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Frederick of The Artic
While the dude was maxing out his speed and agility, Johnny English maxed out his intelligence.
Aikens Chi
Aikens Chi 19 ore fa
@Warzone beast jhonny english aka mr. bean
Joanna Vinuya
Joanna Vinuya Giorno fa
@DeliriousPanzer what is tht link? Don't wanna risk clicking.
Dolo Giorno fa
StaddyDaddy69 Giorno fa
Rip ur notis
Ingelth bc
Ingelth bc Giorno fa
@Dumb Content Inc. Omg!!! Finally The Uncanny X-men!!!
James Gabe
James Gabe Giorno fa
"Les go down and run" "Mr Bean suddenly walks out" "Oh fuck."
moonlight spaghetti
Johnny English is amazing
AleKO 17 ore fa
@ßąţţý I only see Mr. Bean. There is only Mr. Bean
Maikel 20 ore fa
He actually hates being called Mr. Bean, that's a closed chapter
Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline)
@ßąţţý Mr.Bean Is Mr.Bean
K1ttyCatLove  • 6 years ago
Dude , the workers where like "dude what the f-" "he good he gave me 5 bucks"
ruma yakar
ruma yakar Giorno fa
This has got to be one of the best chase scenes in the movie history.
Mk_Timegaming Giorno fa
@Wolf-Kissed (Rosie) Yea bro they are classics watch them
Mk_Timegaming Giorno fa
@Taehyung? Tea, hyung. Nah the 2nd one bro
Wolf-Kissed (Rosie)
@Taehyung? Tea, hyung. I'm gonna have to watch them. I never knew about this movie. I know about Mr Bean but not this. Lol.
Taehyung? Tea, hyung.
@RayCam It's Johnny English but I can't remember which one. Maybe the first?
RayCam Giorno fa
What movie is this?
MrDonnyB Giorno fa
He’s such a great actor where he can do drama and a comedian at the same time. Based on the little skit he did when he was played the character of Doctor Who too bad they couldn’t incorporate him into one of the New series or when the Doctor has a flashback of the time when there were more time lords Rowan Atkinson was one of these time lords
Adam 7 giorni fa
The way he walked out of the elevator like the nemesis had me DYING
Kyra Larabee
Kyra Larabee 23 ore fa
Wesley Getsinger
😂😂😂😂I was thinking the same thing it was funny asf tho
Terminator. beans
Bryce Theobald
Bryce Theobald Giorno fa
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles Giorno fa
Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever your going’s through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
Zuka D Cruszer
Zuka D Cruszer Giorno fa
He’s so inspiring and I’m glad to see this today thanks
Zuka D Cruszer
Zuka D Cruszer 21 ora fa
@GV so true
Penguin 22 ore fa
@GV real question is, who's the NPC? The commenter or johnny english
GV 23 ore fa
Literally an NPC
Shontel M&E
Shontel M&E Giorno fa
“You can be more talented/skilled than someone but the person who actually does something with their basic knowledge/connections will always be steps ahead”
niah Giorno fa
i’d run too if i saw him coming out the elevator like that 😂
Jude Sagad
Jude Sagad Giorno fa
Johnny: I’m done with this Hollywood chase crap. Proceeds to chase taking the smart and quick ways.
Crashing Blow
Crashing Blow 9 giorni fa
"Work smarter, not harder." This scene basically takes that quote to a whole new level.
Net0 10 ore fa
@आदित्य कुमार रोहित it’s also an anime
आदित्य कुमार रोहित
@Net0 Baki is hindi word which is mean "remainder"
Keshav Ramesh
Keshav Ramesh 3 giorni fa
Even though it's not smarter it's only commone sense.
David Moreno
David Moreno 4 giorni fa
what movie is this scene from?
Tarek Bradley
Tarek Bradley 22 ore fa
This dude is literally dripping sweat while homeboy dryer than the Sahara
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins 23 ore fa
esse é o cara que quando a gente tá sonhando em fugir de alguém ele não sai da nossa cola kkkkk
Pavlova Gallardo
Este hombre me encanta en sus películas, yo me reiría el resto de mi vida si el me habla al menos una vez xD
PlayerSolo Giorno fa
Mano ele guardando a arma com uma cara de " Nem vale a pena matar um animal desses " eu ri demais kkk
Deibodese 9 giorni fa
For real, though. Can you imagine the sheer terror that would be induced by a guy who remains calm no matter what, to such an extent that he always sees the clear and obvious choice. You’re over here killing yourself to get away, and he’s slow-rolling like a Terminator.
kailani 21 ora fa
“slow-rolling like a Terminator” - hahaha, classic line!!
Chees Giorno fa
Things that move slowly towards their target without breaking their path or stopping scare the living hell out of me. You never know when you turn the corner... And "it" is right there. Moving. It's moving slowly and probably plowing through other people. Replace it with a scary image/character and you got half of a horror movie right there.
Samuel Loveless
Samuel Loveless Giorno fa
I was thinking the same thing 😆
Victor Ordonez
Victor Ordonez Giorno fa
Mr. X tyrant
Carla Wilkinson
Carla Wilkinson Giorno fa
Just like Jason Voorhies🤣
أيوب واغلا
Mr. Bean has always been one of the most powerful actors in the world and was one of the most influential
Kaiden Smith
Kaiden Smith Giorno fa
"Don't work hard, work smart and you will win 🏆 " By: I don't remember.
Kaiden Smith
Kaiden Smith 20 ore fa
@lilcookie4 Thnx, wow 👌 👏
lilcookie4 22 ore fa
Allen F. Morgenstern
Shuu Systa Rias
Shuu Systa Rias Giorno fa
"Thank you for the crane service, sir. Here's your tip-" Edit: Lmao thank you for the likes😂
Sammy Bammy Studios
I love how he paid for his ride 😂
Dark Past
Dark Past 9 giorni fa
Imagine how menacing that would look when he saw him exiting the elevator
I'm A Black Milk In America
We don't have to imagine because it's right here in the clip for us specifically to not have to imagine.
Killie Hall
Killie Hall Giorno fa
That had me rolling 🤣
Toonasa G•
Toonasa G• Giorno fa
Damn true. Oof so many likes though 🤣
SCP-049 Giorno fa
The terminator walk is probably the most menacing part. I.agine you just ran across 2 roofs and climbed off a building and the guy that was chasing you is suddenly standing in front of you without a scratch and doesn't even speed up. That's how you know you're fucked
that punk
that punk Giorno fa
Mark Jay Malupa
Mark Jay Malupa Giorno fa
I'd already watch this and I still remember all of those funny moments 🤣
Juan Aguiar
Juan Aguiar Giorno fa
Nunca questione o poder de simplesmente ser simples e eficiente no que faz kkkk, ou como diria Johnny inglish " só deixe duro o que é mole "
H_a_y_z_e__ 570
H_a_y_z_e__ 570 22 ore fa
I love how theres no crane there in the beginning then is just magically appears🤣🤣
LoLo 89
LoLo 89 Giorno fa
This man can make you laugh whatever he do 😂😂
MoliminousTheater 7 giorni fa
This always annoyed me in movies. They'll be doing all these tricks but will only be a few feet ahead anyway. Like damn is it worth it?
Yes, you have to look cool doing over-the-top stuff 😂😂
Kushagra Chopra
Kushagra Chopra Giorno fa
@Limonlexi 0-0 Johnny English Reborn
Spaceman N
Spaceman N Giorno fa
@Jo Kah ahh. Ra's Al Ghul.
Jo Kah
Jo Kah Giorno fa
Theatricality and deception are powerful agents for the uninitiated.
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles Giorno fa
Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever your going’s through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
✨ Wanderall ✨
Okay so now I understand how serial killers, ghosts, and monsters in the movies are always able to catch up with the protagonists. They also maxed out on common sense.
Ogan Ayuyu
Ogan Ayuyu Giorno fa
Michael Mires: " Finally A worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!"
ImaNerdANDaGeek Giorno fa
Honestly I would have lost him at the elevator/lift. I have never found one that arrived that quickly and when they do reach a floor it pauses for 5 seconds before the doors actually open.
Aleksey Odikov
Aleksey Odikov Giorno fa
А если бы он играл агента Смита в матрице 🤣
Angry Box of Mlik
Angry Box of Mlik 6 giorni fa
When you've played the same level so many times that you know every secret shortcut:
zamra Abdinasir
zamra Abdinasir Giorno fa
This is related in a funny way
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles Giorno fa
Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever your going’s through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
msft! 2 giorni fa
me on trackmania
The guy who frogot to not ask
When you memorizado a map so well that you can predict where your enemy is going
Muizz Al Hakim
Muizz Al Hakim Giorno fa
He could've just take the elevator with him instead of climbing then continue downstairs 🤣
-[Cl0u7s]- 20 ore fa
I read the title as: “when your super power is common sneeze” I was so confused 😭😭
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
This statement is fucking great. I can't help but say, I can clearly see how "common sense" must be a wildly foreign concept to you.
I bet that there is almost no one who disliked this video of the "LEGEND"
Владимир Махмутов
imaginy how it looked from runners perspective? "oh, s**t, terminator is come for my head!"
Pixelcraftian 3 giorni fa
One thing I learnt from the cartoons is that you can’t escape from Mr. Bean, he always finds a way no matter what it takes. Seems this applies to real life too.
Benedict Nwadobu
Benedict Nwadobu 3 giorni fa
@Imran Muhammad what show made him popular? Mr.Bean
Mio Bass
Mio Bass 3 giorni fa
@BlueSpark 0l
CUPCAKER 3 giorni fa
Ayo, that aint Mr. Bean that is Johnny English lol.
Zurina Omar
Zurina Omar 3 giorni fa
Andre Thomas
Andre Thomas 3 giorni fa
Ari her
Ari her Giorno fa
This proves that in movies there’s no point of jumping buildings or climbing down a roof lol 😂
Gabriel Santos Santos
looks like that boss from the games that for you to beat he just needs to *survive* You jump off a cliff, cross a volcano and the boss just teleports behind you :/
bloom flower
bloom flower Giorno fa
I remember watching this in the movie it was hilarious then and is still hilarious 😂😂🤣😂
bloom flower
bloom flower 15 ore fa
@Amelia Kowal Johnny English strikes again
Amelia Kowal
Amelia Kowal Giorno fa
What's movie name? Can you tell?
Osama Shaheen
Osama Shaheen Giorno fa
Gotta love this dude man aint no way he has haters i just cant inagine someone hating on this dude
lime 3 giorni fa
English walking out of that elevator has me dead 😂😂😂
Alina Gabrial
Alina Gabrial Giorno fa
jukesxd 3 giorni fa
TheGrim Reaper
TheGrim Reaper 3 giorni fa
Everytime without any hesitation, it always gets me.
Sandro Marcio
Sandro Marcio Giorno fa
Ele é o "Jason"? Só vai de mansinho, só de boa. Kkkkkk🤣🤣🤣
Schamlos Harmlos
Imagine how amazing this clip would be with a nice Track that fits the scene
D X Giorno fa
Думаю всем знакомо это чувство когда заново проходишь игру))
That's the good ol' "think smarter not harder," mentality at work there.
Quote Guy
Quote Guy 7 giorni fa
Can we just appreciate the fact that he gave that man a tip for the ride, what a gentleman... Edit: ayeee ty for the 1.6k likes really appreciate it fams
FSK_solarstriker 2.0
@alex dvf you mean in the way of the bread
alex dvf
alex dvf 6 giorni fa
@Notorious RGB he did not beat her, she just happened to move in the way of his fist XD
callum mclachlan
callum mclachlan 6 giorni fa
@Notorious RGB That's what she gets for getting in the way of Johnny English.
WXRRIED 6 giorni fa
@Notorious RGB thats why we love him 💯
Notorious RGB
Notorious RGB 6 giorni fa
He also beat an old woman with a piece of bread while waiting a VR headset.
Skyler 15 ore fa
Runner: you'll never catch me Cop: it's been a rough week
Tux Idokamen
Tux Idokamen Giorno fa
His superpower is like Marvel's Domino, everything plays to his advantage.
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval Giorno fa
That’s literally how Jason thinks when you try to run from him😂😂
💮Tilds💮 Giorno fa
It’s not about agility and speed It’s about IQ
Bruh.... 9 giorni fa
''i cant believe moms expect us to be born with that power''
Erhans Pradana
Erhans Pradana Giorno fa
@ROCCOx09 i acknowledge that
ROCCOx09 Giorno fa
@Erhans Pradana lad its a bot they wont see your "We Do NoT cArE"
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles Giorno fa
Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever your going’s through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
Rotcerid 2 giorni fa
Must be an Asian
Dead Man's Tale
Dead Man's Tale 4 giorni fa
@Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin don't care
damn, he seems so chill LMAO
Love how he just opens the gate so casually too.
The Natural Yogi
This proves that you can make a situation as easy or as complicated as you want it to be.
FicciònBird Time2006
Traducción: Cuando tu poder es el sentido común
Yuzu Translation Ch. 柚子
"When someone is chasing you very slowly, it means that there's a reason they don't have to run"
Artemiy Smirnov
Artemiy Smirnov Giorno fa
Wise words from a wise man
ChristianZua 2 giorni fa
@Drishal Ballaney Johnny English, first movie I think?
Luna Talia
Luna Talia 2 giorni fa
@Jay Razz Jason fucking teleports.
Videre Vero
Videre Vero 4 giorni fa
Or they have bad cardio.
Thunder Titan
Thunder Titan 4 giorni fa
I won 😎😏
Laineys_vids Giorno fa
Is nobody gonna talk about how the common sense guy walked after him at the end and the dumb guy ran. That reminds me of when I hit my brother and he walks after me like that 😂
Loonatania Tausha May Henry
This would be like how Micheal Myers from Halloween and just to capture criminals was a comedian lol this is genius lol you go Mr. Bean lol 😆😂
itx_Kira~ Giorno fa
"Oh I know! I'm just gonna yeet myself across the fence when there's a door right beside me! I'm so smart 🤩"
sassywithnojob Giorno fa
Well, what do you expect? He's a legend/Engineer.
onee 4 giorni fa
The way he walked out of that elevator like a parent who's walking towards their child, thinking I'm done with you misbehaving. I had teacher like that. 🤣🤣🤣
Mostafa Gaming
Mostafa Gaming 4 giorni fa
Bro 😂😂💀
Codeless Unlimited
MJ once said, "To achieve success, you must get to the other side of the wall." Mr Bean: "Opens the door of the wall." Achievement unlocked.
Steffo MCA
Steffo MCA 23 ore fa
I swear, Rowan Atkinson just looks like the most British person ever
Pirates of the Caribbean
This guy kinda gives me Micheal Myers vibes, I mean he’s not going fast but he always manages to catch up to the person, just like Micheal Myers.
Cirilo Anão
Cirilo Anão Giorno fa
The man running to the harder way is just like 5 minutes craft resolving the problems
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
In times like these, common sense should be considered a real superpower.
Amber Giorno fa
Truth 🙌
Keshav Ramesh
Keshav Ramesh 3 giorni fa
Not wrong comman sense should be a superpower. Cause many people don't have that
Jordan Eggerman
Jordan Eggerman 5 giorni fa
@MMM probably a motherless one too....if not, we know in which basement they dwell...
꧁Adventist꧂ 5 giorni fa
@Mac_bomber Because he's the true protagonist of all our stories.
Mac_bomber 5 giorni fa
Why did i read the first part like sans
m Giorno fa
So relatable 😻 I do this at least once an hour for health 👍
Wesley Getsinger
Dude who was running was thinking he was some hot shit or something like he was cool for running away dramatically 😂😂😂😂
Tom H
Tom H Giorno fa
When you put all your skill points into wisdom
Eg studios
Eg studios Giorno fa
We all knew that mr bean was the smartest man alive
POTATOO 7 giorni fa
I love how he chase him menacingly while walking fast
I I 6 giorni fa
YV Foxy VY
YV Foxy VY 6 giorni fa
Jasons that can't run in friday 13th the game be like:
ReaperSound 6 giorni fa
Reminded me of a Terminator.
4Shadow 6 giorni fa
He is already 60 and hasn't retired yet
Senator Armstrong
Senator Armstrong 6 giorni fa
Michael Myers shit
Ismael Giorno fa
Prácticamente el actor se ríe y burla de las escenas de acción que sale en las películas de peleas
Michael Comia
Michael Comia Giorno fa
That crane literally materialized out of nowhere. 😂
Eugene Alsandor
Eugene Alsandor Giorno fa
When you max out the "I" without knowing what it did😂😂😂
kookie01 Giorno fa
This will never get old 🤣
Keyshawn Gurley
Keyshawn Gurley 6 giorni fa
"He'll run out of stamina or bump into something eventually"
Ghrast 5 giorni fa
@Parker Tulk I haven't touched the multi-player yet so I can't say anything about it. I know there are some audio glitches here and there but it's mostly fine
Adonis 5 giorni fa
@Ghrast based
Parker Tulk
Parker Tulk 5 giorni fa
@Ghrast Yo. I was thinking about playing it on Ps4 after years. Does it still hold up after all these years?
Clem B. Drippin
Clem B. Drippin 5 giorni fa
@Jhon Gared underrated comment
Daniel Langer
Daniel Langer 5 giorni fa
“Bump into something” 💀💀
A M Giorno fa
Damn he comin out of that doorway like Michael Myers
Kristers Krūka
Kristers Krūka Giorno fa
No matter which role he plays, i always see Rowan as Mr Bean, can't see him as anyone else. I don't know what it is, usually that's not the case with other actors, but Rowan Atkinson and the Mr Bean fundamentaly just feel like the same thing, as if his face is literally imprinted on the character.
Bryan Villela
Bryan Villela Giorno fa
Rowan facial expressions are legendary 😆 🤣 😂
yb. ahmedd
yb. ahmedd Giorno fa
Thomas Paine wasn’t the one who wrote “Common Sense” it was Mr. Bean.
Cøbalt 4 giorni fa
Imagine learning all those parkour skills just to get chased by a man who never went beyond the speed of 4mph
Cøbalt 4 giorni fa
I wonder what was going through his head, like no matter what he did this man was always like 5ft behind him
Miriam Burgstaller
Miriam Burgstaller 4 giorni fa
And STILL getting caught afterwards. Must feel pretty devastating
yousse gaming
yousse gaming 4 giorni fa
It's khapylame intelligence
Elijah.B 4 giorni fa
@wizardking asta if you watch the movie, he was actually doing parkour, jumping over things and stuff
wizardking asta
wizardking asta 4 giorni fa
Those weren’t parkour skills he was jus running for his life
웃Anͥgeͣrͫ Giorno fa
In all honesty it would of made sense to have paid the crane driver for the day if you knew you was chasing a ninja... But yeh common sense.
K.A.T Entertainment
I don't know about yall... but getting walked down by Mr bean is Slightly terrifying
Mouli023 Giorno fa
I really can never get enough of him😆
Alex Marks
Alex Marks 16 ore fa
Johnny English has negatives in wis, dex, and str, but maxed out his con, int and cha. Man’s can take a kick to the goonies with a straight face, knows how to wait for the right opportunity to retaliate, and every woman that meets him swoons in minutes. On the flip side, I can see him trying to catch a set of keys and somehow manage to knock himself out against a pillow fort.
Phillip Webster
Phillip Webster 5 giorni fa
Johnny English was the definition of: "go ahead and run, you'll only die tired."
Noot Noot
Noot Noot 5 giorni fa
@Shane Olwell no u
Angel Man
Angel Man 5 giorni fa
@SupremeAsura so everyone in the movie is named after the title? That’s fucking Mr. Bean
I3ATTLE05 5 giorni fa
@hamdanis syarif al- aziz whoooosh
hamdanis syarif al- aziz
He's really "Tired" at the end tho...
Shane Olwell
Shane Olwell 5 giorni fa
@SupremeAsura r/woooosh
Austin Giorno fa
This man came out the elevator like Michael Myers 💀🔪
Allan Ben
Allan Ben Giorno fa
The last scene always leaves me in stitches
ShadeStormXD 22 ore fa
the way he walks after him 🤣 if you put some horror music over that youd basically have friday the 13th
Epic Theatre.
Epic Theatre. 10 ore fa
Is nobody gonna talk about how he has a gun?... No?... Okay...
Banana sackboy
Banana sackboy 9 giorni fa
Man’s genius is higher than the Einsteins, *a real genius is born*
whoismikewhite? 2 giorni fa
...the Einsteins?? ALL OF THEM!?!?
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 7 giorni fa
@SmsYodas Yeah, he took the IQ test and scored higher than Eistein. Though the 160 IQ that people based Einstein had is just an assumption
Aaron King
Aaron King 8 giorni fa
This is Mr bean btw
SmsYodas 9 giorni fa
@Naman 651 Yeah, Atkinson is a genius, despite the characters that he plays are sometimes idiots
Naman 651
Naman 651 9 giorni fa
I believe he had a 178 IQ on something I can't remember.
Dj Zilla
Dj Zilla Giorno fa
Damn! He even paid the man for his services
King Morales
King Morales Giorno fa
The show off guy: parkour The guy who has 500 iq:open gate
maxler 5795
maxler 5795 Giorno fa
Bruh i watched this movie so much as a kod and i still love it
Evexster Binjimin
He had common sense after the rock pulling.
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan 5 giorni fa
"Did you catch him?" "Yeah." "What did it cost?" "Nothing."
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan 5 giorni fa
@Joe Hanz Johnny English Strikes Again
lizard gothic
lizard gothic 5 giorni fa
He tipped the construction worker
The Nationalist
The Nationalist 5 giorni fa
He paid everything
Milan SZN
Milan SZN 5 giorni fa
@Danker Panker Johnny English
DR NOVA YT 5 giorni fa
No i think with some money to the worker who help him to get ther other side 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
IDKxXXXX20:p Giorno fa
Lol the way he walked out of the elevator when he walked that way and he was like OH and ran the other way 😅😂
Sienna xo
Sienna xo Giorno fa
Mister ben you have been all our childhood 😂 we won't forget your face for sûre ❤💯💥
Samuel Loveless
Samuel Loveless Giorno fa
Imagine Mr bean as Jason just walking u down to your doom with that loon lol
neng_atcha 21 ora fa
When he paid the construction worker for the lift... Literally
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