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Today we have one hour to take a pair of all White Nike Blazers and turn them into something beatiful for our housemate, Zack, to judge! Along the way we talk life as ITvidrs and a potential boxing match between Mopi, Moochie, and Jesser.
Jesser: itvid.net/show-UCQIUhhcmXsu6cN6n3y9-Pww
Mopi: itvid.net/show-UCOYSYNsxTfGTGbMu2c-kpfg
Moochie: itvid.net/show-UCY-BsNVd33_mzyXQzMorv1Q
●ITvid! ► itvid.net/u-jiedel
●Instagram (@Jiedel)► instagram.com/jiedel
●Twitter (@Jiedel) ► twitter.com/jiedel
●Second Channel! ► goo.gl/WzNI41


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4 dic 2019




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Commenti 100
yaden jabut
yaden jabut 2 giorni fa
Underrated shoe designer
Hype Beyblade
Hype Beyblade 28 giorni fa
Jesser: One good layer beats a thousand bad layers Zack: ranks Jesse’s shoe second place
Rowan L
Rowan L Mese fa
If mopi's had a theme behind it it would've done better. Tbh as far as what I would rock myself Mopi won. For the contest I would've put James first too tho, his shoe was fire
Rowan L
Rowan L Mese fa
The blazer is one of my favourite simple silhouettes, I prefer it to the af1 tbh
Violates Mese fa
James really demolished that blazer. I would cop in a heartbeat 🔥
Spooderonwii 2 mesi fa
Jiedel gets skate shoe to customize says he doesn’t like the skateboard part 😑
Ryan Nayr
Ryan Nayr 2 mesi fa
They make a version with out it the vintage 77’s
Anas Enouri
Anas Enouri 2 mesi fa
James's was the only good one for this episode
Jackson Collier Vids
Please customize the soon freak 1's
Nervous_ Soup
Nervous_ Soup 3 mesi fa
Jiedel finally beat his younger brother
The Normans
The Normans 3 mesi fa
you guys should go to the mall and buy a fit and then customize it
Grant Craig
Grant Craig 4 mesi fa
Zach Gross is speaking fax
Hayden The Meme
Hayden The Meme 4 mesi fa
Bruh Mopi is dumb af for thinking he could fight Jesser 😂
Danica Davila
Danica Davila 4 mesi fa
1. James 2. Mopi 3. Jesser 4. Mitchell
Edan Olson
Edan Olson 4 mesi fa
U guys should do a bob ross challenge try to replicate his painting who ever dose better wins
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 4 mesi fa
Do all white Jordan 4's
Kingston Jefferson
You should do the all time shoe customize for all the best players
mago HQ
mago HQ 4 mesi fa
Who else watching while quarantined
Howdy Dowdy
Howdy Dowdy 4 mesi fa
does anyone else realize that these are just basically more modern chuck taylors like this if you think the same
Eliot Tweed
Eliot Tweed 5 mesi fa
Mitchell "japan would be very cool"
Mojcdtybxdghc Lcuomrina
When you guys were talking about a vacation I think you guys should go in a cruise and just do crazy stuff on the ship
Sneaker Baller05
Love the series I rewatch every dat
Philip Harding10
MITCHELL FIGHT ME IN MMA, whoop dat ayuss
Ashlee Roy
Ashlee Roy 6 mesi fa
Jesse 1st Jesse 2nd Michel 3rd James 4th mopi
Noah Swope
Noah Swope 6 mesi fa
Mitchell should fight Danny Duncan
Phil_ Bergeron
Phil_ Bergeron 6 mesi fa
what type of paint do you use?
Brandon Jensen
Brandon Jensen 6 mesi fa
They are skateboarding shoes my guy that's why they have cap
Jack Thexton
Jack Thexton 7 mesi fa
You should do something where you draw from a hat what kind of shoe you get and what your design is
Bantey 1012
Bantey 1012 7 mesi fa
I would wear James’s shoes
Big boy Big
Big boy Big 7 mesi fa
I watch jiedel idk how it wasn’t until today that I found the painting videos
Miko Nouyiho
Miko Nouyiho 7 mesi fa
do more of these
Brandon Hoopes
Brandon Hoopes 7 mesi fa
James pls finish the right shoe so I can buy the dang pair! 😂
ajzPLAYS18 7 mesi fa
Try some lebrons
Jorawar Dhillon
Jorawar Dhillon 7 mesi fa
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Zach:For me personally...
Red Irish Rose
Red Irish Rose 7 mesi fa
If you have ever watched someone smother to death you would quit smoking. Your lungs start healing with in 72 hrs.I used the patch.Get you some chewing gum, hard candy.To help keep down your urge from EATING, if you do gain some weight you can get rid of that to.Good Luck
Maximus Andrew
Maximus Andrew 7 mesi fa
Is jeidels shoe based off arizona ice tea
Basketball Bros
Basketball Bros 7 mesi fa
Moping get tiktoc I will follow
Aaliyah J
Aaliyah J 7 mesi fa
Jesser been lookin kinda cuter not gonna lie 🤔
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 7 mesi fa
Nike is off of any good list, to myself! 🗽🌠I do own a few key pieces, HOWEVER DO TO THE FACT. Traitor is understatement.When wearing what I do own , or would ever purchase❗This position on PULLING THE BETSY ROSS FLAG SHOE, WHEN IT Went over board! 🔴We in our family, have all purchased & owned NIKE PRODUCTS! Being in training in the GYM, working at the gym, All enjoying exercise! I am not a slave...at least not a sports or career.I PUT A STOP TO THIS IN MY CAREER OR SO I THOUGHT in 2004.A MAN BY NAME OF ALMAND, TRIED TO CONTROLL ME FROM GOING TO ANOTHER COMPANY, PROCEEDED TO HAVE ME GANG RAPED & STALKED & SEX TRAFFICKED ! DO TO THE FACT, I BELIEVE IN MEN WHO DIED AND MY FLAG. THIS has bothered me so much , Almost took a pair of scissors to the logo❓In the U.S. WHAT STATE DID YOU SELL YOUR FIRST , APPAREL IN? HOW COULD YOU MAKE ALL THAT MONEY, OFF OF US. THEN BAIL BECAUSE, SOME PANTY WASTE , Gets his feelings hurt? Stop having them made by SLAVE LABORING COUNTRIES....THEN MAYBE, YOU BE WELCOME IN MY LIFE! MERRY CHRISTMAS
iHyperDuck 7 mesi fa
This is my favorite series ever!!! Even from any ITvidr!!!! Please make moreeeee
Eric Schmuecker
Eric Schmuecker 7 mesi fa
Why the fuck is youtube showing this limp life crap. It would be nice to see someone care about content that offers something! Drooling dipshits. Your using up all the good oxygen!.
JuJu3x 7 mesi fa
Why does James always say in every shoe vid “this is my favorite shoe yet”
xPWWxKILLJOY 7 mesi fa
Yo I just had an idea what if you guys put the names of people not in the video on a wheel and spin to pick the judge after painting the shoes 🤔
Michael Williams Jr
Could you help out a family in dire need of help please sir $Jehovahlover
Rafaelkeizr Baldrias
I think Nike Cortez
Cort Cannon
Cort Cannon 7 mesi fa
do all white prestos
BCrocks 232
BCrocks 232 7 mesi fa
ultra boosts would be cool
Sujini Govindarajan
Mopi meany
Bikelife Jay
Bikelife Jay 7 mesi fa
Lil uzi vert
Lil uzi vert 7 mesi fa
Matthew Coutts
Matthew Coutts 7 mesi fa
Why are they low key artists
HavocIsVibin 7 mesi fa
All white prestos for an episode
Oscar Castillo
Oscar Castillo 7 mesi fa
Am I the only one who liked the background with out the black
Andy Agner
Andy Agner 7 mesi fa
I think you should the NMD_R1
Jackson Campbell
you should do the kyrie 6
Anthony Kingsford
the blazer is a skating shoe
Lori Davis
Lori Davis 8 mesi fa
James: January is a bad month Me: That's my birthday month ):
Kyler Summers
Kyler Summers 8 mesi fa
🙏🙏🙏 1:53 🔥💃 19 december? 👇 👇💝
Marc Nathan Malaluan
Pls invite MARKO
Ricardo Banuelos
ivan.d 8 mesi fa
Make 1 hour custom shoes with MARKO and use yeezys
Nikolai Chorbajian
These vids are so interesting to watch
Geage Lorez
Geage Lorez 8 mesi fa
Hunter Thomason
Hunter Thomason 8 mesi fa
Is there any way I could have the pink flower ones
Samir Alimorad
Samir Alimorad 8 mesi fa
Do a competition where u r the judge with someone else
Stopfakinbruh 8 mesi fa
Can you blur out the shoe in the thumb nail
Michael Anderson
I like how Jesse was acting like his was shit, when they were actually fire
Edward Smith
Edward Smith 8 mesi fa
I wouldn't buy a pair of those from a flag shaming company. THEY CAN HAVE THEIR SNEAKERS AND KAPERNAK TOO
Liluzipowell/ RUNnGUN
Go to riveria maya Cancun for a trip
Jay Seow
Jay Seow 8 mesi fa
Whats mitchel's hoodie
Troy M45
Troy M45 8 mesi fa
Killing an elephant if u ride it, why do people ride horses their not made to ride an elephant is a lot stronger it can take a human weight easily
F3aR_WrLD 8 mesi fa
James shoe🔥🔥🔥
Oliver Gray
Oliver Gray 8 mesi fa
Do yeezys and the grinch shoe should of won
Trixpzy 8 mesi fa
Hard rock hotel in Punta Cana or Cancun is so fire
GloSlash 8 mesi fa
I would hate living with Jesse no cap, he seems like an ass, I feel for mopi bruh
Oskar Galvin
Oskar Galvin 8 mesi fa
jiedel shoes be mad fire in this video like damn
Diana Rojas
Diana Rojas 8 mesi fa
I don't watch this at night jiedels face scary
Blake Skaggs
Blake Skaggs 8 mesi fa
Paint vapormax’s if you don’t have any other ideas to paint
Aur Ψ
Aur Ψ 8 mesi fa
Ultra boost!!!
Rishav Singh
Rishav Singh 8 mesi fa
Dude the graphics are making me tear up
luca a
luca a 8 mesi fa
Lucas Z
Lucas Z 8 mesi fa
Dean Alessandra
Dean Alessandra 8 mesi fa
Ben Murgatroyd
Ben Murgatroyd 8 mesi fa
Justin Perez
Justin Perez 8 mesi fa
Jiedel came out Swinging! 👊🏼🔥🔥
Myles Richardson
Roses are red violets are blue i got a like on this video, wait why is it blue
Godservative 8 mesi fa
Shut up and paint
rodrigo ramos
rodrigo ramos 8 mesi fa
Do kyires next pls
Senko Master
Senko Master 8 mesi fa
Post an unedited version of this james like a podcast would be fire
PKB BALLER 8 mesi fa
James shoes. 1. Fire🔥 2.clean asf 3.Dope asf 4.smooth would wear those everyday This is low key my favorite series on ITvid
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 8 mesi fa
Maybe I'm wrong , but do you do anything MANLY ? Cause the enthusiasm level over shoes , seems uhh light in the loafers . You know God is watching u , right ? New green deal , wipes out , all ur fun ! Check out x22report .
Laforce 16
Laforce 16 8 mesi fa
Low key the best so far. You guy SC should do the zoom freaks they are probably one of my fav shoes
Kaitlyn Bui
Kaitlyn Bui 8 mesi fa
Jesse is that type of person where he constantly aggravates someone then when the person gets mad, he wonders why. He must have done something to really trigger him cause it is rare to see Mopi get mad.
Luke Goss
Luke Goss 8 mesi fa
This fr my favorite thing to watch on this channel
Braylon Friason
Braylon Friason 8 mesi fa
I think you should do the yeezy first then The freak zoom 1
Cats Are YES
Cats Are YES 8 mesi fa
The guy in the thumbnail looks like Arnold from “Hey Arnold”.
Charming nowhere to hide
Y’all have to giveaway yeezys when you customize them go shoo
Joanna 8 mesi fa
The shoe painting episodes are my favorite.
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