2 HOURS of the NBA's WILDEST ENDINGS So Far! 👀| Pt.2 

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14 gen 2023




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BAROIROI 8 mesi fa
0:00 - DAL vs DEN 4:06 - DEN vs POR 8:50 - ORL vs TOR 17:28 - BKN vs ATL 22:28 - MIL vs DAL 27:06 - ATL vs CHI 31:33 - LAL vs BOS 36:15 - UTA vs NOP 41:10 - LAL vs WAS 45:25 - PHI vs TOR 49:21 - ATL vs ORL 54:07 - OKC vs POR 59:01 - CHI vs ATL 1:05:02 - OKC vs POR 1:12:32 - CHI vs NYK 1:21:20 - CHA vs LAL 1:25:54 - DEN vs PHX 1:30:52 - DAL vs NYK 1:35:51 - MIA vs UTA 1:40:02 - GSW vs ATL 1:44:11 - SAC vs UTA 1:49:10 - CLE vs PHX 1:54:09 - MIL vs TOR 1:59:08 - DET vs GSW 2:04:05 - BKN vs MIA 2:08:21 - DAL vs LAL 2:12:34 - PHI vs UTA
Randy G
Randy G 8 mesi fa
Respect 👍
Brook Kassa
Brook Kassa 8 mesi fa
Kaden Mayasich
Kaden Mayasich 7 mesi fa
Thank you
Leoxmxx 6 mesi fa
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
I definitely would've given him the MVP in 2011 in hindsight, would've been monumental because that would've given him 5 in a row from '09 to '13.
M.Wade 6 mesi fa
Murray will forever be the most clutch for Denver Idgaf what anyone says. When it’s really time to get a shot, the ball is in his hands. The same way with Milwaukee; the go to guy for a bucket is Middleton. Jokic is the top guy but clutch time belongs to Murray and it’s also in the playoffs too; for Middleton too. I know y’all go off highlights and who’s leading the team in basic counting stats; I go by the eye test. Look at the play they drew up. It’s usually how it goes.
Ethan Floyd
Ethan Floyd 3 mesi fa
i agree and murray play offs number shows the proof he is dominate when the spotlights on
Diana Jimenez
Diana Jimenez 3 mesi fa
That was the absolute best game the Knicks have played in decades. Every player have their best night and smiles all around
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
Kareem had pretty insane longevity, especially considering his size and the era of sports medicine he played in.
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
Look at the age of MPVs the last 20 years. Only one person over the age of 30 won (Steve Nash at age 31). MVP is a young man's game, that's why there was a huge push by Embiid to secure one this past year at the age of 28.
majorsmcw Kewaleg
The luka comeback was by far the best, I also liked the murray stepback winner. Going head to head with lilard. The raptors whole comeback was edited out though. I think they came back from something ridiculous like 17 points in 2 minutes to put that to ot vs the bucks.
aidan 4 mesi fa
baskemt bal
loud cloud
loud cloud 2 mesi fa
1:35:29 the happy dance omg
Diana Reeve
Diana Reeve 3 mesi fa
Seeing all these endings in a row really lets you see how the refs inconsistencies effect games and their outcomes. I'm seeing so many instances where it's just dumbfounding how they could call a foul. Then there's moments where it's even more dumbfounding cuz you're like how is this not a foul. So bad man.
Aj Phelps
Aj Phelps 8 mesi fa
Love all the clutch iso shots. Season has been dope so far
David Ogundare
David Ogundare 2 mesi fa
1:40:02 - GSW vs ATL Jordan Poole almost killed me this game.
David Ogundare
David Ogundare 2 mesi fa
AND AGAIN!!! 1:59:08 - DET vs GSW
Wisconsin Lonnie 414
Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was at the Clippers game. We were down 21. Fam had 54 in my face. It was like watching 2K. I’m Wisconsin Lonnie and I approve this message.™️ #BUCKEMALL
jeffrey rogers
jeffrey rogers 7 mesi fa
It was like watching g a video game? Wow
Wisconsin Lonnie 414
@jeffrey rogers For sure it was. He wasn’t missing.
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
I think he has a legitimate argument to have six MVPs but I understand why he didn't win them all though Harden winning over him I think was complete(2018)
Ryan Brummitt
Ryan Brummitt 8 mesi fa
31:10 the best one in this mix by far... that game was insane
Castor Chua
Castor Chua 7 mesi fa
You couldn't make that shit up
Joe Acevedo
Joe Acevedo 7 mesi fa
Now that's a real Top 10 of the night. Good job.
Stressed Antihero
Great W for the Lakers but Dame dropped 24 10 and 6 on Pat, him trolling Dame is ridiculous. Plus that crazy 3 right after chatting to him on the Ft line lmao. I Felt bad for Dame Fr 😂
Youtube Red
Youtube Red 8 mesi fa
Youre talking about pat bev, his career highlights are him taunting players when he hasnt done anything. no point to cry about it every night
Connor Winters
Connor Winters 6 mesi fa
Gtg. G t
Randy G
Randy G 8 mesi fa
It's been a lot of entertaining, competitive games this season, no complaints, though
Joshua Umali
Joshua Umali 7 mesi fa
Nag kchat ka sa ki ko kuuuki😅😮kkuu😮
roydd yves
roydd yves 6 mesi fa
Erik the Blue
Erik the Blue 6 mesi fa
That was the absolute best game the Knicks have played in decades. Every player have their best night and smiles all around 😊
deovision 8 mesi fa
4:40 Double Dribble. He touched the ball on the ground, meaning he used his dribble.
OldSport 8 mesi fa
Don't know bout that one?
joseph the bobcat
Send it to the League offices 📜 🖋️
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson 8 mesi fa
1:56:36 I love how these games revert to 90s ball in the clutch
Donato Bianco
Donato Bianco 7 mesi fa
The raptors lineup is basically stuck playing 90s ball til we get our shooting straight
Virgo Prince
Virgo Prince 7 mesi fa
Thank you so much for your time spending on the video you are appreciative ❤🎉
grllsgris 8 mesi fa
It’s amazing how they can make seconds last minutes
Armando Kozomara
Nba never used to show games and endings like this. How come they're just showing everything now ? Turns out it helps to show your best moments to draw more fans. You don't need League Pass.
StephCurry 10 giorni fa
Good job to the NBA for showing my highlights, respect
Angel Anthony
Angel Anthony 8 mesi fa
Pretty good start of a heck of a NBA season
Slim Goodie
Slim Goodie 8 mesi fa
The problem with the Magic is that they don't utilize Bol Bol enough on offense. They will just be another team(not good or great) until the dumb coach learns how to coach. Banchero ain't shit. I'm still trying to find out how he even became the number-one draft pick.
xDino 3 mesi fa
You are so right. Respect for you for acknowledging real ball
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus 8 mesi fa
Mo Wagner.... I like his tenacity. He can't take a punch, but I still like him.
Diana Jimenez
Diana Jimenez 3 mesi fa
Now that's a real Top 10 of the nigh
D Jones
D Jones 6 mesi fa
Damian Lillard, Mr regular season!😂
WhichCraft 8 mesi fa
Damn that Jokic cut still looks deep 🫣
Labron 8 mesi fa
what happen to him
Psylent Jay
Psylent Jay 7 mesi fa
Great win for the Lake Show!!!!
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
I legit thought Lebron was gonna win at least 6. He was only 29 in his last MVP year.
Ханмөнх Пүрэвпунцаг
Dame so clutch I love him
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
I think he has arguments in 2011 and 2018 but I also understand why he didn't get them
Dantae Cavanagh
Dantae Cavanagh 2 mesi fa
2:20 2:23 🎉❤ I love NBA games for everyone else who cares about NBA basketball
agro-valley farm
The NETS NEED to get a big defensive center
OldSport 8 mesi fa
I want finney Smith jr so much for the nets
dark ketchup
dark ketchup 7 mesi fa
luka can come off the bench.. he makes the game slow.. 😂
Thánh Tán Gái
you guys played very well
Style Auto
Style Auto 4 mesi fa
😂😂😂 Boston is to good
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
He should have won in 2020, I still think if Covid didn’t happen and the season continued as it should have Lebron would have won it then.
SlamClamBigelow 8 mesi fa
Jokic looks more like a deli worker than a MVP
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 8 mesi fa
Cameron Milhouse
What I don’t get with Toronto is why they kept giving pasc siakam the ball and they down 3. He can’t shoot everybody know that, and he defenitley ain’t making contested or step back jumpers when a defender got they hand up💀💀 bro is delusional.
jay ivo
jay ivo 8 mesi fa
ain’t nobody catch me when I fell 😂😂😂
A.H.R. 3 mesi fa
The Joker was banging inside the paint, allowed 3 to 4 dribbles at a times until he was close enough for easy bankshots. Like watching a game from the 80's, to early 90's. No offensive fouls were called on the joker. The game from the 80th's. to early 90's. Was played very aggressively, offensively and defensively. It was legit basketball to hand-check an offensive player and for aggressive offensive banging to the rim, with 3 dribbles or more allowed at a time. Those were legit offensive foul on the joker. In this basketball eara. Take away his inside the paint game and you take away his passing ability within the paint. All of sudden, all those opened three point shooters. Will have last opened shots. Because the Joker will become more of a liability than a passer. Because he will be committing more offensive fouls. If the refes call offensive fouls inside the paint, on the Joker. Everything i just preach is irrelevant. If the refes don't change the way they allow the Joker to play inside the paint. There's old saying. "Don't adjust your game until adjustment is needed."
tropickman 8 mesi fa
Nuggs lost 3 & won 2 games by a single point this season
Bartek 8 mesi fa
Love that brick from lebron, it proves that he is the gOaT
xDino 3 mesi fa
Keem 7 mesi fa
Nuggets the most unlucky team
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
You can tell Paul Pierce is up there
the_lizardface 7 mesi fa
Siakam couldn't buy a basket for a million in that Orlando game. Poor guy. Raps brought it back just to sell
It’s Ya Boy Nilpsin !
He was one 3pointer away from tying the record with Klay
44aizz 7 mesi fa
Lol wtf dames game got nun to do with this
adam casanova
adam casanova 6 mesi fa
They better sign him to an extension...
impaidnfull Wen Dez
Westbrook has the worst hands for a guard in nba history: Skip Baylee’s
HYGORY 6 mesi fa
NBA in Da 23 and Da 2020's 💙🖤💙🖤
Lyndon Yang
Lyndon Yang 7 mesi fa
NBA really not giving Sacramento love 😂
John Mckoy
John Mckoy 8 mesi fa
If we pick up sb at least descent we battled philly and could of won it with out the SLIM REAPER we going to be str8 SC was balling
GTC 041
GTC 041 6 mesi fa
Malayo na tlaga ang agwat ng JBL at KBL sa PBA. Ang focus na nila is global, hindi lng local players ng japan ang market nila. Tulad na din ito sa NBA kung saan hindi lng Americans ung mga players ng mga teams at kumukuha din ng mga european, asian players.
Once Tezu
Once Tezu 8 mesi fa
The jazz playing clutch all season long
alaijah 2 giorni fa
34:10 double dribble
Sillysoft 6 mesi fa
Damian is wasted super star on the Blazers. I know its dedication to his team, but man he has wasted his prime with a losing organization. You can tell they dont care, they refuse to give him what he needed to fully compete.
The Info Broker
The Info Broker 8 mesi fa
Not having gsw vs cle is wild
Pepperoni Productions
or chi vs cle
Caden Brust
Caden Brust 8 mesi fa
Everybody: Brook Lopez is DPOY Me: 23:07
Donato Bianco
Donato Bianco 7 mesi fa
FVV in the clutch gotta be the worst in the NBA right now, sucks cuz he’s a great player
Trapp Gzz
Trapp Gzz 7 mesi fa
They went at it in the bubble this was payback
The People Vs Marc Dillon
What was so wild about the first game?
Fortune ONE
Fortune ONE 7 mesi fa
Lakers should've kept kcp
oldman baller50
oldman baller50 7 mesi fa
That woody Harrelson movie sounds like a 2k mycareer story
Polixenia Graf
Polixenia Graf 8 mesi fa
Shaniqua Squishy
12:21 😅 fuiltz with the faults ATM
♀ Indian Girl Aarini
2018 should've been his award. Harden was absolutely absurd that year as well but what LeBron was doing was on a whole other level. It actually looked like he had turned back the clock to his Miami days with how hard he was able to carry that team to the Finals. Also think we would've had a "photo finish" for the MVP in 2020 if it wasn't for the pandemic. Bron had all but closed the gap between him and Giannis in the MVP race right before the league shut down. Would've been an exciting finish to the end.
John Dave
John Dave Mese fa
Michael Kidwell
Michael Kidwell 6 mesi fa
How in the hell is the Dallas / Den game a fantastic finish ? A bunch of free throws at the end does not make for a great finish.
Jacob W
Jacob W 7 mesi fa
Lauri Markkanen was cold in Utah 🥶
tamrat washington
Heart these two. Timber Wolf vs Grizzly will be the hardest rivalry in this generation. Argue
peter transon
peter transon 8 mesi fa
Bro I literally spam his live with “stop duccin AB” and he finally seen it and still got 50 on his mata.
Slim Goodie
Slim Goodie 8 mesi fa
If you are a good hooper, talented, got skills, and have a 3-point shot you gotta ask yourself why am I not in the NBA and Ben Simmons is.
Habib 3 mesi fa
These games look nice
Ediz 7 mesi fa
ITvid: how many commercial breaks u want? NBA: YEEEEESSS!
Chase Booth
Chase Booth 6 mesi fa
Kyrie Never upsets 💯
Marsha Douglas
Marsha Douglas 28 giorni fa
This is great
justin stevens
What was so wild about the first clip???😊
Mark Serrano
Mark Serrano 8 mesi fa
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Alissa Bryant
Alissa Bryant 8 mesi fa
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Alissa Bryant
Alissa Bryant 8 mesi fa
But I don't know why people remain poor due to ignorance
Cecilia Walton
Cecilia Walton 8 mesi fa
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Cecilia Walton
Cecilia Walton 8 mesi fa
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Brody Martin
Brody Martin 8 mesi fa
Speaking of investing
Nate Stowe
Nate Stowe 6 mesi fa
Bo’s vs la in or! I think they loss, damn😒
Los Ganns
Los Ganns 6 mesi fa
Says "wildest endings" but starts with Dal vs Den 16.8 sec left then calling 15 timeouts and shooting free throws for 4 min. This shouldn't have even made the Wild endings list
Saif Dahabreh
Saif Dahabreh 6 mesi fa
Mar 8 mesi fa
Nothing wild about free throw fests
My Lawd
My Lawd 7 mesi fa
Dinwiddie starting to look like Walt Frazier
James Shusted
James Shusted 8 mesi fa
Kings should have like 6 games on here lol
dela joppa
dela joppa 7 mesi fa
Dolandoyle 6 mesi fa
Hawks was crazy
compton rick
compton rick 7 mesi fa
i see why Portland traded Hart lmao
Missy 8 mesi fa
Omg, look at jokers arm! Looks like he gets hacked out there
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 7 mesi fa
This reel, had a lot of, push offs. Push offs, aren't ankles breakers. I know people, will get mad about that, to defend, a player or team. Well, the NBA game did change alot.
Mike Woydziak
Mike Woydziak 7 mesi fa
This was unimpressive, not the video, but the game, 0 competition. We want to see the best players in the world play. It was nothing more than warmups before a game. Fans didn’t get their moneys worth. Nothing against Mac McClung either yesterday at the dunk competition but you had to bring a g league player to make it exciting. Do better NBA
Ayooeverything 8 mesi fa
Luka is more clutch than Lebron.
Raeanna Severt
Raeanna Severt 8 mesi fa
7:58 that's why you don't celebrate too early
Christina Fox
Christina Fox 8 mesi fa
The Celtics won that game VS LA
Sharia Collins
Sharia Collins 3 mesi fa
lets go hawks
E M 8 mesi fa
What's going on at 17:52 is that allowed or am I missing something? He caught the ball, dribbled, picked up the ball and dribbled again?
BJR 8 mesi fa
You can argue he didnt have full control over the ball and that he was still gathering it so ig they just dont care about that
Chase Lackey
Chase Lackey 7 mesi fa
Kyrie has no love for lebron at the end he pissed
Baki 7 mesi fa
Jokic did sum cheatin ass shit to Doe Doe
Bryce Wehde
Bryce Wehde 5 mesi fa
The exciting endings got lost in the 400 ads.
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