$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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13 set 2018

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Commenti 22 110
vidi prosgaming
vidi prosgaming 35 minuti fa
Muqeet Ameer
I want street foods from Pakistan
0bunuga Ora fa
In Philippines 1pesos you can get 1candies
Nurwan Rachman
In indonesia 1$ or equal 15.000 in rupiah, you can get a glass of sweet iced tea and a plate of rice with 2 side dish on warteg kharisma bahari yang udah buka cabang ampe gabisa diitung pake jari anj
Curtain Ora fa
I love how the first guy is so happy for his work
Teddy Scherzinger
I tried buying a hot dog on a Filipino 7/11 and they are soooo cheap. It's around 0.27 cents.
Boxo Bro
Boxo Bro 2 ore fa
The One From India Looks Really Good
kawaii RainbowPlayz
You guys Are so sweet! Because I feel bad for the people who made food so someone will buy but You buyed it! I'm thankful! I'm not also dramitic i just want people should be Fair so If your rich they should be rich too if you want to hate Please leave me alone
Elvie Vanguardia
Ohh you haven't seen Philippines! In $1 you can buy a lot of street foods.
Clayspo 2 ore fa
Damm Indian street food looks yummy would love to go to Mumbai some day!
Galaxy Skyz
Galaxy Skyz 2 ore fa
Wow now i want indian food 🤤
elvis cocho :v
In Venezuela, 1 dollar is like, YOU CAN BUY ENTIRE CARACAS (I'm a Venezuelan xd)
Aakash Baniya
Aakash Baniya 3 ore fa
Where is nepal
Dog_ Lover
Dog_ Lover 3 ore fa
In Philippines if you Have 1₱ you Can Buy *Piece Of Candy* 1$ However in The U.S.A If You Buy it In The Philippines you Can Get *54 Candies* 😑 Or Actually A Restaurant's Dish So.............
Cute_Doggo _Warrior
The thing they bought in Spain is also a popular breakfast food in China.
Wish Anime
Wish Anime 4 ore fa
In Malaysia U Can Buy Anything With 1Dollar
천사Angel 5 ore fa
this thing called 'porra' in spain literally means cum in portuguese
iinglol 47t
iinglol 47t 5 ore fa
Where is indonesia?! 😰😰😭😥😢😱😨😓
hyungwon Chae
hyungwon Chae 5 ore fa
Pork buns are good
Mark Manickath
In every other country, they say so yummy, but in India, they say "so buttery"...
Mini Mon
Mini Mon 7 ore fa
In France for 1€ you can get...... nothing
Gurjas Kaur
Gurjas Kaur 7 ore fa
Han Huynh
Han Huynh 7 ore fa
Vietnam have street food
Juhis 7 ore fa
sa batri
ManCosmyn 8 ore fa
L J 8 ore fa
MacaMoo Cow
MacaMoo Cow 8 ore fa
In NZ it's a small bag of lollies lmao
chayo 8 ore fa
G Lu
G Lu 8 ore fa
1€ is not 1$
Fırat Arslan
Fırat Arslan 8 ore fa
Do Döner
— violeta.
— violeta. 9 ore fa
$1 in reais is R$3,75 so I could buy two coxinhas or two snacks, a R$1,00 pop and a batom garoto (chocolate). I would have some cents to buy sweets too, like two bubblegums
Lasagnahhh 9 ore fa
pizza in italy. pls
We are Family
We are Family 10 ore fa
I want the taiyaki
Jayven Kay
Jayven Kay 10 ore fa
In Hawaii you can get $1 chicken at manapua man
JL1_Nar23 10 ore fa
In france➡️nothing
Taekook- -ismyspiritanimal
Can you buy food in Japan or Korea with American money?
tae_with_a bit_of suga
Yummy China food
muhammad asim
muhammad asim 11 ore fa
These foods are buttry not buttery.
BR Rock
BR Rock 11 ore fa
And england
BR Rock
BR Rock 11 ore fa
Slime rocket Official
i dont think there is any place in the world which serves food as tasty as pav bhaji!! indian food is sooo yummy! i do agree its a little unsanitary but if u go in a good restaurant , the food is yumm and sanitary at the same time!! no offence to anyone🤗🤗
Uthman Gani Mussavir
You dont get pav bhaji in india for 100 rupees its just like? 30 rupees or 0.32 dollars
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 11 ore fa
south african street foods!
Gamer Bg
Gamer Bg 11 ore fa
For 1,23 bgn can buy a duner in Sofia. Bulgaria
Kim Tæhyung
Kim Tæhyung 11 ore fa
Maleehah Lodhi
Maleehah Lodhi 13 ore fa
Pakistani street food do Pakistani street food it taste so good 🤗
MrStar n
MrStar n 13 ore fa
Sunny Raja
Sunny Raja 13 ore fa
In Pakistan only 30 Rs only for tiki roll 😅😁😂
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith 13 ore fa
if 1 dollar means 80 th in bangladesh u can get 16 samosas or 16 cup of teas and many more u can even have 16 packets of popcorn
Wilma Eriksson
Wilma Eriksson 13 ore fa
In sweden you Can’t even get a snickers or like a candy bar with 1 dollar 😂
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bies Manni
Bies Manni 13 ore fa
One euro isn’t one dollar
Granen som aldrig barrar
They’re about the same
hamza sohail
hamza sohail 14 ore fa
Pakistani 1 dollar street food
guillem brothers
Kraken Gaming
Kraken Gaming 14 ore fa
Swedish street food maybe?
István Dencs
István Dencs 14 ore fa
BeyonKarina Mobile Legends Lover
Omg I didnt know that pesos is used in mexico also I live in the phillipines so we have peso money skl
borec z harcova
borec z harcova 14 ore fa
czech republic
It says that a hot dog costs 99 cents
Salao Gaming
Salao Gaming 15 ore fa
Subway sandwich 🌯🌯 (there was no sandwich emoji so I picked this emoji )
No Name
No Name 15 ore fa
vic rolzan
vic rolzan 15 ore fa
Here in Brazil with this money you can end up taking a bottle of water or just the lid of the bottle even lol
Nimarta Bhasin
Nimarta Bhasin 15 ore fa
In Malaysia you can get a plate of kuey teow and in Singapore you can get a plate of chicken rice (I think)
ARPITA PATIL 15 ore fa
If anyone making food with his hand then u don't say these is unhygienic because every country has their own tradition of doing food
And sorry to say that but our tradition is our first priority and we don't want to disrespect of our tradition and not also disrespect of any other country tradition ❤
Ok then lets take an example if u r giving money to other person then germs on ur hand goes on money and from money gearms goes on hands of other person and I don't think u wear glove for just giving money if u r not using gloves then these is also unhygienic
Granen som aldrig barrar
It’s still unhygienic no matter if there’s a tradition behind it
Adell Valterová
Czech republic😂❤️
Cotton 16 ore fa
Thailand you can buy Thai local meal in 1$ exam. Pad Krapao
Djole Pvlovic
Djole Pvlovic 16 ore fa
In srbija you can get burek for 100 dinara
refrigerator salesman
Why did they use a plastic bag for the pork buns that is so wasteful and it's so triggering
Little Dog118
Little Dog118 17 ore fa
Pls can you to Philippines
guy brus
guy brus 17 ore fa
What the time?
Lia Garcia
Lia Garcia 17 ore fa
where’s the philippines?:(
Im Mariane
Im Mariane 17 ore fa
1:13 kanuka ng baraya sa Pilipinas hawig lang skl
skelki Galatasaray
Damn China gives you alot for 1 dollar
bak osururum
bak osururum 17 ore fa
Okeh Okeh
Okeh Okeh 17 ore fa
In meh country with 1 euro u can by 5 fried donuts Its so tasty with yogurt
Manav Juneja
Manav Juneja 17 ore fa
Each city in india had its different 100rs speciality
Marr MLBB 17 ore fa
0:12 *ketchup mastard*
Genafe Martel
Genafe Martel 17 ore fa
SoareZz Z
SoareZz Z 17 ore fa
"Can i have one PORRA please" kkkkkk taquiparui
Taehyung's Wifeu
In the philippines....
Zincon Cabig
Zincon Cabig 17 ore fa
1$ in philippines you can make it your all day food
XxPurple sparklesxX
Wait they have pesos in mexico? I thought only Philippines has pesos.. huh?
Grace Clarke
Grace Clarke 18 ore fa
I wanna travel all the way to China just to eat those pork buns 😍😍
Ruby Playz
Ruby Playz 18 ore fa
Fan Gamer
Fan Gamer 18 ore fa
*Omg,all the foods so good even india food delicious*
Rashi Gupta
Rashi Gupta 18 ore fa
I luv Pav bhaji from India 🇮🇳
Qiqua Aque
Qiqua Aque 18 ore fa
Eh...Where is Turkey?!
xXBlablablaXx Mir fällt kein Name ein
Turkey and Germany ?
Muhammad khan
Muhammad khan 18 ore fa
Dude, you get vada pav in India for 10 rupees only
Belladonna Took
Belladonna Took 18 ore fa
Italy > Naples - calzone/pizza fritta 1€
Creepy Stories
Creepy Stories 18 ore fa
1$ in sweden you can get an water bottle
Queen Lyn
Queen Lyn 19 ore fa
in the Philippines if you have one dollar you can buy a lot of street food so please include it next time
taesty kookie
taesty kookie 19 ore fa
wow. in the philippines everything is so much cheaper. literally one bag of chips is like 10 pesos. and in the ph, a us dollar is 50+ pesos!!
dion ger
dion ger 19 ore fa
Try souvlaki in Greece
Dobranszky Patrik
Shikha Chandra
Shikha Chandra 19 ore fa
Hey! Dude India 's favorite street food is Golgapa
oun li mey
oun li mey 19 ore fa
Roi Wassabi Fan
Roi Wassabi Fan 19 ore fa
This ie not around the world
King Luis Gregorio
You will just go to country and you will buy this
Yoppy Irwan
Yoppy Irwan 20 ore fa
in my country all regular size meal around 1$.. i love Indonesia
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