$3 Ramen Vs. $79 Ramen • Japan

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“Worth It is in Japan taking on the most requested dish: Ramen!”
Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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Commenti 27 309
groundzero 2
groundzero 2 9 minuti fa
Watching this while eating 1 dollar rawmen noodles
x o
x o 5 ore fa
11:52 *_rie! i made one for you c:_* nobody : me : tHatS sO fReAkiNg, **breaths** *_aDORABLE!_*
souleater fnc
souleater fnc 6 ore fa
Jokes on you I'm eating my 2 dollar instant raman and its delicious
Juju Edge
Juju Edge 8 ore fa
Give me one word do describe this “Primordial-soup”
Tho Vinh
Tho Vinh 9 ore fa
the noodle turns from being main protagonist to side character real quick there
Golden Mimikyu
Golden Mimikyu 11 ore fa
I’m here eating instant with saracha
Radiant -
Radiant - 11 ore fa
6:38,Steven u don’t put ur chopsticks like that....
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki 21 ora fa
Here I am eating pancakes with my hands while I watch people eat ramen
Julia Tamara
Julia Tamara Giorno fa
for $79, the multi-course meal is definitely worth it!
Cathleen Ala Barrientos
Have they tried the Ichiran Ramen yet?
pranav mahanubhav
4:50 it looks like doraemon alley
Tai Perez
Tai Perez Giorno fa
“If I don’t eat ramen at least once a day, I feel quite strange.” IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE
Ronaldo Sanches
Ronaldo Sanches 2 giorni fa
I wonder what that Roman tastes like if all I had is the microwaveable one
Rocky Mao
Rocky Mao 2 giorni fa
so if u were Muslim u would never got the chance to taste Ramen ?
Berry Trudeau
Berry Trudeau 2 giorni fa
"i'm gonna try the pork"
Past 3 giorni fa
Is the owner of the first place using a towel as a hairnet?
Abdirisak Mohamed
Abdirisak Mohamed 3 giorni fa
Nah ichiraku ramen is better
killa boiii
killa boiii 3 giorni fa
9:58 that’s what she said
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts 3 giorni fa
Show more footage of Adam
LORD RRB 4 giorni fa
4:17 Steven t posing
King Orchy
King Orchy 4 giorni fa
7:30, his facial expression changed real quick😂
Pele-ROBLOX and More! #6968
What I found with cheaper stores is that they don't like to 'show off' as in they describe the food without saying '100% Japanese flour'. I understand they're trying to sell the product but it really annoys me.
Eufon ious
Eufon ious 4 giorni fa
First Ramen shop owner going EHHHHHH? OTL
William Hardy
William Hardy 4 giorni fa
You should compare three different bikes at drastically different prices... hey Jeff, you think that quote will sell them on my great idea?
Lima Zulu
Lima Zulu 5 giorni fa
Brilliant! Why am I watching this at half past 5 in the morning on a Sunday?
Cantasara xx
Cantasara xx 5 giorni fa
Is it just me or do you hear a low moan during the talk of the last ramen
Cantasara xx
Cantasara xx 5 giorni fa
Efffy Zombie
Efffy Zombie 5 giorni fa
Adam is like me a man of few words.
Wanted Baby
Wanted Baby 5 giorni fa
Who likes to drool while watching this video
AsianDude 101
AsianDude 101 5 giorni fa
Now i realise steven use chopsticks with left hand same as me tho
Deadly beast 11
Deadly beast 11 5 giorni fa
9:55 andrew that sounded bad bro...
Zean Rovin Balita
Zean Rovin Balita 5 giorni fa
come to the philippines! everything here is worth it cos its so cheap :)
Dave Smave
Dave Smave 5 giorni fa
3$ ramen? Woah dude I’m at .50$ ramen
Taze 6 giorni fa
*What they are thinking in their head* *On the First Shop* Rie: Wow I understand him completely. WE RELATE SO MUCH! Steven: I kind of understand him, there are a few words then and there that I don't know. Andrew: WHAT THE F IS THIS GUY SAYING?!?!
Mohammad Jaffer Ali
this is soo cringy the two americans
Charlie Hands
Charlie Hands 7 giorni fa
truffle is the worst 🤮
Serbia's Animations and Gameplay
I ship rie with Steven WHOS WITH ME
Gwynaeth Atwood-Pettit
I want ramen right now!
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 8 giorni fa
Before you scroll. BEWARE! Stop the video, turn off your phone, SLEEP.
Rūta C
Rūta C 8 giorni fa
Do croissants in France!
Bopon Roy
Bopon Roy 8 giorni fa
4:17 OMG the alleyways are exactly like in anime.. its like a dream place in real life..
Pijamalolztoday Huh?
Soy sauce is pure salt
Zackaroo_does Stuff
I’m never had ramen why am I watching this
Anonymous Unknown
Anonymous Unknown 9 giorni fa
God loves you
zhwin kamil
zhwin kamil 9 giorni fa
My mouth watering the whole 14mins
Kasperi Pihlas
Kasperi Pihlas 10 giorni fa
Only good thing buzzfeef has done
Santtu Ikäheimo
Santtu Ikäheimo 10 giorni fa
this looked SO GOOD i stopped halfway through the video to make some ramen noodle dough :) now it's in the fridge and i can finish the video and work on the ramen after :) :)
Clash Animations
Clash Animations 10 giorni fa
0:38 Is steven flossing
Tiffany Lopez999
Tiffany Lopez999 10 giorni fa
Where the special ramen egg at though
Justin Seagull
Justin Seagull 11 giorni fa
And here I am trying to fine 1 dollar instant block Ramen in stores with discount
Kea Jacob
Kea Jacob 11 giorni fa
I love how Andrew's voice is forever monotone
The Ink Matrix
The Ink Matrix 11 giorni fa
This was my first ever buzzfeed tasty video. and it's STILL THE MOST AMAZING ONE thank you Tasty team for the most amazing food appreciation videos ever
Just another geek in a crazy world
This makes me want to travel to japan just to try ramen 😂
JessicaamZZZ 12 giorni fa
is steven chinese?
Catcomrad 12 giorni fa
Andrew looks so painfully white rn 😂😂 (no offense intended, he just rlly stands out)
Blue Death
Blue Death 12 giorni fa
Imagine walking down a back ally and seeing someone belly dancing and talking about ramen 👌👌👌
miguelinator 1504
miguelinator 1504 12 giorni fa
Solo en España 🇪🇸 only in spain 🇪🇸
Sha dow
Sha dow 12 giorni fa
who thought the gyoza was groza
IDK Legend
IDK Legend 12 giorni fa
9:57 that’s what she said
Barbie's Back
Barbie's Back 12 giorni fa
See it's good to slurp so people who make fun of it shut up
Brayden Watts
Brayden Watts 13 giorni fa
9:00 cumpie?
hamiltrash Hamgelica
5:15 This guy looks like a mob boss/drug dealer/owner of an illegal black market site.
Anita Xie
Anita Xie 8 giorni fa
hamiltrash Hamgelica nahhh, it’s the korean mafia
Safiya Rage
Safiya Rage 13 giorni fa
The first one is basically the ramen shop in naruto he looks like the guy to
Satvik Garg
Satvik Garg 13 giorni fa
4:16 Doraemon's neighborhood
Aura Moon
Aura Moon 13 giorni fa
I hope they do this worrth it in Dubai
leandrei leandro
leandrei leandro 13 giorni fa
every worth it episode every bite one quote
Binky Bot
Binky Bot 14 giorni fa
truffle in a meal cheaper than $10 ??? wow ???
Deku Midoriya
Deku Midoriya 14 giorni fa
I feel like Naruto would LOVE this video
Rekha Nikki
Rekha Nikki 14 giorni fa
Steven seemed so surprised when rie, Adam and others got those dumpling thingies
Marcator 141
Marcator 141 14 giorni fa
Im from Spain and at the final part when they try Jamón, I was like, "I hope they like it" But I am sure that you can eat better Jamón here in Spain
Susanne Eby
Susanne Eby 11 giorni fa
Yeah, if you were eating just the pig itself, but they were combining it with soups
Anisa Rrutja
Anisa Rrutja 14 giorni fa
Why Adam is always so weirdly silent?!
Mashrur Khandaker
Mashrur Khandaker 14 giorni fa
9:57 That’s what she said
Natalie Xu
Natalie Xu 14 giorni fa
Dude the cheapest ramen I've ever had was 13 dollars. And yet the cheapest and the mid-price point were only $3 and $8? For such a wonderfully crafted dish?? North America, or rather, the US can't relate. Edit: Not to mention, the highest price point of $79 dollars offered a 3-course meal, with many strips/cuts of high-class meat, as well as salmon roe and jellyfish and the ramen itself. That'd be totally worth the money, when you consider how much standard hotpot costs. Especially when you factor in the flavor experience.
Natasha Limbirth
Natasha Limbirth 14 giorni fa
No ichiran ramen?
Roqya Noor
Roqya Noor 14 giorni fa
Im on a diet and here i am torturing myself :(
patrick plays
patrick plays 14 giorni fa
Why not just have ramen noodles there .25$ apeice lol
Aadya Khatavkar
Aadya Khatavkar 15 giorni fa
Awkward faces at 13:08
Skirmisher _
Skirmisher _ 15 giorni fa
I just had dinner and after watching this im hungry again lol
Big Apple Kids
Big Apple Kids 15 giorni fa
Mmmmmmmm........ RAMEN! 🍜 💘 👏
Not Your business
Not Your business 15 giorni fa
Should be called two gay guys do Japan... lol
army3480 15 giorni fa
Naruto anyone?
Legend 伝説
Legend 伝説 15 giorni fa
U didn’t visit ichiraku??? WHY?!
Extreme ⓵
Extreme ⓵ 15 giorni fa
I’m disappointed that they didn’t try ichiraku ramen best ramen low price but exquisite taste
Jaiden San
Jaiden San 16 giorni fa
Who else is eating ramen while watching this video?
beatrizful98 16 giorni fa
I'm from Spain, so the last place was a bit weird for me, because I didn't expected that fusion between the two countries. The most shocking part was the secret in the ramen. We eat this cut a lot at my home and I don't see it as something fancy or exclusive, so it was weird.
iZikTheTerrible 16 giorni fa
Am i the only one who thought those were random people in the back and not reflections
GART YT 17 giorni fa
Naruto has joined the chat
EllieTheGamer_2007 :-O
Aww the man who makes the global in the first ramen shop is so adorable ❤️🥰😊
Sergi Polo
Sergi Polo 18 giorni fa
the way the Jamón Iberico is being cut makes me sad :(
FrancisCharge Gamer
FrancisCharge Gamer 18 giorni fa
3:35 that laugh killed me xD
Nightshade 18 giorni fa
Dude you look asian but wtaf i dont know what enisity you belong to but i can't Ra with the men
Flower Power
Flower Power 18 giorni fa
This buzzfeed thing is actually pretty WORTH IT
Adi Pal
Adi Pal 19 giorni fa
0:38 I see you Steven with your flossing
NAPK1NS ! 19 giorni fa
*slurping intensifys*
Damien Omen TV
Damien Omen TV 19 giorni fa
Why do I do this to myself? Someone please pack me into your suitcase if you're going to Japan.
Irene Tseng
Irene Tseng 19 giorni fa
This video made me hungry
Unicorn101 #unifam
Unicorn101 #unifam 19 giorni fa
7:29 : He has to look tough 🤣🤣
Znalela Ailh
Znalela Ailh 19 giorni fa
Hey buzzfeed if u need a Filipino tour guide hired me i know all kind of foods here
Ahmed Xamil
Ahmed Xamil 20 giorni fa
Now I know why Adam doesn't smile more often
Plasma Fire
Plasma Fire 20 giorni fa
Why do you mean ‘ramen is a mandatory claw food’? You eat all noodles strand by strand??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
KnNY 7 giorni fa
No he doesn't and yes he's right.
harayoutoday 20 giorni fa
How is it that ramen in Nashville is $16 and tastes like meh? This video makes me so sad.
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