10 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Showed Who Is The Boss

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31 gen 2019




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Commenti 1 904
henno van damme
lost from ajax amsterdam
Jane Badabiang Dkhar
Ronaldo is slaying till date #CR7 the best of all time😍
Dutch Ghost
Dutch Ghost Giorno fa
Couldnt beat us. Took his crown back with us to Amsterdam.. AJAX!!
Fahim Boukahel
Fahim Boukahel Giorno fa
Please subscribe to my channel 🙈❤😚😍 itvid.net/video/video-noroOufeUyU.html
young GUN
young GUN Giorno fa
Biggest punce ever
Cinek Giorno fa
xd this is video is joke
nomar Dinkleberg
Hahahaah afca Ajax
Badu Catalin
Badu Catalin Giorno fa
Ez 4 Ajax
Shubham Vichare
Shubham Vichare Giorno fa
He work so hard
Gyula Lapp
Gyula Lapp 2 giorni fa
Who's here after Ajax trashed Juventus in Turin? xDD
Sólyom Sam
Sólyom Sam 2 giorni fa
The boss is out of the Champions League now. Ajax has made it.:)
Hania Khan
Hania Khan 2 giorni fa
Yeah but AJAX....
Safina Ghulam
Safina Ghulam 2 giorni fa
Why did you not show the comeback against ajax...oh wait
BUZZ ! 2 giorni fa
Juve (2)-Ajax (3)
Manjeet Kumar
Manjeet Kumar 2 giorni fa
Messi better than ronaldo
Hijikata Yukihira
Hijikata Yukihira 2 giorni fa
Tiny portion of Ronaldo's tricks and badass aura
Saseta Tetseo
Saseta Tetseo 2 giorni fa
We all know Ronaldo is better than messi. 😊
Saseta Tetseo
Saseta Tetseo Giorno fa
+Yazan Callas Messi is amazing at dribbling but Ronaldo is the best finisher and great at dribbling too. Coming from Ronaldo fan 😊
Yazan Callas
Yazan Callas Giorno fa
Saseta Tetseo both are amazing players. Coming from a messi fan.
Roshan Mishra
Roshan Mishra 2 giorni fa
Respect 🙏🙏🙏
Jovenson Vaz
Jovenson Vaz 2 giorni fa
CR7- god of football
Martins's Entertainment
Sorry Messi fans but Ronaldo is way better, he's got the real skill and style
Aditya Tech Tips
Aditya Tech Tips 2 giorni fa
This number '7' I think only our Indians can understand
Virtual Gaming
Virtual Gaming Giorno fa
Bhaii background song ka name bta do, bahut jagah poocha h, dhoonda h but mila nhi,
Ayushman Raj
Ayushman Raj 2 giorni fa
Ronaldo is bettee than messi 😜😜
aziz gueye
aziz gueye 3 giorni fa
J'aime beaucoup Ronaldo le boss du football 😎
SirRiffsAlot 3 giorni fa
05:08 Not to be a dick but he shot that straight at the wall. If that chickenshit of a defender hadn't dodged it it would have bounced right back in his face, lol. Messi is the man, as he doesn't go around calling himself the world's best ever, unlike this guy.
Tropic HD
Tropic HD 3 giorni fa
Well Serbia showed him how it is played.He faked being injured because he could not pass Serbia's defence.
Expert77 77
Expert77 77 3 giorni fa
Cristiano Ronaldo best of the best💪⚽️ itvid.net/video/video-vLnIvYk8yds.html👈
Expert77 77
Expert77 77 3 giorni fa
Cristiano Ronaldo best of the best💪⚽️ itvid.net/video/video-vLnIvYk8yds.html👈
GAMEKHED 3 giorni fa
Fifa or PES?
Wmunguia 3 giorni fa
Everyone forgets that it was Marcelo’s celebration, it was never Messi’s.
Caitlin Campbell
Caitlin Campbell 4 giorni fa
That man is a fucking god
Viren Singh
Viren Singh 4 giorni fa
cr7 header faster than a snake bite.......
amr amr
amr amr 5 giorni fa
at this match mohamed salah was subbed immediately after his goal whilst ronaldo stayed till the end
Sosa Baby
Sosa Baby 4 giorni fa
SALAH couldnt clean Ronaldos boots
Pankash Longjam
Pankash Longjam 5 giorni fa
Can't wait to see juventus vs barcelona
s. s
s. s 6 giorni fa
waleed syt
waleed syt 6 giorni fa
Heroic Miquio
Heroic Miquio 6 giorni fa
Cristiano Ronaldo the BEST PLAYER SPAIN EVER SEE/HAD, Better then any Spanisch Player ever Play in Spain...
Jonathan wheeldon
Jonathan wheeldon 6 giorni fa
Prefer Messi myself but one thing you have to say about Ronny is he's the best header of a ball I've ever witnessed
Marco L'allarme
Marco L'allarme 7 giorni fa
not him
Maus 8 giorni fa
His arms are so skinny the fuck
Pauliteiro77 8 giorni fa
Match contre Hibrahimovitch Zlatan? Match contre Espagne en coupe du monde?
Movie Master
Movie Master 9 giorni fa
Your all videos are so good
Kévin Allan Cedillo Koenigsegg.
*≈CR7!!]°››Simpplementte:Es un monstruo:Y un depredador,el. Mejor,jugador...En la actualidad...(🔰⭐🌟✨🌟⭐).
Christian Pérez
Christian Pérez 11 giorni fa
Messi is better
Sahab Amini
Sahab Amini 11 giorni fa
He is the big boss❤❤❤tanks for Cool video.❤❤❤😇😇😇
GamenMet Semih
GamenMet Semih 11 giorni fa
Pause on 5:34 if you saw that guy to? With that middelfingers to ronaldo lol!
Aman Ullah
Aman Ullah 11 giorni fa
Miss you king
Aaron Ahsan
Aaron Ahsan 11 giorni fa
Sadeddin Huseyinov
Sadeddin Huseyinov 11 giorni fa
Futbolun şah əsərdir Ronaldo Ronaldo futbolun şah əsərdir
Akshat Surati
Akshat Surati 11 giorni fa
The Real GOAT
de1337er 12 giorni fa
11. im the best
Brenda Gonzalez
Brenda Gonzalez 12 giorni fa
En tu cara Messi cristiano humillándote, cristiano es el verdadero rey
Puneeth BM
Puneeth BM 13 giorni fa
King 👑 Ronaldo 😘😘
hamza cr7
hamza cr7 13 giorni fa
The Boss
Petto Ascencio
Petto Ascencio 13 giorni fa
es el mejor del mundo ok.....
fatima's creations
fatima's creations 14 giorni fa
messi is trash and Ronaldo is the best
Dancing Bear
Dancing Bear 15 giorni fa
CR7 is the end boss of Super Mario Kart!
Mirabbos Usmonov
Mirabbos Usmonov 15 giorni fa
The guy who made this video clearly hates Messi and is a big fan of C.Ronaldo. WP tho
Mohammad Meelad
Mohammad Meelad 15 giorni fa
Wrong title
Tiernan Morrissey
Tiernan Morrissey 16 giorni fa
Messi is better but not by much but everyone should agree that they are the two best who ever lived
Ortega family
Ortega family 16 giorni fa
Man Barcelona don't applaud to ronaldo
Platinum Sam
Platinum Sam 16 giorni fa
Cr7 is the Boss, Messi is only a useless dwarf!👎🏼
Doyko Doykov
Doyko Doykov 16 giorni fa
Jordan Wolfhard
Jordan Wolfhard 16 giorni fa
Hes Always Boss 😎
A T 17 giorni fa
Beautiful goal 🥅 at the end, just 5 seconds commmoon
BaitBusters Fishing
BaitBusters Fishing 19 giorni fa
sheer awesomeness in every second. great vid!
Pertti Persereikä
Pertti Persereikä 19 giorni fa
He is 3rd best of all time.
Joseph Colella
Joseph Colella 19 giorni fa
Amazing player
Hashim Khan
Hashim Khan 20 giorni fa
Omid  Azimi
Omid Azimi 20 giorni fa
the last clip just showes how much passion Italians have for Football. Even if you score against the club they would die for, they acknowledge and show respect for a magnificent goal.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 20 giorni fa
What a crazy human being. For me the best player ever.
Anderson Castellano-Staib
Oh I forgot, this, ISN’T Messi
Anderson Castellano-Staib
more like 10 times Ronaldo ate McDonald’s
Anderson Castellano-Staib
+Beni Wok says the guy who spelled "you" wrong
Beni Wok
Beni Wok 17 giorni fa
Anderson Castellano-Staib more like yo are idiot
suzukirm125ify 20 giorni fa
By far the best player in the world!! HEIL RONALDO !!!!
منوعات كرة القدم Mix Football
Ronaldo is loser
الطريق الى التوبة
4:54 شكون ليشاف علم الجزائر
K9 Academy -futbol y freestyle-
Entren a mi canal tengo videos enseñando las fintas de este crack ;)
Transfer Agar
Transfer Agar 21 giorno fa
who realized that MOST of Ronaldo's SHOTS were from far
Mahmoud Abdalkwiy
Mahmoud Abdalkwiy 22 giorni fa
Salah who ? Salah is perfect By luck C.Ronaldo scored 2 goals but he is always the best
Nadeem Fahmi
Nadeem Fahmi 22 giorni fa
Rakesh Hoshan
Rakesh Hoshan 23 giorni fa
When Ronaldo thought he’s better than Messi he got a red😂 And never forget when Messi humiliated Madrid at “Bernabeu” following the game shown
IRON 1 23 giorni fa
Ronaldo Lvl 1 Big crook Messi Lvl 50 Solider Salah Lvl 💯 Boss
David Krmpot
David Krmpot 18 giorni fa
Fuck you bitch
Abomachine Grins
Abomachine Grins 24 giorni fa
Tu Duong
Tu Duong 24 giorni fa
music ?
Boxing Enthusiast
Boxing Enthusiast 24 giorni fa
Messi has god given talent you had other special talents like maradona pele but this man is a warrior none of them had his work ethic and belief ... cristiano the warrior 💪
Simon Traore
Simon Traore 25 giorni fa
J'adore Messi mais Ronaldo lui me donne des frissons avec la puissance qu'il dégage . Et puis sa célébration ... C'est lui le roi !
Ramin Vakili
Ramin Vakili 25 giorni fa
Look how the player #25 in wall defense dodged the ball 5:08?
FREEZ Chanell
FREEZ Chanell 26 giorni fa
*- Boss_Always_Boss-*
Chitraksh Roghwah Parvesh Roghwah
Not 10 times 10000000000000000 times
Krishna Mishra
Krishna Mishra 26 giorni fa
I think Messi is better then Ronaldo... But everything Ronaldo made me think again😔
Zhongmin Lang
Zhongmin Lang 27 giorni fa
Jersey 27 giorni fa
so noone is mentioning that the title is wrong. well i wont do it as well then
Manuel Corea
Manuel Corea 27 giorni fa
wow Ronaldo mastered basic skills lol when all fails for him he needs to do some acting and trip over the grass and the refs fall for his amazing performance.. wow how sad
Madeline Guerrero
Madeline Guerrero 28 giorni fa
The goat
Mahmoud Abdelghany
Mahmoud Abdelghany 28 giorni fa
No you say that Ronaldo showed salah how is the best player in the world noo in this Mach the manager or the coach has substituted salah in the next half and if salah played the 90min he will show Ronaldo how is the best
Jose Juan Corona
Jose Juan Corona 28 giorni fa
Mentalidad de un ganador
Ali shah Bibi ali
Ali shah Bibi ali 28 giorni fa
I love. You Ronaldo
Private HACERS DLS 28 giorni fa
I Love #CR7
Nikola Marinović
Nikola Marinović 28 giorni fa
And still Messi is better
OXYMORON 29 giorni fa
Don't respect the goat
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