$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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13 set 2018

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Commenti 13 799
Maya the Indoraptor
Maya the Indoraptor 46 secondi fa
Porro is amazing 😍😍😍
Umama Mustafa
Umama Mustafa 11 minuti fa
The wolf family show
This is really cool 👍🏻
Ece Arslan
Ece Arslan 16 minuti fa
please do turkish street food its a gem
Lyka Olivar
Lyka Olivar 29 minuti fa
Philippines please!
DJStarplayz 31 minuto fa
Can you go to Qatar?
Ayisha Zaffar
Ayisha Zaffar 39 minuti fa
Cassava crisps
Emmeli Melin
Emmeli Melin 42 minuti fa
Mocking Birb
Mocking Birb 45 minuti fa
What about Switzerland?😂
PastellCat 51 minuto fa
CG GAMING 52 minuti fa
Can you try in indonesia pls?
Voyager Uno
Voyager Uno 56 minuti fa
I hope that Indian guy doesn't scratch his butt too much between 2 customers.
Nadeem Faroouqui
Pakistan please tey foods from pakistan please please😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Theresa Palmeri
4:02 Me when i finnally thing that i got my life together...
The taiyaki was over $1 & was bought in a shop, not a street vendor. What is this video?
Abhinay Mahor
Δήμητρα Χα
Greek Souvlaki
Xx unicornmagic Xx
Will I tell u what you get for 1 erou in Ireland a chocolate bar and small juice drinks
First Name Last Name
Here in the ph you can get a meal that includes fried egg and/or hotdog and 10 philippine peso for a bottle of water
Marshmallow Clouds
Maybe dutch ?
Axel Pihl
Axel Pihl Ora fa
Swedish one dollar food
Duk Game
Duk Game Ora fa
How To Get Extra, Meal Simply Turn On Your Phone Camera.....
DD gamer
DD gamer Ora fa
im not even gonna lie the chinese one looks like a 5 star meal and now im hungry :C
Isela Hernández
No les creo nada, el dolar está casi en $20 en México
Phongphan Sangsab
Thai food is cheap but yummy
Iqro Kristiadi
In Indonesia you can buy Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)
Life in The carribean
Jose Antonio López
3:27 "porro" It's like a marijuana cigarrete 😂😂😂 It's "PORRA"
Devadathan R Devadathan R
Pav bhaji is one of the most delicious food in India 😊👍👍👌👌✌✌
Better is free food XD
Kundan Kumar
Kundan Kumar 2 ore fa
In india u can hv a proper meal in $1
KarpuzluSan 2 ore fa
Turkey: Döner And Ayran 5 Ytl 1Dollar 6Ytl
Sandesh Pitambare
Pav bhaji❤️😍
Jakie Lebron
Jakie Lebron 2 ore fa
Worstenbrood Belgium 1 euro
Alonso Quesada
China wins this one
Deathx Kinslayer
Only the last one was a bit gross, it was just a plate of sauce and a bun soaked in butter, the rest looked tasty tho
Jonathan Hatton
good lucky trying to find street food in the UK that cheap, or even any street food for that matter its not the same as other countries. You can get a pre-made sandwich for 1 pound but its basic like ham only or tuna mayo but its only in the supermarkets or big chains.
Retard The Retard
Went every where for street food. *D I D N T G O T O T H A I L A N D* Seriously that's a major screw up. Really, Where's the grasshoppers at?
Korea and emarats
Loris Crisafo
Loris Crisafo 3 ore fa
Mmm spanish churros, they are just delicious
OTFox 3 ore fa
ketchup or mustard? *YeS pLeaSe*
Vijay Ballal
Vijay Ballal 3 ore fa
OMG I'm from India and I have actually tried pav bhaji in Mumbai. (Only people from India can understand what I'm saying) Ekdam Chakachak!
Suzie laurent
Suzie laurent 3 ore fa
You should come to morocco,there’s some awesome food for way less than a 1$
Synical Sounds
Kheer from Pakistan
CroPi 3 ore fa
En España los porros de verdad son mas caros
kitty gamer
kitty gamer 4 ore fa
I would like to see romanian street food
Albanian Tv Endi
china and mixica
Patricia Noctor
Lo de España son churros no porras lo que pasa que en Madrid no tienen nidea. Tu pides unos churros en Sevilla y te los hacen de verdad, no precongelados, y te los dan con chocolate caliente
Crazy Fun
Crazy Fun 4 ore fa
Street food of Thailand and Pakistan please
TheSkyGod123 4 ore fa
Porro is not the same as porra... (joint)
Stronk Gadgets
in malaysia, $1 USD you can buy chicken rice
rihardo123 4 ore fa
1:44 cardboard soaked goodies
sukron amin
sukron amin 5 ore fa
yay inga,.
Thương Nguyễn
can you go to malaysia please?
Tường Vy Trần Hà
Vietnam: 1$ = 2 banhmi
Luknė  Levickaitė
In Lithuania that would probably cost 5 euros im talking abaut *JUST* *THE* *KETCHUP*
MemetosEFX 5 ore fa
1$ in the philippines can guarantee a 1.5 liter coke, any one piece meat, fries and ramen. With 12 cents to spare
MemetosEFX 5 ore fa
In philippines we have the same currency as mexico. And with 1$ you can spend 4 hours on a gaming computer we have this gaming internet cafes which can be played in public.
Susana González Codina
porra is fried dough. Porro is joint. Costs more than 1€.
Evil Rick
Evil Rick 5 ore fa
Бля... Где шаурма?
Kelvin Kent
Kelvin Kent 5 ore fa
Malaysia and sabah please😁😁
Wassim Graal
Wassim Graal 5 ore fa
In morroco 1 dollar can get you 2 to 3 street food. And healthy delicious
mei puji
mei puji 5 ore fa
Go to semarang,indonesia and ask for: Gado gado,pecel kangkung,rujak,tahu gimbal,seblak(it's from bandung actually but now it's everywhere),es gempol,ayam geprek,es kuwud,and many more i can't remember now haha
Carolina Fierro
A dollar is about 18-20 pesos, just for the record, it was almost 10 years since it was 12
SirenetheSorceress 25
Filipino street food
SirenetheSorceress 25
you can buy 5 or more street food for 1 dollar in the Philippines
I’m really hungry now
チャネル티파니 알바
i love the india and mexico ones😍
YuYin 6 ore fa
1$ = 1 Pho xd
Jtjfd Cvccv
Jtjfd Cvccv 6 ore fa
Try philippines $1 can buy u many foods
Hasbi Munir
Hasbi Munir 6 ore fa
in Indonesia you will get Java Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Mawut, Nasi Goreng Sosis, Nasi Goreng Telur Dadar), Fried Noodle, Kebab Turki, Batagor, Warung Tegal. all you can get it there. Indonesia is so famous with traditional food.
Mobil3leg3nds Pr0
Pranay Zagade
Pranay Zagade 6 ore fa
What Sarovar hotel!!, that hotel is next to me 👏👏
i peach potato
you must try the street foods in philippines its really delicious💖
Марин Андрей
В начале ролика продавец горячих собак поправляет булку той-же рукой что и берет деньги.
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 6 ore fa
in vietnam various kind of streetfoods are just a dollar and they are very good
Thu Thiện Sky M-TP
Banh mi, Pho, Bun cha, in vietnam 1$ so delicious 😋😋
Yoshy 6 ore fa
In the phils. You can so many things with a dollar
TheNetherDragon Realm
Ingaaaaa ^~^
Hyewon혜원 7 ore fa
*Where's KoreaaaO_o*
BernieBro 7 ore fa
Scandinavia: 1 dollar? Are you crazy?
Atharva Maharjan
Abeer Alrqibat
Jordan-> for one dollar you get a shawarma sandwich
Jian Feliciano
go to Phillipines because I'm a fillipino duh the name is fishball ok plsssssss I wanna see it 😵
Random Rollercoaster FUN!
chandragupt maurya
Love from India 😘 All Non-Indians please do try Pao Bhaji once 😘
Can im get 10000 SUB im poor
in sweden hotdogs so experience
Rahmi Zarifah
Rahmi Zarifah 7 ore fa
to INDONESIA!!!, you can buy so much and delicius food with one dollar in there!
Chloe Dominique Averilla
We're is philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 we love our street food
Azka Natan
Azka Natan 8 ore fa
In indo 1 dollar food is bubur chiken
jaythefordman 8 ore fa
Chinese option for me!
KHVk Vloggs
KHVk Vloggs 8 ore fa
1$ make u full or not?
hello bello
hello bello 8 ore fa
I'm From South Korean😅😀
Papiteto S
Papiteto S 8 ore fa
Pav bhaji is just Rs. 20/- in India..not 100
marko markovic
Why there isn't the Balkan half island!?
Rayner Pangilinan
Syarifullah ataqwa
in Indonesia, only with 1 dollar you can buy nasi goreng
Gowri Shankar
Gowri Shankar 9 ore fa
3.35 finally you came India U can finish your lunch and dinner with 1$
johnmichael malabad
Filipine next
Rachana Mehra
Rachana Mehra 9 ore fa
I love pav bhaji 😋😋😋😋🤩🤩🤩
Prossimi video