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Shortz only 🦁
Shortz only 🦁 4 minuti fa
Plot twist he had a life scarring time playing Minecraft 3 weeks later. Forge: hey guys today we are going to mental break down while playing raft survival and Minecraft Edit: Forge: hey guys welcome to 200 days of Minecraft winter where I had a mentle breakdown
Kimberlie Messick
Kimberlie Messick 9 minuti fa
Along with your horse, boats have been randomly disappearing when you get off them
Endercat Minecraft
Endercat Minecraft 10 minuti fa
28:41 that is The Shy Guy. NEVER LOOK AT HIS FACE!
MJR Taurus
MJR Taurus 13 minuti fa
This man is a font of absent-minded wisdom.
Mia K.
Mia K. 14 minuti fa
wooooo look at this guy go
Angela McDaniels
Angela McDaniels 14 minuti fa
the scp that killed you on day 27 was scp 096
J Jr
J Jr 17 minuti fa
Yeah, on day 22, if that happened to me I would've been pissed considering how cheesy and corny that death was.
raven 28 minuti fa
damn 141.742 comments
Andrei Camilotto
Andrei Camilotto 28 minuti fa
I'm watching in day 46 now, and i will make a prediction. You will die or barely survive because you are lacking for TORCHES. God dammit, why do you don't put more torches? Edit: 1:06:35 Ohhhhh really ??????
This is me and I am brave strong and beautiful
I love zombie hole 1.0
This is me and I am brave strong and beautiful
I love zombie hole 3.0
This is me and I am brave strong and beautiful
I love zombie hole 2.0
chezVee55 30 minuti fa
i live in canada
Presley Snyder
Presley Snyder 31 minuto fa
Girl wear’s my man’s sweater 👁👄👁
Nzitamary Jo
Nzitamary Jo 50 minuti fa
I completely support your reason
Jack paul
Jack paul 52 minuti fa
I didn't find it in my heart i found it in my poo
Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki
hmm interesting
Flerken 53 minuti fa
I am cool please give me a like for no reason
Chickie roll
Chickie roll 54 minuti fa
1:50 ummm
Luna26 56 minuti fa
Wow I can’t believe a wizard stole all your stuff 😁👍
Frozen_Flame 56 minuti fa
....100 days on a Zombie infested Moon
Queen Meepers
Queen Meepers 57 minuti fa
Him complaining: there's barely any food Me yelling: there's grown watermelon everywhere
Angel Aguilar
Tried to take a shot every time Sean said "ok", almost ended in coma at 8:16
Emily Lilly Moore
Did you do 200 Days on this? If not, then can you do it please?
Jaiden Ora fa
that first death was SCP-096 - The Shy Guy If you look at his face, he'll spend a little time crying, before killing everyone around him. He can also tell if anyone see's a picture of his face, in which he will be unstoppable as he heads towards whoever it was and kill them.
Ethan Pfaff
Wow good thing the poachers didnt kill you