2012 NBA Finals: Heat vs. Thunder in 14 Minutes | NBA Highlights 

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Take a look back at the 2012 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder, where LeBron James captured his first NBA championship of his career.
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24 mar 2020




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Commenti : 719   
Bille 3 anni fa
I hate how people forget that the Thunder where the favourites to win this series
Abu Hassan
Abu Hassan 3 anni fa
Only because LeBron used to choke/underperform in his past NBA Finals.
Tyron Wells
Tyron Wells 3 anni fa
Abu Hassan Nah because OKC beat the Spurs that’s why
Tyron Wells
Tyron Wells 3 anni fa
Abu Hassan the Heat struggle bs the Pacers and Celtics
Jeremy Fuller
Jeremy Fuller 3 anni fa
Bille only cause they had homecourt
Kilgor 3 anni fa
I hate how ppl foget this finals was obviously rigged.
Demon GTR
Demon GTR 3 anni fa
Ive been a heat fan my entire life but live in australia...i got lucky that year as my holiday trip meant i was in miami for thr championship game and somehow bought a ticket. Best experience of my life the atmosphere was mental all game
Tim Whitley
Tim Whitley 11 mesi fa
Heck yeah did you get decent seats? Regardless that must have been badass. I went to the AFC championship game in Kansas City when the Patriots played the Chiefs. Tom Brady VS Pat Mahomes. It was a passing of the torch game in my opinion. First NFL game I ever went to and I'm a cowboys fan haha. But the opportunity came up and I couldn't say no. And I live in Texas and we had seats up high and it was -8 degrees but damnit it was worth the 550 bucks I paid for that ticket!
Sean B.
Sean B. 5 mesi fa
You were treated my man. I've been to the ECF games a few times during the Heatles run and those runs were amazing. Seven Nation Army plus Bron scowling menacingly at the opposition pre-tip *Chef's Kiss*
Rush Rush
Rush Rush 2 anni fa
I loved watching those Miami Heat teams. So explosive and fast.
J Mitch
J Mitch 3 anni fa
Still can’t believe they didn’t call that foul at the end of game 2. He even fouled Westbrook on that rebound RIGHT afterwards...
Bhumin Shah
Bhumin Shah 3 anni fa
1st comment related to this context. That was a clear foul on durant. Did they use to review calls when time left is under 2 mins.
Horoom 2 anni fa
@oakinW u are everywhere just saying the finals were rigged honestly stop hating
Ryan Dlabaj
Ryan Dlabaj 2 anni fa
I think if the thunder won that game the whole series momentum would’ve switched and they woulda won
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
@Ryan Dlabaj yeah no, if they called it, heat beat them in ot, and the same results happen
Ruben Teran
Ruben Teran 3 anni fa
The games were close but the series wasn’t
Kilgor 3 anni fa
Because it was rigged
Scoopersnacks 3 anni fa
This comment summarized the whole series Lol
Gregory Emeagwara
Heat only team to beat Thunder on their homecourt in OKC in playoffs. Thunder couldn't overcome that💯
Mico 3 anni fa
@Kilgor wrong year buddy
Justin Dminic
Justin Dminic 3 anni fa
dolo. shaun any year bron wins must be rigged and any year he loses must sit right with you
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos 3 anni fa
This was a fun team and time in the nba
Terri Reed
Terri Reed 3 anni fa
Lol how so?
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim 3 anni fa
@Terri Reed it was still very competitive with Allstars almost evenly distributed t
Juravian Lee
Juravian Lee 2 anni fa
Nvm L
E C 2 anni fa
@Matthew Lim So this year isn't competitive?
Oscar Kolodynski
@E C I don't think so
potatomato :p
potatomato :p 3 anni fa
Wade and Bosh still has it even today. Glad to see them back.
Step Bruh
Step Bruh 3 anni fa
Ultimate Gaming Channel
You trippin this was back in 2012
Yuuta 3 anni fa
Wade is retired and Bosh is suffering from blood clots??
Patrick 3 anni fa
natemps 2 anni fa
What ??????
pendletondrew 7 mesi fa
As a Celtics fan...I knew Miami was winning it all after Game 6 of the ECF... LeBron was like watching Goku go Super Saiyan for the first time...he simply could not be stopped, you have to respect it
Chuck To Lit
Chuck To Lit 3 anni fa
If this Version of Wade showed up in 2014 Heat would have 3peated.
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless 3 anni fa
Or if Lebron showed up against the Mavs, Heat would have three peated, and Wade would've won another finals MVP
TC 3 anni fa
Wasnt wade hurt in 2014? Spo got beat by Pop. Heat should've definitely beat the mavs
Timo Cruz
Timo Cruz 3 anni fa
Dats a paddlin exactly. People don't realize the roster turnover of the heat in the summer of 2010. The whole team was brand new. Thats why they started 9-8. They didn't know how to play with each other, and Lebron just melted down. Real talk tho Wade played way worse in 2014 than LeBron did in 2011. But Lebron is Lebron and he was 26 opposed to Wade at 31.
TC 3 anni fa
Dats a paddlin the mavs won so they earned it but you cant deny the fact that lebron disappeared in the 4qt. If he showed up in the 4th the story ends differently. I'll never forget bron standing under the rim looking lost
Scoopersnacks 3 anni fa
The thunder just couldn’t finish games...
John James
John James 3 anni fa
I mean the thinder are talented that uear. Could it be a coach difference?
oakinW 3 anni fa
Or the Miami Cheat payed the refs good money
hshshshshshshs 3 anni fa
They were young and inexperienced
Gabriel Mayorga
Gabriel Mayorga 3 anni fa
@John James There's an old saying in NBA: never settle on a coaching scheme until after you have a squad that is worth coaching. OKC settled with Scott Brooks, and he was not a special coach.
John James
John James 3 anni fa
@Gabriel Mayorga yup. Okc was pure talent that time. Sucks that harden had to go early
Kemani Iwu
Kemani Iwu 3 anni fa
Man Chris Broussard,Mike Wilbon, Magic, Jon Barry, and the late great Stuart Scott. The first time I watched the NBA countdown those were the four analysts I saw on the screen. The NOSTALGIA 😭
Mr. Vega
Mr. Vega 3 anni fa
Such an exciting year for my Heat. Fun times.
oakinW 3 anni fa
An exciting robbery by the Miami Cheat paying off the refs
Keerat Parhar
Keerat Parhar 3 anni fa
oakinW excuses
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
@oakinW if thats true, you can also point out the fact that thunder spurs and heat celtics 2012 series was rigged also, not only the finals, stern wanted a kd vs bron finals for ratings, so this is not a way of just writing lebron off, kd is going to be written off too, okc cheated and heat cheated, end of discussion
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats 2 anni fa
@oakinW nah harden choked 🤣🤣🤣 5 points in game 1 9 points in game 2 and 8 points in game 3 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡
Keerat Parhar
Keerat Parhar 2 anni fa
Weneed him nope
Randy Bell
Randy Bell 3 anni fa
This may be the most underrated Finals ever. The Spurs-Pistons too
no thanks
no thanks Anno fa
Alot of people don't like the series because officiating was quite literally rigged for heat, but it was great besides that
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel 2 mesi fa
Okc was still young had they faced each other in 2014 they would have won.
Matthew Joseph
Matthew Joseph 11 mesi fa
As a Heat fan, I’m obviously glad we won the championship but I wish the series would’ve been more competitive. I expected this to be 7 games cause the Thunder were favorites to win.
Jonathen Lester
Jonathen Lester 3 anni fa
Always nice to revisit this series.
J D 2 anni fa
By far the most athletic-laden NBA finals sans Jordan & Kemp!!!
Milo Atwood
Milo Atwood 2 anni fa
they call a foul on lebron in game two and this series is completely different
A N Anno fa
Zon dude.... that was a foul. nothing to do with being soft or not lol
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Zon It's not about opinions whether it was soft or hard, it's about the fact, that according to both the rules and the standard set by the calls made in the NBA games that's an obvious foul and it's not close to being debatable.
aepr84 Anno fa
Vino c'mon man, you love LeBron and it's ok, but that was manslaughter
Serrano, Kent Eric C.
If harden was'nt traded okc would somehow managed to win a title
Sherlock 3 anni fa
nah they dont have the killer mentality and harden wont blossom like he is today
Varun Kumbhare
Varun Kumbhare 3 anni fa
This had something to do with maximum cap, they had to let go of harden.
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
optemestic pats fan he joined a team of curry, klay, draymond they already that their own big 3 men, then durant joined them, that would be like lebron joining the celtics in 2008, they would win back 2 back of course, and the narrative will die, because he joined a championship team that was built of their own big 3 guys already, westbrook and harden could have done the same nonsense like kd and won too, curry is the reason kd has 2 rings
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
Yabos 2014? with the way spurs were playing, hech no, I watched every minute of that game in that series, harden would make no difference
Kursed 彡☆
Kursed 彡☆ 2 anni fa
They will still use him as a backup 6th man and will not be as good as today. Thankfully he got traded.
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner 2 anni fa
KD was unreal in this series.
JD Williams
JD Williams Anno fa
Westbrook dropped 27 in the 1st game and dropped 43 game 4
Stratosphere Anno fa
Now Westbrook struggles to get double digits. He used to be so good.
TripleGee Anno fa
@Stratosphere facts
Dee Chase
Dee Chase Anno fa
It hurts now 😭
Common Sense Not Common
When they show Godfather Pat Riley standing up...STILL TO DIS DAY (Wilder voice 😂) I believe Pat stood up with his arms folded so the MOB could get a picture of all those OKC fans that are rubbing it in around him 😂😂😂😂😂💯
Paulyn Araojo
Paulyn Araojo 3 anni fa
7:34 look at how fast wade was.
Auburn Fan since 2010
Westbrook and Durant showed up. Harden wasn’t ready. That’s why he got traded.
d b
d b 3 anni fa
@Louie Steppa that's not a that big of a stretch. If harden had shown any resemblance of himself they probably would've been champions and would've definitely spent that 4 million
d b
d b 3 anni fa
What's messed up is the next couple years westbrook and Durant went down separately and that was that. I think they've won one of those years.
Prudhvi Vankineni
He's still not ready
Oli Wakulla
Oli Wakulla Anno fa
OKC was my favorite team for alot of years until it start to break apart with harden leaving and so on.
Low key swish
i think that this is the most forgettable finals ever
Vulcan Raven
Vulcan Raven 11 mesi fa
It followed a very cookie-cutter formula. Heat had experience and suffered the previous year, Thunder were a young & upcoming team who was not yet ready to win the big one. 4-1 outcome.
last9emperor 3 anni fa
3:14 pretty bad that the ref that was literally standing right in front of KD and Bron didn't call a foul.
Chris Akokoh
Chris Akokoh 3 anni fa
last9emperor they missed a lot of calls, like at 9:20 d wade didnt foul at all
Miguel Rodrigues
Final minute of the game, the foul wasn’t that hard and Durant should have made that....
J wade
J wade 3 anni fa
tbh, the league back in that day was not as soft as today's. They didn't give lots of foul at end of the game. Today's refs are soft fast, so do players.
Mohil Trivedi
Mohil Trivedi 3 anni fa
i feel like if that foul was called, durant sinks 2 free throws. probably goes into overtime and if the thunder can hold it together and win they are up 2-0 and take both home games. could have brought that momentum into game 3 and we're potentially looking at a 2 GAME swing. all because of 1 no call late in the game, but i guess you can get away with bs when you're lebum
Daniel F
Daniel F 3 anni fa
@Mohil Trivedi Skip Bayless is that you loool
Infierno Huayruro
When kd was impossible to hate
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 3 anni fa
Lebron learned well from 2011
Jepoy Laurennce
Jepoy Laurennce 3 anni fa
If this line up still remain OKC must win a title with the BIG 3.
RhynoEst92 2 anni fa
Gotdamn westbroook was 4-20 that game?!
Mexico Goat NYC
Mexico Goat NYC 3 anni fa
You know I ball just like the heat 🔥🔥🔥💯
dj 123
dj 123 3 anni fa
Lebrons 1st NBA title, sweet as a chocolate 🤣
Preacherman 2 anni fa
Pat Riley, excited, inside, where it counts.
K B 3 anni fa
Wade played pretty well in this series
He carried them in the 4th every game
Ethan Ennis
Ethan Ennis 3 anni fa
tyrone parker
tyrone parker 3 anni fa
@Ethan Ennis he did
Rafael Mertin
Rafael Mertin 3 anni fa
@SSA INVINCIBLEx Oh really? Lol
Mycah G
Mycah G 3 anni fa
I miss this Heat team
Alec tate For mayor
Growing up my dad like pacers. And my other familey like the jazz. But growing up playing nba live. I'd always play with Gary Payton and later Ray Allen. So in this time frame this is when I became a thunder fan. Cause everyone was loving lebron
MonkeBoii 3 anni fa
11:26 man, fisher is a strong dude. he body block Lebron.
Nate Saintil
Nate Saintil 3 anni fa
Kuya Well That man was a brick wall
urboyju 3 anni fa
D wade: we fight! We fight! We fight! Let's go!
Henry Okonkwo
Henry Okonkwo 2 anni fa
I loved the heat team James Wade, Bosh, they could have dominated NBA, it was bad faith they lost to Maverick
chinsanity gaming
Miller was on fire in that game 5
Ryan Dlabaj
Ryan Dlabaj 2 anni fa
I miss that thunder team
Kenneth Zinke
The 2012 NBA Finals was a "Southern-style showdown" between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder, but, where were the Southern-style chicken and the Southern-style biscuits?
tribefan9112003 2 anni fa
How I miss Stuart Scott.....
Input YoiDad
Input YoiDad 2 anni fa
12:45 did the ref just high five the heats coach????
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel 3 anni fa
Shame they couldn't put 30 or 40 minutes. Full highlights of the series
Jay Anno fa
Lebron to KD at 13:41, "Just do what I did, join a super team and you'll have one of these too"
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes Anno fa
Tranquilo Homie
Tranquilo Homie 2 anni fa
This will be Westbrook's first and last finals appearance.
RhynoEst92 2 anni fa
When you re watch this, honestly experience just took over
king james
king james 2 anni fa
That bosh champagne clip is a classic 😆😆
Lindy Waters III Prodz
Man we got into the playoffs Back -Back We we're to stacked But That KD Trade Ruined The Thunder But we still got into the playoffs back-to-back Then we traded ibaka. Then 2019 The Day Came We Had To Westbrook Traded To The Rockets With Harden But We Got Back Chris Paul Who Helped Us Got Us Into The Playoffs Again.Which Is Impressive. Can't forget Us Getting Carmelo And PG-13 But trading them both but we got Shai from the Pg13 trade And no one? From Carmelo trade.Then 2020 We Traded Steven Adams To The Pelicans For No One.
Daniela Bata Bogdanov
One of the biggest NBA mistakes for the Thunder to move of Harden. Imagine them keepkng Harden and then trading Westbrook for a great big man and a role player ?
Christian Jake Empang
12:45 The ref signs the coach that the game is over HAHAHA
dieselshug Anno fa
I forgot about that no call on Lebron in game 2. This series may have ended differently had that been called.
sherrwinn 3 anni fa
LeBron James Career NBA Finals Stats so far ‼️ 2007 NBA finals 22.0 ppg 7 rpg 6.8 apg 1.0 spg 0.5 bpg 36 FG% - 20 3PTFG% - 69 FT% Lost 0-4 2011 NBA finals 17.8 ppg 7.2 rpg 6.8 apg 1.7 spg 0.5 bpg 48 FG% - 32 3PTFG% - 60 FT% Lost 2-4 2012 NBA finals 28.6 ppg 10.2 rpg 7.4 apg 1.6 spg 0.4 bpg 47 FG% - 19 3PTFG% - 83 FT% Won 4-1 Finals MVP 2013 NBA finals 25.3 ppg 10.9 rpg 7.0 apg 2.3 spg 0.9 bpg 45 FG% - 35 3PTFG% - 80 FT% Won 4-3 Finals MVP 2014 NBA finals 28.2 ppg 7.8 rpg 4.0 apg 2.0 spg 0.4 bpg 57 FG% - 52 3PTFG% - 79 FT% Lost 1-4 2015 NBA finals 35.8 ppg 13.3 rpg 8.8 apg 1.3 spg 0.5 bpg 40 FG% - 31 3PTFG% - 69 FT% Lost 2-4 2016 NBA finals 29.7ppg 11.3 rpg 8.9 apg 2.6 spg 2.3 bpg *first player to lead both teams in all statistical categories* 49 FG% - 37 3PTFG% - 72 FT% Won 4-3 Finals MVP 2017 NBA finals 33.6 ppg 12.0 rpg 10.0 apg 1.4 spg 1.0 bpg *first player to averaged a triple double in NBA finals* 57 FG% - 39 3PTFG% - 65 FT% Lost 1-4 2018 NBA finals 34.0 ppg 8.5 rpg 10.0 apg 1.3 spg 1.0 bpg 53 FG% - 33 3PTFG% - 84 FT% Lost 0-4 *Career Finals Average* 28.2 ppg 10.0 rpg 7.7 apg 1.8 spg 0.9 bpg 47 FG% - 34 3PTFG% - 74 FT%
Jesseg0815 Anno fa
Stat: Still more finals loses than wins
Kenzo Anno fa
@Jesseg0815 cmon look at his team in 2007 and 2014 his teammates underperformed 2011 was his fault 2017-2018 injuries and kd. lastly 2015 kyrie was injured and its a team sport and no other player in 2007,2017,2018 maybe 2015 wouldve won if they were in his predicament like lets be real he took them to 6 without kyrie in 2015
danny schear
danny schear 3 anni fa
god sports center used to be so legendary
Yaniel Mendez
Yaniel Mendez 3 anni fa
danny schear my thoughts exactly! I miss that time.
Chasing Felix
Chasing Felix 3 anni fa
Jake social media was already widespread. Nostalgia makes us yearn for the days of old
Jon Tae
Jon Tae 2 anni fa
the red highlight bar on the stats screen did it for me. I miss those days haha 😭
M 360
M 360 2 anni fa
Jake social media was popping in 2012, especially IG
Jeff Tatus
Jeff Tatus 3 anni fa
How on earth did OKC have Durant, Harden, Westbrook, Sefalosha, & Ibaka... and NOT keep this team together? The only ones that have chips are Durant (injured now) and Ibaka.
Dee Chase
Dee Chase Anno fa
Exactly cause OKC didn't want to pay harden
kou La moua
kou La moua 3 anni fa
DWYANE WADE!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Raven Arieta
Raven Arieta 3 anni fa
i think KD russ and harden reunite will be really dope. But i guess that wouldnt happen
Croikee 2 anni fa
I miss that sports center layout
Stephen Chan
Stephen Chan 2 anni fa
How could we have predicted that this Thunder team would never return to the finals
Vulcan Raven
Vulcan Raven 11 mesi fa
Let alone predict that the they'd be on 3 separate teams. -Harden is on his 4th team -Westbrook is on his 4th -Durant is on his 3rd
Ziv_Zulander 3 anni fa
The only series lebrons team was actually comfortable in the finals.
Context Matters
Context Matters 2 anni fa
That Thunder team should have stayed together.
Kent Judaya
Kent Judaya 11 mesi fa
Still wonder why Heat got 3 straight home game in this series
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 3 anni fa
Bosh is like that fun guy
ZBT 3 anni fa
this was way closer than what the series said. Thunder were in every game but game 5. Refs allowed miami to physical but called every ticky tack foul on the thunder particularly KD so it got him out of games early. Not one to say the series was rigged cuz Miami at the end of the day was the better team but the Thunder stood no chance with how badly this was officiated. This series was more competitive than almost every other finals this decade and could’ve easily went OKC in 5
Eric 9 mesi fa
KD was so good that i used to think he would be the new king
CanteenPapi 3 anni fa
That boy Bosh has a lot of sugar in his kool-aid, did y'all see that celebration haha
L PY 3 anni fa
I mean it could be a much closer series if the refs blew some fair calls on both team. It couldn't be 4-1 definitely
Sloboda ili Smrt
There is no player in history of the basketball game who gets so much help from reffs as lebron James....
John Wick
John Wick 2 anni fa
refs say the exact opposite. They say they have to do what they did with Shaq cause Lebron he's always fouled in the paint but the can't call it every time so please ..
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 2 anni fa
Nah you can say 4-7, Lehelp all that, but you ain’t taking away Harden’s calling card like that.
BigPoppa 10 mesi fa
Imagine KD and Russ going back to OKC to play with Chad, Dort, Giddey and Shai. Title contender
SS🤫 50 years ago•
That missed foul blew me kd should be at the line
Erron Smith
Erron Smith Anno fa
Thunder trio just weren't ready yet. They needed more time more chemistry. Too much competition in the west. They played in too many game 6s and 7s.
Joshua Striffolino
As a Durant and Thunder fan at the time, this was when I knew Westbrook needed to go. His pace just blew too many games, KD was the best player but they could not finish games together. This was such a fun series and time for me in the NBA. My heart broke when they lost, and I truly cannot wait for KD to win in Brooklyn.
dont talk to me
Ok kd fan
jerry jay Duff
They must gettin rid of wb instead of harden. Let harden do the point for them. And add more athletic sniper like vince carter. Give credit to lebron he's so like mj specially on playoffs.
Devin Martinez
Bro Westbrook had 40 of in game 4. Westbrook balled this series. It was hardens fault
Boomer Anno fa
It wasn’t even westbrooks fault that they lost this series, harden choked. 12 ppg on 37% shooting. If harden averaged atleast 20 things could have been very different. KD isn’t winning anything in brooklyn
Vulcan Raven
Vulcan Raven 11 mesi fa
Westbrook shot better and scored more than Harden in this Finals. I might argue this was Russ personal best series in any postseason game.
hip360hop 3 anni fa
How OKC fucked it up with this squad is beyond me
tiny 3 anni fa
Looking back KD, Westbrook and Harden were like 23 here. That's cool. Harden choked. But if you look at his role, he's a freaking 6th man. Imagine having Durant and Westbrook starting along with Ibaka , and still have Harden on the bench. Idk, I don't know how the Harden trade went down, maybe the front office didn't give it time, but that trio would've been fun to watch.
Slaone Stephens
Slaone Stephens 3 anni fa
Harden wanted to have more money and the front office didn't agree
Francisco Orozco
I wonder how today’s NBA would be if Thunder won this series
Benjamin Cahua
Benjamin Cahua 2 anni fa
And if they didn't choke that 3-1 lead to the Warriors in the conference finals
Sai 2 anni fa
@Benjamin Cahua if only...
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
lebron would be out of goat convo, kd would prob take brons title as the best in the league, kd, harden, westbrook would still be on thunder, curry would expose kd each and every year, and prob to take the title soon too, 2017 spurs would potentially have a title, 73-9 warriors would prob never have happened, and warrior's rings would be 1-2, it would be a battle
Connor M B.
Connor M B. 3 anni fa
This was KD and Lebron both in their physical prime
kwabena donkor
kwabena donkor 2 anni fa
Kd was just scratching his prime. I can easily tell you weren't watching then.
Connor M B.
Connor M B. 2 anni fa
@kwabena donkor I can easily tell you weren't watching either.
Mama Mia Ima joking
So who was watching ? 🙂
M 360
M 360 2 anni fa
@Mama Mia Ima joking me
santosonly7 3 anni fa
It was 3 on 3. Not 3 on 2 as the thumbnail suggests. The thumbnail omits OKC’s James Harden’s picture. You know James Harden. We conveniently forget that Durant had two eventual MVPs with him and lost to LBJ. That’s why Durant left OKC and joined GSW. He needed more than 2 elite players with him to beat LBJ.
Still heartbroken.
Victor Jose Valdez Geronimo
I think if the format of the finals was like it is now, this serie would had gone to 6 games
Ricardo Santanna
no they played 5 games, heat 4 - 1 okc
Torbjørn 2 anni fa
"Just 19 for Wade, he continued to struggle" lmao
Gianluca Molinari
Okc had 3 future mvp in one team
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Anno fa
This is the 1st NBA Finals when neither team has a name ending with an s.
Arshia mrc32
Arshia mrc32 3 anni fa
José Bustamante
If Durant shooted that 2 free throws at the end of game 2 that would change everything 3:14.
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
no, they lose in ot, and same results happen, unfortunately
Chris Tercero
Thunder really had a squad. KD, Russ, Harden, Perkins, Ibaka, D Fisher
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 Anno fa
Thumbnail explains everything....Harden disappeared during this series too😂🍻🍺
Street Gamer
Street Gamer 3 anni fa
I didn’t know that these games were so young the young big 3 were ballin no 🧢
2skinny 3 anni fa
Harden was nowhere to be found in this series smh
Vincent Kariuki
Vincent Kariuki 2 anni fa
harden had 2 20 points 5 assists games playing as a third wheel...how can you expect harden to star when westbrook is handling the rock all the time
jklight 2 anni fa
harden was wilding in them Miami strip clubs instead of being locked in☠️☠️
AkremTheAlister 2 anni fa
Hitler Jr lmfaoo Kendrick Perkins snitched Harden out for partying at the Miami strip clubs during those 2012 finals 🤣
JonTheDon 3 anni fa
The series where Harden created his legacy as a playoff choker. You hate to see it 😂
JonTheDon 3 anni fa
Neo Gaming Channel Lmao what a terrible excuse. How old was Westbrook, 22 right?
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 3 anni fa
Jon155 as a third option? Chill
JonTheDon 3 anni fa
@Carter Bilbro As the 6th man of the year? Chill
Independent360 3 anni fa
Cole Dorion
Cole Dorion 3 anni fa
Prime GOAT
luis guzman
luis guzman 2 anni fa
Refs gave this Championship to the Heat, plain and simple
ArthurLeonard Malijan
Emirsyah Faiz Rizqullah
8:07 good defense by kendrick perkins
noel 2 anni fa
Imagine if Harden would've started, and IF somehow he unleashed his game just like now. The Thunder could possibly win the series and Harden would've never been traded
Weneed him
Weneed him 2 anni fa
yeah no, there is no imagine, because it never would have happened, and kd and westbrook would have been angry at him for ball hogging iso like he does in houston
HighAirBaller 3 anni fa
The way Derek fisher stood up LeBRON was crazy
The Dupre
The Dupre 2 mesi fa
Forgot Harden was even on that OKC team 😅
Joshua Striffolino
THANK YOU ESPN for using covid-19 to do your part in fixing the GoatJames narrative. You showed that clear foul in game 2...KD wouldve made those buckets, we're talking 2-0 lead going in to game 3.
inner fire
inner fire 3 anni fa
11:37 "Pat Riley, excited" He doesn't seem excited to me lol
Jamie Mcbean
Jamie Mcbean 2 anni fa
He said he was excited inside
Saffron Charles
Saffron Charles 2 anni fa
Inside we’re it counts
Sai 2 anni fa
Expressions don't always equal emotions
Big Pharma Sports
Wow, to have harden, ibaka, westbrook, and durant on the same team...should be a sure thing right? Westbrook is mr triple double, Durant is the greatest scorer of our time, ibaka is an absolute beast in the paint and harden...the second best scorer of our time.
Vulcan Raven
Vulcan Raven 11 mesi fa
Yep. But that core was short lived. Had they been in their prime they could've won rings. The team was not yet ready for that moment
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