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5 best buds just kickin' it.
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MJS Soccer Productions
2:51= Debit Card
TH3_ RAPT0R 9 minuti fa
There was 11 bounces on the one with Cody and Corey or coby. I can’t ever tell the difference! :/
Jillmarx7 10 minuti fa
Team Cory
Homi Cs
Homi Cs 10 minuti fa
i cant belive they releast him
Dinae Du Plessis
Dinae Du Plessis 11 minuti fa
Every day I sit with my hamster she just sits so still and she just looks straight at my iPad it’s hilarious it’s like she loves you guys This vid was hilarious, can’t wait to see more of these type of vids
Noah Lambert
Noah Lambert 14 minuti fa
I love dude perfect
Fortnite clips 0-0
Fortnite clips 0-0 14 minuti fa
What’s with Colby and weird air plane pillows 1. He pulls out the snuggle pillows 2. He pulls out the ostrich pillow
Sandra Massey
Sandra Massey 16 minuti fa
No Cody is not right.
Gymnast Vlogs & Songs
How much money do you spend on rage monster
Knights of Gotham
Knights of Gotham 18 minuti fa
New one, toxic madden player
slydog twenty five
slydog twenty five 18 minuti fa
Build a boat battle 2
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 20 minuti fa
Swade King
Swade King 21 minuto fa
Christmas song
Crazy kid
Crazy kid 22 minuti fa
I don’t know what round 2 was
Eduardo Volpato
Eduardo Volpato 22 minuti fa
2019? Anyone
Eduardo Volpato
Eduardo Volpato 24 minuti fa
How to be hired by dude perfect just know how to use a plunger
Technical life Studio
Ilovegravo 25 minuti fa
This vid is so old that Garret still has hair (Garret is bold just so you know)
Crazy kid
Crazy kid 25 minuti fa
Ty was singing I’m so fancy
Annelise Bowser
Annelise Bowser 27 minuti fa
How did he win
Chad Bryan
Chad Bryan 29 minuti fa
NiGhT NIghT ty
Munch Trev
Munch Trev 32 minuti fa
I'm from Wisconsin! !
Wassup Y'all
Wassup Y'all 32 minuti fa
I am a browns fan and Johnny needs to die
Ivan Jones
Ivan Jones 35 minuti fa
id say the style go´s to soccer
sebasninja progamer
sebasninja progamer 36 minuti fa
Alisha Kramer
Alisha Kramer 36 minuti fa
Do you have a mansion you are the very best trick shot ever
Gymnast Vlogs & Songs
Just draw on eyebrows
Riflered Gaming
Riflered Gaming 38 minuti fa
I just want to know how long that first intro shot took to make
Darcy Sara
Darcy Sara 38 minuti fa
I play softball 🥎
Not So Daily Landen Vlogs
it is bad
PixelPancake 40 minuti fa
4:48 anybody know where i can get Kyle's hoodie?
Zer0 41 minuto fa
October 17, 2019?
Tyler Hays
Tyler Hays 42 minuti fa
This video came out on my birthday 2 years ago
Elayna Thomas
Elayna Thomas 42 minuti fa
Ty is going full duck dynasty on us
Professional Gopnik Lvl. 35
Ty: “Last but not least, it’s time to light a candle because it gets a little stinky in here.” *Lights an unscented candle*
Benjamin II Black
Benjamin II Black 44 minuti fa
And I’m team coby
Eve Gray
Eve Gray 46 minuti fa
2019 anyone?
Brayan Cerqueira
Brayan Cerqueira 46 minuti fa
Alguém brasileiro da like
Benjamin II Black
Benjamin II Black 46 minuti fa
I’m a huge fan
Hello friends
Hello friends 48 minuti fa
3:03 coby has never won a battle before 🤨🤨🤨
Justin 16
Justin 16 52 minuti fa
Khymani Kake
Khymani Kake 53 minuti fa
hos yo day
Balmore Barrera
Balmore Barrera 54 minuti fa
my friend is the hiker
Liam Grimm
Liam Grimm 55 minuti fa
Mario all the way.
gaming with levi
gaming with levi 55 minuti fa
Sergio Luna
Sergio Luna 56 minuti fa
StephaniaJAAS12 56 minuti fa
Yohamara Arroyo
Yohamara Arroyo 58 minuti fa
That’s the Mario song
Kristy Delva
Kristy Delva 59 minuti fa
Where is this at?
Yelena Walker-Suber
Yelena Walker-Suber 59 minuti fa
That song was from Mario
Luper Gamer
Hi, I'm Brazilian and I love your channel but I don't understand you, I used a translator for that and I had an idea why you don't create an equal channel, put everything that you put in the main, but translated to Portuguese
Phillip Vue
I hope you are feeling well today and I am weird
First video I saw by them
TrapRemix Ora fa
2:52 he threw a credit card
Ronaldo Fan
i’d like to say a big thank you to dude perfect for the videos. they put a lot of time and effort into these videos. continue your great journey ty, cody, cory, coby, and garret
Brock Ferguson
like and reply if you've been team ty WATCH BACKYARD TRICKSHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlo Rizzo
cody is dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Amanda Lockheart
they should totally make another...2019 version, of course!
Brock Ferguson
like and reply if you're watching this vid. in 2019 October
mohsin sallo
There were 16 bonuses.
Phillip Vue
I rather bring you guys to help me do trick shot and I am at winsconin
Brock Ferguson
they practiced that intro so many dang times but hey they're makin' money for it
Jasper and Lacey Roblox
17 bounses
Phillip Vue
I mean both
Jonah Chaffee
Tyler do you release you lost to the twins
Ethan Bennie
: ( ) : I don't have enough legos to break a word recurd
Phillip Vue
Juan Solis
Juan Solis Ora fa
You guys should do shopping stereotypes
Kaylin and Cohen
emma murphy
I knew it was checkers
Andrew JW
Andrew JW Ora fa
1:36 that was actually impressive
Joseph Guerrero
Do a video with deestroying
Mariyah Lopez
Cory is the panda I did some research and watched every single video pay attention to the house and the colors of the walls in Cory’s house then look at the pandas walls they are the same pay Close attention
irmãos lima
Ethan Bennie
and I don't have enough legos.
Bryan Fajar P
yg muncul di beranda, Indonesia like👇
Ethan Bennie
I would walk on all those legos but my parents probably wont let me.
3:46 favorite blooper
John Clark
John Clark Ora fa
do more BLOOPERS!! lol
Rommel Soriano
Up on the house top
Brayden White
I love you videos
0808spence2010 Is cool
I agree with judge Dudy
Kate Whittum
Me too
Kainen Baker
i feel like no one would do fruit ninja after lance stewart did
Random Bros
school stereotypes plzzzzzz YALLLL
Minecraft Ora fa
0:41 I Was Scared
The sound was mario
Natasha Wallace
Please do soccer stereotypes like if agree
lone wolf
lone wolf Ora fa
I bet u cant get a water bottle cap on a water bottle by kiking it and on first try
Natasha Wallace
Did anyone else laugh at when tyler said I just learned a new song
All Around Yugo
Me 2019: Me: Me 2019:
Natasha Wallace
Like if heard the sound of cobys bug spray 💪🏻
Raymond Colley
This is 2019 get a life 😥😥😥😥😥
Muhannad Khaled
They should make a video without celebrating every shot.. just stare at the camera after every shot
Jenny Craco
Sharon Dressler