2.0 - Official Teaser [Hindi] | Rajinikanth | Akshay Kumar | A R Rahman | Shankar | Subaskaran

Dharma Productions
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Proudly presenting the Official Teaser of our Magnum Opus "2.0" Starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson in lead; Music Composed by A R Rahman & Directed by Shankar.
#2Point0 #2Point0Teaser
Lyca Productions presents "2.0"
-Team 2.0-
Cast : 'Superstar' Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson & Others
Written & Directed by S. Shankar
Produced by Subaskaran
Music: A. R. Rahman
Cinematographer: Nirav Shah
Editor: Anthony
Art: T Muthuraj
Abbas Tyrewala | V Srinivas Mohan | Rif Dagher | Resul Pookutty | Mary E Vogt | Kenny Bates | Nick Powell | Steve Griffin | Silva | Bosco | Rocky | Legacy Effects | Double Negative | Quantum FX
Music on Lyca Music
Hitting Silver-Screens on Nov 29th 2018
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13 set 2018

2.0ShankarA R RahmanDirector ShankarEnthiran movieLyca ProductionsEnthiran 2Rajinkanth2point0Akshay KumarLycaSuperstarAmy Jacksonrajinikanthrajinirobo 2.0 teaser2.0 moviebigg boss promorobot 22 Point 0 Teaser2.0 Teaser2.0 Hindi Teaser2.0 1st Look Teaser2.0 1st Teaser2.0 Official Hindi TeaserDharma ProductionsKaran Johar




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Commenti 89 409
R Raja
R Raja 7 minuti fa
Wow...better than gisapita romance movie s
Reena Agrawal
Reena Agrawal 13 minuti fa
akshay kumar
Anuj Tripathi
Anuj Tripathi 13 minuti fa
Not a single dialogue of akshay. .. ?? ...:-\ Not happy
Reena Agrawal
Reena Agrawal 14 minuti fa
Chris Weber
Chris Weber 14 minuti fa
Chris Weber
Chris Weber 13 minuti fa
Aman kumar
Aman kumar 18 minuti fa
Who watch the tesar more than 10 times
Know About Gaming
Know About Gaming 20 minuti fa
yaar kia chutiya film banai ha andhi kitni dekhai ha
azaan ahsan
azaan ahsan 31 minuto fa
550 crore ki movie 100 bhi nahi cross ker paye gi going to be super flop
azaan ahsan
azaan ahsan 32 minuti fa
Super flop
Heil Hitler
Heil Hitler 34 minuti fa
*ME : Ye to TATTI hai*
Ajil A Kumar
Ajil A Kumar 36 minuti fa
thalaiva the bossss
NAVEEN S 39 minuti fa
talaiva mass
astro2 you
astro2 you 40 minuti fa
know your future for free, now iam online for u, send your DATE OF BIRTH, TIME OF BIRTH, AND PLACE OF BIRTH, OR call me 8618172814, whats up no 9972085509, www.astrologer2you.blogspot.com
Prashant Gavra
Prashant Gavra 44 minuti fa
Atleast south is doing fab work on vfx
suhas dey
suhas dey 47 minuti fa
Chutiyap filled trailer..looks like a shit movie
Celebrities Lifestyle
*Who have watched this teaser more than 3 times?*
jissu237 237
jissu237 237 51 minuto fa
0:17 Bc sb salfi le rhe h 😂😂😂
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar 51 minuto fa
kya mast madharchod trailer h
Mdsadiq Ulla
Mdsadiq Ulla 52 minuti fa
HARSH SINGH 52 minuti fa
maja aa na wala hai
pranjal singh
pranjal singh 54 minuti fa
One word for vfx plzz
Anurag Pandey
Anurag Pandey 55 minuti fa
Which movie is going to break all records? 1.Robot 2.0 2.Thugs of Hindustan ??
SuperZan Ora fa
What a waste of time and money
status fever always
Was waiting for this from a long time
Jubairkhan45 Khan45
Parde par dmaal mca dene wali ye pheli film bni hai jiska teaser se dil n bhar rha bar bar dekne ko man kr rha hai ye meri shoc hai
Hindustani Krishna Bajaj
Who is waiting for 1st day 1st show?? Hit 👊 like 💗 💗
Naagar naas
Apna indian Hollywood movie...🔥🔥🔥
Abhi bhi 2 mahine se zaada time bacha hai yaar , ab iss movie tak wait nahi ho raha .
sunil kohli
Wowwwwwww. Ye kya ha bhai. Awesome .
Certain Indians are like,,how can phones fly and trying to make out sense out of the teaser. So dear friends, this film has one of the most innovative superhero plot,, the antagonist is working out for a noble cause(mobile phones causes harm to birds and many insects) but in a bad way,,, something similar to what thanos did.
Sahil Mehra
all time blockbuster to thoko like
Dileep Dileep
Afat h boss aaki paji se kuch logo ki jayda hi jal rahi h hit laik a Rajni end aksy pajii aal rikod tod kamayi hone wali h boss 😎😎
Dhruv Jariwala
Yeah picture bahubali 2 la record todegi barabar nq
jagdish kalaskar
1:23 to 1:25 funny
siva 10
siva 10 Ora fa
212K likes only left for 1M likes 🔥
siva 10
siva 10 Ora fa
9M views left for 40M views
Rachit Singh
Omg omg look at the VFX yll osm speechless 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
8154 Subodh
CGI is nice, wait...... Cellphone swarmbots!!!! 😑 🤦
If teaser is this much interesting
Enter your name here
Can't wait for Nov 29...😘😘😘😘
ethayan ethayan
Hit like those who failed in Science.
Jadav Vignesh
Chitti is back hu hu
Swag Dhamaka
Akshay kumar is great actor
Raj Raj
Raj Raj Ora fa
72k dislikes are real life devdas who love sad movies 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sagar M
Sagar M Ora fa
who liked this video hit like
Vg Padmanabhan
When ever a huge hype was created for some movie it will be a sure flop.....So onemore flop....distributors gonna die....once again
WAA MUSIC 2 ore fa
Kaya yaa dangal ka record break karay gee??????
sunil kumar
sunil kumar 2 ore fa
Who has watch this teaser more than 3 times
Rani Malik
Rani Malik 2 ore fa
1. Like 2. Sub 3. Comment saying done 4. I will do the same. East Coast! Responsive!
Rspider S
Rspider S 2 ore fa
VFX is going to be a big crunch here as on laptop & the phone the VFX doesn't look great.
Md Arif
Md Arif 2 ore fa
Super duper hit movie taillar
bhavesh creation
Supreme Game & Tech
This will kill me
sumit kumar
sumit kumar 2 ore fa
Akshay Kumar crow..n Rajni like robot... nothing new...
Amit Kumar singh
Hit like if you think you loved this teaser
Amudha v
Amudha v 2 ore fa
More than 10 times anybody. Like
Whats the song name ?
hidayath for
hidayath for 2 ore fa
VFX is not perfect
Love Kush
Love Kush 2 ore fa
EHTESHAM 2 ore fa
MEMES Incoming in 3-2-1
pritam de
pritam de 2 ore fa
Anand Khatri
Anand Khatri 2 ore fa
Is this trailer is real
Fahad Rao
Fahad Rao 2 ore fa
Music is lit
Ritwick Pandey
Its a shitty trailer. I don't know when we will rise. Even with the low budgets hollywood is capable of producing movies like triangle,exam, and coherence. We are still living in the ages of Apes. We are so damn big Industry but still we play with cow-dung only. You guys at-least learn from south Korean film industry, they are way ahead compare to us. Take sometime and watch OLDBOY, I saw the Devil, Twin Sister etc. Movie always doesn't need big budget but it always always always needs a script and set of few talented actors."kuch aaya samjh mein ya bhusa bhara pada hai dmag mein"
devil maycry
devil maycry 2 ore fa
the most liked teasers in the world officialy confirmed 1. Avengers infinity war. 2. 2.0 3. venom
Narendra Kumar
Rajini sir mera eye lungs kidney sab kuch aapko donate love u so much
Raj Yadav
Raj Yadav 2 ore fa
Desi Boys
Desi Boys 2 ore fa
ITvid पर अगर आपने यह नहीं देखा तो कुछ नहीं देखा ITvid पर सर्च करें PP ke fans और चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें जय अवंती बाई
The Right Masala
Mass Superstar Academy /Mass Crew India
hi bros ithna likes and view badaao ki robot 3.0 ki demand ho jaaye aur shankar sir usmey lag jaaye. main rajini sir ko part 3 mey dhekhna chahunga
Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar 2 ore fa
Seema super star
Amresh Mishra
Amresh Mishra 2 ore fa
teaser se Hi puri kahani samaj aa gai hai ha ha ha
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 2 ore fa
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 2 ore fa
phone's are flying lmfao ! only bollywood can come up with stupidest ideas and spend millions for it! i love Akshay but idk why he agreed to do this stupid film! this looks so so so bad :DD nonsense
devil maycry
devil maycry 2 ore fa
this is a science fictional movie. refer the word fictional in dictionary and leave a comment then.
Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar 2 ore fa
No bad if you dont to see dont see dont comeent like ediot
PRANAV KR 3 ore fa
THALAPATHY vijay waiting for SARKAR TEASER 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kitty K
Kitty K 3 ore fa
Yuvaraj Deshpande
Who is fan of the rajnikanth and akashy kumar
Superb yaar
Sanjay Maruti
Sanjay Maruti 3 ore fa
Its awesome mind blowing all the dislikers arecthe fans of Salman that can be noticed this film is going to create history
Tanmay Gupta
Tanmay Gupta 3 ore fa
not much good as I was thinking of😕
zertash shah
zertash shah 3 ore fa
Subscribe my channelll ❤❤❤
atul gupta
atul gupta 3 ore fa
Superb 👍🏻
hyt4978 3 ore fa
uttam bhawsar
uttam bhawsar 3 ore fa
i am watch this teaser 500 times and pvr 3d teaser watching this movie all record breackdown
Khraw Kupar Syiemlieh
Looks like some kids movie
Cool Type Kishan
71000 dislike don't believe
Lokesh Divekar
this is beyond science is a meme now
Shinchan Hindi New 2018
Proud to be a rajinikanth fan.....hit the like button if you are Ranjini fan...👇👍
Awesome ashay and rajni
Naresh Verma
Naresh Verma 3 ore fa
Aditya Kashish
Super movie
Aryan Das
Aryan Das 3 ore fa
Aryan Das
Aryan Das 3 ore fa
play music SK
play music SK 3 ore fa
nice teaser
Deepti Singla
Deepti Singla 3 ore fa
Rajinikanth fans hit like 👍👍👍👍👍
Prossimi video