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Chad Styron
Chad Styron 3 mesi fa
Did yall see that creep in pink pants watching him the whole time. I hope hes ok. These predators need to be arrested.
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 3 mesi fa
😂😂 brooooo this comment is amazing
Mana Paws
Mana Paws 3 mesi fa
Yeah the girl raped him in the locker room. These predators need to be locked up
Lêr Mâis
Lêr Mâis 3 mesi fa
Orange Diamond
😂 Yes it’s a disgrace
mrAngles 23 giorni fa
Its awful when you cant just work out in the gym in peace. Hope bro will be okay after this
Kimberly Vail
Kimberly Vail 20 giorni fa
Micheal Hazard
Micheal Hazard 7 giorni fa
Epic Unicat
Epic Unicat 24 giorni fa
She ain't watching him work out,she's undressing him in her mind. She's thought graping him.
Myyun89 13 giorni fa
no 8 giorni fa
men can't go anywhere without these predators sexualizing us, I hope he got home safe!
Colin Sione
Colin Sione 6 giorni fa
kevin Gonzalez
kevin Gonzalez 4 giorni fa
​@noand she is onther videos too she is a stalker !!😮
Dudes can’t even workout without women sexualizing them. Stay strong bro.
Benjamin Esh
Benjamin Esh Mese fa
We aren't meat!
Gen. Khodakovsky
Name and shame her. Don’t forget to get her number too!
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan Mese fa
😂 true
Concrete 25 giorni fa
i hope this guy is okay and not getting weirded out by the person in the pink there sexualizing him without consent
Tsunami Motorsport
Tsunami Motorsport 15 giorni fa
Guy can’t even work out without being creeped on.
DJ Johnson
DJ Johnson 3 mesi fa
God he must have felt so unsafe being looked at like a piece of meat. I hope he’s doing okay
dity. 3 mesi fa
Hey Hey JC loves you type upci church locator Acts 238
Riger 3 mesi fa
Can this be considered rape? I guess the answer is: YES!
N S 3 mesi fa
He's doing therapy
JTheMan 2 mesi fa
José Alvarez
José Alvarez 2 mesi fa
EnderSlayer 99
EnderSlayer 99 26 giorni fa
We GYATT to do something about these women sexualizing him while he’s just trying to workout. 😮‍💨😔
Marty ES
Marty ES 19 giorni fa
This man has been through more than any soldier at war. He has experienced worse things than POWs by being subjected to this POS with eyes of lust. I'm so sorry to you my brother. Live long and stay strong though. You will prevail against this terrible odds.
GearBus 6 giorni fa
I wouldn't say worse than prisoners of war, especially the POWs that were in Japan in ww2
Sébastien 6 giorni fa
​@GearBushe was joking
GearBus 6 giorni fa
@sebastien4508 my bad g 😅
Sébastien 5 giorni fa
@GearBus no problem
boldie 3 mesi fa
Stay strong king 👑 your not a victim your a survivor. I really hope your okay these creepy female predator need to be locked up
3 mesi fa
Adamu Nuhu
Adamu Nuhu 3 mesi fa
smolltaco 3 mesi fa
Lmao The poor guy looked jealous
GG 3 mesi fa
Stay woke kings
Mad Max
Mad Max 19 giorni fa
That’s the look she gives when she wants you to treat her like a dumbbell
cedric outlaw
cedric outlaw 7 giorni fa
Funny 😂.
Perry Zemke
Perry Zemke 23 giorni fa
ThAt poor poor man …….. that stalker was looking at him like he was Food !!!! I sure feel sorry for him and hope he made it home safe !
KneeCap 3 mesi fa
You are a survivor brother. Can't believe perverted women like that are in these gyms
ammaar got game
ammaar got game 3 mesi fa
She deserves to be locked up
Tanio Ronaldo
Tanio Ronaldo 3 mesi fa
dity. 3 mesi fa
Hey Hey JC loves you type upci church locator Acts 238
DeVonAllDay365 3 mesi fa
God I love everyone of you commenters 🤣🤣 yall did not disappoint
wigschevy 420
wigschevy 420 23 giorni fa
Bro needs to hit them legs once in awhile 😂
Rick Of Polynesia
Rick Of Polynesia 10 giorni fa
Maybe not lift with momentum from his back when he’s trying to exercise his arms too
New Kid
New Kid 24 giorni fa
The way she looked at him makes me and my family feel uncomfortable. We are moving out of the country immediately
Nathan Aubrey
Nathan Aubrey 17 giorni fa
Kristopher Hackney
Kristopher Hackney 13 giorni fa
Into the country it’s actually filmed in
Churre 3 mesi fa
This has to be one of the most horrific experiences a man can have. The way that creep was looking at him was so disturbing. I hope he didn't get raped after he left the gym 🙏🙏🙏
Seafn 3 mesi fa
He definitely tapped that
Aurora 3 mesi fa
@Seafnnah he a discipline warrior
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 3 mesi fa
He shouldn't have worn that outfit...
Michael Zamora II
Michael Zamora II 12 giorni fa
He needs to go to different gyms so he can share his story of experience, strength, and hope, that he's a survivor.
Tha Syndiiicate
Tha Syndiiicate 24 giorni fa
Bro is admiring another homies efforts and his girl in the back ready to cheat 😭
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Giorno fa
You feel me dawg always the ones next to you
Jan Delgado
Jan Delgado 3 mesi fa
Bro, lock that women up. She is acting like a fucking creep… What’s wrong with her? You deserve more bro 🙏🏽 Stay strong 💪🏼
STEVO 11 3 mesi fa
ρнαηтσм 3 mesi fa
Bc it's staged
Carlocow plays
Carlocow plays 3 mesi fa
It’s. His sister
angis 26 giorni fa
men are not JUST some sex objects...we also are BANK MACHINES 😂
Jacob Fausnight
Jacob Fausnight 19 giorni fa
Canceled, canceled and canceled. They are all three officially canceled. - "Modern Society"
Stay strong bro, dont let creeps like her make you feel uncomfortable in the gym
Jacob J
Jacob J 15 giorni fa
It's staged she's all of his videos
David B Gooch
David B Gooch 12 giorni fa
​​@Jacob Jwell no shit captain obvious
Fenrir1726 15 giorni fa
Mantente fuerte hermano mio,que pronto meteremos a esa acosadora presa...Esperemos que llegaras a casa tranquilo sin problemas 😢😢
Alejandro Vasquez
Alejandro Vasquez 11 giorni fa
stekx1 loaded
stekx1 loaded 18 giorni fa
The guy in black questioning his whole routine 😂hes gonna drive straight to GNC crying 😅
PooBoy Jay
PooBoy Jay 3 mesi fa
Comments definitely passed the vibe check. 😂😂💀
streamer 365
streamer 365 3 mesi fa
Sure did
Edgar Jaramillo
Edgar Jaramillo 3 mesi fa
They doing Gods work 😂
HOG Freezo
HOG Freezo 3 mesi fa
Vizions 3 mesi fa
I love y’all maaan🤣🤣🤣
Zac Craven
Zac Craven 9 giorni fa
She's stacked better than IHOP pancakes
Victor Arias
Victor Arias 4 giorni fa
He instantly made the other gym boys so embarrassed
dogeus 3 mesi fa
Wtf that creep in the back needs to be arrested. Notice how she glances in his direction, unbelievable.
Darth_Vader 3 mesi fa
Well, it's just that the look already needs to be condemned. I love Western concepts
Javier Bello Leon
SP00F 3 mesi fa
Frr bro
navm Navm
navm Navm 3 mesi fa
Relax boi she is girl😂😂
Mathiias 2 giorni fa
This guy is a survivor I hope he gets the help he needs and that predator gets arrested
Vinny Gunnar
Vinny Gunnar Mese fa
I really hope he’s OK that girl looked like a predator
VFxWarlord Mese fa
Sam wasberg
Sam wasberg Mese fa
She’s not a predator
Yoni Garcia
Yoni Garcia 24 giorni fa
Dam bro on the beach got Simped hard 💀
_MedTek _
_MedTek _ 3 mesi fa
There's just no safe space for men anywhere. We can't even do a simple workout without being leered at or cat called 🙄 I don't even feel safe walking alone at night because of women like this. Stay strong kings ✊🏼👑
N S 3 mesi fa
Thank you, I needed to hear this
xRaiD3r 3 mesi fa
I love the comments here lol
Carlocow plays
Carlocow plays 3 mesi fa
Bro this is fake that’s his sister
Thabiso Moloko
Thabiso Moloko 3 mesi fa
EnVvy_Rain! 3 mesi fa
Bro these comments are a fucking gold mine
Leonardo Martinelli
What makes any woman truly fall in love is a man with a bank account full of money.
David Cadman
David Cadman 5 giorni fa
Love isn't forever; it's just your turn until she finds someone better.
Omar 19 giorni fa
Stay strong man.
Ali Asgar Parakhji
Wtf. I hope homie made it home safe afterwards. These creeps are getting out of hand
Handball 28 giorni fa
Otilio Joe Galvan
Otilio Joe Galvan 24 giorni fa
​@Rafael Marrero😅+✊
Maurice 23 giorni fa
​@Rafael Marrero😂😂😂
Ayush badoni
Ayush badoni 21 giorno fa
Please confirm me that this is just a Sarcasm and no one is hating the girl..
Charles Eade
Charles Eade 19 ore fa
At that moment, that man’s girlfriend mentally cheated on him. I’m sorry, brother. You’ll find another one, I’m sure.
Ayoub 14 giorni fa
Give those oscars a actor
CrazyFam HQ
CrazyFam HQ 3 mesi fa
He’s a survivor. Stay safe fellas
Fertis Bolaños
Fertis Bolaños 15 giorni fa
Puse unas 10 veces el video para ver a la chica que era lo mejor para ver.
Andrew Horn
Andrew Horn 3 mesi fa
What a creep. She really needs to be stopped. I hope she didn't follow him when he left or anything. Hope he stays safe with creeps like her around.
James Smith
James Smith 3 mesi fa
Humidity level: 100%
MAX 3 mesi fa
Don't be ridiculous
EricStokes91 3 mesi fa
​@MAX Nah, he's making a point. If it was the other way around, and a guy looked at a woman (especially the way she was looking) he'd be labeled a predator, or a pervert. You're part of the problem.
Bruno 19 giorni fa
Killin' it💪🏼
Skelzore Mese fa
He's not a victim. He's a survivor.
Flawro1 7 giorni fa
She literally undressing him. She needs to be monitored
Ivarrrre 12 giorni fa
We can’t even go to the gym without women staring at us be safe brothers!!
DoobieSnacks 3 mesi fa
What creep bro. She didn’t care at all just stare at this man with horrible intentions. He’s so strong for putting up with shit like that Edit- to the dumbasses. This is to show double standards in our westward society, ridiculous isn’t it?
Él Amine Mbaé
Él Amine Mbaé 3 mesi fa
Arsenii Gorushkin
Unlike the woke as hell west, thankfully, we in Russia, don't have that kind of cancel culture. She is fine.
Sigerlion 3 mesi fa
@Arsenii Gorushkin Seriously, we are a point where we need to sign consent papers before kissing, touching, and sex. And people asking what your preferred pronouns are before talking to you. The left is as extreme as the right and this nation is going to hell either way.
Arsenii Gorushkin
@Sigerlion What nation are you referring to by "this"?
Denner Brunelli
Denner Brunelli 20 giorni fa
A reação da namorada do cara lá atrás é a melhor.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 2 mesi fa
I’m glad she didn’t creep on you all the way to your car! Always have a workout buddy and stay safe king!
Michael Venkat
Michael Venkat 2 mesi fa
Yeah.very dangerous, who does she think she is ?
slaZley 2 mesi fa
​@user-nq1hb8uo8dits just a joke
FAB- Fresh Aquaponic Biosphere
Worst thing about powerlifters is egolifting. Like fuck the form, I'mma just lift it to show off..
Kwazi Rich
Kwazi Rich 2 mesi fa
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings 27 giorni fa
The way she looked at him, if we do that, we're in trouble.
Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker 8 giorni fa
Oh she def got bad intentions. When u leave don't forget to stop at the front counter and grab a business card for a good psychologist from the trauma ur going through. All gyms carry them now
Cv Cf
Cv Cf 3 mesi fa
That's literally sexual harassment. Staring is sexual harassment, there's posters on buses saying so. She deserves prosecuting.
N S 3 mesi fa
I think we need few more jokes with this sense, so men will feel safe
Duran Brown
Duran Brown 2 mesi fa
Na yall wilding I'd be all over her if she looks at me like that😊
Im_based23 2 mesi fa
@Duran Brownand if you look at her you’ll be in Jail bud💀
duggy fresh
duggy fresh 2 mesi fa
Lol I actually disagree with staring vinegar sexual harassment because you could be staring for any reason.
Divine Channels
Divine Channels 12 giorni fa
*Girlie was checking him out without asking permission*
Ryan Schenk
Ryan Schenk 27 giorni fa
Scrunch face guy just left his brother out in the wilderness. We need to protect each other better than this 🤦🏻‍♂️
Damon Trav
Damon Trav 3 mesi fa
She doesn’t even have the decency to act like she wasn’t looking. It’s a shame there’s predators like this
N S 3 mesi fa
I know, I was crying and feeling bad for this poor guy
Carlocow plays
Carlocow plays 3 mesi fa
Bro do you guys know it’s his sister?
Hexaheim 3 mesi fa
@Carlocow playsthat’s even worse why is she staring at him with that lustful look it’s disgraceful has she no shame?
Sonic Druid
Sonic Druid 2 mesi fa
@HexaheimI feel dirty and used just watching this!
Muro 2 mesi fa
@Carlocow playsyo thats worse look at how she stares at her
Light House022 DIGITAL 👾👽
If jealousy could be in the air, it would be in that room
Nelson dela cruz
Nelson dela cruz 23 giorni fa
This what all men's should watch instead of a girl dancing in tiktoks💪😎😎
Darian Romero
Darian Romero 2 mesi fa
There's just no safe space for men anywhere and it makes me angry. Look at that creep by the bench just checking him out like a piece of meat. Bro did not go to the gym to be looked at like that.
Данил Евдокимов
У вас всё в порядке?
AlmeidaBalqhin 2 mesi fa
​@Данил Евдокимовdo you understand irony?
ColdHands 2 mesi fa
​@AlmeidaBalqhin Commies don't understand it, no.
Spike 2 mesi fa
@Данил ЕвдокимовIt’s a joke because girls always say that when a guy looks at them for less than a second at the gym
JALB EXO 21 giorno fa
Que arresten a la morra... Está acosando al muchacho solo con la mirada 🤷‍♂️
maddog 13 giorni fa
We must respect this wonderful man, he is a survivor. These predatory women need to be locked up for good. 🫡 ✊ prayers for the men.
оксана мартыненко
Никто ни за кем в зале не наблюдает, разве что личный тренер.
BX OG Mese fa
More men need to speak out on these situations
Bobby Mese fa
When they speak out nobody believes them. Thank God this was caught on camera. I hope he is recovering.
Меня зовут Данила
Сколько мне придется ходить в зал, если это считается дрищом 🤔
Micha Dank
Micha Dank Giorno fa
Да он нифига не дрыщ! Здоровый чел, просто сухой❤
Zaxis Corvin
Zaxis Corvin 21 giorno fa
Men wearing 100% clothes still getting creep eyes,Women wearing 20% and calling us the creeps.
Chechaldo El chechoso
Watch out for the creeps bro, if someone looks you again like that run king, be safe out there.
Dbadguy 7 giorni fa
She like, " ooh he could probably lift me up just the same with one hand, oo lalah," dude like, "bruh you making me look bad." Lol
Nixx 3 mesi fa
this poor guy, i can't believe that freak was staring at and sexually harassing him with her eyes. stay strong bro, we love you :(
Feneco feneco
Feneco feneco 2 mesi fa
《1Time be4》
《1Time be4》 2 mesi fa
@Feneco feneco bruh
refugio ventura
refugio ventura 2 mesi fa
Andá bien Mariguano ése Compa
Hot Pack Jay
Hot Pack Jay 7 giorni fa
Someone find this ladies job and get her fired
Marney Essoh
Marney Essoh 15 giorni fa
They all like what they see even if they act like they don’t!😂😂😂
Twisted Bleeps
Twisted Bleeps 3 mesi fa
Just because we go to the gym, doesn’t mean we want to be ogled at. This is beyond disturbing. Hope that slay king is okay
Thabiso Moloko
Thabiso Moloko 3 mesi fa
user99 Mese fa
It was thw clothes he was wearing she couldn't control herself maybe he shouldn't have worn them
Vivek Baruah
Vivek Baruah Mese fa
'Slay king' 💀💀😆
Yedinson Andres David Burbano
Un víctima mas por causa de una acosadoras, merecemos respeto, no mas :V
Harry De Montechristo
Her first time seeing a real man - it’s ok, he won’t hurt you
HI Guy 808
HI Guy 808 3 mesi fa
We need to stick together against these predators. Stay safe! None of this was your fault King👑
Валера 2 mesi fa
Я уважаю его 😮😊😊😊😊😊😊
Washington lima
Washington lima 2 mesi fa
ScratchNOFF 760
ScratchNOFF 760 2 mesi fa
HI Guy 808
HI Guy 808 2 mesi fa
@ScratchNOFF 760 #prosecondamendment
GeraldT Freehoffer
GeraldT Freehoffer 19 giorni fa
That dudes shoulders will be totally screwed by the time he's 30
KALDER SACOT 22 giorni fa
A carinha do inocente 😂😂😂😂 a galega toda safada
dm7097 3 mesi fa
If a guy looked at a girl lifting the way she was looking at him, she woulda been crying to management.
Craig Targal
Craig Targal 3 mesi fa
Its called pretty privilege.
Christopher Weaver
Christopher Weaver 21 giorno fa
Now that's strength!.... Find me sign me!... Great instrumental work from them!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Jesse Laakkonen
Jesse Laakkonen 2 mesi fa
holy shit man that girl was creepy, she was watching u the whole time.. hope you're okay bro🥺❤️
Shanks o Ruivo
Shanks o Ruivo 2 mesi fa
Hahhaahahahahah olhar de assassina do amor
legend cpm
legend cpm Mese fa
Daniel Fermin
Daniel Fermin 25 giorni fa
Man cant even dress how they want to without getting harassed
Ryan 19 giorni fa
Not the belt and the arm sleeve combo 💀💀💀
7prudent 17 giorni fa
"He is crazy.." that's what they are thinking.
Никита Кожемяка
У всех Дрищей были бы такие руки 😆💪
Iurii Zablotskyi
Йому після 40 років суглоби скажут допобачення
aterna 4 mesi fa
@Iurii Zablotskyi уже в 30 скажут
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 4 mesi fa
Тоже смотрю у негр банка как моя нога
Γεώργιος Σταμπουλίδης
Я тоже не пойму в каком месте он дрищь 😅
FOLDIK UA 4 mesi fa
​@Γεώργιος Σταμπουλίδης 😂
Ben Cresswell
Ben Cresswell 26 giorni fa
She was looking at him like he's a tasty snack and she's hungry AF
Apple_Monster 24 giorni fa
Да какой же ты дрыщ, ты очень крутой
SketchyG 3 mesi fa
Keep your head up man, one day we will live in a world where we can freely workout at the gym without weird creeps preying on us.
ABYSS MONARCH 25 giorni fa
My man is training to draw a big ass dragon sword from his back 💀
cristhian.acosta95 11 giorni fa
*Be careful friend, the woman is harassing you, if you continue to see that she does not change, accusing her will be the best, tell her that you do not feel comfortable with her look and that sexual harassment is a crime*
Abu Mansaray7
Abu Mansaray7 4 mesi fa
Now let's have the 3 guys look at the girl the same way she looks at him and see what happens. Banned for life from that gym.
Konstantin Zdorovtsev
This is Russia , not soy boy territory.
15ьр78 4 mesi fa
that happens in russia/ we dont have some rules wih western. bro.
ドリーマー 4 mesi fa
Renekor 4 mesi fa
Raquel Celestino
It literally happens, boi
신홍철 22 giorni fa
전시 상황에 꼭 군의보호를 못받으시길 바래요
Conloon 20 giorni fa
creepy person in the pink pants in the back... staring at him, objectifying him, i hope he got home safely!
jitsu222 3 mesi fa
Not the comment section I expected 😂😂😂 but hilarious nonetheless 😂😂😂
Thabiso Moloko
Thabiso Moloko 3 mesi fa
Facts 😂😂😂😂😂
Tyrese Forren
Tyrese Forren 2 mesi fa
​@Thabiso Molokoyeah what's going with people someone said that she needs to be thrown in prison without parole all because she glanced at him
Boris Kotkov
Boris Kotkov Mese fa
Garbage comment sexion
Tyrese Forren
@Boris Kotkov theirs a lot of women haters in these comments
Franco Tuggs
Franco Tuggs 4 giorni fa
Rule #1..Never miss leg day.
Этот чувак всем настроение испортил, кроме той шмоньки 😂
Travies Agtoto
Travies Agtoto 17 giorni fa
I hope you're safe bro.
Diablo🥶 Mese fa
“Imma lift this shit till my bone collapse” 😂 the song
vaporizedYT boo
vaporizedYT boo 24 giorni fa
Bro have u Neva heard the song he says ima rip this shit not lift 😭
Ty Crane
Ty Crane 24 giorni fa
I think he remixed it 😂
KamrynJustyce🦋 23 giorni fa
Aaron Anson
Aaron Anson 23 giorni fa
Brilliant putting in the work fuck everyone else
Chedder 10 giorni fa
The creep wearing pink was staring the whole time, stay safe out there brothers
Саша Кучеренко
Працюй так щоб всіх Мурашило міцного здоров'я
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon 3 mesi fa
That predator needs to be locked out, the way she was looking at the guy was vulgar
Yui_damn 3 mesi fa
Well, I saw three predators.
Pratik Chavan
Pratik Chavan 3 mesi fa
​@Yui_damnwell, but women only talk about the male ones, so here we'll talk about the female predator only.
Yui_damn 3 mesi fa
@Pratik Chavan Hmmm no. I think it's because the woman was looking at him kinda weird, that's a REAL reason not because she is a woman, we don't talk about men when they look at us just because, is basically when they see in a morbid way.
Tyrese Forren
Tyrese Forren 2 mesi fa
​@Yui_damna lot of these guys seem to hate women
El Señor Pollomc
El Señor Pollomc 22 giorni fa
En secreto,el pantalón de rosa va a llorar en casa sabiendo que su PR lo hace otro hombre con una mano
Dreams Never End
Dreams Never End 24 giorni fa
You are a survivor brother stay strong😔
Shadow711 5 giorni fa
So if we were looking at her doing s*** like that she'd be calling the cuffs 🤣💀💀
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