2 HOURS of the NBA's WILDEST ENDINGS So Far! 👀| Pt.3 

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21 feb 2023




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Mr. E
Mr. E Mese fa
Man Jazz really had some lots of close games this season
EnragedSausage 7 mesi fa
Harden and Embiid do the same exact play every time. Pick N Pop behind the back pass on the right side of the free throw throw line.
John Smith
John Smith 6 mesi fa
that makes it even sadder that teams can’t stop it lmao
Kendrick Bryant
Kendrick Bryant 5 mesi fa
​@John Smith 9pm mm9
Diana Jimenez
Diana Jimenez 3 mesi fa
Should've been a 10 second violation on Kyrie at the free throw line, had the ball for 10 seconds then basically an 11th second then the release
HokkaidoSan 7 mesi fa
Should have waited to post this because the Kings and Clippers game was just INSANE! Easily tops any of these games. 176pts in a single game.
Mont 7 mesi fa
Like oh
HokkaidoSan 7 mesi fa
Ali Lamar Sixers and Celtics, what happen in that game? Only their fans watched lol. Just an average game my guy.
Huy Mai
Huy Mai 7 mesi fa
Ali Lamar a
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright Mese fa
if you look at the score in every game he's winning... one thing about draymond he impacts winning
Addison France
Addison France 7 mesi fa
I don’t usually watch full games or sequences anymore and it’s crazy how much the games changed from when I used to watch
B Tach
B Tach 7 mesi fa
Michael Jordan and LeBron James, in my opinion, at this point in time, both equally deserve G.O.A.T. honors!
Addison France
Addison France 7 mesi fa
Also Bill Kareem Wilt and Duncan
Dana Orange
Dana Orange 7 mesi fa
@Addison France I don’t understand why so many people just skip past Duncan lol tf. Mr fundamentals is top tier.
HokkaidoSan 7 mesi fa
naaaaaaah, Lebron is good but he hasn't changed or elevated the game like MJ did or Curry lol.
And Kobe
Lo Mese fa
2 hours of the NBA’s Most CROOKED moments!! Money talks Players get a cut of the revenue that goes to the books Extremely crooked finishes Makes plenty of sense what’s taking place within the game
Hayden Klinkhamer
Joel is such a free throw merchant lol
Liza M
Liza M 6 mesi fa
Better than your favorite player
anonymous youtube user
1:58:08 they missed .5 seconds off the clock, they let it roll for too long
Bryson Lawrence
Bryson Lawrence 7 mesi fa
you’re forgetting about the kings versus jazz game where heurter hits the three to win it. I was there the crowd was insane
Dida Samak
Dida Samak 7 mesi fa
You're forgetting this is part #3😅
Solynn Evee
Solynn Evee 6 mesi fa
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
It's not a moving screen on Clarkson because he's on offense and you can just do whatever you want on offense. Case and point. Who committed a foul there? I HATE HARDEN AND 76ERS, but what's the foul? What did he do? ITS RIDICULOUS
SrShaun Alexander d ass
Wow big shot after big shot to grind it out with the new grind house... Was a slug fest... They had to grind to go get it build's toughness in the end
Lawrence Grady
Lawrence Grady 6 mesi fa
yall ever see palyer and be pissed your team let him go! thats harrison barnes for me in dallas the dumbest move we ever made was getting rid of him
Seth Easy
Seth Easy 7 mesi fa
It’s good to see Markelle ballin I wish him the best!
Douglas Varra
Douglas Varra 7 mesi fa
Luv this high play on here 💯
Jaden Gregg
Jaden Gregg 4 mesi fa
Love This High Play On Here 💯
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
Looney, Green and Poole, all Warriors, run into each other, know each other down, and it's a foul on the Grizzlies? Nobody on the Grizzlies even involved or near the play. Basketball is getting really hard to watch
Aven Sevn
Aven Sevn 6 mesi fa
Felix sticking with the one edible Scandinavian dish for 20 mins straightening
Andre' Pope
Andre' Pope 7 mesi fa
Somebody Has got to give Credit for The Coaching in Utah. 🏆🤞🤞🕸️🔥🔥🔥🏴🏴‍☠️✔️🤓🤍
Edward Mcgee
Edward Mcgee 6 mesi fa
Gotta put the Lakers game last night vs the Mavs on this.
alex binek
alex binek 6 mesi fa
The first clip felt like 2 hours😂
Jbortega 6 mesi fa
He better hurry up and pick a college...😂
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
Ever notice how in close games, near the end, we get to hear about 50000000% more whistles than we hear the rest of the ENTIRE GAME? The REFS get to decide how it goes. It's disgusting, it's a problem, it HAS TO STOP!!!
MWK Da Goat
MWK Da Goat 7 mesi fa
Enjoy the game
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 7 mesi fa
shoutout to the people that actually watched the whole 2 hours.
TheMrafp 7 mesi fa
Nice game!
Temo 7 mesi fa
Idk for sure but I’m assuming the endings y’all keep crying for we’re in parts 1 & 2😂
Powski Thao
Powski Thao 7 mesi fa
PG13 and Kawhi Leonard will probably be out for the next 20 games after this one
Thánh Tán Gái
Kudos to the warriors
tenent3_06 7 mesi fa
one day I will be the greatest player in the NBA even though I am Brazilian
skyler abramson
skyler abramson 7 mesi fa
Sorry buddy I don’t think anyone passing the JordanLebron status but I had dreams too😅
tenent3_06 7 mesi fa
@skyler abramson just rember my name in the next 6 years i will be the best of the best just wait and see And rember my mane is paulo Miguel
Meezy 7 mesi fa
46:16 a very random ja rule / Ashanti reference but totally here for it
GageOnDeck isGod
31:38 Careful,Careful don't get fired I wanna work with you on Tuesday lol 🤣 she wildin
GreenDorito 6 mesi fa
He was just saying go back , like to defense.
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
That LeBron drive into Murry is an OFFENSIVE FOUL. He threw his shoulder into the defender. On no PLANET is that a defensive foul. U can't play defense in this league, they won't let u
Ben Strauss
Ben Strauss 6 mesi fa
that green on morant foul at 1:30:00 was nasty
nodnyl leberts
nodnyl leberts 6 mesi fa
Good game for both team.better luck nxt tym cavs.neither of this team is my team GSW IS MY TEAM.BUMMER
Mar 7 mesi fa
You cant be serious putting in games that got decided by flopping for free throws lmao
Meghan Jacobsen
Meghan Jacobsen 7 mesi fa
Your forgetting the Dallas vs knicks game
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant 6 mesi fa
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
Klay didn't foul Kyrie
Connor 7 mesi fa
Awesome video
KA¥RØ1991 7 mesi fa
I didn't come here to watch some jazz moments 😅 I bet if the jazz would change their name they'd have a bigger fan base.... No lie....
Kevin Colder Jr
Kevin Colder Jr 6 mesi fa
Idk if LA got the fire power
stephenchu505 7 mesi fa
Freethrows, freethrows and freethrows😂
King DerriCk
King DerriCk 7 mesi fa
Peace for you 🫵🏿🤲🏾
This Mandy commercial breaks are a shame
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
Hey call travels on when u shuffle b4 u dribble and even then not always. You're allowed 3 and sometimes 4 steps in this league and they won't call it. Crossover side step euro jump stop hop step bucket baby! Only took 5 steps no call whoop whoop. That's skill. What a joke
Jay Lozano
Jay Lozano 7 mesi fa
Basketball is back tomorrow finally
Farad Churchill
Farad Churchill 6 mesi fa
33:01 lmao @ Russ
Tom T
Tom T 7 mesi fa
Steph Curry had to take time off to make sure those poor folks can't live behind his house.
Colin sexton has had that same exact hair since like 2016, how?
Hamza 123 Hamza123
Harden so hard
Winie Poo
Winie Poo 6 mesi fa
jordan clarkson is a superstar
NIkolay Jerev
NIkolay Jerev 6 mesi fa
Only if you support him badly, becouse he is half Filipino.
Winie Poo
Winie Poo 6 mesi fa
@NIkolay Jerev irregardless
bluebird 7 mesi fa
Tim TEE Pierce
Tim TEE Pierce 7 mesi fa
Jerad mvp
Steve Obrien
Steve Obrien 6 mesi fa
I would have watched the whole thing but way to many ads
FrankTheTank77 7 mesi fa
I was trying to watch this, but there’s ads literally every 2-3 minutes. It’s unbearable.. I don’t care to watch 30 seconds of ads every 2-3 minutes.. NBA doesn’t have enough money? Have to stick 120 ads in a 2 hour video? Such a joke…
anonymous youtube user
1:17:36 yes, sir
Steph M
Steph M 7 mesi fa
Why do they have a highlights of lakers vs clippers last season? 😂
Zoran Markovic
Zoran Markovic 7 mesi fa
Where are the Knicks vs the Mavericks, this is BS.
Larry Bird
Larry Bird 7 mesi fa
…..wrong part.
Lo Mese fa
Do you guys actually believe people have 2 hours to spend watching these crooked finishes?
Feezy Made the Beat
Bro wassup wit Embiid hair who braided his shii 🤣🤣
Y was a Malik monk highlight in here ? Dat was last season
Max Burrell
Max Burrell 6 mesi fa
Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey Davis 5 mesi fa
Fitz699 7 mesi fa
I Post stories every weekday :) parties, cops, drugs. Etc.
Lil Roy
Lil Roy 7 mesi fa
Buchenet Olcima
Buchenet Olcima 6 mesi fa
NBA Friday
WRX Yagga
WRX Yagga 7 mesi fa
Too many commercials
SosTdm 617
SosTdm 617 7 mesi fa
Jory Cespedes
Jory Cespedes 7 mesi fa
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Philenchy 7 mesi fa
If someone wanted togo to Heaven, what should they do?
BXGDXN 7 mesi fa
@Philenchy do some pushups maybe?
skyler abramson
skyler abramson 7 mesi fa
U took time to type all this when u could’ve been reading the bible
Pippa Goated
Pippa Goated 7 mesi fa
W vid
Who died today
Who died today 6 mesi fa
Railen Herman
Railen Herman 7 mesi fa
So many ads
Luska Roxo
Luska Roxo 7 mesi fa
DavidTheBaller 7 mesi fa
Want a cookie
Trey Bye
Trey Bye 7 mesi fa
Kendrick Bryant
Kendrick Bryant 5 mesi fa
Alex A
Alex A 6 mesi fa
40:14 wasn’t even a 5 second count shows this shit is rigged 😂
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 mesi fa
Should've been a 10 second violation on Kyrie at the free throw line, had the ball for 10 seconds then basically an 11th second then the release
The North
The North 6 mesi fa
Huh? I don’t see Kyrie in this video?
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