1V1 AGAINST 16 Year Old Mikey Williams!! (INTENSE)

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14 set 2020




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PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
Deleting my channel after this. Somebody keep posting on it
MadiFN 1
MadiFN 1 15 ore fa
Stop the cap
Jayden The Top Shotta
Bet ill take care of it lol don't pls you got me thru Quarantine
ruebeezy Alcaraz
ruebeezy Alcaraz 2 giorni fa
Bro scored 1 point and said “lil nigga”😭😂😂😂
Stay happy
Stay happy 2 giorni fa
Stop the cap 🧢. You be back 😂😂💯
Ori Hagan
Ori Hagan 2 giorni fa
Yvng_Extendo 50 minuti fa
All that weed
S.L.A.P 84
S.L.A.P 84 54 minuti fa
First time watching a DDG video n i must say , You are garbage on the court my friend 🚮🚮
Talking about grown man that don't mean shit he still bodied yo ass u a kid next to him
CK CASH Ora fa
funny how mikey wasnt even feeling to play and still kill this nigga thats tuff 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Erika McClendon
How is Mikey so good at basketball he's a really good shooter he can shoot for like a mile away he is so good
Old Winter Account
He should’ve never start a ITvid he should’ve just been a rapper from the beginning because now we’re attached to him and we want him to keep making videos I literally hate him now🥺🥺🤬
Ace YT
Ace YT 3 ore fa
Nathaniel Habtegergesa
mikey got that beer belly going 😂
BeastFaxx 3 ore fa
Saw DDG first and was like naw this man over😂😂
jaylen hester
jaylen hester 3 ore fa
The boy serious doe
Logan St. Clair
playing like flight
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Emani Ogletree
You keep talking about praying
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 6 ore fa
And a 70 perimeter Defense and get Intimidator on at least bronze
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 6 ore fa
That nigga ddg need quick draw and hot zone hunter and dead eye and flexible release and at least a 75 3pointer cuz bro got a whole 69 an no badges
XIV SOUND 6 ore fa
Nobody: Ddg: *celebrates a 3 pointer after missing 6*
Ddg just collecting bruh rebounds 🤷🏾‍♂️
Adam M.
Adam M. 7 ore fa
How he 16 and got tats 🥱💀
Adam M.
Adam M. 7 ore fa
Mikey older then that
Travon Brown
Travon Brown 7 ore fa
ddg look like a 4 year old and mikey is like a center in the paint 4:50
Jamal Price
Jamal Price 8 ore fa
DDG playing like flight😂😂shit sad
Trip 9
Trip 9 9 ore fa
Bruh DDG hit that squat rack!
Carla Moore
Carla Moore 9 ore fa
Don't Be shy react to SouLumanti Reaction video :)
Blackipino Gambino
thought those were the union la Jordan zoom 92 on ddg’s feet for a sec lol
Richard Killings
He’s a real hooper He do it frfr he really could’ve beat em 11-0
j j
j j 11 ore fa
Stick to music and videos basketball isnt your thing ma guy
nano fx
nano fx 11 ore fa
Rip ddg
NunkGoCrazy 11 ore fa
he don’t got 7 points🤣
Abigail Meza
Abigail Meza 12 ore fa
Vaton Foster
Vaton Foster 12 ore fa
zay woah dead for dissing him ddg
Mr Dadi
Mr Dadi 12 ore fa
Ddg is a joke
briandagoat2x 14 ore fa
he was shaking him jus by heising
Za'Yon Nunya
Za'Yon Nunya 15 ore fa
Ddg its good man we win some and we lose some
Kavz 15 ore fa
Who knows what the picture in the frame is called in ddg room at the mansion
Jay Thom
Jay Thom 15 ore fa
“That’s tuff that’s tuff”
Dtae M
Dtae M 16 ore fa
Aye bro your song go hard , moonwalking through Cali. I play it all the time in the whip
Big Kev
Big Kev 16 ore fa
Ddg worst then flight
BikeboyDelt 17 ore fa
Mikey acting like DDG his lil brother
Moody Macn
Moody Macn 18 ore fa
Damn ddg usually ball out this time he got washed like dirty dishes left in the sink 💀💀😆😆
Robloxian Trollervlogs
He comin to the 704!!! Let’s gooo
Nostolgy 20 ore fa
dis nigga green machine on hall of fame
Gideon Amankrah
Gideon Amankrah 21 ora fa
Mikey looks like Amare frost(deshae lil bro)🤔
OTG Yungan
OTG Yungan 21 ora fa
DDG look better than he play I’m sorry 🤣🤣
Quintin Curtis
Quintin Curtis 21 ora fa
Poor shot selection 💀💀
Quintin Curtis
Quintin Curtis 21 ora fa
At 2:40 I heard the rim made this sound and I thought he brought the sad music back 😭😭
Checkboy Mafia
Checkboy Mafia 22 ore fa
He doesn’t do ITvid but yet posting on ITvid lol who cares if it’s a vlog u still posting
Bracesface TV
Bracesface TV 22 ore fa
“It sound good”ya that what my people say
DWB DAYS 22 ore fa
Paul Mckenzie
Paul Mckenzie 23 ore fa
He meant an INTENSE ASS WHOPPING 💀 lol🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blessed Redngold
No one at all: Flight: NIYCEEEEEEEE
Mac Giorno fa
Stop posting stuff my guy u said you quit 😂
Rdz Fam
Rdz Fam Giorno fa
You just didn’t want to get dunked on lol, that was the only goal
Davion Wacasey
Davion Wacasey Giorno fa
When DDG missed then ran to catch it and went to the three again i died ☠️😂😂
Titan Hansen
Titan Hansen Giorno fa
When he said that he thought he would of been smaller than he is got me laughing... but his voice is deeper than your dd lol
Legendary Giorno fa
Anyone know what shoes DDG wearing? They harddd
Yada Giorno fa
Ddg Acting like he 30 LMAO
Ayden Stewart
Ayden Stewart Giorno fa
Bro I swear I could whoop you 1v1 fly out to Minnesota if you think your actually nice at hoopin
Dymer Sym
Dymer Sym Giorno fa
DDG suck at hooping lol
noah esdaile
noah esdaile Giorno fa
Flight would drop you
Michael Worrell
Michael Worrell Giorno fa
Bruh! It look like yaw was playing horse. I'm still waiting for your turn.
Barry Jefferson
Barry Jefferson Giorno fa
Blizzy. FC
Blizzy. FC Giorno fa
Mikey wasn’t trying the whole time😂😂
Itsdatboy L
Itsdatboy L Giorno fa
One thing about ddg he’s not the biggest he’s not the most bouncy but he got that hustle 💪🏽🗣
Its Jada Nicole
Its Jada Nicole Giorno fa
Ddg steady trying to shoot 3s knowing he can’t get it 😭 damn near missed every one
Tahir_Mujević Giorno fa
This is in New York
DDG cant shoot 3's for his life against mikey
Jaxon Bone
Jaxon Bone Giorno fa
I’m so dead Mikey wasn’t even trying
Jaxon Bone
Jaxon Bone Giorno fa
How tall is ddg
Romelle Lawrence
i thought you quit youtube 🤦🏽‍♀️
D Dubbs
D Dubbs Giorno fa
Is flight the camera man 😂
Miguel Velazquez
The “NICE!”scared tf outta me
Trendsetta 89
Trendsetta 89 Giorno fa
Dont play wit dat boy he is not one of dem 😂
Kaleb Nowlin
Kaleb Nowlin Giorno fa
Let’s hope he anit bet 10k
Cezay Torres
Cezay Torres Giorno fa
this was so boring to watch that i ain’t even finish the video
iworycoso yt
iworycoso yt Giorno fa
I could honestly probably beat ddg he ass😂
Its. Dessiii
Its. Dessiii Giorno fa
U should be embarrassed 😂😂
Kuwaiine —
Kuwaiine — Giorno fa
DDG Another version of FlightReacts
Exoshade Giorno fa
DDG 1p lil nigga Mikey 10p
Pretty buoy Jones
DDG: i quit youtube DDG:keeps posting
Steph D
Steph D Giorno fa
that’s embarrassing.
Yungfly Rich
Yungfly Rich Giorno fa
You can’t even beat polo g for you to go play Mikey
QOVERU Giorno fa
Bro you needa scoreboard in the videos. Ya editor lackin.
FunnyKidDraeX Giorno fa
Mikey did ya bad cuh 😂😂😂 but gs to y’all both doe 💯☝🏾
Anthony Aranda
Anthony Aranda Giorno fa
Not a hooper
kevin valdez
kevin valdez Giorno fa
FLIGHT 2.0😂😂
Bootie LALA
Bootie LALA Giorno fa
Lazy defense & lazy offense
Play quando rondo
reaction pods
reaction pods Giorno fa
It was quiet ash in there
Dume White
Dume White Giorno fa
All I hear in my head is I’m still a grown man 😭😭
Jadon Gordon
Jadon Gordon Giorno fa
you're a try hard
Face Munson
Face Munson Giorno fa
DDG Ass in Ball
Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray Giorno fa
Play me DDG
Anyia Waddle
Anyia Waddle Giorno fa
Mikey so 🐐 Ed
Signatures Giorno fa
U see the video stop before the ball made it to the rim its because he missed that shot too 🤣🤣🤣
Lil_ZG Giorno fa
Thank God Mikey didn’t Dunk on DDG cause if he did I don’t even think DDG would’ve post this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lil_ZG Giorno fa
For some reason I feel like if DDG has won against Mikey he would be talking hella sht 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Bills
Jack Bills Giorno fa
go check DDGs new girl on instagram and follow her @merwyan
aka crocc
aka crocc Giorno fa
"Ion think he can dunk on me"- DDG 2020
Nyh Stackz
Nyh Stackz Giorno fa
Freek Freek
Freek Freek Giorno fa
I thought that boy was short
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