Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations
hey i'm jaiden and i have a sidekick named ari ((he's a brat)) thanks for stoppin by

- i use adobe flash for animating, recommend either Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio paint to draw, & recently upgraded to a cintiq 27qhd drawing monitor.
- no i don't know any good *free* animating softwares
- if you're looking for a beginning drawing tablet just get the cheapest Wacom brand tablet you can find
- if you're looking for a free drawing program Fire Alpaca is p good (still recommend clip studio tho)

HEY. If you're going to email me, don't ask for an animation, or a profile pic, or a channel banner, or anything like that. I don't do commissions. Please & thank you & tip of the hat & good day mate

(i didn't know people actually read these ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)
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little tiger
little tiger 13 ore fa
My mom throws away my thing without my permission and I'm Asian and I think your Asian so I think that's what all Asian parents do
Ultra Pig80
Ultra Pig80 13 ore fa
Understanding I understand
Gehansel Lopez
Gehansel Lopez 13 ore fa
Jaiden: what the sh- Me: don’t you mean what the fu-
naritadragonfox abc
i have e been by my husky's hair
Wally pure
Wally pure 13 ore fa
the last step of the Heimlich could be taken out of context.
Jennifer Soriano
8:25 AND I DON'T *dab* NEED *dab* YOU *dab* IN MY *dab* LIFE!
Lilybelle Boyden
*about to get on the school bus* The one old dude who’s always at my bus stop: “have a good day at school!” Me: “You too!” *wait*
king JAY JK
king JAY JK 13 ore fa
Jason Turpin
Jason Turpin 13 ore fa
Poor gabe
darcel knowles
darcel knowles 13 ore fa
Mackenzie Burns
Mackenzie Burns 13 ore fa
Actually i had a great dane and his hair was short and pointy so we whould step on them and the go through my foot
darcel knowles
darcel knowles 13 ore fa
im sad that onion ded
Lazy Artist
Lazy Artist 13 ore fa
I swear to god!!! Jaiden you almost made me cry girl! QmQ
siren 13 ore fa
i did cheer and im doing taekwondo with my sis
White Wolf
White Wolf 13 ore fa
My sub is so mean! He always yells at us (because we always talk to much) doesn't let us watch movies when were supposed to (because we are good kids and do nothing):( (Rip movies)
Skunkgirl4life 13 ore fa
I had a fish named Nemo and he lived for so long that I thought he was immortal
RRafael CCS
RRafael CCS 13 ore fa
1:14 did anyone see the misaki wristband reference?
Starla Gonzalez
Starla Gonzalez 13 ore fa
I love dinosorususers
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 13 ore fa
Kahula Kangaroo
Kahula Kangaroo 13 ore fa
Me at home during quarantine : 1:14
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 13 ore fa
Tomas Poirier
Tomas Poirier 13 ore fa
The 14k that disliked this, liked Logan Paul’s apology
jaden cheyne
jaden cheyne 13 ore fa
Jaiden the crocodile you drew has no jaw
jaden cheyne
jaden cheyne 13 ore fa
Birds is a “trap”😂 if ya know what I mean
Victor Hugo Galvis Colmenares
Isabella Xie
Isabella Xie 13 ore fa
Jaiden: If king tut had a Pokemon he would probably choose Weavile. Me: No he would probably choose Cofagrigus.
Liam Duggan
Liam Duggan 13 ore fa
The haters who dislike the vid do realise she makes money of their hate....
Killzone46dread 13 ore fa
Just started watching, like your stuff. Kthnksbye
Origami and Stuff
why isn't this game called hip shaking simulator?
Black beans Please
Hey I'm going to Texas 😐
Unhappy Person
Unhappy Person 13 ore fa
I usually get into a book series and then the next book sucks
Purrple Kitty Girl
Omg the dyed water is SO RELATABLE
Ethan Dansby
Ethan Dansby 13 ore fa
Boopy 13 ore fa
if i see a 2019 anyone? coment then i will jump off a cliff
Your local Dabi
Your local Dabi 13 ore fa
*I own 5 snakes,. Fight me*
Jordyn Mondesir
Jordyn Mondesir 13 ore fa
I LOVE FNAF I FNAF FAN IF YOU NOT...I can’t look at you.
Lauren That girl
Imma extrovert
mingyu chen
mingyu chen 13 ore fa
Me yup um yeah Asian mom hair five?
Gmaxgam123 Minecraft godz
I like purple and blue :/
slippast 13 ore fa
Thank god I finished the video. You. Are. Beautiful. Inside and out.
Hpcodeon gameplay
I am I fan of you jaiden.
Mr.Skowfers OG
Mr.Skowfers OG 13 ore fa
make another one this is true asian gamer moment
slashy 13 ore fa
0:40 reminds me of ree kids hair
Jaden B
Jaden B 13 ore fa
The dentist is really scary but so many go up you should not be scared
Sakura. {Tokyo}
Sakura. {Tokyo} 13 ore fa
I saved me and my dad from getting lost in Japan about fifteen times. Metro, walking around, all ways, really. I also spoke Japanese soooooo....ユウボーイに入れておく
Gacha Fox
Gacha Fox 13 ore fa
Frostbite 13 ore fa
I watched a few creepy videos earlier and need something to cleanse my brain of the exorcist
valentino lewis
valentino lewis 13 ore fa
hey jaiden i need some help my bird is not flying when he tries to fly he falls to the ground I know your not a vet or anything but I know you have a bird so can you help or NOT if you say no I will send greta thungberg after you
Whippy Daisy
Whippy Daisy 13 ore fa
When you realize that every Jaiden animations video thumbnail has that little icon in the bottom left, every, single, one
Zoey Kwasnik
Zoey Kwasnik 13 ore fa
3 I love you❤ is it OK 😯🤐🤐 ......... Hay you is cool😑 O ok 🥺
Zoey Kwasnik
Zoey Kwasnik 13 ore fa
No I would
Steven Universe
Steven Universe 13 ore fa
And there’s a Steven unierse fan under me
_v̸ân̸ês̸â-υωυ ***
No entendí nada :'>
Steven Universe
Steven Universe 13 ore fa
The intro looks like pokemon
xXShattered VisionsXx
I mean this is so true I loved reading warrior cats and then my mother assigned a book called "call of the wild and I had to write a FULL essay I didn't finish and to this day my mother still doesn't know😂 also it was the same with Nancy drew I HATE that book
KiwiCaniblism Ra
Wheres my singular rice?
jo no
jo no 13 ore fa
your not answering the question (clap) HOW(clap) DID (clap) IT (clap ) TASTE
Ruichen Feng
Ruichen Feng 14 ore fa
vatucalle 03
vatucalle 03 14 ore fa
Tha kokonut
Lilyana Arenas
Lilyana Arenas 14 ore fa
I love it and is funny
I'm a creepypasta Qween
Would you play Roblox or do you already play Roblox just wondering and also if you were going to do a book suggestions I pray do Wings of Fire book 1 to 5
kingb1717 YT
kingb1717 YT 14 ore fa
I like how at the end of the vid when you have kids, you added a futuristic door.
the toy unboxer3000
This hurts
Pixel candy
Pixel candy 14 ore fa
Funni I live in mesa 😳 Az
Russell Dunn
Russell Dunn 14 ore fa
So I have a funny story and I walked in to social studies class and I glanced over to the teachers table and I saw a sub and I sat down, and the sub said “ Today we are going to do a packet and if you have any questions talk to me” I started and I did not want to because I didn’t want to. hahaha . So I started reading. ( she did not care so I read for the whole class😏😏😏)
Nicholas Huguet Bueno
Jaiden where do you live
Little Magician
Little Magician 14 ore fa
It’s color not Cuddle believe me I have to go through my brother and he talks so weird to the point I have to learn his language and I have so it’s color not trying to be rude or anything
blue fire 1771
blue fire 1771 14 ore fa
Jaiden is the best type of vegan there is.the type that you can forget is vegan.
Lilyana Arenas
Lilyana Arenas 14 ore fa
you are cool
Lewis Cork
Lewis Cork 14 ore fa
You know that spongebob game you made a video on is getting a remake
Sebastian Scaling
your good at piano bravo
Biren Shorter
Biren Shorter 14 ore fa
Fuck you lin
Lilyana Arenas
Lilyana Arenas 14 ore fa
I love it
Blindless 14 ore fa
Jaiden 6 years ago: Intro Jaiden now: who needs an intro when you can just say hi?
Jordyn Davis
Jordyn Davis 14 ore fa
Who is watching dis in 2020?
Boris The Wolf
Boris The Wolf 14 ore fa
My parents don't know I like anime and I've been hiding it for years. And today I ALMOST got caught beause they needed to fix my phone number because I got a new phone. And they saw my profile pic, witch is oveousley changed now and everything, and I'm gonna try and quit that obsetion. And also my profile pic.. you probably don't know if your reading this a second ago after I posted this because I JUST changed it.
Sophia Fishkin
Sophia Fishkin 14 ore fa
This one was not a sub it was a “teacher” she was so terrible she made us take her cups and this was in first grade and the lunch room was so far away from our class and she made me go right after lunch where you can put your cups it was so annoying and she said that the person she favorited was right and the rest of the class was wrong because her favorite was “ so right” I hated my first grade teacher. P.s sorry if I did some grammar wrong.
Longis Dongis
Longis Dongis 14 ore fa
7:14 thats one THICC BOI
Rendromeda RH
Rendromeda RH 14 ore fa
I love lady Alice Apples
woodie chen
woodie chen 14 ore fa
mark brassey
mark brassey 14 ore fa
When I was younger everyone said if you eat fish your brain will get bigger then look in my ear and say it was huge then when I was eight I went to my cousins house and they were eating fish and was like look how big my brain is so I looked through her ear and to my supprise it was an ear
Cash King
Cash King 14 ore fa
i think both
Mekhi Smith
Mekhi Smith 14 ore fa
well i guess theres no water dibbadoors
speed racerxIOOI4
wow, i missed out as a kid
Rocky Conners
Rocky Conners 14 ore fa
have your captions on whenever watching these videos
GDasher 123
GDasher 123 14 ore fa
I hate bruises on bananas
FNAF TALK 14 ore fa
Ari and kidnap child 🐣
Talene Rivera
Talene Rivera 14 ore fa
People had glove compartments a hundred years ago.
Mekhi Smith
Mekhi Smith 14 ore fa
*insert flamingo joke here* 2:32
Kaelee Field
Kaelee Field 14 ore fa
Bruh, I literally remember having to sing that same fungai alafia song at my school...
The Trapperin0
The Trapperin0 14 ore fa
I have trypanophobia and I couldn’t get needles in my mouth if I wanted to 😖
Sky Barrow
Sky Barrow 14 ore fa
I like you're voice : >
Nicholas Huguet Bueno
Jaiden is better
Scott Bosak
Scott Bosak 14 ore fa
I beg my parents for a ferret!
Alex Mckinstry
Alex Mckinstry 14 ore fa
When people are in a middle of a book Yea its good I need to finish ie Now me Me : yea I love it I am at the end Friend : yea I loved the way they didn't end up together because they were a bad match Me : sleep with one eye open when you sleep 😠😠
yaya 14 ore fa
*me watching jaiden animations instead of completing my finals*
Emma Casey
Emma Casey 14 ore fa
im allergic to walnuts
KaiOnYT 14 ore fa
Skateboarding is ez once u get used to it. Also sub to me pls
Nether Zero
Nether Zero 14 ore fa
That was funny as hell
Abdullah Mehfooz
I thought it would be maximum ride