10 Moments that won the Premier League title

Liverpool FC
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From Fabinho's stunner against Man City to a statement victory against Man Utd, enjoy the 10 moments that saw Liverpool crowned champions of England for the 19th time.
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26 giu 2020




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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC 4 mesi fa
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Lutchdomanen Groomupadiachy Kevin
Another spell for Coutinho
mina jama
mina jama 3 mesi fa
we are the champions after 30 good years what could be more happier than that
Fernando Iniesta
@MANCS ISHOTRED more titles than untd ...more European cups/ucls than yous
Stelios Tokatlidis
What was it that you did not like of my greek subs?
Mary Dahm
Mary Dahm 4 mesi fa
So happy for you all! Congrats being the champions of the League! Love from South Carolina, USA. ❤️
Βαγγελης Καφετζιδης
Amazing video!!!
Ора Ораз
Ора Ораз 15 giorni fa
liverpoll super любойын айырады 🤚
Vishnu Shivanand
Vishnu Shivanand 16 giorni fa
Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Flammen Official
Flammen Official 18 giorni fa
compare 2:58 with 3:16... how uninspired Martin Tyler is when we score against United.. clearly a closet Utd fan
Matthew Schlosberg
Matthew Schlosberg 22 giorni fa
moment no.11, paying var
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell 23 giorni fa
They better believe us now
Chellé B
Chellé B 24 giorni fa
Overlimit3 19 giorni fa
You play fortnite you have no right to talk
Chellé B
Chellé B 24 giorni fa
Sham SZN you have SZN in your name 😂😂😂😂😂
burrell dxn
burrell dxn 24 giorni fa
shut up fortnite kid
Jared Momanyi
Jared Momanyi 26 giorni fa
Nobody has any idea how much i keep watching this. The best moment for me was the Day Milner saved us at the goal line. i knew will win it
masere 28 giorni fa
All us Liverpool fans gutted at the end of the Wolves game - little knowing in just 3 weeks we would be celebrating number 6.
sheikh247 28 giorni fa
From doubters to believer's 💯
Pascal Jean
Pascal Jean 29 giorni fa
If i I can die peacefully
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown 29 giorni fa
I wish Lallana hadn’t been injured so much coz when he was fit & playing he was a brilliant player he achieved a lot with Liverpool & when he left for Brighton at the end of the season he could leave with his head up high! 👍🏾
Tottenham Fan Express
Where is trents handball vs Man City twice that definitely helped
naveen nayak
naveen nayak Mese fa
Klopp .... Is a diamond.......for Liverpool
gharqad Mese fa
Am I the only one who hates the way this video is edited so that you can't actually enjoy (or even understand) any of the goals? They're all chopped up into a kinetic jumble of multi-directional, over-edited, formless noise. There's not one single beautiful team move or individual moment that can actually be appreciated in this video - I've seen the goals enough times that I know which ones are being mangled, and I can remember how good they were - but why mangle them like this? Such a shame.
One Design
One Design Mese fa
Anfield roar, jurgen & peter krawietz's celebrations, iconic
Simply de best team in the world.....ynwa
Jonathan Gadzini
I’ve seen Divock get hit from behind at Old Trafford at least 40x (and at half-speed) NO FOOTBALLER IN HISTORY HAS EVER TAKEN THAT BALL AND PLAYED IT. Anyway, Atkinson cost the Reds a 24 win streak and place in history for decades to come.
chelsea blood1905
9 out of the 10 moments r VAR related. VAR got Lfc title, it's all fixed.
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh 9 giorni fa
No it’s not
Eoin Healy
Eoin Healy Mese fa
There’s no 2 ways about it, that Leicester game was our best and the decider, it was done after that
Ifedayo O
Ifedayo O Mese fa
it’s not a Liverpool game unless you have anxiety😭😭
Ray Dignam
Ray Dignam Mese fa
I wonder what the 10 moments will be next year for us winning the league.Because i have no doubt we are going to defend our title,up the Champions.The Super Reds
carl worrall
carl worrall Mese fa
this virus has kept us apart but the love for our team will always be there
Bari Izlam
Bari Izlam Mese fa
I love this team!!! Absolutely a wonder to watch them win the title the way they did!! Hats off boys!! YNWA!!!
peng chin
peng chin Mese fa
5:51 what bgm?
Chris Parry
Chris Parry Mese fa
Shane Canning
Liverpool rule best club best fans
Anonymous Mese fa
This Robertson kid man 🤩
Racing Red
Racing Red Mese fa
Yeah it was a great and beautiful season but it still hurts a little bit that Liverpool gave away the unbeaten run so limply. Losing to that shitty Watford of all teams ffs. Every time when I think about that I just wanna break something. But anyway, Up the Reds!
Sara Cook
Sara Cook Mese fa
this video just give me goosebump
Bp - Akuma
Bp - Akuma Mese fa
Judulnya bahasa indonesia?
I’ve watched this video about 50 times now, no exaggeration
Mohd Ridhwan Rosman
Wow. What a season indeed!!!!!!
lazylad 90
lazylad 90 Mese fa
Singing to the mancs we're going to win the league, and now your going believe us. Absolutely priceless 👍👍😀
Vijay Siddharth
2:30 wow
PGHEWrexham Mese fa
1. VAR
Albert joe francy
To all my fellow Liverpool supporters , klopp era is the best era we have in a very long time I'm not sure we can get a better manager , so enjoy this moments it may come only once in our life
Drilon Maloku
A season that liverpool will never forget YNWA 🔴🔴🔴
Shahman Basheer
This is soo emotional
EFHD Mese fa
Chelsea 2-1 Man City???? 😂🤣
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown Mese fa
Teams can’t do it like Liverpool F.C............................... the RED Army Keeps Marching ON!!!! 👍🏾❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💯💯💯💯💯
Dean Rav
Dean Rav Mese fa
going the first game with me dad in 2001 then every game from 2005 home and away, its been a journey to remember, and I could not imagine not celebrating it with your father!! r.i.p YNWA
Gabriel Gonçalves
Por mais vídeos legendados! Sou brasileiro e sou torcedor dos Reds, vamos em busca do Bi XD
Edmund Power
Edmund Power Mese fa
Sheffield United away should have been here instead of United away. Just because its United you had to include it and it was only a point
ebere ogbuka
ebere ogbuka 2 mesi fa
The Passion at 5:35 gave me goosebumps !
G 2 mesi fa
🇧🇷 ❤️ Liverpool
HRPM Projects
HRPM Projects 2 mesi fa
I've seen some great Liverpool side over the years..but this team is ridiculously relentless..they don't let you breathe and go they...they go and they go again. champions league loss to madrid..comeback next year win it...miss out on title..come back the following year to win it..MENTALITY GIANTS!
Georgina Skelton
watching this whilst shitting myself knowing chelsea are signing players :/
محمد بو جاسم
We are liverpool
saugat basnet
saugat basnet 2 mesi fa
The clearance of james Milner against bournmouth was vital too if he haven't done that we easily have drawn at anfield..
Eirfan EHTV
Eirfan EHTV 2 mesi fa
Come on Wilfried Bony
stevendchu 2 mesi fa
4:40 I'm here after Bernardo got triggered about being knocked out of the CL quarters (AGAIN) and decided to whine on Twitter
gregorius maria Wibiksono
THANX KLOPP for LFC's new great history
No chelski games....yeah they are easy but still..... And to Mancs we won the league and better get used to it....
Brizzy Oz
Brizzy Oz 2 mesi fa
I think Klopp headed the ball in for Salah.
Hollywood 1892
Hollywood 1892 2 mesi fa
Klopp doesn't care about Brendan Rodgers 🤭
Hugh Coulter
Hugh Coulter 2 mesi fa
The look on peps face is like oh no here we go again....
HakimSim 2 mesi fa
Good lord look at the lead up to the last goal against palace 08:52, that is world class
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins 2 mesi fa
Bread and circus....so sad....😭😭
rudi kurniawan
rudi kurniawan 2 mesi fa
god, i love this club. and great great thanks to the video editor for making this masterpiece !
zhamsaran suren
zhamsaran suren 2 mesi fa
Спасибо команде за сезон это было невероятно 👌
sally 2 mesi fa
You are the best, you are the most wonderful. I am your Arab fan, and I will be a big fan of Liverpool. I love you so much
luvsk8r 2 mesi fa
suriya.chang@gmail.com suyaroenkaew
He to be Fighter's Blood from William Wallace.
Favs 2 mesi fa
If Liverpool think they will retain the title with the current squad and a few new younger players, they are kidding. The two Manchester clubs and Chelsea are buying topline players and we are not.
Marvelous Mike
Marvelous Mike 2 mesi fa
2:03 that woman doesn't know wth is going on
Still in Progress
When James Milner eventually retires from LFC at the age of 86, football will cease to exist.
Juergun Magerkinsquirter
And he will still be better and fitter than most other players lol
komar chucky
komar chucky 2 mesi fa
Epic season.
vERT1g0 2 mesi fa
Milner's penalty technique+runup is an absolute msterclass. Perfect.
boupap 2 mesi fa
Θεός ο Έλληνας μεταφραστής!
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh 2 mesi fa
As for transfers to come in with the way are spending philosophy is I'd seriously consider bringing Saint maximan in quality player only 21 very impressed with him at Newcastle
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh 2 mesi fa
Over the years there have been so many players who have been talked about of being the next viera but looking at fabinho he's actually the only one I've thought that has so many traits that viera had.
James Agnew
James Agnew 2 mesi fa
That's right how liverpool won the league not handed the league like up in Scotland
George R Gillies
Each moment on this video is incredible but I really wish they included Milner's superb goal-line clearance against Bournemouth..
Nikhil Manhas
Nikhil Manhas 2 mesi fa
Vivaldi at 5:20 killed me, what is this team
Jake Howie
Jake Howie 2 mesi fa
My first time watching liverpool win the league after supporting the club for 20 years.
ጨረቃ tube
ጨረቃ tube 2 mesi fa
Thanks liverpool
Lefså 2 mesi fa
best edit so far, thanks!
One like ynwa ❤️
FrankKk Bard0n
FrankKk Bard0n 3 mesi fa
The goal that klopps mention was really absurd, Arnold and robertson are just amazing when they with each other side to side. I feel its a little unfair that the puskas awards it´s always for an individual merit in goals, that one deserved an award, but collectively
Naim Mashud
Naim Mashud 3 mesi fa
good season,,YNWA
JM Y 3 mesi fa
Really nice editing and love the chapter titles. Such a masterpiece
Peter Paulina
Peter Paulina 3 mesi fa
Er wurde in Deutschland king Klopp genannt , zurecht. Jetzt ist er in Liverpool eine Legende. Es freut mich für kloppo , er ist ein Arbeiter und vor allem liebt er den Fußball und liverpool hat den Titel hoch verdient , eigentlich schon letztes jahr😉
DWsMatos 3 mesi fa
"And the winner of 2020 Ballon d'Or is...:" Liverpool FC!
Bosko Markoski
Bosko Markoski 3 mesi fa
Magic in Motion. Many more great memories will be created by the Red's. Looking forward to the Journey with Liverpool. YNWA From Melbourne Australia.
Robbie Jurca
Robbie Jurca 3 mesi fa
Tell your children we've seen it all, tell your children! History mate
arijit mukherjee
Love fabinho's reaction after bobby scored against wolves!
Akmal Rodzi
Akmal Rodzi 3 mesi fa
that win against City really broke them, never the same after that
Aaron W
Aaron W 3 mesi fa
This got me weeping. 30 years is a long wait.
Joshua Draper
Joshua Draper 3 mesi fa
What an amazing season. Klop said he would do it in 4 years and congratulations we now hold the trophy. Many many seasons and now we have it once again COME ON YOU READS let’s get it 2 years in a row
Diego Rossi
Diego Rossi 3 mesi fa
5:21 music?
a human
a human 3 mesi fa
salah goal vs man U is legendary. so is the man city goal with trent and robertson
Samuel Idan
Samuel Idan 3 mesi fa
My best game....against Aston Villa
Snoop & Fury
Snoop & Fury 3 mesi fa
Chef's table background score. Perfectly matches the video. It's a masterpiece
nongkrong malam
nongkrong malam 3 mesi fa
banyak penggemar dari indonesia makanya bahasa indonesia subtitlenya
Thom 3 mesi fa
4:44 That is absolutely the anti-Guardiola goal. Kryptonite.
Matt Majcan
Matt Majcan 3 mesi fa
i didnt watch yet but Laporte getting injured should be on here
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