’t been up to much. I’ve played a lot of video games and I haven’t really don’t much other than that. (Read my username if you don’t get it)
Bradley Richards - How To Get Better.
Sounds middle eastern somehow
Yooooo I want one comment that doesn't have twerk in it like holy fuk
Allison keen
Allison keen 7 ore fa
I hate all men but when he calls me cute names i feel like im loved
Christian Oguinmas
This song is so nice!
Evan Odell
Evan Odell 7 ore fa
Dick 👍
# Just almas ?
جايه من التيك في غيري 🌚؟؟ المهم من ذي اللقطه 0:49
James Keele
James Keele 7 ore fa
I can sing this hole son perfectly
Anguien que venga por el wuey de tik tok primer comentario en español año 2021 todavia ay pandemia
Lexy JazzyB
Lexy JazzyB 7 ore fa
Am I the only one who thought Lil yachty said 1:15 "Just like a man's dog Danny" or I'm just trippin🤣
XII_Quack2 duck
Who else sang the whole 🎵