100% Sportsmanship Moments 

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100% Sportsmanship in Football


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27 dic 2022




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Martin Erskine
Martin Erskine 4 mesi fa
Puyol was an absolute legend. What acomplete gentleman.
Wolf Kreide
Wolf Kreide 27 giorni fa
beyond all these others, like Pepe, Ramos...
SS Magar #
SS Magar # 15 ore fa
@Wolf Kreide qq
Wolf Kreide
Wolf Kreide 11 ore fa
@SS Magar # qq or ss ?
Itachi Genjutsu
Itachi Genjutsu 5 mesi fa
2:50 I'm not a barca fan but Puyol, we used to call him guns and roses, he was a true captain. Who could hate this guy.
kWa23c #standwithukraine
wrong bit
Vaxxed Nezuko
Vaxxed Nezuko 22 giorni fa
With everything going on in the world, it's nice to see moments like these:)
Small97 3 mesi fa
I almost teared up a couple times, football is such an amazing sport
2 GOOD TV 2 mesi fa
Same here
You almost teared up because this stuff almost never happens. Notice how most these clips are older, football is not what it used to be and it definitely isn't beautiful
Pranjal Kumar
Pranjal Kumar 28 giorni fa
Bro just don't look up, fights in sports it's a disaster
Andres Dubon
Andres Dubon 12 giorni fa
​@THE GINGERBREAD 22 The fact that it doesn't happen often doesn't mean it's less beautifull. And I deny you have any reason to affirme the sportsmanship in football is declining at all.
Liam Worley
Liam Worley 2 mesi fa
I love the respect these players and fans have for each other, such a beautiful sport.
Simulacrum 2 mesi fa
Well done! These moments of kindness are a great reminder that there is still hope in humanity.
Lobo 23 giorni fa
Puyol gets respect even by we Real Madrid fans. A true gentleman.
Γιάννης Χαρικαπολυς
That’s football compassion and honor. That’s what we must see in every match as a routine not as something special.
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
Yeah, but it's also brutal, with the Pepe's and Ramos's. All too many of them. But good to see the compassion.
Bob 29 giorni fa
A beautiful sport with respected people, injuries can stop the game m, but the respect of it will never end
2 GOOD TV 2 mesi fa
This is what sport is all about Big respect 💯💯🔥👌👌
Сергей Ваняшин
Просто аплодисменты стоя сквозь слёзы !!! 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏 Это настоящий спорт!!! И настоящие примеры для подражания в спорте!!! 👏👏👏
MIRU MIR. 4 mesi fa
Без понят... чм
DiPresario Jo II
ты про 7минутные аплодисменты? в честь чего это???
Gavin Tack Soccer
Gotta love the sportsmanship. This is what the game is all about. Saved to my *BEST* Pro Futbol Videos playlist.
Juan Manuel Nieva Gimenez
puyol was incredibely humble dude, what a mann
Fútbol Hoy
Fútbol Hoy 2 mesi fa
grandes y hermosos momentos
kevin cruz kobe
kevin cruz kobe 2 mesi fa
Respeto siempre en el deporte
CAMMY 2116
CAMMY 2116 4 mesi fa
Superlife Naija
Superlife Naija 4 mesi fa
Amazing video compilation.. The little boy that went to console the goal keeper won our hearts ❤
I believe that's what sports all about. Being humble and gentle
House of Sport
House of Sport 5 mesi fa
Thanks for the videos in 2022. Hope you had a great Christmas and here's to 2023. We all appreciate the effort you put into this content! ❤️
A potato
A potato 4 mesi fa
0:44 huge ups to the guy for missing that PK
Pop-Up 4 mesi fa
“to the guy” Classic
جمال 4 mesi fa
Please sub
Please sub 3 mesi fa
Vidal in Bayern
POKEMONFC 3 mesi fa
It was vidal
Marcel Henning
It was not on purpose…
FSP0RT 5 mesi fa
Vinicius Jr. best momments 🔥
David olatunji Olatunji
Emiliano sportsmanship 🤣 after the match having a picture of mbappe on a doll 🤣
G H 5 mesi fa
Joaquín Asprea
Joaquín Asprea 4 mesi fa
Yeah but a fan made that doll and he was celebrating so everything was ok for him in that moment of hype. But when was serious person he went for Mbappe and calmed him. There is the difference of his character "Dibu" and his real person Emiliano Martinez.
Ahadian Dian
Ahadian Dian 4 mesi fa
@Joaquín Asprea are u joaking?
Joaquín Asprea
Joaquín Asprea 4 mesi fa
@Ahadian Dian Idk, am i?
Jarnoir & Co.
Jarnoir & Co. 4 mesi fa
the beauty of football. RESPECT
Abigail Barfoot
Abigail Barfoot 2 mesi fa
I'm remember dicanio catching the ball in the match at goodison even I though he'd head it towards goal thank you Paulo. You could tell the goal keeper in the last clip only accidently caught the player nice to see players from both team helping.
7:42 heart touching
Migue Aguirre
Migue Aguirre 4 mesi fa
Un deporte tan hermoso no puede ser manchado...
Daniels Ortega
Daniels Ortega 4 mesi fa
Que dices si el hijo de Mbappe se burló después osea el dibu
Draxler 3 mesi fa
Ya lo manchó el Dibu
Lewis Greenwood
Lewis Greenwood 29 giorni fa
Not a football fan at all but this I could watch all day!
Charlotte Taylor
7:42 was wholesome you never know when u need a hug
Model AAA
Model AAA 5 mesi fa
Why can’t Football always be like this… What was wrong with players bringing their humanity to the pitch with them… is that so much to ask… or has the hunger for victory blinded them that badly…? 😢
Aaron Rivas
Aaron Rivas 5 mesi fa
Great comment mate
Model AAA
Model AAA 5 mesi fa
@Aaron Rivas Thank you, Aaron. I couldn’t have been any more genuine than this… 💔
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
For all too many players that's true. Ramos and Pepe, and others. For all too many coaches too, Mourinho, Van Gaal. Mourinho egged his players on to take Messi out. Half the Real Madrid players, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo, Casemiro, Carvalho, Kovacic went at him. Amazing that Messi isn't dead or crippled. And many of the fans, I suspect mostly men, love it. That's why Ramos is so popular. And yet he had a huge petition against him after he dislocated Salah's shoulder. Should be banned.
A potato
A potato 4 mesi fa
1:00 that's actually the most savage move i've ever seen. what a g
Challenger 20
Challenger 20 4 mesi fa
Football is more then a sport. Its a spirit that moments of respect and compassion will never be measured. When two teams play on a pitch they are sportsmen and women. However when a moment such as a player or fan is in trouble or suffers a medical emergency then two opposite teams work together and help bring the definition of the Beautiful game to light.
James Tobi
James Tobi 4 mesi fa
vEvilSinister 4 mesi fa
I love the awareness of the players when another gets knocked out fingers straight in his mouth to stop him from swallowing his tongue respect
Kayramm 4 mesi fa
6.25 türklerin böyle sportmenliğini gördüğüm her zaman gurur duyuyorum
omar bahrour
omar bahrour 4 mesi fa
Hahahaha Sadio’s face is so good, that lil side eye too
Константин Касьянов
There would be more such moments in sports...
ItsCedev 4 mesi fa
Respect for all football players!
apostolos chatzopoulos
It is all these moments that makes you proud of the humanity!!!!!
Daphne Chirulla
Daphne Chirulla 4 mesi fa
a cara do Mbappe mt esportiva
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez 5 mesi fa
Vidal literally meant to score, no way this is sportsmanship
Kiklopfm 5 mesi fa
50:50 😀
Germán Solis
Germán Solis 4 mesi fa
Estos son los jugadores que de verdad saben atender aún serr humano
Zabimaru FR
Zabimaru FR 5 mesi fa
Un bel exemple pour Pepe !
Gigachad official
On est les seul francai frero
valentin viñuk
valentin viñuk 4 mesi fa
French people
Gigachad official
@valentin viñuk yep
Toni 5 mesi fa
Kaka is pure sportsmanship
코누들 Mese fa
0:00 My thoughts of the first video come to mind every time I watch it. That seems to be Ronaldo helping him, but to me, I think it's for Ronaldo not to get a card.
Tolgahan Ayrım
Tolgahan Ayrım 3 mesi fa
Eline sağlık işte Gerek video oyunlarında gerek sporlarda beklediğim performans ama işte genelde öyle olmuyor.
Lakpa Sherpa
Lakpa Sherpa 5 mesi fa
Salute to all players 👍👋
Chris Slater
Chris Slater 4 mesi fa
The Last one was Heartbreaking!!!!😪
Вонь 0к
Вонь 0к 5 mesi fa
The last one is heartbreaking😥
James Clarizio
James Clarizio 4 mesi fa
That last one, the one player’s trying to prevent the seizing guy’s tongue form being swallowed, and you can see the agony he’s in cause the seizing person can bite your fingers off
Machineslive 5 mesi fa
My man puts Dibu as the face of a sportsmanship video 😭😭
A Cheater • 6579 years ago
I mean he did come to mbappé after the match ended, and gave him some sympathy along with Macron... Whatever he did afterwards, was all joke so it's not like he ain't showin no sportmanship
WitherX 4 mesi fa
I wonder where the sportsman ambassadors were when Mbappe insulted South American football, especially Argentina and Brazil
Ulisses Rodríguez Cassan
WitherX 4 mesi fa
@Ulisses Rodríguez Cassan People are so double standard. These people are probably the same who insulted Messi in 2018
Reiito 4 mesi fa
@WitherX go learn what the word insult is ... You are using it wrong. He said brazil and argentina don't gzt enough competition in sa, and it's true. He didn't say argentina and brazil were bad. He said they can't train well before coming in a wc, because there is no team good enough to challenge those two teams.
JKR SAREEF 3 mesi fa
Puyol is the most respectful player...
くいパン 4 mesi fa
こういうの出来る選手が強くなるんやろうな かっこいいわ
Noivern43 2 mesi fa
When 33 caught the guy I think that shows he’s actually sportsmanlike and its not a facade because he didn’t have time to think about it he just did it because it was his first thought
Clementine 4 mesi fa
와 7:44 보고 눈물이 나왔네요 골키퍼라서 더 공감되는 장면이라서요 전체적으로 영상 퀄리티가 너무 좋네요 구독할게요! 앞으로 자주 놀러올게요! 좋은 영상 감사합니다♥
Mai Damian
Mai Damian 4 mesi fa
Football is beautiful, and we need to play the beautiful football
ANHTUAN ART 4 mesi fa
LEO MESSI is G.O.A.T ! A Everest in the world football. Vamos MESSI !!!!!!!!!!
あいかわ 4 mesi fa
人影 4 mesi fa
ゆい 7 giorni fa
Crushal Banks
Crushal Banks 4 mesi fa
Emiliano would be giving body moments & trash talks mate that's his sportsmanship 😂😅😂😅
Krawel Aguacate
Me emocionó el día
4R¥A 25 giorni fa
Alireza Jahanbakhsh is the most respectful moment in this video
Bachira x Isagi
Bachira x Isagi 4 mesi fa
Swallowed tongue clip make me tear up little bit
newbie 4 mesi fa
Sometimes I feel like this is something that should be normal. Because they all play, they all know how a player feels right?
Rikki Tiki
Rikki Tiki 2 mesi fa
A lot of people were giving Ronaldo hate for how he was performing during the season but many people didn’t know that his son died
Hbro 4 mesi fa
Ça me touche vraiment 😭😭😭
Мурод Махмудович
they are in the field the enemy is in the fate of a man with feelings
Javier Goyeneche Navarro
You really choose a picture of Emiliano Martínez in a sportsmanship vídeo.
Ledion Zogaj
Ledion Zogaj 5 mesi fa
Abraham Melano
Abraham Melano 5 mesi fa
And later him calling Mbappé "dead" on celebrations. Just LOL.
SolidS 5 mesi fa
Clickbait at its most
Цум Цум
Цум Цум 5 mesi fa
Peeledpeepee 5 mesi fa
Blue Stacks
Blue Stacks Mese fa
Dibu Martinez y "Deportividad" no pueden caber en una misma oración nunca.
Airton Costa
Airton Costa 4 mesi fa
Congratulations good plays ♡
やぁ 4 mesi fa
Никита Шелков
Так редко что и не ждёшь уже. Уважение!
TY_rafael 3 mesi fa
krlh esse Vidal tá em tudo que é time
Scott Nolly
Scott Nolly 4 mesi fa
Puyol is the realest
Elle Marr
Elle Marr 2 mesi fa
The most beautiful game for this reason.
Iván Dario Piñón
Iván Dario Piñón 28 giorni fa
i love the fair play ! ♥ so much !
Lin Lei Baruch
this is the real sport
Jafar ultra
Jafar ultra 4 mesi fa
Este video fue muy divertido y divertido.🤣
Tommaso Pellegrini
we love our game❤
Love Yann
Love Yann 4 mesi fa
Повага і Спреведливість це те що нас робить Людьми!
sunny mashrani
sunny mashrani 3 mesi fa
Beauty of this game ❤️
MrIetsfzo 3 mesi fa
I love these type of vids... i wish this was the Normal type to play
차성열 5 ore fa
머리와 심장 가장 먼 곳으로 하는 경기 하지만 가장 뜨겁고 경렬한경기 이영상에서 본것들이 축구라고 생각합니다..., 이마음을 잃는 순간 축구는 격투기 전쟁과도 같습니다.
seibou toure
seibou toure 3 mesi fa
Mbappe new Martinez was gonna mock him so he gave him a side eye
Juan Rodríguez Masip
2022 and football players still try to hold the tongue after a head trauma... maybe FIFA could invest in teaching everybody.
Calum Noah
Calum Noah 4 mesi fa
RCranes 4 mesi fa
Agree, this is dangerous. Loss of consciousness after a head trauma should be treated by experts. First, you don't know if there is neck injury and rolling them might cause further damage. Second, if the airway is obstructed there are ways to protect that without sticking your fingers in there (chin lift or jaw thrust but no chin lift if they is neck injury). Even then, you only do those maneuvers if you can see that the player is trying to breathe against obstruction. Knocked out people don't "swallow" their tongue.
Sea Me now
Sea Me now 4 mesi fa
@RCranes if that was the case you would see much more of this in ufc from the doctors. Doesn't happen at all. These players are likely making it worse by jerking them around
Drones Club High Jinks
Oh, is that what they were doing? Thanks for telling us because I didn't know. Unbelievable - does nobody have first aid training? If you think this is negligent in football (soccer), gymnastics, a sport in which major injuries are quite common, and an awkward fall can result in paralysis and death, still doesn't require coaches/managers/team assistants to have first aid. I've seen male and female gymnasts fall off the apparatus on their head/neck and nobody rushes to hold C-spine. Sometimes someone goes to help them, or they get up very shakily, and some try to continue the routine. I just saw an example last week at LSU vs Kentucky. You would think the universities at least would insist on first aid training, or have paramedics at every meet in order to avoid a lawsuit ... and/or to keep their athletes as safe as possible. 🤕
Calum Noah
Calum Noah 4 mesi fa
@Drones Club High Jinks why you have to avoid to stick out their tongue?
GuacheCo8 4 mesi fa
Ponen de portada de momentos deportivos al Jugador más antideportivo que existe jaja
GC11 5 mesi fa
Amazing video bro 👏
Геор микс
Видаль просто красавчик.... Уважаю.
Teen coffee
Teen coffee 5 mesi fa
The first clip was actually revenge moment
YHP 5 mesi fa
This is real football
MonkeyGaming08 4 mesi fa
Its better to play fairly that wining unfairly
1903maxine 5 mesi fa
I love the those types of videos please have a part two ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
OTFdthang Free rondonumba9
i love soccer that i even play it
Morpheus 4 mesi fa
As an Argentina fan I wanna say it is easy to be modest if you are the winner.
DanRam 4 mesi fa
Já eu brasileiro, acho que você só é vencedor se for modesto.
Jay Meigs
Jay Meigs Mese fa
7:00 is horrific. it's like getting hit in the head with a sledgehammer. just imagine that
Toni 5 mesi fa
The German translation of this video title says “ 0 % sportsmanship in football” I was confused at the beginning 😅
El Dani
El Dani 4 mesi fa
Es tan lindo ver actitudes así
XDR.I.P 4 mesi fa
I show all of my respect the ofer the game was the fans that supported Ronaldo nd his Family ❤️ That's why the football is more than game ❤️Love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️
AaronTheGoon 4 mesi fa
1:50 funny thing is that Dier was shitting during the match prior to the shootout 😂
Abraham Roman
Abraham Roman 4 mesi fa
The beautiful game❤
Smurfy. 5 mesi fa
Was the fan that had the heart attack okay ?
MrXoxolate 5 mesi fa
Dibu thumbnail with Mbappe is a joke
Trường giang Phan
Trong bóng đá biết mình là ai. Hãy cố gắng lên chơi bóng đẹp ,bóng hay, bóng tôn trọng lẫn nhau. Thế là tuyệt vời nhất thế giới lắm rồi...Cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều...