Iscriviti 3,2M
Aint_no_way BG
Aint_no_way BG 16 ore fa
man lock in bro
Michael Floyd
Michael Floyd 17 ore fa
Ugh. Narrated videos.
TshifterGaming 17 ore fa
@REBOUND why is it stupid to buy a 12M dollar bugatti?
TshifterGaming 17 ore fa
why wouldnt camby's shot count lol. Its just too good for a shot to be accepted as a 5 point score
QuikSlvr 17 ore fa
I mean, hey, Ben Simmons could be a builder. He has enough bricks to build a wall.
Evie Sam
Evie Sam 18 ore fa
fakeashell4297 18 ore fa
I was there when the court started to tilt to a 45 degree angle, Steph Curry nearly died, and Lebron just flew into the stands. A truly memorable game.
SevanUP 18 ore fa
they should of gave free tickets to every one for the next celtics game as compensation
Mr.Knock_Knock 18 ore fa
Blaze52 18 ore fa
White players can post pictures with shotguns and say there hunting and it be posted by nba
__run 19 ore fa
2:42 what music?
Jeffrey Weaver
Jeffrey Weaver 19 ore fa
Regarding Tom Brady and "deflategate" in that Super Bowl: After the balls were found to be deflated during the game and properly inflated balls were substituted so that they could continue to play the game, didn't it happen that Tom Brady's stats after that point had actually IMPROVED to where the Patriots handily won the game?
Jeffrey Weaver
Jeffrey Weaver 19 ore fa
Tiger Woods didn't cheat in the playing of his sport, which should not have been featured among the other clips that have shown the cheating that had happened while the culprits were in their respective games!
Sickn Tired
Sickn Tired 19 ore fa
Would rather watch old reels of AI than a boat load of 3’s. Boring ass ballin
Sickn Tired
Sickn Tired 19 ore fa
But he NEVER got Larry Bird. The one man Jordan never figured out And Anybody can dunk in anybody. Look at what AI did to all the best
Trim 20 ore fa
His Chicago manison is 14 million as of 2023
Prakash Neelakantan
he blended lebron
Michael Rainey
Michael Rainey 21 ora fa
Another video pocket-watching a “Black” person…”Stupidly” expensive, huh? Black folks are the gift that keeps on giving, right?
Timothy McGaffin II
I'm tired of the jealousy and propaganda against Karl Malone trying to falsely portray him as dirty while forgetting about other players and acting like they were not dirty. Putting together a highlight reel of elbows in this video is cheap when this video is supposed to be about free-throw techniques. I watched almost every game Karl Malone played in and there was maybe 1 game a year out of 82 games plus playoffs where an elbow would connect. So perhaps 19 games over a 19-year career with probably 15 out of those 19 being inadvertent. You have players like Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal intentionally physically assaulting Greg Ostertag before a game even started, Ron Artest (Meta World Peace), Kenyon Martin, Bill Laimbeer, Chris Webber, who you could put together a highlight reel of intentional dirty cheap shots trying to seriously hurt other players that would be 10 times longer than any supposed reel of the Mailman. A bunch of players and fans are jealous of both Karl Malone and John Stockton because they just played harder than everyone else. ie: How many times did the Mailman completely out-run everybody down the floor passing everyone and then connecting on a Stockton pass for a Hammer Dunk. And how many times did 175-pound Stockton set a screen on a big man and hold his ground. Bigs didn't like a smaller player setting screens on them so they would falsely accuse Stockton of playing dirty or intentionally try to hurt John when in actuality they were just jealous that Stockton wouldn't back down and wouldn't allow himself to be pushed around and bullied. You're getting paid millions to play a game. Quit crying about others playing harder than you. Get out there and earn your money or be quiet. This dirty talk against Stockton and Malone never existed until the 1997 WCF playoff series with the Houston Rockets when Charles Barkley started falsely accusing Stockton and Malone of being dirty in the hopes of getting the refs on his side. After that series Barkley said in a magazine interview that Stockton and Malone are not dirty and that was just a ploy by him to try and get the refs to give Houston some more calls. Making false accusations is what you do when you are desperate and fear losing which is what happened when the Jazz beat Houston 4-2 to advance to the NBA Finals. Houston is lucky they didn't get swept thanks to last second heroics by Eddie Johnson in Houston in games 3 and 4 hitting game-winning shots at the buzzer or else the Jazz would have won that series 4-0. John Stockton and Karl Malone are Champions because they kept coming back year after year and never gave up. The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling but in getting back up after the fall.
Tanya Butler
Tanya Butler 22 ore fa
Joseph Hhh
Joseph Hhh 22 ore fa
Grandma's getting that snake tonight 😅 🐍
Marcquil Lewis
Marcquil Lewis 23 ore fa
Keri Sharp
Keri Sharp Giorno fa
i mean it was an ok video could have been better
dhum Giorno fa
Ya iall sub
Colin Giorno fa
What about dames deep 3 against okc I think it's better than Currys deep 3
Willis Duffy
Willis Duffy Giorno fa
Jordan is the greatest
Joe Zegers
Joe Zegers Giorno fa
Never forget the time when Paul Pierce (allegedly) pooped his pants on the court
Dat NOT Me
Dat NOT Me Giorno fa
You forgot the fact that Cleveland played another play after the catch by Quincy Morgan. And therefore the refs by rule, should NOT have been able to review Morgan's catch.
savitha sadan
savitha sadan Giorno fa
Can you tell us which ball you mean atleast😅😅😅
sonic gaming
sonic gaming Giorno fa
hes take 7 steps
Zypho Giorno fa
From the back of the BackBoard is crazy
Alex8 Giorno fa
Bro Seek! is ballin 💀
Alex8 Giorno fa
If seek played basketball
ALEX_BG Giorno fa
Master at taking balls and when it comes to shawn 💀 -Gimme them balls
Pee Peee
Pee Peee Giorno fa
So I made a half court in 2k so curry made that half court
Benny the bull was the funniest part💀💀💀
Memelord Giorno fa
Bro this is what terminator is warning us about
Cathy Gabao
Cathy Gabao Giorno fa
At the first i see curry point at the player😅😅😅😂😂
Unknown Giorno fa
tryna live like this 🔛🔝🔜
Unknown Giorno fa
RJ John
RJ John Giorno fa
Learn your history His name was still Ron Artest back then he changed his name partly because of this
ADRIAN D Giorno fa
Bro the last one is sus
Dayrit ace
Dayrit ace Giorno fa
2 and 3 is not cheating
Eric Cadlett
Eric Cadlett Giorno fa
DripLORDStizzy Giorno fa
Boi how u get caught Nah couldnt be me🗿🍷
Jason ead
Jason ead Giorno fa
hey at least he was a good player ..
Soren Wright
Soren Wright Giorno fa
7:18 lets go rams!!!
ML88 Giorno fa
Getting used to the ankle brace will make your ankles weaker and need the support after time
Lật đổ cs bằng vũ lực
Jordan is better. Hands down
Eric Tingle Jr.
Eric Tingle Jr. Giorno fa
guess i'm not subscribing