Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations
hey i'm jaiden and i have a sidekick named ari ((he's a brat)) thanks for stoppin by

- i use adobe flash for animating, recommend either Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio paint to draw, & recently upgraded to a cintiq 27qhd drawing monitor.
- no i don't know any good *free* animating softwares
- if you're looking for a beginning drawing tablet just get the cheapest Wacom brand tablet you can find
- if you're looking for a free drawing program Fire Alpaca is p good (still recommend clip studio tho)

HEY. If you're going to email me, don't ask for an animation, or a profile pic, or a channel banner, or anything like that. I don't do commissions. Please & thank you & tip of the hat & good day mate

(i didn't know people actually read these ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)
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Jocelyn Schramak
Jocelyn Schramak 10 minuti fa
Jaiden : “ ‘CAUSE PEOPLE THAT LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS!” Me : My favorite color is purple tho... :(
Red 11 minuti fa
Hi I love ur videos
ToxicKam Gamers
ToxicKam Gamers 13 minuti fa
07:17 Here's a little advice, pretend like your phone is breaking up every time u talk and it's like an automatic hang up
RickyBlader Laser
RickyBlader Laser 13 minuti fa
The face reviled 13:24
Geovanna Poltronieri
have a scare on my chin to...😣😣😣
Uršič Danaja
Uršič Danaja 17 minuti fa
HOW DID YOU NOT READ OR SEE ANY HARRY POTTER YOU VOLDEMORT LOVING SNAKE (pls forgive me i got vry angry im sorry but i got out of control sry i didn't mean it🙁)
grace wuz here
grace wuz here 17 minuti fa
What is that head thing on 2:44 😂
Jiranya Smith
Jiranya Smith 19 minuti fa
I like this Part 8:07 :3
LiamForsureyt 24 minuti fa
Ignore the dislikes
Kiril Savovski
Kiril Savovski 24 minuti fa
Who's waching this in 2019?
R Melendez
R Melendez 24 minuti fa
Thanks jaiden
SnowballHD 29 minuti fa
Woah, jaiden was spot on with her description of vector
giannis rapanakis
giannis rapanakis 31 minuto fa
Jaiden !! Watch thw witch
fardan arshad azahar
is it wrong if i cried at this video?
Sam A
Sam A 34 minuti fa
I’m too late! James already plagarized this
Блу санс
Блу санс 34 minuti fa
Cool videos but I don't understand English there is a channel that translates the twi videos you're just super!!!
if your mom hates rodent tails get a guinea pig. they don't HAVE tails. and they are aDoRaBlE :3
Блу санс
Блу санс 36 minuti fa
Cool videos but I don't understand English there is a channel that translates the twi videos you're just super!!!
Jobelle Valin
Jobelle Valin 36 minuti fa
-no one talked about how lil birdy almost lost his owner-
Raysman 36 minuti fa
CCwarrior 38 minuti fa
The the three muskat”J”s
Red 40 minuti fa
UwU thanks
Chinchilla Mango
Chinchilla Mango 40 minuti fa
Jaiden- I think you are truthfully the best youtuber on this platform, because you are so honest to viewers like me, and you have a lot of bravery. I love these videos, Jaiden. I have a similar story to this, but not necessarily with an eating disorder. You are beautiful inside and outside. I definitely agree with your points about how our society works. Unfortunately, when people think they are helping, sometimes they are not always helping. People act like they are my friend, but at this point because of how much I have been lied to I feel like I am doing everything wrong and they hate me, even if they don't. They don't show it in my head. But I am not the point of this. People also have to understand (whilst I haven't had an eating disorder myself,) is that it's more than getting thinner. When things in your life feel like they are out of control and your emotions are all tangled up, you try to take control of something. So not only is it a mental imbalance, it is also a physical imbalance, because your mind isn't letting you see what you really look like or feel. You just become a fake version of yourself. Like you have said, Jaiden, your mind becomes so toxic whilst dealing with something like this. *I am definitely NOT the person to talk about this, because I am not a professional, I am sorry, but this is from my basic knowledge with eating disorders and depression and things along this line. I hope this helps someone....
Nicolas Kim
Nicolas Kim 41 minuto fa
The lie that i got trauma: Type youtube 3 times and your computer will explode
unicorn miller
unicorn miller 42 minuti fa
Jaiden plz give me your email I have James.
OPfighter078 51 minuto fa
James Patterson is #1 author
Ken Tan
Ken Tan 54 minuti fa
We’re here for you jaiden, always
DiamondRedPig // PorkChop
2;42 undertale!
Voltron Youtube MT
I know you're fase
Voltron Youtube MT
Voltron Youtube MT 57 minuti fa
You're real fase
Leo Patrick Gumba
I don't like the kids touching ari is gonna get stressed and potentially die
Kiffy Ora fa
How you do this animation
2019 halloween
Nick Reget
Nick Reget Ora fa
I can Cross eye and it hurts and I can whisle
Beatrice Rebong
It’s ok I love to eat no sac
Bill Tomo
Bill Tomo Ora fa
Am 14
Bill Tomo
Bill Tomo Ora fa
I’m 13
Bill Tomo
Bill Tomo Ora fa
I’m 12
Ahmed Ahsan
Same in Australia
Layla _gacha snow1
Iv’e watched this before and cried! Jaiden whoever thinks ur ugly is ugly themselves but hide it over the thing called make up so don’t think your ugly because your amazingly pretty you’ve accomplished so much look how far you’ve come you work full time on ITvid and you make people happy who a properly going through something you make people smile and laugh you used to be the shy person in class who was properly always quiet you make animations you have people who idolise (including me) you they love how you are just because we are all over the world and you aren’t a disappointment you are an amazing,beautiful,wonderful,caring person and we love you for you! And you *ARE* good enough *!!!!* Don’t forget that! :) you’ve helped me smile when I haven’t in a long time! I know this video is pretty old and yeah..but I want you to know I give you my *SUPPORT!!!*
Just Firework
I have a owl
Cotton Tail
So are we just gonna ignore the end card?
Super pug Power
Jayden watches my hero acadamia 🙏
Ora fa
That's me im an angle. Im not rebellious
Fatine Makhloufi
omg i veel so bad for you i eat a lot and i have a voice in my head to that always says to stop eating
Noon Sun
Noon Sun Ora fa
Hhh thanks for catching our dog Quietley and cassualy closes the door ... WEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
llama gaming
I fucking hate you ass hole
Red- Black
Red- Black Ora fa
I feel a lot more stupid right now. But otherwise me when I was In class someone couldn't figure out 4:2 in 9th class
gabeit uptothesky
It’s okay to be proud of your self but DON’T too proud because you will soon start making people depressed and not believe in them selves. (ur a great hooman!)
Monty Studios
Me when I first saw this:”hey I’m sick! I can give everyone my disease >:3 Me now! I think when I was little I just played in the mud EW,
maimuna Shuaibu
I am 8
Emir Diego
Emir Diego Ora fa
I used to search at IE "mario games" then play Metal Slug
Jennifer Alcasabas
Jaiden i dont look ugly your beautiful just the way you are
Cemre Oncel
Cemre Oncel 2 ore fa
After centuries of searching from video to video... I HAVE FOUND OUT WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE
Daniel soto
Daniel soto 2 ore fa
My dad was born with no viedo games he is like 48 or 49
ღJug Rawrღ
*Do you want to restart this file? You literally restarted yesterday and haven’t done sh-*
The cats gameing
I read one whole caption underpants book it’s so cool
Glen Mitchell
Glen Mitchell 2 ore fa
Funny vid guys
Glen Mitchell
Anyone replying ok
please subscribe get me to 1k
So you didn't believe in the mouse and teeth?
Lily Robertson
you are so pretty , why would you think all those bad things you are you and that is fine no perfect
ღJug Rawrღ
3:29 *My mom in a nutshell-*
Hailey Scott
Hailey Scott 2 ore fa
Thank god im in 2and grade
EDS3 Girl
EDS3 Girl 2 ore fa
She is so pretty!!
Šåšhå Ñåvûmtšåvå UwU
needs to start an argument
Stop copyinf from TheOdd1sOut you dumb girl
PewPiePie Fans
4:24 Are the red character looks like SomethingElseYT. I'm Indonesian I love ur vid
keero Piano
keero Piano 2 ore fa
No one: Literary no one: Jaiden: YOI WATSUPP HOMESICLES
Spooky Koky
Spooky Koky 2 ore fa
On September 27th I found out I was allergic to ALL FURRY ANIMALS but only in closed spaces so outdoors I’m not but I had a cat so I had to give her away😭😭😭
pug gaming
pug gaming 2 ore fa
Boy we did not now what was coming flash back to 2017
marvin abrigo
marvin abrigo 2 ore fa
I hate group projects back in college 😑
Matthew Mayrand
Le gasp! RATTHEW
Stewart tv
Stewart tv 2 ore fa
This song saved my friend thank you so much jaiden thank you so much
Etherious playzz
Jaiden: I know yugioh now because of drawing 4 monsters Pro Yugioh Players: Oh man an animator's better at us we better step up our game
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 2 ore fa
My Ari dances on mah keyboard keys 🐦
Amma Viquar
Amma Viquar 2 ore fa
Omg jaiden you are so beautiful love u😘😊😘
Maksim Lebedev
The japanese kid said "My finger got cut and it hurts Look there is blood coming out why dont you understand what i am saying our japanese right.
Qalib Memmedov
Noi hapy bday both aris XD
alfie grutzmacher
Just at the end Komodo dragon..... I want one so bad XD
Aaron Lackovic
happy birthday
Qalib Memmedov
Have not a happy bday ari XD
Just in Rain
Just in Rain 2 ore fa
OMG IT BE OUR NEIGHBOR TOROTORO or was it Tororoto or tortle? Anyways I watched this waaaayyy back in what, 2012?
Mihira Fernando
Video followed by an ad for Uber..
Brynden Hawley Mixson
Did you guys know eche other when you were kids
Hyper Hybrid
Hyper Hybrid 3 ore fa
Your mum seems to be an absolute legend
Elias Petersen
1:29 Me to =D
Qalib Memmedov
I Dont CARe aBOut aRi i love cats and kittens My FauVoUriTe ANimalS
Dino Adinova
Dino Adinova 3 ore fa
and im watching you jaiden
Dino Adinova
Dino Adinova 3 ore fa
komodo are venomous never ever have venomous cretures as pets
Just in Rain
Just in Rain 3 ore fa
Man I was making a Sans fight animation when I heard... Da-nah-nah nah
Gacha Pengie
Gacha Pengie 3 ore fa
*I would hate to have a substitute teacher like yours*
lilkilog21 3 ore fa
U said my both Favorite apples are bad whyyy ; (
Dimple jazmeet Kaur
I wear glasses pretty tough first one I got them it was super easy but now I have super good ones because the other ones were really bad so now I got these in wow these are great and they're exactly the color I like because the first one my parents bought for me
Kaix Gaming
Kaix Gaming 3 ore fa
I’m so triggered that you bought an actual gameboy and the game when you could have just downloaded an emulator and ROM to play on your laptop.
løzër_ßüñßuñ kurogumi
Skdkskskskskksks save the turtles sksksk (I'm kidding plz don't hate me)
Juicy Unicorn
Juicy Unicorn 3 ore fa
My birthday is in sep 28!!!
Ferret Productions :3
At my school I found the maximum ride series But I didn't read any I got diary of wimpy kid instead Srry
Shahar Art
Shahar Art 3 ore fa
What kind of ari do you have?
Toby Anderson
Toby Anderson 3 ore fa
Your name was in the most annoying HAHAHA
Dimple jazmeet Kaur
I'm in third grade