Our TOP 10 Minimalist Baby Essentials (Simple Living 2020)

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Today we share our baby essentials (as well as what things to leave at the store!!) Babies don't actually need that much stuff, and we strongly encourage you to borrow as much as you can. But you will need to buy a few things for baby, here they are!
**Please note, we've recently learned that there is a recall on the rock n play!
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The Minimal Mom
The Minimal Mom 3 mesi fa
Thank you for watching!! **Please note, we've recently learned that there is a recall on the rock n play!** Additional video --> 3 T I P S F O R Y O U R B A B Y R E G I S T R Y : See the full video on FB here: facebook.com/474379899366747/posts/1549820258489367/ Or see the video on IGTV here: instagram.com/tv/B8ux6rhnUGu/
Magdalena Klimczak
Rebekah Page
Rebekah Page 3 mesi fa
The only baby seat type thing we really used for all 4 kids was a baby swing. I totally agree with the sleepers. They are so comfy for them! And simple!
TheJjtea 3 mesi fa
Love this! Thank you for this video
Cindy Lemons
Cindy Lemons 3 mesi fa
She is so cute. I immediately saw Gage. Those cute round cheeks and smile. She’s definitely a “mini-me” of Diane or Dawn. Bless you guys.
taa Danka
taa Danka 3 mesi fa
I am waiting for my second and I won't buy anything. I have everything ^^ Moreover I wouldnt recomend some of the things from your list. In Poland bouncy seat is not advised by neurolgists. The carrier for the babies that doesn't seat as well. Accordingly to the specialist you can use it when the baby seat properly... I used baby sling and it was a great solution.
Debra Shea
Debra Shea 3 mesi fa
I shared this video (and other similar ones re: baby registry) with my daughter who is expecting her 1st baby soon. Really appreciate both of you for sharing your experience and wisdom 😘. She is very fortunate to receive well loved baby items from friends and friends of friends! She’s also bought a number of used baby items on FB Marketplace. Good tips about the diaper bag, and she received a very similar one you showed as a shower gift.
Summer Daniels
Summer Daniels 3 mesi fa
You guys are too cute! Loved hearing some good places to start and love both of your down to earth outlooks!!
chelsea Bartinski
Swaddles blankets i didnt use as much as i thought i would but sleep sacks and the love to dream swaddle up 50/50 i loved, aden and anais burpy bibs are the best, the hatch baby rest sound machine i loved so much i bought myself one, the carrier was essential for me, and a pack n play with bassinet and a toy bar were amazing.
Tara Bomgardner
Tara Bomgardner 3 mesi fa
Hi. I would suggest a co sleeper instead of co sleeping. I have heard of babies suffocating from co sleeping. We purchased a co sleeper for our 9th. I wish I would have had it since day 1. Plus when the baby out grows it you can use it anywhere in the house as a changing station since they are small in size. Blessings I would suggest remaking this video and deleting this one due to some people might not read the comments and know about the recall!
lady beth
lady beth 3 mesi fa
I love your videos and always appreciate what you have to say, but hearing you advising or okaying unsafe sleeping arrangements was not cool. If anyone is reading this, please follow the ABC's of safe sleep: alone (no parents, stuffed animals, blankets, etc), on their back, in a crib (or anything classified as a bassinet)
Cathrin O
Cathrin O 3 mesi fa
Great tips. My kids are older now, but I totally agree. I can't believe the stuff we bought and got. The only thing I would not recommend is the nose thing. Besides it being gross, our pediatrician say it might irritate the inside of the the nose even more and make it swell up. He recommended not to use it. We didn't and never had any issues.
Real Life. Real Joy.
I have a newborn right now, and 5 sleepers and onsies is NOT enough! My baby is 1 month old and he pees, poops or pukes on 3-4 outfits a day! As a sleep deprived parent, I'm not doing a load of laundry every single day! I think I have about 10 and that's perfect to go a couple days. This baby is my #7 and I've never used a baby monitor or a noise machine. I'm glad we have our pack n play, but we only use it for traveling. The one thing I love that you didn't mention was a boppy pillow! I use it for nursing, to lay baby in on the couch or my bed, and I also make my other children use it when they are holding the baby. Babies definitly don't need as much stuff as we think. I remember being so overwhelmed by how much stuff (I thought) we had to buy when I was expecting my first.
Rosemary Carlson
My daughter finally got a video monitor for baby 3, and it is wonderful. When I babysit the grands, I can take the older ones outside to play while the baby is napping in the house, but I can monitor when he wakes up. We had a sound only monitor for the first two, and it was just not as useful. My daughter used a Pack N Play for her second child until she was probably almost 2 because the two girls were not compatible sleepers for a long time. Her #3 is now 20 months old, and he sleeps in the Pack N Play now. The two girls have now moved from their cribs to big girl beds; for right now the actual cribs are dismantled and put away. Being able to easily move the Pack N Play to other rooms or for travel has worked well. Baby #4 will also be in some kind of Pack N Play type bed when he/she arrives in the next couple of weeks. One other thing that we got when my daughter was a baby was a portable playyard type fence. We put it around our old-fashioned very heavy TV on a cart (30+ years ago before flat-screens were around- and it protected both the TV and my daughter from damage.) Now all these years later, she uses the same fence to keep the kids away from the brick hearth/fireplace. It is a little worn, but it does its job and we have certainly gotten our money's worth out of it Thanks for sharing your thoughts. When my daughter was born, we must have received 10 or so baby dresses for her from people at church. Very few of them got much wear. Keeping babies in sleepers just simplifies life.
Katie Flint
Katie Flint 3 mesi fa
Great top 10! I bought a second hand bassinet on Facebook market place... then sold for same price I got it! Brilliant! My boy was big so only used for 3 months, then he went to a cot ( also second hand and still using at 19m). I would switch out a baby monitor as watching it caused me anxiety personally and we have a small enough house that I hear when my son needs me. Will be getting a sound machine next time as my phone/ speaker option for white noise/ lullabies kept not working etc! So will keep that tip in mind. I used the swaddle blankets and still do, and sleepers with zips are the best! Thanks for sharing! Excited for more baby content as I have one toddler and hope to have more children sometime soon. I love the minimal toy guide you do but would love one for baby/toddler age rather than older kids like Dawns. Just an idea!
Gladys Anderson
Gladys Anderson 3 mesi fa
We did not have a white sound machine. Our first was awake, I swear, when we even looked at her. The other two slept with the sounds of home. We had a two story house. We used a bassinette downstairs with the first two when they were real little. With the third, we had a pack-n-play with an elevated level for when he was tiny, and we used that all the time. The other thing about the pack n play was that he was "at home in his own crib" when we traveled, and would sleep well in it. Sleepers for sure were the most versatile, practicle clothing pieces. or our first, we received many dresses and other dressy clothes. Many of which were worn once. And many of which she was restless and uncomfortable in. With the second and third, we went with comfort and ease all the way. One thing that is available now are the little leather Robies and they are such comfy little shoes, and they are a nice gift. No little babies here, but fun to listen and think about!
Jamie Weymouth
Jamie Weymouth 3 mesi fa
Video monitor trick... buy cheap home security cameras off Amazon with a phone app!
Melanie Rowe
Melanie Rowe 3 mesi fa
Where were you 2 15 years ago! I only ever had 1 child and so wish that there were cool mom's like you around to give advice like this to me then. It almost makes me want to have another at 41 just to use wisdom the second time around... almost 😉 great advice for all mom's
Karen Levy
Karen Levy 3 mesi fa
My daughter just had her first baby and it seems the “Halo” swaddle sleepers are really key for them. So is the bopping pillow..
Maria Bean
Maria Bean 3 mesi fa
I couldn't live without my microwave steam sterilizer, the Graco windup swing and cosytoes for the buggy. 💖
Anne Fisher
Anne Fisher 3 mesi fa
Great list, although I think my babies could have blown through more than 5 outfits in a day. Nursing babies=guaranteed blowouts at my house! 💩 🙈
Abbey Mollo
Abbey Mollo 3 mesi fa
Both my kids spat up... A LOT! Invest in big burp clothes (I loved using cloth diapers) and bibs of all sizes. I also needed a stock of Oxi Clean and/or Shout!
Nicole E
Nicole E 3 mesi fa
My oldest is 22 and I STILL use the container thing to wash lids and rings, etc in the dishwasher on the top rack. A swing was essential for my kids. Baby Einstein was big when my kids were babies....we listened to music and to this day the cd i played immediately makes all six of us sleepy. I also co-slept with a couple of my kids .... Was working full time and had to do what i had to do.
I recycled old cotton t shirts for a carrier. Friendly enough for non sewers and just snug enough and I could keep her legs up and comfortable.
Sarah Richardson
This was a great list, but I had to laugh when you said 3 sleepers... You've clearly never had a kid with reflux. I swear my kid went through 4-5 a day. Also the diaper bag had to be huge because we had to bring changes of clothes for both parents and 4-5 changes for baby 😂
chelsea Bartinski
And you cant have enough burp rags if your kid has reflux!
Rachel Lester
Rachel Lester 3 mesi fa
Am I the only one that sees two of them. I did not know this 😳👀
Liliam Shell
Liliam Shell 3 mesi fa
My “changing table” was a rubber sheet. I changed diapers anywhere: bed, door, playpen, back of van. (And they were cloth diapers.) Bathroom floor was my favorite place to clean babies. You are close to water. My daughter followed suit and used the rubber sheet for her daughter on the bathroom counter. Wipes are hard on environment so sink with running water is your best option. Minimal? Or just old fashioned? FYI My kids are in their forties.
TheMercymerz 3 mesi fa
I would swap a wet bag for your recommended white noise machine. I've never been a fan of white noise, as its name states it is noise...babies should enjoy the quiet or natural sounds like birds chirping. We live where it's warm so our windows are almost always open
Life With Sheebees
Love these recommendations and all your videos! Can you please link to the products you mentioned? Thank you so much! :-)
Catherine B
Catherine B 3 mesi fa
Congrats on the pregnancy!
Judy Zander
Judy Zander 3 mesi fa
Adalaid's HAIR!!!😍😍😍
Karisa Totah
Karisa Totah 3 mesi fa
I love this list so much! Growing up I was always interested in all things baby and thought you had to have so much stuff. I’m excited to try a more minimal approach when the time comes. Thanks!
Brittany Peasley
Wish I would’ve had this info with my first born. I bought so much unnecessary stuff! I drastically scaled down with the last 2 babies and I think if I were to have a 4th they would have about 5 things 😂
Marlene Martin
Marlene Martin 3 mesi fa
Please wash clothes before wearing them on your baby. They are sprayed with chemicals ,and can cause skin irritations.
Lindsay Erickson
I totally agree to the sleepers and onesies! My daughter lives in those! They really were her most comfortable clothes. Those fancy baby jeans, frilly blouses and dresses she would grab at, start crying, and became fussy wearing. It’s about baby’s comfort and protection, not the parents representing their style on baby dressing. My favorite tip of your baby essentials!
Ofra Sharon-Afir
I hate to be rude, but were you ever checked for nasal polyps? You might not realize it, but it's very hard to understand you. Your sister has a similar voice to you, but without the nasal sound. BTW, I had a similar problem. Mine were removed. I breathe better, I sound better, and people understand me now. Also, the nasal sound is completely gone. Please get checked.
eb1077 G
eb1077 G 3 mesi fa
Hi ladies!! I'm finally caught up 😁 Been watching like crazy all the way back from Christmas last year... So many comments I want to make! I'll pace myself 😉 Knowing you all are fellow believers makes watching you even more special. Something I am curious about though (maybe it was addressed and I missed it somehow) Both of your oldest girls have very similar names... Family related? Or just a twin thing? Keep up the great work! Hugs from PA.
Michelle 3 mesi fa
We’re going to be first time grandparents this June and yes these a lot of things out there now a lot more since having my own kids half of it you don’t need a lot of it Xx
Mrs MacDee
Mrs MacDee 3 mesi fa
Mom of 10 posting here. Essentials; Diapers Sleepers 8-10 per size Soft absorbent bibs, if your baby drools a lot, to keep baby dry and skin from rot Soother (if your baby will take it, favourite is soothie brand) Aspirator, (love the one on amazon that opens and you can wash it) Baby nail clipper Baby chair (favourite Nuna leaf) Baby carrier (boba carrier, or ergo carrier or kinder carrier) I co sleep but will put a baby that sleeps through the night in a cradle or crib, as I sleep better. Only had a nursery for a baby I fostered back when I only had six kids.
Cheerfulheart 3 mesi fa
I don’t have a baby now but I watched the video because I love watching you guys. You don’t disappoint.
Cheerfulheart 3 mesi fa
I don’t have a baby now but I watched the video because I love watching you guys. You don’t disappoint.
Katherine D
Katherine D 3 mesi fa
Baby clothes need to be washed prior to wearing. Clothes are treated with chemicals to make them look nice. Also you don't know who handled that item before you.
erin bachara
erin bachara 3 mesi fa
I love the videos with you and your sister!!!
Gratitude Ranch
Gratitude Ranch 3 mesi fa
Feety jammies’ try both snaps and zippers. Both have plus and minuses. We definitely needed more than 3, as all mine spit up TONS. Lots of burp cloths A blanket/lovie Swaddle/zippety zip Parents Love
Emily Davis
Emily Davis 3 mesi fa
I am watching this video while in labor. 🤣
Lindsey Erbentraut
Muslin feels awful.
Claire Nason
Claire Nason 3 mesi fa
I had to use cloth diapers. My daughter had a diaper rash in the hospital from pampers. I tried every brand nothing helped but cloth.
Yulia Wilcox
Yulia Wilcox 3 mesi fa
I have tip for bottles. I bought 0 bottles and i didn’t register for bottles. I registered on every free baby box (Amazon, target, buy buy baby, baby list, Walmart) and I got around 10 different free bottles. I we tried different and my baby likes Evenflo the most.
EverSoSophi !
EverSoSophi ! 3 mesi fa
your little assistant is so darn cute 💕💕
Laura Coleman
Laura Coleman 3 mesi fa
We loved the Muslim burbs clothes. Our staple was plain white towels and face clothes. We were gifted so many hooded towels etc and he out grew them fast. It was nicer to wrap him in a big towel. Another tip is to sign up for all the baby freebies and samples. That's how we tried bottles etc. We have enough sample baby wash and bum cream until hes a teenager lol. We donated alot to a nearby shelter. We also out grew things fast at first. We have tons of gifts that are unworn etc. We packed a bin with all the brand new stuff for upcoming baby showers. We also save the diaper boxes. They are sturdy and great for putting all the outgrown clothing etc in them. Also check out local big box places for diapers. We buy from Costco. A case that lasts 6 weeks is about 40.00 cdn. We are positive the diapers are made by a name brand for them. We love the Kirkland brand diapers. The Pampers wipes by the case are amazing. You can never have enough for messy clean ups. Also a tip we found. We put a Google mini into my grandsons room (hes almost 2). After story time if hes still restless we ask the google mini to tell him a bedtime story. In tandum with the monitor, you can use the voice on the monitor to reactivate the mini if you need to. I swear my grandsons first statement was okay Google lol. I also use it to send music to his room at bedtime. Babies are so much fun. It can be a little stressful but once you find your communication it's amazing. My biggest advice is to try and be calm. The baby feeds off your vibe. If your calm and the baby gets that they can relax as well. ❤❤❤
Ess 3 mesi fa
Diana your maternity top is so cute!
MsBrundage3 3 mesi fa
Another great video! I love how Diana was talking with her hands a bit, especially after giving Dawn a hard time earlier. :-)
NICHOLE WADE 3 mesi fa
Something that we did is we also had a plastic tub in the trunk of our car that had additional baby items in it (and we changed it out as the kids grew). Extra diapers, wipes, washable changing mat, sippy cups, bottled water, a complete change of clothes (seasonal), ziplock bags (for soiled items) and a blanket. We also kept additional car toys in there that we would rotate through the vehicle and back to the box (never anything that was in the house--it was more special that way). We lived overseas where it was a long drive to anywhere and more than once those additional clothes/diapers etc came in handy when we were nowhere near civilization! We did this for YEARS and it was a great way to keep the diaper bag lighter knowing you still had supplies available to restock your bag in case of a mommy emergency!
Ashley Lockwood
Ashley Lockwood 3 mesi fa
My new babies sleep in my room so I changed my night stand light bulb to an 8 watt bulb so it was more like a night light. Zipper sleepers are a must, pack n plays are not necessary but I’m finally using mine in the house as a play pen for my 15 month old to keep him out of trouble while I homeschool. I’ve definitely gone more minimal with every baby. The only thing they need a lot of is love!
Andrea Kissinger
People always say, "Kids are SO expensive!". They don't have to be. There are LOTS of ways to minimize the cost of kids' stuff. The best way: Don't buy so much! When my kid was a baby, I got most of her stuff secondhand or free from friends: Clothing, cloth diapers, a crib, toys, etc. She's 6 now, and I still buy most of her clothes from Once Upon a Child.
Angie Boss
Angie Boss 3 mesi fa
I have a 9 month old and have used my 80 dollar diaper bag zero times. I just throw everything in a big purse. For white noise we just use a fan in our room, which is also recommended to reduce risk of sids. Warning on the dock a tot! Not considered a safe sleep environment :( you are supposed to supervise dock a tot use
Redrock YogiMomma
Oh my goodness!! Your daughter is darling!! You must have so much fun with her curly-whirly hair. Best wishes on baby #2!! You almost made me baby hungry...almost...(5 is enough for me 😄).
Alexis E
Alexis E 3 mesi fa
My oldest was 9lbs 14 ounces. We were in six month clothes in the first month and had so much waste. Such good advise! I used a portable changing pad downstairs, anywhere. I’d skip the matching baby furniture which is all a waste. Crib, chair. That’s it.
Alexis E
Alexis E 3 mesi fa
Foster care almost always requires a full size crib, even if you don’t use it.
Susanne K
Susanne K 3 mesi fa
I agree with pretty much all you said. If you borrow older equipment please make sure it is in good condition still. Our borrowed swing looked ok and then started sparking /smoking one day. Thankfully our son wasn't in it at the time. My essentials list would be minimal now but would definitely include a stroller in that list.
Jessica Burns
Jessica Burns 3 mesi fa
I am due in 2 weeks and my other daughter is 8 years old. I have gained some wisdom through that time and We are going super minimal this time around! Thanks for the tips
Sara Ruman
Sara Ruman 3 mesi fa
We have Alexa play ocean wave sounds in our childrens rooms at night. It helps send them off and blocks out other noises that would waken them. 👍🏻
A. Stapleton
A. Stapleton 3 mesi fa
I only have one child and she is now 13 but if I had to do it all over again, I would have done it so differently. I had a baby registry because that is what I thought I was supposed to do and ended up with enough baby stuff to open a daycare. It was ridiculous for 1 child! Looking back, I could have done without 90% of those things! Craziness.
Megan 3 mesi fa
I love hand me downs, but learned my lesson about being clear about exchanges. When I had my daughter, my sister-in-law "gave" me all her baby girl things. She had two daughters, so there was a lot of stuff (including toddler and older kid sizes). I went through it all and gave away things I didn't think I would need. Then.... about a year later, she was pregnant again and asked for the things back! Apparently she intended to "lend" me the things, not give. I still feel anxious thinking about it... having to explain to her that I didn't keep it all. I ended up buying some things (mobile, etc) brand new to make up for it. So, some cautionary advice - make sure to ask whether things are "for keeps" or just "for now". :)
Megan 3 mesi fa
@A D Glad you kept it all! Smart thinking. :)
A D 3 mesi fa
Good tip! My friend "gave" me alot of cloth for boy since I have had two girls before him... Now she is pregnant with 4th baby and I'm so glad I didn't gave away what I didn't need/use... I will give her back now
Gretchen Betz
Gretchen Betz 3 mesi fa
I totally went the opposite on a diaper bag! I'm home with my daughter, so I wanted something that I like. 😂 My husband will carry it too, but I don't think blue florals would have been his first pick. 😂
Natalie M
Natalie M 3 mesi fa
the rock and play sleeper has been RECALLED due to child deaths, DO NOT BUY!
CJ Pink
CJ Pink 3 mesi fa
Didn't scroll all comments, but SOME models of the Infantino baby carrier were just recalled.
OhMyStarnes 3 mesi fa
Also FYI All inclines rock and play sleepers are on recall due to baby deaths. I wouldn’t recommend that 😬
OhMyStarnes 3 mesi fa
I like the tag tip but please DO PREWASH. Babies skin soaks up everything. Wash those clothes that have been touched by so many before they entered your home. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Theresa Wheeler
Theresa Wheeler 3 mesi fa
Check out this Channel's video... great ideas for storage for your camper! itvid.net/video/video-5P4-ERMVJLY.html
Lesley Harris
Lesley Harris 3 mesi fa
Mine were born before white noise makers, but the washing machine did the same trick or the hoover at a push. again baby monitors didn't exist so I used to be up and down the stairs like a yo yo.
Blue SouthPaw
Blue SouthPaw 3 mesi fa
A laundry basket is a nice place for baby to sleep. You can put it in your bed or bring it downstairs. Just buy a pad for it and a fitted sheet. Make it cozy if you wish. Then when you are done with it just use it for laundry for the baby.
Heather Thompson
Interesting, we didn’t get or use a crib, only the pack and play and a rainforest swing... were heavily used in 5e first year....
MrsPink64 3 mesi fa
My boys were opposites. The one liked his bed, the one liked my bed. The one ate from the pump bottles, the other wanted gerber bottles. The one woke easily, the other I could vacuum under the bed. The one wanted the pacifier, the other didn’t. Now they are adults. One is a nerdy boy, the other artistic. The one likes pork, the other beef. It’s nice because I have favourite things for them and memories are affixed to each guy. A staple in our home was a playpen...been a few years! 😄
Lauren Farquhar
Lauren Farquhar 3 mesi fa
I agree! Borrow, borrow, borrow until you figure out what you want & need. We hated my best friend’s favorite carrier but loved a borrowed bassinet that I thought we wouldn’t use. And definitely keep the tags on those clothes!
Linden Peters
Linden Peters 3 mesi fa
Thought of another one: sleepers. I know some busy mamas who have their newborns just live in sleepers, and that is totally fine. I didn't have a problem dressing them during the day in basic clothes (onesies, pants, socks), and have a few cuts outfits for going out. Infant clothes are designed to be comfortable and babies can sleep in anything, really. I never felt the need to dress them in pajamas for all their naps.
Deanna Lambert
Deanna Lambert 3 mesi fa
Please please please don't cosleep. Dawn and Diana, I adore you both. I watch your videos consistently and recommend your videos to others but as a public health nurse that works under the direction of a medical examiner, I know preventable infant deaths are most often related to unsafe sleep practices including cosleeping. I believe people cosleep because they love their babies so much, but please love them enough to let them sleep alone, in their crib with a fitted sheet and nothing else where they will learn to self soothe and you will know that you did all you could do to keep them safe.
Kim Baggett
Kim Baggett 3 mesi fa
Definitely needed more sleepers for my boys than just 5 in each size. That wouldn’t even last a day for them during the newborn to 3-6 month stages (0-3 months)! Also, we got a changing table never used it regularly. We had diapers and such with it, but generally used a waterproof pad on our sofa. Especially when baby number 2 came, we never used it! We had a combo crib/ changing table, and for baby number 2 the table was never set up.
Skye 3 mesi fa
I don't see your list of your recommendations? I went over to Facebook and didn't see them there either. Could you direct me to them?
Stacy Higginson
Stacy Higginson 3 mesi fa
Cloud Island PJs from Target are the BEST! They have inverted zippers so you unzip bottom to top so only the legs/belly are exposed when changing diaper so baby can stay warm! Also, they have the fold over sleeves in all the sizes! My baby would scratch herself as she slept and sometimes it'd wake her up. So everytime she goes down for a nap or to bed we cover her hands and she sleeps so much better that way. (I'm not a big Target person, I learned about the PJs from Jordan Page! She is about to have baby #7 and #8 anyday now so she's pretty much an expert lol 😍) I actually really love cloth diapers solely for the fact that there are next to no blowouts with them!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Love My Baby brand on Amazon is the cheapest I've found for quality pocket diapers with snaps. I loved them. Rock n plays have been recalled. Many babies have died in them. Some through misuse and others from the babies with lack of head control being able to move their head to have a clear airway. 💔 I LOVE our bouncer! We have one that takes batteries and bounces the baby 🎉 game changer! I love my baby ktan wrap! Just used it today actually when we were out and about and my baby needed a nap. We LOVE sleep sacks! We're big on the fleece ones from Carters (Walmart use to sell them too but then stopped for some reason?). It's a wearable blanket! Because it is highly recommended to have zero blankets in the sleep area with baby per SIDS prevention guidelines. If you need a crib bumper try the mesh ones, they are breathable if baby gets their face all up in it. I don't think stores even sell non mesh bumpers anymore (thank goodness). Stroller that carseat can easily lock onto and then just be a regular stroller when you need it to be. I love the Baby Trend jogger one! It's price cheap but great quality, in my opinion. Bottle brushes are awesome for washing dishes other than just bottles too. Our second baby loves her mattress vibrator paddle thing we got off Amazon. Putting the carseat handle all the way down (behind baby) when it's in the car is extra protection incase of an accident. I know a lot of people leave it up incase of a roll over accident but you're more likely to get into a front, side, or back impact accident than a roll over. No rice cereal, it has arsenic in it. 😳 (No idea how they are allowed to be sold....) In a pinch an (empty) laundry basket makes a great bassinet! Invest in a good digital thermometer that you can touch to baby's forehead. Fanny packs can fit a little thing of wipes and a few diapers. I love using that when I don't need to bring the entire diaper bag along. I used it at Disney World/Universal for my then 2 year old when we lived in the area and would go a few times a week. It was awesome. Light weight, barely remembered it was there. Can hold other things too. Don't have to take it off to go on rides. I got a super cute one at Clair's and I love it.
Simone van Heemskerk
I think we are done having babies, but I still enjoyed you two talk about this. I highly recommend a Mei Tai baby carrier, my third baby lived there and I only wish I already had one with our eldest. You can use it when they are a toddler also, they carried both on back and belly.
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