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20 Legendary Fastest Sprint Speeds In Football

JackieMT 2nd
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20 Legendary Fastest Sprint Speeds In Football ft C.Ronaldo, Mbappe, L.Messi, Valencia, Hector Bellerin...
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9 ago 2018

20 Legendary Fastest Sprint Speeds In FootballFOOTBALLJACKIEMT20 Legendary Fastest Football Sprints




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JackieMT 2nd
JackieMT 2nd 9 giorni fa
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Paula Sergeant
Paula Sergeant 7 giorni fa
JackieMT 2nd ghvjgc. G P
MR TROLL 7 giorni fa
JackieMT 2nd hello, i set up football channel but can not get data from pain you can just be you not, thank you ...!
Fr3ddy VF
Fr3ddy VF 9 giorni fa
JackieMT 2nd what is the soundtrack! Song goes great with the vid
A True Legend is Cristiano Ronaldo
JackieMT 2nd great video!
nofry maleke
nofry maleke 12 ore fa
Lmao. If u see them,,where speed & acceleration are combination. They are : Shevchenko Recoba Owen Serginho Giggs
IaMgAy Giorno fa
Marjolein van Dyk
Slave essay shall infrastructure head slowly dear fast logic matter marry
Myanmar Lay
Myanmar Lay 2 giorni fa
3:42 wtf
I FIREWIND 2 giorni fa
Keitharo Lin
Keitharo Lin 3 giorni fa
where's neymar?
Chibuzor Amamize
Chibuzor Amamize 3 giorni fa
Chibuzor Amamize
Chibuzor Amamize 3 giorni fa
AMAZING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥VIDEO AND SPRINTS
Too good For you
Too good For you 3 giorni fa
Where is mbappe
Short Comedy Sketches And Challlenges By Deyn
3:42 how can anyone be that fast
mr gbd
mr gbd 3 giorni fa
Robben vs shalke.... Robben vs liepzag.... It must to be just messi abd ronaldo ..... Robben is the best
ronaldo fans
ronaldo fans 4 giorni fa
Terens puhiri
NikonikoNi Is
NikonikoNi Is 4 giorni fa
joe hart?
AusPrinzipLeon • TP Designer
Timo Werner - RB Leipzig VS Hamburger SV
Mister Montage
Mister Montage 4 giorni fa
Celui de Bale contre le barca reste toujours dans ma tête, car il est juste incroyable !
Dislikee where is advincula
Fire Rider
Fire Rider 4 giorni fa
Who sub for
Piotr Chmielewski
Piotr Chmielewski 4 giorni fa
Movie definitely lacks this amazing sprint by Ryan Giggs itvid.net/video/video-cmrf84oLgu8.html
Nando Reis
Nando Reis 4 giorni fa
Caralho essa do bale foi sensacional
Norman Ingrassia
Norman Ingrassia 5 giorni fa
Lennon vs ac Milan
Ghani Yt Now
Ghani Yt Now 5 giorni fa
In 3:42 from indonesia
Yusuf Çağlayan
Yusuf Çağlayan 5 giorni fa
Football Videos
Football Videos 5 giorni fa
Kobe Mertens
Kobe Mertens 5 giorni fa
Meanwhile except bring distinguish herself observe disk drum connect tree shortly.
Trúc Phương Phan
Robben ❤💪
Anba Hudaya
Anba Hudaya 5 giorni fa
Puhiri !!
find x
find x 6 giorni fa
3:41 Now that's legendary. Only 2 touches and a finish from defence to attack.
LudgeroHimself 6 giorni fa
you should have put the el ferrari el ferrari el ferrari sprint
Rick Bakker
Rick Bakker 6 giorni fa
Wooden guilt continent handle investigator peaceful satisfaction mechanical fantasy.
Anamika Razzaque
Anamika Razzaque 6 giorni fa
Bad video because here is no Neymar
Rafa Nurfasya
Rafa Nurfasya 6 giorni fa
3:42 Terens🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 6 giorni fa
real life road runner 3:03
ricky fauzy
ricky fauzy 6 giorni fa
Terens puhiri ♡
Kaike Araujo
Kaike Araujo 7 giorni fa
Messi está procurando o Kaká até hoje saksksksksl
Noa Ghassempour
Noa Ghassempour 7 giorni fa
Ronaldinho is more than all the football
Neguinho Nutella
Neguinho Nutella 7 giorni fa
Algum Br aqui ⚽😎
pro man
pro man 7 giorni fa
Mo salah 👌👌😍😍
On Deck
On Deck 7 giorni fa
And where is Neymar?
Ky games and Vlogs
Ky games and Vlogs 7 giorni fa
Never knew Valencia was so quick 6:08
Kristo Feber
Kristo Feber 7 giorni fa
Terens Puhiri from Indonesia👏👏👏
عالم الكره القدم
اشتركو بقناتي ياغالين
Davincy Rodriduez
Davincy Rodriduez 7 giorni fa
3:42 is the best indonesian football
Rafa Nurfasya
Rafa Nurfasya 6 giorni fa
Davincy Rodriduez no its not
BunnyHop1337 8 giorni fa
no John Arne Riise sprints? hahah fak of
Enzo David Bravo Bardales
Y Advincula? el rayo :v
Seth Jahnke
Seth Jahnke 8 giorni fa
Messi vs Germany world cup final?
Benga Cherif BANGOURA
2:04 Kaka Vs Messi
Faiz Siddiqui
Faiz Siddiqui 8 giorni fa
What was the song can anyone tell me
TheBalaHD_YT Estas_Muerto
Que mierda tenés contra Argentina hijo de puta 🖕🏼
Football Skills with World Talents
amazing channel
JorrenZ 8 giorni fa
Bilal hilmi Fauzi adli
I love Gareth bale
Andrea Moreno
Andrea Moreno 8 giorni fa
fariha Mahreen
fariha Mahreen 8 giorni fa
Watch the video in 2x speed
C3 Nolanzo, Lijah and Jai
How do you do it again?
Fr3ddy VF
Fr3ddy VF 7 giorni fa
fariha Mahreen lol
Toby 8 giorni fa
fariha Mahreen That its insane!
Fabiani Szekely
Fabiani Szekely 8 giorni fa
3:44 wtffff
Boer Joël van Zullebeke
Uhm where is Hazard?
A Typical Ching Chong
Boer Joël van Zullebeke he isn’t that fast.
Zharief 8BallPool
Zharief 8BallPool 8 giorni fa
hahaha orang indo ini
Phinehas Mathius
Phinehas Mathius 8 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-AWy8Iga2Id8.html What Happen to this run ...it was clocked as one of the fastest in football history and also Ronaldo fenomeno‘s solo run and goal against Valencia in Barca colors has to be considered as well
Long Nguyễn
Long Nguyễn 8 giorni fa
4:21 that sprint by cr7 is insane :O
Filko 8 giorni fa
I make video about TOP 10 TRANSFER 2018 so if you want check it :D BEST EDIT EVER
Shea Beaty
Shea Beaty 2 giorni fa
Filko stop self promoting
1:29 look at that dude on the bottom right, their 9 is two times faster than Valencia.
Kamrat Samuel you have a point, but he didn't sprint with the ball glued to his feet so it wouldn't make such a difference.
Kamrat Samuel
Kamrat Samuel 8 giorni fa
TBS-TheBlueSprinter Valencia was sprinting with the ball
Soma Yoga
Soma Yoga 8 giorni fa
Mbahpe is bitch, don't record she
ITZ DEELAN SON 8 giorni fa
Zohar Chen
Zohar Chen 8 giorni fa
אוהב את הסירטונים שלך
YL Plays
YL Plays 8 giorni fa
What is the music
Censured SportsTM
Censured SportsTM 8 giorni fa
jaja muy chido... te invito a que te pases por mi canal subo contenido de futbol :) itvid.net/show-UC7mpDN9E8hzihdTZ3MsNdEQfeatured?view_as=subscriber
Md Minhaj
Md Minhaj 8 giorni fa
Damian Dimof
Damian Dimof 8 giorni fa
Antonio Valencia-Liverpool vs Man Utd
ChenyBoy 8 giorni fa
Where is salah vs arsenal
Nejat Alarcòn Lemar
Seth Jahnke the other defender was bellerin......
Seth Jahnke
Seth Jahnke 8 giorni fa
Wasn't that fast... the defenders were just slow.
Clash Flash Royale
Clash Flash Royale 9 giorni fa
3:45 when u saw a PS4 from far distance and no one take the PS4
Fr3ddy VF
Fr3ddy VF 7 giorni fa
Clash Flash Royale u think that’s funny?!
Ayman Aymoon
Ayman Aymoon 9 giorni fa
Mabappe the best one ever and I’m so lucky when France wins from the first match for I don’t remember guys but nice video and your channel is very very best
Ayman Aymoon
Ayman Aymoon 4 giorni fa
Stop! Correcting people’s mistakes it’s ok stop it!
Ayman Aymoon
Ayman Aymoon 4 giorni fa
I write it fast sorry! 😐
Tomas Paulauskas
Tomas Paulauskas 4 giorni fa
cant tell if you meant to write it so bad.
Nicolafloreswilliams Flores
you donot write very very best is wrong
Harvey Toohig
Harvey Toohig 9 giorni fa
The last one... Red does look like white
Luiz jr
Luiz jr 9 giorni fa
Cadê o Douglas costa😠
Mauricio Cartagena
Mauricio Cartagena 9 giorni fa
0:44 sigo sin entender porque Vidal dejo la marca, que imbécil
ew 9 giorni fa
عدي السيد
عدي السيد 9 giorni fa
Toast 2134
Toast 2134 9 giorni fa
Gareth Bale so satisfying to watch
khaqan khan
khaqan khan 9 giorni fa
nice video messi is the best and fastest
Fr3ddy VF
Fr3ddy VF 7 giorni fa
twenty cents
twenty cents 8 giorni fa
khaqan khan messi the fatest 😂 You see the video? 1:49 And Bellerin, Ronaldo, Bale and Salah are fatest than Messi
JBA ____7
JBA ____7 9 giorni fa
khaqan khan actually bale is fastest
Sahile Chotai
Sahile Chotai 9 giorni fa
Morata´s run against Bayern Munich?
Nana Cisse
Nana Cisse 9 giorni fa
BALE is the best
Nana Cisse
Nana Cisse 9 giorni fa
BALE is the best
Nate Hodges
Nate Hodges 6 giorni fa
Tehren Purini is the best
Azoz Az
Azoz Az 8 giorni fa
Nana Cisse ok
Joshua Onwuka
Joshua Onwuka 9 giorni fa
Hector bel erin
Bugs 9 giorni fa
Do rolling. which player can roll more
Tomas Paulauskas
Tomas Paulauskas 4 giorni fa
We all know Neymar would win. There is no question xdd
Tarek7 Fahen
Tarek7 Fahen 9 giorni fa
Terens Puhiri 🚅🚅🚅🚅🚅🚅🚅
Nate Hodges
Nate Hodges 6 giorni fa
I have no words
Domagoj Osojnički
Domagoj Osojnički 9 giorni fa
3:42 WTF 😲😲
Phú Hà
Phú Hà 5 giorni fa
Domagoj Osojnički a monster
Rafa Nurfasya
Rafa Nurfasya 6 giorni fa
Terens puhiri🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Muffy P
Muffy P 7 giorni fa
terens puhiri 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Benga Cherif BANGOURA
ThePluG !
ThePluG ! 8 giorni fa
Domagoj Osojnički jajaja
Vickma 9 giorni fa
I just love jackie's videos .They are always the best
FC Bayern Munchen Official Fan
Robben ❤️
Salman Ishaq
Salman Ishaq 9 giorni fa
Leo Messi Legend & King of Football in the World
JBA ____7
JBA ____7 8 giorni fa
sk.prince-Brawl Stars are u high he won three World Cup no player in history has done that
sk.prince-Brawl Stars
JBA ____7 pele is not that good
JBA ____7
JBA ____7 9 giorni fa
Salman Ishaq no pele is the king of football
Balançando o milkshake
Salman Ishaq
Salman Ishaq 9 giorni fa
Yes Alright
A True Legend is Cristiano Ronaldo
The G.O.A.T🐐✅ & KING👑✅ is CR7 #Cr7forlife💗💗 Siuuuuuuú💪🔥🔥🔥
A True Legend is Cristiano Ronaldo
Kaka vs messi #1:49
Danny Joosten
Danny Joosten 8 giorni fa
Superman Bin Batman yeah wtf xD
frank osarumen
frank osarumen 9 giorni fa
bellerin yoooo
LE JAWA 9 giorni fa
Sorry but the Messi's sprint is not the only goal like this in his career . And the 2 sprints of Ronaldo are without the ball
Hassan Safsouf
LE JAWA Funny that you call me a fanboy while you're obsessed of Messi's dick and replying to me 3 times in 2 days while I'm laughing at you idiot
LE JAWA 3 ore fa
+Hassan Safsouf dont be a fanboy too
LE JAWA 2 giorni fa
+Hassan Safsouf And you dont be a Ronaldo fanboy because Ronaldo is the only player who can nutmegging him😅😅😅!
LE JAWA 2 giorni fa
+Hassan Safsouf And do we talk about the Dani Alves nutmeg on Ronaldo ?
Holy An
Holy An 4 giorni fa
LE JAWA Messi can't shoot from very far range like Ronaldo either, both have their strengths, you need to stfu
Football Storm
Football Storm 9 giorni fa
JackieMT is the best football channel on youtube. I am almost addicted to it, I check it for new posts just like somebody would check their facebook... lol. I visit as soon as I wake up in the morning to light up my day. I've even just created a ITvid channel, just for FUN. My first videos are going to be dropped in a couple of days. I would love some support/feedback, so please hit "Subscribe" and check it out. Peace!
doemaar jasper
doemaar jasper 9 giorni fa
First ❤️
&RÃP D-Z&TM 9 giorni fa
Abonne ma Chanel plz 😔
Rehema Haji
Rehema Haji 9 giorni fa
I was the 60th like
Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow 9 giorni fa
Rehema Haji good for u
ostry 9 giorni fa
Wery good job neymar💪💪💪
Prossimi video