House of Highlights
House of Highlights
House of Highlights
Iscriviti 11M
Learn Garifuna
Who tells the man to take his glasses off when he's halfway taken it off smh😅
WittyN05 4 ore fa
“He’s only worked at Taco Bell, he doesn’t have retail experience.” And then “He’s never had a job before.” This sums up this situation for me perfectly. They best friends😂
Random Things I Do In GTA 5:
måy .
måy . 4 ore fa
That actually scared tf out of me lol
Xineoh Omni
Xineoh Omni 4 ore fa
Looks like fun
🗿moyai🗿 4 ore fa
I like how bro just casually had a parachute on him just in case
J-MAREE Official
Whoever that was in the game, she was whooping they ass
JM ShanKs
JM ShanKs 4 ore fa
i dunno why ppl fall for these stage act
Quantum Optimist
Great takeoff terrible landing.
deniz özdemir
İm 4000 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 hahahahahahah
Troy Byers
Troy Byers 4 ore fa
MrCreeper 4 ore fa
how parents went to school:
Jalil Khan
Jalil Khan 4 ore fa
Coach pulled out the reverse uno card real quick.
Mrs Penguin
Mrs Penguin 4 ore fa
Gta 5 in real life
Anime Boy AL
Anime Boy AL 4 ore fa
You betrayed me 🚲
Patricia Victor
White tee
daramola opeyemi
She'll have nightmares after this, of her falling uncontrollably from a height ao high, and she'll keep remembering how scary it is, as if her life is about to rne from the landing effect. 😢😢😢
LonelyYt (Mark) ♡
Bro not the bike bruhhhh
Boneless wings are chicken nuggets
Where a dress shirt and tie to an interview kids. This attire is not proper or professional.
Jean 4 ore fa
I will not go to the flood for back up Apple Pay😅
cesar nunez
cesar nunez 4 ore fa
Bro got manhandled 💀
Hamza Vlogs
Hamza Vlogs 4 ore fa
Japanese teen bikers:
Is that Big Ed from 90 day fiancée 😂😂😂😂
catlove2013 4 ore fa
The one that’s 2😂😂so cute
sean adams
sean adams 4 ore fa
Name of the channel
poor bike
Tablet Thuis
Tablet Thuis 4 ore fa
Well.......i think that....SIKE!why not
The Universe Reacher
why did you let go of you re bike!!!
Griff the Kidd
24 hours… that’s better than 2 weeks 😭😭
Will L
Will L 4 ore fa
Less gravity on that planet....Duh!!
Floppy disk
Floppy disk 4 ore fa
I guess there is always a punk in any sport 😂
Is that bike ok?
Thomas Leong
Thomas Leong 4 ore fa
Youcef Belghit
Navajyoth .K.B
"why don't you go to the bathroom at break" The bathroom at break :-
Bryce Benton
Bryce Benton 4 ore fa
BLACK LIGHT 4 ore fa
Why did i think you were suppose to hold the bike
Check my ride from outer space?
Oh, so that's where all the stolen bikes disappear😢
abc123 Lov
abc123 Lov 4 ore fa
Were they listening to cant loose by bobby digital?
USXCAN 4 ore fa
is the bike okay??
Òóf 4 ore fa
Bike: tf did i do
gerard jandayan
Like dropping from a 5 storey building.
crusade boi
crusade boi 4 ore fa
Post this on reels lil bro
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 4 ore fa
Why would he need a blindfold to get punched
Johnathon Lindsey
Lil brah wearing the hill jersey is tough
acidBOB 4 ore fa
R.I.P *BIKE* you will be *BIKED*
Ernesto Muahave
Você pode começar mal mas no final tudo dar certo.
Zolaire 4 ore fa
150$ is pretty normal
Viper Blackblood
🎶He outta neva DiIIIIId ThAt🎵😂