El Nino
El Nino
El Nino
Iscriviti 514K
Gregory E. Smith
Gregory E. Smith 5 minuti fa
Jeff got off to easy
AllThingsVtec 13 minuti fa
Should have stomped him out also
Abraham Voguel Haik
Abraham Voguel Haik 14 minuti fa
Great!!!!! Nicely done Dad.
Victor Cocchiola
Victor Cocchiola 19 minuti fa
34 yrs? This is xold blooded murder of a child! Put the judge and prosecutor in prison with their friends.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 22 minuti fa
The dad did the right thing he's a model father take notes
L RQ 24 minuti fa
Feel good story of the year.
John Stubbs
John Stubbs 25 minuti fa
Dude killed sons molester
O.D.D (Obedient Defiant Disorder)
God Bless this man for standing in his rights.
joel 29 minuti fa
Thats why back then ppl had balls . And judges defended that .now is all sissy fussy pussie
Brandon G
Brandon G 30 minuti fa
Very sad to see. However as a dog owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep your dog under control at all times. The officer may have been out of line debatably, but the owner should've been more responsible. Two things can be true at the same time. Also, way to be one sided my guy. Always easy to sit back and watch saying what YOU would've done when you weren't in the scene. Everyone always acts like they'd do a better job handling situations like this. Truth is, most people would likely respond similarly when actually confronted with a possible threat like that.
Wenzy92 37 minuti fa
I cannot blame the father at all. Good job.
Chuck Chillson
Chuck Chillson 38 minuti fa
He shouldn't have done prison time he should get a medal
Dr Eeze.
Dr Eeze. 50 minuti fa
Strength and love to the father&mother, brothers and/or sisters. They must be devastated.
Alfredo Senalle
Alfredo Senalle 58 minuti fa
Not only did this father made justice for his own kid , but he prevented this sicko from doing it to other children in the future.
Bradder Thatwelderguy
what girl, where?
Gunny Slate
The father would have walked if I was on his jury
Thomas Ora fa
I remember this that was a dad being a dad
William Martin
good job dad
Deezo Ora fa
100% understandable what the father did and I would want to do the same, but he shouldve let him rot in prison for the rest of his life and let the inmates punish him for what he did. That wouldve been true justice.
Captain Spalding
Finally a smart judge, ❤❤
Rafal Sz
Rafal Sz Ora fa
Lab running towards you (as dogs do). Cop ' dog is charging ready to attack ' Mf not people
Justanother Channel
That guy saved a lot of tax payer dollars
Luciid Ora fa
Now judges protect these pedos because they and their overlords are pedos too
Raven Kennedy
Their cartel ain't shit to the Russian or Irish Mafia I'll tell you that much
2peter1v2 Ora fa
Gotta say that father and the judge both did the right thing. Yet, our federal government is still keeping Epstein's client list a secret. No one is going to prison for abusing all those kids.
josoph schmo
Did Jody Plauche receive his black belt from jeff? Asking for a friend!
David Bailey
They showed this on TV numerous times years ago.
Joshua Cartwright
I hear tons of people saying, "Good job. "... but if the world was like this, the Catholic church wouldn't exist.
boy Bawang
boy Bawang Ora fa
what about the cameraman?
Good judge.
Todd Bishop
If every person if you can call them a person who did this to Children face the same consequence perhaps they would be a little less excited about a young child so roll with this.
Kevin Souleyrette
Justice Served
Aaron Myers
Aaron Myers 2 ore fa
Rational thinking from our judicial system? Huh, go figure. Wonder when that stopped...🤔
Stefan Nesic
Stefan Nesic 2 ore fa
That judge is good!
rabbit 2 ore fa
Nah that dog was going to be aggressive all the way look at its body and it's tail the tail was standing up straight not wagging at all came running up looking aggressive keep your dogs on a chain
Llort Stermon
Llort Stermon 2 ore fa
Someone needs to make a statue of the father and the judge.
The Nerd Robert
Deport all of them to where they come from..
Heidey Olivencia-West Olivencia
theres only 2genders its so simple
T T 2 ore fa
Should be the fate of all child molesters.
Alejandro Melendez
Once upon a time in Mexico 🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂
Roy HI
Roy HI 2 ore fa
Ruby did it on live national TV! *JUSTIFIABLE!!!
ein six
ein six 2 ore fa
Dont trust a cop ever . No matter where you are or what your doing . Cops are dangerous.
He made sure to hang up the phone