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Patrick H
Patrick H 12 minuti fa
Since FireGreen we know Magikarp is the one to defeat Arceus 😁
ooflord dynamics
ooflord dynamics 33 minuti fa
The Almighty Super Arceus
I told you I would win
The Almighty Super Arceus
I don’t think a little Caterpillar will defeat me
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 54 minuti fa
umm dobbs you are kinda late to april fools
L Ora fa
You gotta get Vinny in here to play as "Boomstick".
Dylan Thompson
Great video Dobbs. Keep up the Great work.
Mate_1909 Ora fa
Sonic should actually be number 1, he gets stronger proggresively, it's a fact SEGA and Sonic Team confirmed. Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3&K isn't as strong as a nowadays Super Sonic, also, the fact that you used Time, aka, a game mechanic, as a weakness, literally unvalidates your argument.
Valentino Starace
Poor bulbasaur
Completely unrealistic. Arceus gets his plates but caterpie doesn't get that special rare candy? Unfair SMH
Cody Waldrop
Cody Waldrop 2 ore fa
Cant believe i actually have to explain this its during the sword etc classical earas n also shooting too you have a better vantige point n also the people exert themeselves running up to meet you n you can also get momentum to run over someone if you cgarge down the hill
Joakim Hvidtfeldt
Cool series
D Tell
D Tell 2 ore fa
How about a God vs a god? Bidoof vs arceus
Cody Waldrop
Cody Waldrop 2 ore fa
The high groumd was a real thing during actual wars not just a star wars thing its why obiwan said it then
Roy Chen
Roy Chen 2 ore fa
nice video! truly, a close battle! of course, the god wins, obviously, though.
Cinder815 2 ore fa
Real Pokesatsu
I'm sensing some shade.
tom nook
tom nook 2 ore fa
2:55 hey there how’s it going? My name is Meowth, you prob already knew that lol anyways i just moved into town and; oh nice shirt by the way, anyways i was wondering if you wanted to go see that new pokemon movie that came out? the one where Machamp is the star you know? Anyways if you read this far you’re pretty cool, i like you. High five! Here’s a hidden Master Ball btw [master ball]
Lexi Eve
Lexi Eve 2 ore fa
Lmfao! Why did I totally not expect this to happen! I was really surprised that it didn't go the other way! Huh. Lololol
Paulo Villegas
RIGGED!! Caterpie should've won 😆😆
Sarvagna Chamarti
When Dobbs keeps explaining about Caterpie, you just feel like hurting him bad but then you realise it's the funniest part of the video.
WTF. Why is that your initial reaction?
Technically still a Wooper
The ultimate battle
Dragon Lord Dracodenblaze
Pink Princess
Pink Princess 2 ore fa
I feel bad for Caterpie because he didn't win but I did thought Arceus would win because he's powerful and he's a legendary.
Cooper Wooper 2
So togapi is a teaser
TJ Bolton (MegaManSceptile)
Why does this feel like a parody of Death Battle?
Ryuzaki Taiyou
clash battle: Dobbs vs. Aura Guardian
Account of the Ultra Imaginators
*SPOILERS* Caterpie managed to stall that fireball for about 5 or so seconds, something no other Pokémon has been shown to do. Therefore, I conclude that Caterpie is second to Arceus.
Aidan T
Aidan T 3 ore fa
I think you should do theses for other Pokémon too. Sometimes as memes but others as serious like ho-oh vs lugia
Doom slayer
Doom slayer 3 ore fa
This is like comparing an elefant's wight to a pigeons ofc caterpie is the winer
Watchdog 3 ore fa
Now for the next battle Arceus Vs Bidoff
Agent Zee
Agent Zee 3 ore fa
how about a metapod vs kakuna clash battle
Frederik Bom
Frederik Bom 3 ore fa
Oompity Loomps (Emo Blue)
Pokemon can crash the game Dobbs: Ah yes, destroyer of reality
Snakes are Freaking Cool If U say otherwise U suck
Aqua grunt is the definitive of Red in any among us game
rod cent
rod cent 4 ore fa
I thought you were gonna make caterpie win some how
William Roberts
this was a meme cleary
Firemarth 4 ore fa
Arceus fan girl detected!
Chairzard Playzz
How dose Radom in start colaols get know out
Snakes are Freaking Cool If U say otherwise U suck
Is no one talking about how on that roster full of legends and caterpie has a bidoof right next to Arceus
Snakes are Freaking Cool If U say otherwise U suck
Wasn't caterpie banned from pvp or something and as far as I know arceus hasn't been banned sooooooo
To be fair arceus is banned pretty often. It still is nothing to caterpie though
Kyle danger king
Easy claps for caterpie😂
Andrew Harty
Andrew Harty 4 ore fa
wow just like screw attacks death battle he found a way to make the obvious winner lose.
pranjol maishan
u should take magikarp vs feebas the ultra legendary battle
Domonic Campbell
When you realise the only Pokémon above Arceus are upgraded forms of other Pokémon.
Quon Diggity
Quon Diggity 4 ore fa
I don't accept this.
a vs type show lets GOOOOOOO
Food Dood
Food Dood 4 ore fa
“arceus is a powerhouse” yeah ok but it’s weaker than excadrill, a mole it fricking CREATED
Dork Gamer
Dork Gamer 4 ore fa
Ok wtf why aren't people watching Dobbs's video
Whut 4 ore fa
Just a Bisharp scrolling thru YT
I took out a mega Kangaskhan with a Bidoof
Mark Shaw JR
Mark Shaw JR 4 ore fa
Oh my hottest youtuber is back
El1te Noodles
El1te Noodles 4 ore fa
I wasn’t expecting a logical fight 😂😂
Lucy White
Lucy White 4 ore fa
Sarcastic Salt
Best video lol
J Thomas
J Thomas 4 ore fa
Is this a late April fools video?
Sayan Paul
Sayan Paul 4 ore fa
Well, that's kinda dissapointing.
Pranav J pillai
Arceus Vs magikarp 2.0 😂
Payton Ryan
Payton Ryan 4 ore fa
This is NOT April Fool's Day 😒
Pranav J pillai
I hate u,u spoiled what happens in guardian signs 😭😭😭😭😭😭
THIS WAS SO COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parth 4 ore fa
3:19 which game is this?
Original493 4 ore fa
This video is so stupid
queen dewdrop dazzle
This looks fimilar."cough,cough"death battle.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 5 ore fa
How are you related to INDIA as I have seen many Indian references like Indian Gods and Indian songs in many of your videos. Please reply.
Itdestroyer Andy
yooooo we need Vinny and Dobbs commentators or better yet..... Original 151 vs Dabbs!!!😁😁😂😂
Jaidin Boddie
Jaidin Boddie 5 ore fa
Caterpie has like 10x stats then arceus
Home Bank
Home Bank 5 ore fa
Death battles yt channel: * shakes intensely*
Zach Wright
Zach Wright 5 ore fa
Love this lol
PikaTroll 5 ore fa
The reason 2 why caterpie is banned String shot move can awaken all anime pedophile scientist power just like syvleon will able tp do string shot with his toilet paper or sum
Shady drug dealer
caterpie died the same way bardock died against frieza dam lmao
Amiibo trainer jaylen
Caterpie is holding focus sash no doubt
IE_Lucky 5 ore fa
So we’re gonna pretend like Death Battle isn’t already a thing huh
video maker miller
DING DING DING Congratulations you got the reference
Ragnar Bear
Ragnar Bear 5 ore fa
Ash uses master ball on goku then battle is over Ash will win but that's if master ball contects with goku
Nakshatra Rakshit
Youngster Joey's ratatta - I can take him easily with my quick attack. Stranger - what you are an rattata can you take arceus. Youngster Joey's rattata - No, I was talking about the caterpie. Stranger - 😦😦😦😦
Isaiah Yarkie
Isaiah Yarkie 5 ore fa
Arceus: I fear no man, but that thing *caterpie staring menacingly* Arceus: It scares me