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a HARDCORE routine, this video is NO JOKE! ♥︎ Do we kill our sixpack or get a killer sixpack with this one? Tell me after those 10min haha! / Werbung

My gosh, we filmed this routine 3x because of several camera errors. My body was shaaaakingggggg.

▸ for lower abs, upper abs \u0026 side abs
▸ advanced level
▸ 100% suitable for men

1. make sure to keep your LOWER BACK flat on the mat. Only lower your legs as far as possible, so your lower back is not lifting off the mat.
2. lay your head on the mat, if that's more comfy. Make sure to still tilt your pelvis \u0026 activate your lower abs if you rest your head.
3. THINK ABOUT YOUR ABS. It's about the mind muscle connection! Lift your legs with the strength of your abs, not your thighs.

This was recorded in Sweden last week :) unfortunately you can’t see anything of the landscape because all of those takes had errors :( But on a positive note: The lighting in this Swedish gym made my abs pop haha!!!


No Equipment necessary, no breaks and not much space needed :) If you need a break tho - take it! Just don't quit!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.

▸ I offer FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel \u0026 in my Pam App.
30min, 45min Weights / Sweaty / Slow, Beginner Friendly, 60min Hardcore \u0026 a Dance Plan. Updated every Sunday.

➞ my Pam App ♥︎ Free workout plans, recipes \u0026 tips:
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➞ Instagram instagram.com/pamela_rf/
use if you want me to see your workout pics and videos!


▸ You can always find ALL SONGS in my workout playlist. I update it weekly \u0026 it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. Ofenbach - Be Mine
2. Galantis - No Money
3. Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato - Solo
4. Galantis x David Guetta x Little Mix - Heartbreak Anthem


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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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22 giu 2021




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Commenti 0
Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif Mese fa
Don't be fooled by me struggling - we had to film it 3x in a row!!! 😂 = it's hard, but don't be toooooooo scared!
Devyani Kulkarni
🤩🤩Felt best after trying this workout
Jullie Yao
Jullie Yao 2 giorni fa
Damn, I can't even do this straight once.
Amin_hd 4 giorni fa
☇Join my arm and abs challenge 💪😉
Max Müller
Max Müller 10 giorni fa
Are you an Alien? 😂 I am completely destroyed 🙈
Michelle wang
Michelle wang 10 giorni fa
binuka tamang
binuka tamang 10 ore fa
After her 15min ab challenge this feels quite easy
Cami Diaz
Cami Diaz 11 ore fa
Alguien sabe aprox cuántas calorías quema este ejercicio?
xAqliyah 19 ore fa
Day 1: I was dead, it killed mr so much I had sooo many breaks, however I did it, feeling very proud 🥲 Day 2: It was very hard, but easier then yesterday. I think I was in the same “skill level” however I could hold my abs lower which as a relief. I keep telling myself it’s only for me 10 minute and this is why Pam is amazing
deleted 20 ore fa
I need "killer sixpack part 2!!!!!" It's the best workout ever!!!
Melly Jelly Jubb
super back pain man!
Ines avenue
Ines avenue Giorno fa
My abs are burning... LOVE IT!
yLight_ Giorno fa
This is a leg workout for me , not abs 😂
dodger Giorno fa
Wondering if I can do it like how Pam said: never putting the legs down 🤯.
Peter Arispe
Peter Arispe Giorno fa
The fact that your feet never touched the floor is beyond impressive! 👍🏽
alexis Giorno fa
Been doing this for a month 5x a week and I'm having a line in the middle of my stomach
☆aesthetic hobbledehoy☆
Really ,Congrats . I also want the line
Stefanie Nici
Stefanie Nici 2 giorni fa
That was great!
Ioanna Anagnostopoulou
Call me crazy but it's my fav workout I love you Pam ❤
Strike11 2 giorni fa
Bruh my floor feeling lonely without my legs ever touching them for 10 mims
S Kv
S Kv 2 giorni fa
Thank you. Love this workout. Yours are my favourite ab ones. Just wondered... any chance you could use some sort of SFX to indicate a switch of direction/leg/side please? I like that your workouts don't have breaks, but I find it hard to pay attention to if there's going to be a switch of side within the allotted set time or if you will do the other side later on. I usually can't focus on screen during abs ones due to the pain in the neck.
Nur Nuri
Nur Nuri 2 giorni fa
😰😰😰 ... but,, Insha-ALLAH will try
Celina 2 giorni fa
Das ist ja wohl mal das härteste Ausdauer Video von dir !!! Oh mein Gott… es tut mir leid Pam, aber ich musste zwischendurch paar Sekunden Pause machen… meine Herzfrequenz war bei 190!!!!! Aber ich werde üben, bis ich es durchziehe 💪🏻
Ramarolahy 2 giorni fa
My problem is that I cannot keep my lower back on the ground. So, my back hurt to early, before even my abs get sore. I don't know where to start
Ramarolahy 2 giorni fa
@Lizzy McNevin Thank you. I will try that.
Lizzy McNevin
Lizzy McNevin 2 giorni fa
if at ALL possible, make adjustments so your lower back does stay in the ground. For example, for the ab holds, hold your legs higher and bend your knees, for the pam knives and scissor kicks, also don't let your legs go low or fully straight. This will allow your abs to gain strength without hurting your lower back. However if your lower back STILL hurts even with those modifications, there are videos aimed at ab workouts with no lower back strain, so start there! OR ALSO OF COURSE see a trainer or physical therapist :)
Caterina Messa
Caterina Messa 2 giorni fa
My favourite 😊
Gopika Suresh
Gopika Suresh 3 giorni fa
While doing the workout Pam: looking good Me: looking like I am going to explode and the plank seems like the easiest thing in the whole workout.
Astrid Eyre
Astrid Eyre 3 giorni fa
Me: I do the 6pack workout, how hard can this be? Pam: Cross Knee + Shoot Out? Me: *dies* P.s. I still ♡ it !
Sellam Vanthana
Sellam Vanthana 3 giorni fa
I agree with everyone .plank feels like heaven
Bambi Darling
Bambi Darling 3 giorni fa
Thank you girl your workouts are the best 👍💋
ate arl
ate arl 3 giorni fa
I've gotta try this one, I'm gonna challenge myself if I'm able to finish this video or meet the plank😅🤣
ate arl
ate arl 12 ore fa
Gosh! it's very hard! i can't finish this one if I ain't gonna pause it for a while. Well, at least I met the Plank😅😂😂😂
Ana G
Ana G 3 giorni fa
Shania darrington
Shania darrington 3 giorni fa
I'm so proud of myself I did it! Normally ill watch a 10min workout vid and ill stop at 3mins i didn't give up this time!
Michaela Mičková
Michaela Mičková 3 giorni fa
Day 1: ✅, but I didn't do one or two exercises and some of them I did shoddily, but I'll try continue Day 2: I did a different workout, sorry Day 3: ✅ Shoddily, but done.
aannii_ pp
aannii_ pp 3 giorni fa
This plank in the end is like a break 😍😂
V O 3 giorni fa
After how many days will the 6 pack be visible to us ?🥲
Lola Melnic
Lola Melnic 3 giorni fa
It's the fact that she went right into the workout for me
HiddieN 3 giorni fa
If ur male and wondering "why cant i make this when i already have six pack?". Here is solution for you: Have less than 55kg and u will be able to do it.
Isabell Bohm
Isabell Bohm 3 giorni fa
it kills me and i LOVE it
Kimberly呀 3 giorni fa
I‘m so dead… This is a real killer🥵
Positions Queen
Positions Queen 3 giorni fa
I’m sorry but am I the only one that didn’t find this hard at all?😭
Positions Queen
Positions Queen Giorno fa
@dodger yeah of course but it wasn’t THAT hard. I mean from the tittle I expected more
dodger Giorno fa
It’s challenging if you Never put your legs down.
Nipuna 3 giorni fa
I was super hard but but but....I did the whole workout without taking a break 😏😚😎💪 boiii I'm strong 💪😎
Maria Pepenar
Maria Pepenar 4 giorni fa
My lower back kept arching, what should i do to keep it on the ground?
Maria Pepenar
Maria Pepenar 2 giorni fa
@Juli thanks, i'll try
Juli 2 giorni fa
Try to really think of your abs and back and if that doesn't work, raise your legs a bit. You'll improve by time!
Amin_hd 4 giorni fa
☇Join my arm and abs challenge 💪😉
Sellam Vanthana
Sellam Vanthana 4 giorni fa
Gosh! I thought 'lower abs' was a hard workout but "killer six-pack" was on a whole new level.And I'm seeing my ab lines .thank you Pam.😘😘
Khadijah Mawaddah
Khadijah Mawaddah 4 giorni fa
My back keeps arch up even though i tighten my core when doing the floor workouts, anybody know what should i do?
Lim Lim
Lim Lim 4 giorni fa
POV: youre tryna lose weight/get toned and ur 6 mins into it, then u are thinking of giving up, then u think of why u started
_Anonimx Yuuh-_
_Anonimx Yuuh-_ 4 giorni fa
Só de ver meu abdômen queimou.
YP zhu
YP zhu 4 giorni fa
Truth of Tarot
Truth of Tarot 4 giorni fa
This works, 10 days straight, dropped 2 inches off waist. Good luck to us ALL.
Ximena Garcia
Ximena Garcia 4 giorni fa
Pamela, your workouts are the best on ITvid! ❤️
alpakalove 4 giorni fa
Omg this was sooooo good
sophie 4 giorni fa
love it😍
Yoga mit Lau
Yoga mit Lau 4 giorni fa
I did the abs & fat burn and I was DONE and know I did this one and I‘m DEAD but so freaking proud that I made it
niki 5 giorni fa
Hard as f but feels so good
anny chua92
anny chua92 5 giorni fa
My neck hurts so much 😭
Heymama 5 giorni fa
I’m dead
Larizsea 5 giorni fa
I hated this so much.
Josefine Gosch
Josefine Gosch 5 giorni fa
I really don't want to do this
Josefine Gosch
Josefine Gosch 5 giorni fa
ugh that was hard..I almost started crying half through but considering I didn't trained my abs in a month that was really good! Reminder to anyone: u can do it just believe in yourself and think about your goal!
Uncle Chinsyou
Uncle Chinsyou 5 giorni fa
Who else is doing the workouts but not eating healthy?! 😀 😂 😀
Ariel A
Ariel A 5 giorni fa
I think Pam is CGI she cannot be a real human
Keagan stapley
Keagan stapley 5 giorni fa
This was killer! Even got a sweat going!
Ana Gema Cerda Baltodano
I love you pameee. You make me cry with this exercise :") ♡♡♡
Jojoxo _
Jojoxo _ 5 giorni fa
honestly i loved the kind of burn I felt while doing this! Tho idk why. Thanks Pam
Vicky 5 giorni fa
Termine, internada pero termine xd
Khushi Sachdeva
Khushi Sachdeva 5 giorni fa
I did this workout without taking a break and without resting my legs
Lacey Turner
Lacey Turner 6 giorni fa
I did the plank in the proper position for the full 30 seconds I used to only hold a proper plank for the last 5 seconds but I did it all today
嘉怡jiayiii 6 giorni fa
I was going so low on the ab hold that my legs are on the floor
Low YuThong
Low YuThong 6 giorni fa
i feel like i cracked my abs
Tamanna Edwards
Tamanna Edwards 6 giorni fa
Does anyones back ache post these exercises? I feel like my core is weak - does anyone have any exercise (youtube or otherwise) recommendations? Pam, please do some core exercises workout videos too. Thank you, your videos are great!
me 6 giorni fa
1. pelvic tilt + knee lifts 2. cross knee + shoot out L 3. cross knee + leg lift L 4. pam knife + floor touch 5. cross knee + shoot out R 6. cross knee + leg lift R 7. dennis knife + clap 8. v-sit up 5 - 5 9. lifted ab hold 10. reverse crunch, 1-leg drop 11. reverse crunch halo 12. straight leg bicycle 13. starfish + pam knife 14. ab hold 15. scissor kicks 16. lifted ab hold 17. reach out + tuck in 18. ab hold 19. plank DONEE!!
Mayumi Nakamurah
Mayumi Nakamurah 6 giorni fa
Hello, is anyone still alive?
Sandra Eilertsen
Sandra Eilertsen 6 giorni fa
Just me Who dosent think this was so hard?
enchanted dreams
enchanted dreams 6 giorni fa
Margaux HEMONO
Margaux HEMONO 6 giorni fa
Gosh... My neck 😬😬
Eloise hoarau
Eloise hoarau 6 giorni fa
It works a lot … amazing job 👏
wen dy
wen dy 6 giorni fa
Sis this is not a workout this is torture
Jacqueline Stuart
Jacqueline Stuart 6 giorni fa
This was brutal I loved it!
ln1 lne
ln1 lne 7 giorni fa
What did I just did
Sshaw JBiebz
Sshaw JBiebz 7 giorni fa
Oh shit i can die by doing this🥵😖 Edit : since the first time I did this, it's been two days since, I had trouble moving, my back hurts, my stomach and my neck hurts too, it's hard to even turn around in bed. I can't even crack my neck😭😭😭 but when it heals i will do this again...
Elizabeth Triggs
Elizabeth Triggs 7 giorni fa
sometimes I wonder if Pamela is actually a robot ..she's a beast to say the least...
Amanda 7 giorni fa
Do other ab work outs even count after this??
Lara abdulghani
Lara abdulghani 7 giorni fa
I want like this abs i got this i will see this abs, i got this! I support myself 🤣😍
Mylord 6 giorni fa
you really got this! I'm also supporting you
ItsIreneSoul 7 giorni fa
Me before this workout: I hate bicycle abs Me after this workout: Bicycle abs is my friend
Jess K
Jess K 7 giorni fa
After 6 days of doing this, I managed to do almost 5 minutes without stopping. I couldn’t even do one minute when I first started. Don’t give up!
Lily 7 giorni fa
Trying to do this workout Everyday! Day 1: This workout was extremely difficult, but I got through it. I definitely had to take breaks 😅. My ab holds we’re horrendous but hopefully they get better :) Day 2: I’d like to believe I did better today, but I think my “skill level” was pretty much the same as yesterday, except for my ab holds, they were a bit better today :). Day 3: Today was a bit more challenging (considering my “abs” were sore), but I’m very glad I did it :). Day 4: So I’m glad I did the workout, but I can’t tell if it went well or not 🤷🏽‍♀️. Day 5: Today was great! I got through the workout and my ab holds we’re lower! Day 6: Well I fully finished the workout, but I had a LOT of distractions so I got more breaks :).
Nikki Kreuk
Nikki Kreuk Giorno fa
you're doing great!
Mahreema Jannat
Mahreema Jannat 4 giorni fa
Keep going!! I tried doing it as well, but after the first day my abs felt sore the next day😅.
Loliena Del Pilar Medina Escobar
I loved it🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💯
anisha patil
anisha patil 7 giorni fa
This is great 💪🥵
Sanni Viklund
Sanni Viklund 8 giorni fa
I’ve never hurted this bad in my abs!!!
Dean Wu
Dean Wu 8 giorni fa
my first workout by Pam -- it was really good (the burn!!!) and i enjoyed it a lot - keep up the great work!! :D
S W 8 giorni fa
The music is so motivated. I love it. It makes everything easier.
Ayjan Annageldiyeva
How to fix the arching back while an ab workout? I can't fix it even though I engage my core
The Doggo Life
The Doggo Life 4 giorni fa
What might help (when doing ab holds specifically) is to keep your legs up higher. The lower your legs are to the mat/floor, the harder it will be to keep your back on the ground. Hope this helps! :)
The Doggo Life
The Doggo Life 8 giorni fa
I love this ab workout sm! I did for the first time 2 days ago and my abs are still sore 😮. Just proves how well it activates your core!
Ildikó Dóber
Ildikó Dóber 8 giorni fa
Literally the best musics that could be matched
Sayuri Hajima
Sayuri Hajima 8 giorni fa
Her abs is getting much more beautiful compared to a year ago :)) Thank you so much Pamela.
Bajoan 8 giorni fa
Tryna get back into abs didnt read the title proplely ahhaha
Kara Bradbury
Kara Bradbury 8 giorni fa
This is one of the HARDEST ab workouts I have ever done!! I’m definitely going to be sore!! Awesome work guys!!
spongebob 8 giorni fa
Well damn
hl _nguyen44
hl _nguyen44 9 giorni fa
The exercises are so creative lol :) and hard :(
Max B
Max B 9 giorni fa
Max was here
Alexandra K.
Alexandra K. 9 giorni fa
Mega workout!! Aber Dennis was ist das für ein Videoschnitt 😄
Martha Niehoff
Martha Niehoff 9 giorni fa
I really admire the people that clicked on this video to actually do the workout. Meanwhile I just clicked on it sp watch the workout and read the comments lmao.
Milla Hahn
Milla Hahn 9 giorni fa
Ich mache das Workout jetzt erst seit ein paar tagen und sehe jetzt schon ein Unterschied ;) Danke Pamela und das auch noch kostenlos !!
Ntami Eborty
Ntami Eborty 9 giorni fa
I was just going to ask for the playlist, then I saw it in the description box. Thank you 🥰
Isabel C.M
Isabel C.M 9 giorni fa
that playlist!! fab!
Kosta Plays
Kosta Plays 9 giorni fa
This is the one... This is the one where pam will kill me.
Chat Blanc
Chat Blanc 10 giorni fa
First time with this one today, holy crap!! Can’t wait to do it again soon!
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