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laishram bala
laishram bala 6 ore fa
First masterball 3:06
laishram bala
laishram bala 6 ore fa
First masterball 3:06 Second master ball 6:08
jakesfj 6 ore fa
10. qagsire 9. Shiny umbreon 8. Gengar 7. Victini 6. Machamp 5. Gliscor 4. Dragapult 3. Snorlax 2. Golisopod 1. Squirtle
Thijs Rook
Thijs Rook 7 ore fa
I trowed a masterball at a mewtwo in Pokemon red and he was free after 2 wiggles
woeii 7 ore fa
what do you use to record and edit your videos?
RareSplasher 8 ore fa
Rhydon js the first pokemon
Henry Coker
Henry Coker 8 ore fa
I would have given the mew 2 balls their spot simple because they caught Pokémon in their poké balls lol talk about savage
Sean matthew Amador
ratatamp fusion between ratata + machamp
Ada Devon
Ada Devon 8 ore fa
The best pokeball I ever threw was the net ball for keldio in SwSh
George king
George king 9 ore fa
Arcanine should have been a legendary, having even featured on the stone tablet of legendary's that Ash see's before leaving on his journey. 😁👍
Chan YY
Chan YY 9 ore fa
Dragon is weak to fairy because when a lightning bolt hits the ground, it doesn’t really do anything
Ambil Kumar
Ambil Kumar 9 ore fa
Safari zone people said its hard to find chansey i dont think
Ambil Kumar
Ambil Kumar 9 ore fa
When i went to safari zone I only got chansey but i did not know about lucky egg
Ambil Kumar
Ambil Kumar 9 ore fa
That opening was epic
Preeth Prasad
Preeth Prasad 10 ore fa
Cate_Roses_ 10 ore fa
Extreme Soap
Extreme Soap 11 ore fa
Found all three
I like my hero acadamia
It’s weird regialpha is the same coloring as regidrago hmm really makes you think
Doobs saying that he will snap if we tell him that the ez master ball Me:aight lets make this dude snap for every vid And the master ball was a 4.29
Akina Reus
Akina Reus 11 ore fa
I saw all the masterbalss
Surfingsalads 11 ore fa
Make more
I am Red
I am Red 11 ore fa
0:35 now I get what it says🤣
I am Red
I am Red 12 ore fa
0:11 I knew the truck would be the perfect dropship 😂
Jayden Villagran
Sabrina's abra is free exp
Jayden Villagran
Also that cave would've been the best zubat shiny area
shirag.r karun
shirag.r karun 13 ore fa
6:47 for hindi music it means u and me love Also 7:04 jazz hindi music
Crimson Karma
Crimson Karma 13 ore fa
is it just me or am i going crazy hearing link's yells
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 13 ore fa
Just imagine if these two were actual Pokemon characters and they were as G.O.A.T.ed as they were in real life (that includes the hilarious commentary during a battle lmao 😂😰😂😰).
shirag.r karun
shirag.r karun 13 ore fa
3:19 hindi music
Sidh bimali
Sidh bimali 13 ore fa
The first half is true but the other lies
Daniel Keith
Daniel Keith 13 ore fa
0. Catcher in the Rye sucked.
Raman Gupta
Raman Gupta 14 ore fa
you aint no pokemon master
Xerez Playz
Xerez Playz 14 ore fa
Where’s lumineon
gamegalaxy 14 ore fa
I found all master bals
Avijit Das.
Avijit Das. 14 ore fa
You know Hindi
Tiyvlok 14 ore fa
Fair enough
Calibri Underswap
Human: Fighting, Psychic
Calibri Underswap
All yellow needs is a hyper beaming level 100 magikarp
bri nelson
bri nelson 15 ore fa
2:26 thats where i start luaghing
Calibri Underswap
Galar might be in the first timeline
bri nelson
bri nelson 15 ore fa
1:46 spoopy
bri nelson
bri nelson 15 ore fa
0:16 t o gah p
Kyle Zhang
Kyle Zhang 15 ore fa
the turtle no one wants : 4:06
bri nelson
bri nelson 15 ore fa
0:40 pokemon no amung us
bri nelson
bri nelson 15 ore fa
i thinks casonigi’s evoluteon should be called crossointgoor
Latesh 15 ore fa
I battled brock in yellow and I had pikachu and nidoran male and after defeating his onix my nidoran learned double kick
Cossak Rose
Cossak Rose 15 ore fa
"It's just satire." ...how is this satire? *It was unnecessarily edgy, insulting, or unfunny.*
qvshadow spirt
qvshadow spirt 15 ore fa
most of these softlocks can be fixed with a cheat tool
Bakenator 16 ore fa
I've been binging these on my day off. I'm just curious can you two do a battle of your favorite pokemon while drunk? That would be so entertaining 😁
IronYT 16 ore fa
Dont forget ash in sun and moon
VIP Pugz
VIP Pugz 16 ore fa
“There is only one masterball in each region” Peony: Hold my masterball
Xerez Playz
Xerez Playz 17 ore fa
Correction: Klangs big gear does have a face
Trevis Lee
Trevis Lee 17 ore fa
I just don't get the GS Pokemon band cuz somebody decipher them Pokemon names for me!!!!
Ada Devon
Ada Devon 17 ore fa
Dobbs: if you have a Pokémon that's salamence and onix type Tyrantrum: Why thank you
theGLITCH 776
theGLITCH 776 18 ore fa
I love how oak is “is this all a simulation nooo this cant beeeee” 😂😂
Khalil Muriki
Khalil Muriki 18 ore fa
Lol. When asgore theme started playing I was like’’epic asgore theme’’
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 18 ore fa
0:49 found them now snap
Raman Gupta
Raman Gupta 18 ore fa
i have only played Pokémon insurgence so the most overpowered Pokémon I faced is probably Nyx's mega khangaskhan or primal giritina
Ada Devon
Ada Devon 19 ore fa
Yoshi is number 999 there isn't that many pokemon not counting alolan, galarian, gmax, mega, random forms, and unreleased pokemon/ fake pokemon
Daniel Xian
Daniel Xian 19 ore fa
3:16 *Nice*
kstanni87 19 ore fa
Add this Sandaconda a snake that doesn't learn biting moves. how does it capture prey then, its gonna starve.
chance bonneau
chance bonneau 19 ore fa
Do you ever get tired trying to talk like Rick all the time?? Lol fuck dude u put on so hard, ur super chubby and still have this muscular avatar lol. Come on man, you don’t gotta lie to kick it.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 20 ore fa
so who els only remembered stantler bc you can make hitler if fusion
Sherwin Pineda
Sherwin Pineda 20 ore fa
4:42 why is it forming a yvelta or something?
Skye Johnson
Skye Johnson 21 ora fa
Ha ha 'strongest balls'
André Apan
André Apan 21 ora fa
Dobbs: Mewtwo is the strongest pokemon Mega Rayquayza: R u kidding Eternamax Eternatus: . . .
David ETW
David ETW 21 ora fa
Easily the worst thing about Dobbs is that he thinks he’s funny.
Way2Dawn 21 ora fa
Funfact: in the hg/ss speedruns u not only get the masterball from the lottery but get a raikou with it that has pokerus
Mr Monster
Mr Monster 21 ora fa
Shiny mewtwo from trading non shiny
Sofian Fomorian
Sofian Fomorian 21 ora fa
That’s a horrible fate I’ll never use a master ball again love balls and poke balls only
Izaak Woodruff
Izaak Woodruff 21 ora fa
Yooo that pokemon handbook brought back memories 13:20
regalternative 22 ore fa
I've been seeing conflicting info about metronome. Some sources say it affects rollout and some say it doesn't. Anyone know which it is?
Op Gaming
Op Gaming 22 ore fa
#10 be like: okay guys, so I wasn't able to recreate this, but I still need this video to include 15 softlocks, so I'm just going to count it anyways.
Octoling Overdrive
Why couldn’t the fisherman guy murder beauty when the kill button was at 0? Missed opportunity of impostor winning!
Unlucky Kat
Unlucky Kat 22 ore fa
I think the stadium japanese sprites are neat. :(
Lyne Yeo
Lyne Yeo 23 ore fa
pikachu was with ash the whole time he ran under the skirt not jumped out of it he was beside ash watch closley
Charlymaumushi 23 ore fa
That Ditto strategy is really nice.
JACK HE 23 ore fa
The fact that scientist could call multiple meetings is BS.
Danielle Talbot
Danielle Talbot 23 ore fa
I found all 3 master balls
Chad Barnard
Chad Barnard 23 ore fa
8:25 Latias
metalgod542 23 ore fa
Dobbs must have flipped when he saw Copperajah.