1 Piece Unsolved in Rubik's Cube (FAIL!)

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18 giu 2021




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Matthew Liu
Matthew Liu Mese fa
sonsuz oyuncu
sonsuz oyuncu 16 ore fa
What is the this music
Roland Avila
Roland Avila Giorno fa
Diretso rgenerous Fabregas scattered scarves 1 scarfs scared as 😗🤨😗🤨😗🤨😗🤨😗🤨😙😗🤨😗🤨😗🤨😗🤨🤔😗🤔😗🤔😙😗🤨😗🤨
ramadhankafaputra putra
@Shido costa wafin flag Edit: waving
ernist Omuraliev
ernist Omuraliev 3 giorni fa
@TheSimonShi нлн
Zainab Al Blooshi
What is his sister doing inhis car 🤔🤔🤔🤔
cr1ptic CS
cr1ptic CS Ora fa
Forbidden zhc
Fox Skinny Legend
U look like alvin and zhc
op003 2 ore fa
This song is lit
Nishanth Padigar
This is now ur most popular video...
your choice
your choice 3 ore fa
Nice video
Happy garden from Arunachal Pradesh
Atmika Dutta
Atmika Dutta 4 ore fa
I like the way he is so polite
N13 4 ore fa
It looks like it's all gonna break if you turn it once
Marlin Pampangbonga
thom .nguyen
thom .nguyen 4 ore fa
It's shape likes Tofu
Gopichand Bhagade
not seen properly make proper.again
Zi Yan Tan
Zi Yan Tan 5 ore fa
Shut up keren this is a sticker
Chanidapa Ruengkam
งง What
Avan_mziri 5 ore fa
yusra yusuf
yusra yusuf 6 ore fa
Thats definitely alvins big brother
Havva Altuntaş
Meenasakthi 4444
Hey this is cheating
Gemna SAGOs -is me- -tui nè- Việt : anh
Rubix 1000x1000 this big
Complex Assault
Finally found the one piece!!!
mufida ardhini
mufida ardhini 10 ore fa
do the white one
Wanerz ThemeVlogs
It’s insane the resemblance of him and Alvin from tasty
Angelton Yabitgam
World of Tanks
World of Tanks 13 ore fa
Какой кринж спрей от еринжа
Vinita Raturi
Vinita Raturi 13 ore fa
What was the meaning
DIMAND M 14 ore fa
Everyone: talking about the music Me who doesn’t care about the video: WHEN I GET OLDER I WILL BE STRONGER
Clip 15 ore fa
951K For what
Hyphen FR
Hyphen FR 17 ore fa
asian lil baby
Illzana Fetahi
Illzana Fetahi 19 ore fa
Red jello
IORI Edits
IORI Edits 19 ore fa
He looks like zhc lol or it's just me ?
Skata100 19 ore fa
Waste of my time
Bob 20 ore fa
you should change the title to "useless vid that nobody wil care about"
Bob 9 ore fa
@Abro Gaming whatever
Abro Gaming
Abro Gaming 9 ore fa
Please dont hate on people for no good reason. A ton of people including myself and a large part of the cuber community enjoy seeing people post showing new/big cubes. This is especially true because ones like these are not super common due to limited brands and prices
Mzdh Mhmd
Mzdh Mhmd 20 ore fa
My eyes being distracted by other unfinished rubic
Flimpeen Flarmpoon
Is that from the 2010 world Cup?
slools KING
slools KING 22 ore fa
موسيقى واثم وكذا يعني... . .
Oriana Cáceres
Oriana Cáceres Giorno fa
Don life of fire
destamana khairul
What this video mean??? For sure i didn’t understand
Vina Amelia
Vina Amelia Giorno fa
Im from indonesia
Vakil Naveed Ahmed
Natasha sohail
Natasha sohail Giorno fa
Can you solve that
imxaqil aqil
imxaqil aqil Giorno fa
Stupid toyplay
AA Collectibles
AA Collectibles Giorno fa
Just so you all know the song is KNANN- Wavin’ Flag
Aesthetic Tea ^_^
Wow u make it by ur self?!
Abro Gaming
Abro Gaming 9 ore fa
No, its a cube that you can find a buy online from certain places. Its a pricy cube tho
hayati ramli
hayati ramli Giorno fa
Kaneki Ken CH
Kaneki Ken CH Giorno fa
what song
Daniel Canhoto
Daniel Canhoto Giorno fa
Que raiva.
Torned Gamerz
Torned Gamerz Giorno fa
กนก กนก
T _ T
Exploring roblox together
Whats this song called
Abro Gaming
Abro Gaming 9 ore fa
@Exploring roblox together np
Exploring roblox together
@Abro Gaming ty
Abro Gaming
Abro Gaming 9 ore fa
Waving Flag
keillys madrid
keillys madrid Giorno fa
M . C
M . C Giorno fa
Yeah you fixed it
d r e a m d i s t u r b e r
I still don’t know what he’s doing in this video. Why does shorts show the same videos over and over!
MegaTrixx .͎̺̝
O cara tá tão sem conteúdo que fez um vídeo colocando uma peça no lugar
eveRYVERSE Giorno fa
This guy looks like Alvin from buzzfeed..
Harry’s secret powder
This guy went from making giant foods to solving giant rubies cubes. Damn
Bilyven Mancha
Bilyven Mancha Giorno fa
Can tell me the song of this video?
Abro Gaming
Abro Gaming 9 ore fa
Waving Flag
Mercedes Coronado
M Zaman
M Zaman Giorno fa
Hilda Laho
Hilda Laho 2 giorni fa
Yellow, Red??
Chhaya Shinde
Chhaya Shinde 2 giorni fa
Song name plzz
Ninh Lê Hiếu
Ninh Lê Hiếu 2 giorni fa
jan cayton
jan cayton 2 giorni fa
karthiyayini easwaran
This guy looks like bootleg Alvin Zhou XDD
Dance by Angel
Dance by Angel 2 giorni fa
Background music is my fav song
아메타 2 giorni fa
OK let's fix this done!
CAPITAL A 2 giorni fa
Dude looks like zhc when you press discard changes to hair
BreadBrothers 2 giorni fa
Aiden Springer
Aiden Springer 2 giorni fa
Ida Yusof
Ida Yusof 2 giorni fa
I dont like the song and I don’t like you
Song name pls
canhão abençoada
canhão abençoada 2 giorni fa
Pascusls Pascuala
Pascusls Pascuala 2 giorni fa
I wanna. Be just like you when i gorw up :>>
Dilan Ramirez
Dilan Ramirez 2 giorni fa
Song please
Mateo Aguilar Sancho
Ay tramposo eso era cierto
Família pet
Família pet 2 giorni fa
name of the song please someone tell me
Abro Gaming
Abro Gaming 9 ore fa
Waving Flag
Antichrist 2 giorni fa
For those who don't get it: basically a green piece was missing which didn't really matter to him cause if you solve 3 sides pretty much the fourth is done automatically or maybe he knew that the missing piece is green there for considered it as green and the comment thought that the white piece was missing or mismatched but it was just a sticker that wasn't obvious from a zoomed out perspective
Bt Kh
Bt Kh 2 giorni fa
Julha grasielly
Julha grasielly 2 giorni fa
coffeebean 2 giorni fa
FuzzyGoBrrr 3 giorni fa
Dude i thought you were Alvin Zhou for a moment
ben serhat
ben serhat 3 giorni fa
starr Boii
starr Boii 3 giorni fa
What is the song name
Fahryza Wijaya
Fahryza Wijaya 3 giorni fa
Sebelum mati freestyl dulu yakan
Rehan Rangkuti
Rehan Rangkuti 3 giorni fa
John mark Agustin
John mark Agustin 3 giorni fa
Lyanna Michael
Lyanna Michael 3 giorni fa
Hmm what Ugly
Lyanna Michael
Lyanna Michael 3 giorni fa
Anguka Ngukatoli
Anguka Ngukatoli 3 giorni fa
Joji Inocencio
Joji Inocencio 3 giorni fa
I like your song
Masarath baig Baig
Masarath baig Baig 3 giorni fa
song name?
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