1998 NBA All-Star Game | NBA Classic Game 

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Check out the 1998 #NBAAllStar Game, as we prepare for the 2023 #NBAAllStar game in Utah!
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15 feb 2023




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90's basketball is and will forever be the best era of basketball.
@joep2060 5 mesi fa
The 80's was just as good
Especially the NBA on NBC
@sakimtornado 4 mesi fa
I lived the 2000s and I would agree prime players in the 90s were better. shaq didnt win not until 2000, although regarded as the most dominant. I guess the league was still recovering ever since mj retired.
@acjnse8258 4 mesi fa
2000s were better
@AETERNVS 9 mesi fa
Kobe and Jordan in his last Bulls season, facing one another: it feels like something out of a videogame.. but it really happened. Also, bring back the team-jerseys for the All Star game, it looks so iconic.
@keen7 9 mesi fa
And it happened again, twice in 2002 and 2003 when MJ was on the Wizards.
@timhoward5 9 mesi fa
You must be young.
@ArmandoOriz_ 8 mesi fa
​@@keen7 Jordan wasn't the same player at that time
@azwris 8 mesi fa
Yes my friend! We were living in a video game back then! Now it's pure reality. So that makes us really lucky.
@AETERNVS There is no Kobe and Jordan. It's Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was far better, greater and superior than the inefficient rabid chucker Kobe Bryant. Kobe never shot 50% in his career. The following year after Jordan averaged 37 PPG, he averaged 35 PPG at 53.5 FG%. Kobe wasn’t on that level. Jordan averaged 30+ ppg for 7 straight years while 5 of them were above 50%. In 1985, rookie Michael Jordan averaged: 28.2 PPG 6.5 RPG 5.9 APG 51% FG Kobe’s MVP season in 2008 averaged: 28.3 PPG 6.3 RPG 5.4 APG 45% FG Jordan in his rookie year had a better season than Kobe in his MVP season! They both played 82 games Michael Jordan, not only won 10x regular season scoring titles, but he also led 10x in playoffs PPG Kobe has shot 41.5% or less in 5/7 NBA Finals Seasons shooting 50% or more Jordan - 6 Kobe - 0 Kobe has the most missed shots in NBA history 1. Kobe Bryant 14,481 Rabid Chucker Extraordinaire 2. John Havlicek 13,417
@oledefense1033 9 mesi fa
Young fans take note THIS is what a all star supposed to look look. Fun yet competitive, some actually D being played!
there is more defense in this all star game than in regular game in current nba
ive watched nba all my life, im 37 years old and i find this game boring... lack of skills, and a little defense too... and no competition as what you claimed...
@inlyrics 9 mesi fa
@@YanixOpawPalermo lmao, lack of skill and no competition. do you even know who MJ was? you never watch basketball all your life. stop trolling
@elijahdiaz9794 5 mesi fa
@@YanixOpawPalermoI’ve been watching nba for half my life,I’m 15 years old,and the older games have way more competitiveness,defense,and offense than the newer games in this era. The all star games now aren’t as good as then,I guess you’re used to seeing a 3-point contest in the middle of a game,just take a look at this years all star game,no defense at all,treating it like it’s just for fun,well yes you should have fun but at least have some competition,it means nothing anymore when they play an all star game. It’s so watered down and shallow
@@elijahdiaz9794 all star games are really boring even in the 80s and today... have you watched the game were isiah thomas is dribble behind the back against magic? looks awkward...
@Griemmy 9 mesi fa
Im amazed how straightforward reporters and players are . No passive aggressive nba players like today
@TheLionaaa 9 mesi fa
Yep. Different level of professionalism back in the day.
@SChome100 9 mesi fa
Good observation I agree with you 100%!
@TheLionaaa 9 mesi fa
@@miltongreene1889 Why do you try to invent answers if you have no idea of what you are talking about? It just happens that there wasn't as much marketing BS and political BS in the league back then. The game was still the priority. And also players were more mature and professional. That's why guys like T.Mac, and coach Monty Williams said that the difference between Jordan and Lebron is that Jordan dominated a league of men, while Lebron has dominated a league of children. That has nothing to do with your theory.
Absolutely. They also dared to ask some tougher question.
@BlockFamDex 9 mesi fa
Im not even 30 seconds in and I got GOOSEBUMPS listening to that intro..man I miss 90's ball
@Thaddeus_Mac 9 mesi fa
That NBA on NBC intro still hits different. Legendary!
@OwenRosellon 4 mesi fa
Gives that nostalgic early NBA Live games
It's so refreshing to watch real basketball with real defense and not a 3 point contest
@o.t.bsauxe3755 9 mesi fa
I blame curry 😂
@Officialjuicee 8 mesi fa
Facts sir
@lildfoe8073 7 mesi fa
There's a three point line for a reason 🤡
@snorlax3212 6 mesi fa
NBA is trash nowadays. You barely touch someone it’s a foul. A center in the NBA isn’t even a center anymore. I mean come on; this is a big man sport. Let them play and be physical a bit.
Man we miss this. Need an official classic NBA games channel on ITvid.
That Jack Nicholson moment with Kobe PRICELESS!!!!🔥🔥🔥
@phantasyryder 25 giorni fa
@SirStoneyOfBow 9 mesi fa
I’m in my 40’s so to me the NBA in the 90’s was the golden era. The plethora of legends on the court at one time is incredible. RIP Kobe Bryant. You are missed.
Na 2000s was the best
Nah, this guy don't no Basketball ☝️
90s and 2000s
@Stilo95 9 mesi fa
Defense, offense, competitiveness like it was the playoffs. I miss these days! They didn't score 160 points, yet it was more entertaining.
@zilverman7820 9 mesi fa
Nah. They were great but this is boring to watch. The all star game today with steph giannis is much more entertaining to watch.
@snezakovic 9 mesi fa
@@zilverman7820 no defense and COMPETITIVENESS
@tt-ho5zl 9 mesi fa
This is nice, but skillset is trash what players can do now
@yvans. 9 mesi fa
@@tt-ho5zl The skillset is so much better now but the league still doesn’t allow hand checking…
@Joseph-lz5er 9 mesi fa
Man, it is sad to see how good and athletic Grant Hill was in this game. He was literally the next superstar to take over the league until his ankle injuries derailed his superstar career.
@MikeZ-cz 6 mesi fa
Grant acctually lost his contact lences before the game and wasnt really himself and yet he still was something
@Joseph-lz5er 6 mesi fa
@@MikeZ-cz He was a dynamic player. He could do it all sort of like Scottie Pippen but Pip was a better defender and Grant Hill was on offense.
He was amazing but he was not better than Kobe
@chakra24 9 mesi fa
I was 17 years old when I watched this live..brings me back to this great 90s basketball era..RIP Kobe
I graduated that yr at 18 and remember it well….Michael was and still is 1 of my greatest heroes..still have pair of black n red patent leathers…infra reds my favorite..
@kennedic4403 9 mesi fa
The first 20 secs of this game is more defense than what's been played in the nba in the past 10 yrs
@ragingfiip 9 mesi fa
Wow!! I can't believe they posted this.... This is my favorite NBA All-Star game of all-time! I recorded this game on VHS and rewatched it sooo many times. It was Kobe's first all-star game and MJ's last as a Chicago Bull. I can recall off the top of my head how he scored nearly every single point this night. This is when I really, really started to fall in love with the NBA as a 13 year old kid. This game sealed the deal for Kobe to be my favorite player (that is... until an electric, high-flying, half-man, half-amazing player named Vince Carter came to the league the following season).
@ikkifenix2490 9 mesi fa
Same here. I recorded this on vhs too. Most of these youngins don't know what a VCR is lol.
You were 13 so who is your favorite player now ?
@ragingfiip 9 mesi fa
@@stuckinthe90s95 Lol, those were the days! Btw, your username makes me think you're just as nostalgic as I am, haha
@ragingfiip 9 mesi fa
@@edisonsubandi7231 Well, my favorite player of all-time is Vince Carter. But among active players, Steph Curry is one of my all-times favorites, too. If you're looking for a younger player, I really like Donovan Mitchell. Btw, I edited and uploaded a video titled, "Top 10 Favorite NBA Players". Shows highlight clips of my 10 favorite players of all-time. You should check it out if you're interested! Lemme know what you think if you do and feel free to share some of your favorite players, too
@hijackhickory 9 mesi fa
Wow defense and a real game, these guys were really playing to win not just shoot 3s. Such a better game back then.
@itsAYETEETV 9 mesi fa
THIS is how an All Star game should be played 💯
@thegoatNBA21 9 mesi fa
First you see MJ torturing young Garnett then Shaq shooting fadeawys. This era was crazy.
@gldflcn 9 mesi fa
Dude 15 mins in and I legit started crying after KG lobbed that to Kobe for that sweet finish. I grew up wearing all #8 jerseys and to witness him again in his prime is just…unreal. Thank you for posting this. RIP Black Mamba 🐍💜💛
Young Mamba 😭💔
Mamba legacy will be there always
@gldflcn 8 mesi fa
@@CoronaHoax-nd2rr and you need a new past time. Stop speaking on things you have no proof of. Have some respect for the dead.
@RobWill5864 9 mesi fa
THIS.. is basketball. Not that nonsense we just watched last weekend. The shooting now is amazing but the competitiveness is what’s lacking. Miss these days.
@stevenjm12 9 mesi fa
More defense in this all star game than in the nba games today
@TheLionaaa 9 mesi fa
Even more than in the playoffs today
@adidastrev8689 9 mesi fa
So nice knowing others think the same way!!!
@stevenjm12 9 mesi fa
@@edisonsubandi7231 they should be embarrassed for the ASG this season. No competitive spirit whatsoever
@@TheLionaaa not really. Takes a lot less effort if you can sag off from the player that you are guarding and go undr every pick. and dont have to rotate to 3 pt line.
@KMM210 9 mesi fa
Back when it felt like a playoff game. The best going all out.
@VinayakPande53 9 mesi fa
This really was the NBA at the zenith of its popularity.
@TheLionaaa 9 mesi fa
@TheLionaaa 9 mesi fa
@@cc-ec1if Facts don't care about your personal opinion.
@paulv7744 4 mesi fa
you dont hear a lot of "zenith" nowadays.. 😁
@Sonnel_James 9 mesi fa
MIchael Jordan's footwork is just exquisite.. just elite best I've ever seen.. GOAT!!
@jendayiKa 6 mesi fa
Him & Akeem Olajuwon have the greatest footwork in basketball history.
​@@jendayiKaYup. Gotta put Hakeem in that conversation....most skilled big man in NBA history and his footwork was unbelievable. Hakeem and MJ, definitely top 2 in footwork All Time.
@glace5620 5 mesi fa
It is so comforting to watch this, an NBA All-Star game stacked with talent, and the talent is actually competing. This is a breath of fresh air, and I actually have to go backwards and relive it again in order to achieve this. I'm sitting here watching the NBA's elite players of the time (some of ALL time) and I'm hearing catchphrases like "lots of contact,no call on that one"--while watching these guys make legitimate plays in the interest of winning the game, not just looking good.
@user1164 9 mesi fa
This actually happened, it feels like something out of a video game.. but it really happened. Kobe and Micheal Jordan playing together. Honestly still crazy to this day.
@droiddevx03 9 mesi fa
Are you a kid? Of course, they did play together. It's a pretty well-known fact.
@LeafyNebula 4 mesi fa
Man this is just a good vibe watching this era of basketball! The way they interview and players talk. Just everything is about the sport none of today's antics.
I feel the passion. 90's Basketball was the best. ♥️
@alexanderr7222 2 mesi fa
I still have this game tape somewhere. Was my first all star game I ever watched when we immigrated to Canada. That was the golden era. 90s basketball was peak for NBA. Surreal rewatching it again
Two GOATS together in 1998 NBA ALLSTAR MATCH... 😭
@showgamez5257 9 mesi fa
@droiddevx03 9 mesi fa
Do you know what GOAT means? It means greatest of all time. There can only be one GOAT.
@mclarenfraser 9 mesi fa
mj and duncan
@timhoward5 9 mesi fa
Yup, MJ and Duncan.
@youtuber3328 8 mesi fa
the goats TIED are bill russell and wilt chamberlain
I still can't fathom how young Kobe wasn't starting for the Lakers but was the youngest all star starter in history! Dell Harris messed with Kobe's career averages. But whenever Kobe had the chance to play he lit up and showed why he's the upcoming best player in the world. Miss you Kobe!! 🐍❤️
This is the real all star game, so much to watch. Now the all star is just practice dunk and long range.
@shadime3 9 mesi fa
Had to come wash the stench from recent all star games. These are my heroes. Played with honour and were competitive.
@soulbeatzmajor 5 mesi fa
Grew up in Chicago. I was in the 8th grade and I remember watching it live on television. To relive this moment as a fan has brought me so much joy
@EA_With_DA 9 mesi fa
Thanks to the NBA for releasing this 🔥🔥🔥
@LeafyNebula 4 mesi fa
Look at how much grand respect MJ got. He didn't have to proclaim himself to be the greatest or "goat" the people gave him that title.
@MR.__G 4 mesi fa
It wasn’t media driven, narrative based, it was LEGIT !!
@NBA 9 mesi fa
More than 500 Classic Games now available in the Watch tab of the NBA App: app.link.nba.com/allstarclassic_1998
Is it free?
@2nerC9 9 mesi fa
Could you maybe upload all MJ games? I know there's like 30% of his games that have never been uploaded before if you could somehow get into ALL his games I would buy it in a heartbeat price doesn't matter!
@2nerC9 9 mesi fa
You could sell so many of those I guarantee it
So much defense. So much high level talent on the floor not giving up easy baskets.
@leonidastv7181 9 mesi fa
That why usa scary that time, not only a talents, they have a tough defense
Damn, I thought I was watching a playoffs game. Defense is really felt, shown and delivered. *looks back at the latest All Star Game*
Man i think i shed a tear....I watched this game live on tv. Feels like yesterday.
Bron? Is that u? Must be old!
@realocwon3256 9 mesi fa
Greatness all over in every aspects LEGENDS 🐐
@26maffew 4 mesi fa
As a 41 yr old…. This brings back soooo many memories…. Sheesh, this was basketball 🏀…. Sad to say the games lost credibility being that todays players flop as a tactic … This was grown man ball RIP NBA …. & RIP KOBE
Yea sir
@0-Elias-0 9 mesi fa
1:21:00 = Isaiah Thomas establishing the long-held criteria for becoming an MVP, a HOFer, and a GOAT 1:21:35 = Bill Walton outlining MJ's secret weapon; a weapon that only few others seemed to understand 1:25:10 = Kobe unknowingly telling D12 and LeBron that they will never touch him 1:29:24 = Grant Hill predicting MJ's return from [anticipated] retirement
@FrokuBabayy 9 mesi fa
The fact that there was more defense and fundamental basketball being played in this AllStar game than this leagues PLAYOFF GAMES should tell you something
@SCTV912 9 mesi fa
This is what a NBA All-star game supposed to look like 🔥💯🔥
Yeah…. Not too much 3
I was 20 at that time but watching this 25 years later feels almost like watching my own birth. So unreal yet so familiar.
@ibezzant 9 mesi fa
This is AMAZING! NBA ITvid... please, please, please upload more old school content. Playoff games, regular season games, all-star content. You will make so much money monetizing old games and old heads like me will love it!
@kumyo 9 mesi fa
Wow this was so good. 90's basketball rocks.
@pbassman99 27 giorni fa
I love how happy Kobe was to be there. It’s impressive that a reserve can be a starter in the All Star Game.
@spydakidd21 9 mesi fa
This was Tim Duncan’s rookie season!!
@TheLionaaa 9 mesi fa
Yes it was. He was already amazing.
@timhoward5 9 mesi fa
@m42037 6 mesi fa
When him and Manu quit I quit watching, I have no interest in the NBA anymore
@MR.__G 4 mesi fa
@@m42037retired not quit… & you’re not missing anything these days. Refs let players travel, carry, you don’t see physical defense & players missing a bunch of games.
An all star game at 19 is so impressive. That’s like everyones hoop dreams growing up.
@VermontV8 8 mesi fa
Not only a show as today but also an actual competitive basketball game of the best of the best with some real D. An All Star game as it should be, miss those days
@cenkox 9 mesi fa
Players jumping for the loose balls, arguing with the referee for a foul... tears in my eyes.
Watching this after last night 2023 all star game, gives me pain :(
@m42037 6 mesi fa
Ikr, these guy's were insane great, and of course the GOAT.
@bigpat1003 9 mesi fa
@HailKingCeezer 4 mesi fa
Listen to Mike in the beginning, Start over or retire were the only options because teaming up with other stars wasn't ever even a thought that would cross his mind. This 98 season was one of his greatest triumphs with stiff and broken Scottie a shell of himself and missing most of the season and basically being a decoy in the Finals. If he were a lesser player, he would have gone to join the Lakers like any of todays stars would do if they were in the same shoes.
@MR.__G 4 mesi fa
Jordan also had nagging injuries he dealt with all season.. & you’re absolutely right, jordan was the epitome of competing. He would’ve never said let team up with other prime talent. The best part of his career was the journey & struggle it took before he & the bulls started winning. He helped lead a bottom tier franchise into a dynasty from scratch !
@testadizzy95 4 mesi fa
The DAWG on that court is more than the last 10 seasons combined. Also four top 10 players of all time present. Absolutely legendary
@Zytrazz 5 mesi fa
We need more of these classic all star games with enhanced quality to FHD. Thank you.
No NBA all star game will be like this time ever again
@high-defRF40 9 mesi fa
The best era of NBA and when All Star Game was actually a game.
@Avenue77 9 mesi fa
Appreciate this classic all-star NBA YT...Yall should show this on NBA TV channel again
@SealAngel 7 mesi fa
I ove how they all play in their individual team uniforms, makes the whole game look so awesome!
@darkdante9 5 mesi fa
This kind of basketball NEEDS to come back. Today's NBA has become a three point contest. It has ruined the game as we know it.
@P-DAPS 9 mesi fa
This should be required viewing for all these new school entitled & coddled players. This is what the all star game is supposed to look like. MJ & a young Kobe going at it, was beautiful to watch
@tdb4763 9 mesi fa
You never know it's the golden age until you're not in it anymore. =/
Man I never looked at it that way🥲😢
Yeah I’m sorry but todays stars don’t compare this era, these guys were joyful and optimistic and believed in playing the game at the highest level no matter the circumstance, truly a lost era
This is when an "all-star game" was really revered as an "ALL-STAR GAME". Players playing with Pride and really want to compete!
@Eduardorex23 9 mesi fa
Wow ! esto si es basketball de verdad ! 👍
@brandondrew739 8 mesi fa
It’s hard to believe that suits broke up such an iconic era the NBA should have stepped in.
@K.B.E.B 19 giorni fa
I remember being 14 watching this. Great game, all legendary
@fangshaopai 9 mesi fa
OMG what a beautiful tome of basketball! As a Jordan fan, I never liked Kobe when he was playing but after he retired I have learned that he was probably the last old school player in the modern NBA. I started to see more and more similarity of Jordan from him, now I miss him, damn.
@djacro1 9 mesi fa
What an insane era.....
Сильно мощно играют легенды
Ahmad mentioning to MJ being sick, a classic memory of that flu game performance- very special in watching. He was a joy to watch sick or not.
The NBA needs to award the winning conference of the all-star game with home-court advantage in the finals, and the captains of each conference only chooses players from their respective conference, regardless of which team goes to the finals for each conference, make it happen NBA! Restore the glory of the all-star game!
@blive720 9 mesi fa
I've been saying this for years I really hope that they listen to people like us who can see the bigger picture
@zo62 9 mesi fa
Won’t work only 3 players will get invilved
@datsapaddlin 9 mesi fa
They already award the team with the better record. So that’s good enough.
@jaybanthony 9 mesi fa
So many good memories. Make the NBA great again pls!
@RaymondStone 5 mesi fa
This video is a time capsule: flashes coming from cameras in the crowd, Muhammad Ali sighting, and competitiveness that resembles a real basketball game.
@afire2818 9 mesi fa
I enjoyed this style of nba!
@TheHarmAge 8 mesi fa
This vs 2023 All-Star.. this is how it's supposed to be played, competitive with some flair. Great times..
@fade2black1982 4 mesi fa
As a long time Penny fan, this is a bitter sweet game (his last All Star game). Man I hate injuries
@MR.__G 4 mesi fa
Sucks that him & hill didn’t get to reach their full potential. Those 2 had so many more years to give to the game
@yoshikigrg8 2 mesi fa
Back when they actually played a competitive all-star basketball. ❤️ 😊 👍
@inlyrics 9 mesi fa
Clash of the titans, the best era of NBA basketball. what make me sad is Kobe are not walking the earth anymore, a legendary player. .thank you Black mamba, Air jordan, and many other great players in that era for bringing the best basketball games and the best memories ever.
This is how an all star game is suppose to be played !!! We wanna see the stars compete !! They just let each other score nowadays in the all star game . I miss these days man ! I remember watching this all star game with my dad when I was little ! We want competition
@jazzyjeff6594 9 mesi fa
Competitive defense being played this is how it’s supposed to be played 🏀
@DCsWiseMan 9 mesi fa
Nowadays I don’t watch the NBA I don’t care for it, but seeing this reminds me on how much I used to love the NBA,.
@ARIYA2150 8 mesi fa
When every player in the All-Star game was a hall of famer. 👏
@kahoni09 8 mesi fa
Legendary classic all star game .. thrills to watch Kobe and his smile
Thank you NBA for including the NBC transitions and Roundball Rock!!
@HT-sm9dm 2 mesi fa
No traveling, double dribbling and carrying… no BS fouls. What a time to be a basketball fan.
Back in the days when an ALL STAR GAME is an Actual Game 🏀🇵🇭
@faiz-bd4ho 9 mesi fa
Better than last weekend
@timphelps605 9 mesi fa
I miss those days when the players wore uniforms representative of the teams they played with.
Back when NBA players still respected the game and fans enough to play to the best of their ability.
@DJRashadHayes 9 mesi fa
Everything about this era was PERFECT.
@bspray5140 9 mesi fa
What an all star game is supposed to look like…. And no one got hurt!
You know you're watching a great All-Star game when Shaq is making a free-throw.
@DLL8252 9 mesi fa
I was 16 when I watched this live 🥺🥺🥺 the memories is real
How different was the game back in the days 🔥 starts playing hard ball 🏀 low post game, big and strong 💪🏾 real shooters, centers and point guards 🫶👍🏽
@keg0562 3 mesi fa
Thanks you NBA for putting this game on ITvid!
@dokoham1 3 mesi fa
what a classic all star game!
@Brodieiamnot 9 mesi fa
The Greatest all-star game known to man!
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