The official ITvid channel of Coldplay. New album, Music Of The Spheres, out now 👽📻

With over 100 million records sold, 9 Brit Awards and 7 Grammys, Coldplay is an iconic, alternative rock band with hit songs like Viva La Vida, Hymn For The Weekend, Paradise, The Scientist, Fix You, Adventure Of A Lifetime and Yellow. The band's legendary catalogue also includes eight #1 albums: Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida, Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams, as well as popular collaborations like Something Just Like This with The Chainsmokers and Princess of China featuring Rihanna.

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เพชร หนึ่ง รามัญอุดม
This song is the last song that BTS will be working on. After that, BTS may come again sometime after the song is completely gone. The song is still a memory and after that a new song has to be. sometimes for a long time
MauraR17 5 ore fa
Aurora Kiffs
Aurora Kiffs 5 ore fa
7m cmonnn
Gimin Kim
Gimin Kim 5 ore fa
Music never gets old
The time is now ⏱
His brothers name was sid!
Sumit 5 ore fa
Now 😉😉
Rahul A
Rahul A 5 ore fa
Love you from India both COLD and BTS
Michael Schiller
Masterpiece of music
Fathul VS Talhah
FIVE 5 ore fa
Boy,we all danced to this one,...... .....(phew!) ❤️👻.
Giusy Leone
Giusy Leone 5 ore fa
Love univers
Prashant Onta
Prashant Onta 5 ore fa
The most creative music video ever. Oscar to the director.
Aijamaaret Martelli
Light ❤️ Love 🙏
Kim Tae Gi
Kim Tae Gi 5 ore fa
Adoro el trabajo que han hecho.
Hhh Ddd
Hhh Ddd 5 ore fa
هذه الاغنية رائعة جعلتني اشعر انني حية مجددا وشعرت اني اريد الرقص تدخلون السعادة في قلبي اشكركم واشكر اد شيران صوته رائع حقا This song is amazing. It made me feel alive again and I felt like I wanted to dance. You bring happiness to my heart. Thank you. Ed Sheeran. His voice is really great
Pavan Space
Pavan Space 5 ore fa
bleau av
bleau av 5 ore fa
And up there in the heavens Galileo saw reflections of us too Pluribus unum, unus mundus All the satellites imbue The purple, yellow, green, red, orange and the blue Oh, it's a crazy world, it's true ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
blurry girl
blurry girl 5 ore fa
Chitrangani Suryawanshi
Sofía Jiménez
I tried to find this song by searching "Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo-oo-ooh!"
Keesa 2.7
Keesa 2.7 5 ore fa
Hi Chris!
Dahana yaslury Pulido florez
*STREAM ARMY!!* _let's go for those 100 million views_
Lizb713 5 ore fa
Me encantaaaaa
Ailen diaz
Ailen diaz 5 ore fa
♡ Beautiful ♡
Ligia Menzani
Ligia Menzani 5 ore fa
Surreal, uma experiência guardada pra sempre na memória. Eu estava aí!
CityOfTrees 5 ore fa
Man, I miss the old Coldplay. The older albums have such amazing music.
천사 5 ore fa
ارمي عررب💜💜♥♥
CityOfTrees 5 ore fa
Man, I miss the old Coldplay. The older albums have such amazing music.
Sofia Wiborg
Sofia Wiborg 5 ore fa
I like this band every time more! They just don't know how they are important for me...♥️♥️
NAWAF DJ 5 ore fa
Aybüke 5 ore fa
Coldplay, you are like a dream!
Wooly Mammoth
Wooly Mammoth 5 ore fa
When I close my eyes. I can feel.
Aurora Kiffs
Aurora Kiffs 5 ore fa
Min suga
Jocelyne 5 ore fa
Dany Gamonal
Dany Gamonal 5 ore fa
أمين حاج يحيى
couple of pure and relaxing moments
DEAD FF 5 ore fa
My india color full
По Русски, только По-русски.
tamila 5 ore fa
когда слушаешь эту песню ощущаешь такое спокойствие
tamila 5 ore fa
уютная песня
NIVEDYA U D 5 ore fa
Hey bts can you read this please replay me iam an indian so i can't see you with a magic or with my parents i will come iam not sure please replay me
Rahul A
Rahul A 5 ore fa
R u crazy🤭
Guest Guest
Guest Guest 5 ore fa
Ellie's time to shine
قناه زوزو zuzu
Possible tson broadcast
Gary Montero
Gary Montero 5 ore fa
The first time I saw Coldplay live was during their MX tour, I've been a fan ever since!
Matthieu Anon
Matthieu Anon 5 ore fa
go away
Yussira Alvar
Yussira Alvar 5 ore fa
Snyzer Tech
Snyzer Tech 5 ore fa
Sing “Baby u light up my word like nobody else” during the chorus and you’ll see….🙃
FIVE 5 ore fa
We've got a higher power,❤️👻.
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 5 ore fa
Miguel Lombert Lora
just wanna say monke, can ignore me
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 5 ore fa
【 💜ᴋoolove edits💜 】
Wow it is more better than the real one I not expected it 💜💜
Blllkxx 5 ore fa
October 2021, let's see how many people are listening to this masterpiece
FIVE 5 ore fa
Gopal Biswas
Gopal Biswas 5 ore fa
BTS is our universe. source of our life energy.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
blasantonio Casco
Stream yaaaa
Lx Azi
Lx Azi 5 ore fa
樋口愛詩 5 ore fa
jk is very handsome❣️
Marina Assanti
<3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3
Ready1Bri 21
Ready1Bri 21 5 ore fa
Gopal Biswas
Gopal Biswas 5 ore fa
This song really amazing 😍...........
سلمى عماد
We want Concrete
سلمى عماد
우리는 콘크리트를 방송하고 싶습니다
Melanie Reyes
Melanie Reyes 5 ore fa
el talento que hay en esta cancion
OSMAN KONAK 5 ore fa
Dünyanın en güzel kadını bu şarkıyı dinlememi tavsiye etti.❤️
yvila linda
yvila linda 5 ore fa
Música bonita BTS_______
Queen girl Op
Queen girl Op 5 ore fa
Jungkook your so handsome
Franny Lablonde
Fantastic! A universe of kisses from Belgium 🖤💛❤
Chonticha Srinil
I don't wanna think how much this MV is worth !!!!
soritah ritix
soritah ritix 5 ore fa
Am missing my mum who died in 2005 and my sister, can't let go of the pain but this song is therapy to me now🥰love selena
bruxotbest 5 ore fa
Gala marcela alvarez varela
Me encanta es muy hermosa
Y Kik
Y Kik 5 ore fa
Sooooo beautiful song ..can't stop listening to this song♥️