2012 NBA Finals - Oklahoma City vs Miami - Game 5 Best Plays

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The best plays from the 2012 NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat. LeBron James wins his first title, and I haven't completed my Finals clinching games yet, so here's a start.


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Commenti 969
m dot
m dot 4 anni fa
I was SO happy for the Heat, I had a tear in my eye that night! Go Wade!
Mike McNeil
Mike McNeil Anno fa
Man me to Like it was Yesterday
Nuar 5 anni fa
By todays standards I'd say this is a fair and exciting finals match up. Back then I just hated the Big 3 of Miami, now I don't know what I was complaining about anymore. - Compared to the GSW Miami games this was pretty suspenseful.
BronIs TheGoat
BronIs TheGoat 21 giorno fa
People love to act like that was a super team that was ridiculous and unbeatable just to discredit Bron. Without Bron those heat team are a first round exit at best.
Xuyan Yue
Xuyan Yue 11 mesi fa
this OKC is today‘s Memphis this Miami is today's ……Bucks approximately
Xuyan Yue
Xuyan Yue 11 mesi fa
okc was a young team
Christopher Paler St-Daria
Thank God kawhi and the raptors beat the warriors haha
@Jake Rojas we know kd wont chip anymore in nets
Shaquizzle 6 anni fa
Throwback to when 3-1 leads weren't blown
Persistently Pathetic
​@ilyushin Shturmovik If it wasn't for Kyrie going down in 2015 or For them begging Kevjn Durant to come and save them the Warriors would have 0 wins against the Cavs... we can play the ifs game all day. It doesn't favor the Warriors if we play the ifa game tho.
ilyushin Shturmovik
ilyushin Shturmovik 28 giorni fa
And the cavs record against the warriors is 1-3 Lol if it wasn't for adam silver saving the cavs in 2016 it would be 0-4
Ezequiel Quirque
cry 😂😂😂
Thess Gregorio
Thess Gregorio 9 mesi fa
@Vallecend p
Thess Gregorio
Thess Gregorio 9 mesi fa
@Vallecend p
Beirut boy
Beirut boy 5 anni fa
I remember this year, I never saw a amazing team like this in my life, especially all these good players if they kept this team Durant Westbrook Harden Jackson Ibaka It's insane! If these players grew up and stuck together, it would of been the best team in NBA history, going 80-2
Andres Caiced
Andres Caiced 4 anni fa
Mike Miller and Norris Cole made clutch 3's in this game. It was a perfect game and contribution from everyone. First time LeBron was on a team that actually had a good nucleus around him
NTgiftedTV 6 anni fa
that one handed alley oop by Wade at 1:10 is very underrated
DEMMAR ISIP 6 mesi fa
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim 8 mesi fa
@Ricky that move injury prone
Ricky 9 mesi fa
That play is so hard to do.
Maxwell Ntseh
I was just thinking the same thing lol
Oskar Nebe
Oskar Nebe Anno fa
Wtf hes accelerating sooooooo fast
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez 5 anni fa
Such a well coached team by Spolestra. If only Lebron had that kind of Coach this year. He primed Lebron to his most efficient he can be. Efficiently designed plays.
@tsukinomeh specialist one? lol grammar
Carl Lawan
Carl Lawan 6 anni fa
Sad that after this finals, OKC never reached the finals since then
Persistently Pathetic
​@peebee06 by joining a 73 win team yes
peebee06 8 mesi fa
and KD got his revenge on LBJ in 2017 and 2018 finals
Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 2 anni fa
KD never wanted step up as a man. Some men just don't wanna face their demons. Rather just get in bed with them
Restored Word Peace
Curry for THREEE
M 2 anni fa
4754 Basketball is huge in less than 40 countries Soccer is huge in over 240 countries nnvdfdh
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 3 anni fa
The 2012 and 2013 Miami Heat were a PERFECT team
Grievous 4 mesi fa
Uh 2017 Warriors? They’d walk this Heat team in 6
@Jake Rojas h kdahlhlh
Ryuseii. Anno fa
Yeah bro
jason moukala
jason moukala 2 anni fa
Thicc Squidward nah
Mark Ponsal
Mark Ponsal 6 anni fa
What a game for Miami I miss this moment
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones 5 anni fa
I cant wait for miami to sweep a finals....I dread the day we get swept in a finals or lose in 7
Erjay Valledor
Erjay Valledor 4 anni fa
This DUO Wade & Lebron is really The BEST 🔥
Mihajlo Milisavljević
The best play in that game was the 10 second hug from LeBron and Durant, I remember watching that Finals, I let up a tear.
Nina Catherine Willmon
Be honest, though: didn't it look like they were about to kiss?
LXBRON 3 anni fa
Miller was the hero. Now after 7 years I feel Durant's pain. This hurt like hell for him all the shit to deal with from that moment forward
Rigged UP
Rigged UP 3 anni fa
This is basketball!!! These new guys wouldn’t last in this era💯 I remember watching this game live
DjBreezyBeats 3 anni fa
Those were some great times in my life. Can’t believe it’s been 8 years. #heatnation 🔥🔥🔥
Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo 4 anni fa
This series came down to veteran depth. Heat had Mike Miller and Shane Battier who knew their roles and were on the last leg of their career. In this series I feel like if OKC had that veteran depth this series could have gone to the distance. Not saying they would win but experience plays such a HUGE role. Russ, KD, Beard & Ibaka were all so young.
oakinW 4 anni fa
It came down to the refs. Okc couldnt touch them without getting called for a foul. The heat were flopping like fish
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng 3 anni fa
2012-13 is my favorite version of LeBron dude is literally a freight train
Charles Jordan
Charles Jordan 3 anni fa
wow, as a heat fan, it was very impressive that we beat this team, how did this team not win a championship??
Rv Ellorquez
Rv Ellorquez 5 mesi fa
@Maw theyre not rookie..lmao. this team beat kobe lakers and the spurs. Wtf you talkn about? Lol
Maw 7 mesi fa
Dude harden, kd & westbrook is still rookie at that time. They got james, wade and bosh
Chris Goat
Chris Goat Anno fa
Cuz of bron n wade
Guilles19 4 anni fa
If you think about it, this game probably defined the modern NBA.
Akii 2 anni fa
The sensation of having crowds on home courts are just way too exciting to watch.
mrs.chandra ako
mrs.chandra ako 3 anni fa
I'll never forget this moment it was beautiful
Elmark Moreno
Miss these heat days, miller was on fire, battier was lit, chalmers the point guard, bosh being the tank and wade and bron was so goddamn good🏆🔥
CodeBreaker 2 anni fa
That sidestep move DWade made after Westbrook's sidestep... showing how it's done, with AND1
bobby Valentino
bobby Valentino 4 anni fa
15:16 lebron says, "Not yet, play ball" such a 🐐
Fern The Zombie
Fern The Zombie 2 anni fa
Man when you where High school. Watching your team win. Is just amazing. I miss this year
Ryan Shane
Ryan Shane 4 anni fa
Hurts to imagine just what this OKC team would look like now. Probably would have been the least hated super team ever
Matt Rowland
Matt Rowland 3 anni fa
This was supposed to be the Finals for the ages! The Thunder had one of the best teams ever assembled; better than the HEAT imo. This is probably LeBron's second greatest accomplishment because they thoroughly outclassed the Thunder despite the talent deficit.
Dan Timola
Dan Timola 6 anni fa
if OKC still has this roster up until now. I'm sure they will dominate the game.
THE Christian Rash
every thing went right for the heat in this game. they were good but so rarely did everyone in their rotation play well. up until this game everyone was close and could've hone either way
707Milly 5 anni fa
Christian Rash it was 3-1 lmao 😂😆
will Hancock
will Hancock 5 anni fa
I remember watching this game and everyone on the heat just started making 3's like gsw do. even old dude with the hurt leg who was retiring was making 3's. heat could not miss
Joshua Durand
Joshua Durand 4 anni fa
Back when the finals were exciting
teresa 2 anni fa
@John Russel Daquiado Celtics had a big 3
John Russel Daquiado
Exciting? Lol Miami is a superteam and the most hated big3 back then!
SkyesteR 3 anni fa
how is this exciting 😂
El_Joshu 2 anni fa
For those of you taking down on okc and taking credit off the heat. 17:24. Literally summarizes what everyone was saying.
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman 6 anni fa
the respect for one another at the end is what makes basketball such a beautiful sport
algene romero
algene romero 3 anni fa
Miami this time so strong 3 points shooter!!! Solid shooters wow!
Carlos Rodriguez
It was a just pure raw talent it's so scary, he was soooooo GREEN & they still won 2 championships 🤣 this man should have 5 rings by now. Easyyyyyy!!
Bosh we will miss him
YC99 Official
YC99 Official 4 anni fa
2012-Miami was the third quarter team 2017-GSW was the third quarter team
JG P 2 anni fa
14:30 I'm missing you... D.wade. really great finished on euro step.
R E C 4 anni fa
Sam Presti, the man known for breaking up a team that had 3 future MVP's
Elmer De Guzman
Elmer De Guzman 11 mesi fa
ito tlga yung totoong tinatawag na TEAM🏀❤ ngayon wala ng kakampi na ganto si LBJ..
Septian Fajar
Septian Fajar 2 anni fa
wow OKC really got a great team. imagine if prime Durant, Harden,Westbrook, and Ibaka still there 😮😮
Zack Armstrong.
Zack Armstrong. 2 anni fa
Fr OKC did have a great team that year in 2012 with KD, Westbrook and Harden but this was Lebron in his absolute prime. He was on a mission to prove all the doubters and naysayers wrong about choking in the 2011 finals
Monty 3 anni fa
LeBron is really a point guard forreal
Chris Goat
Chris Goat Anno fa
Now playing a center is the 🐐
J 5 anni fa
OKC blew up a dynasty they had 3 MVP's smh
coco lambo kekekek
you guys keep on blaming and shaming like u've played in the nba finals ofc there will only be one champion lol
coco lambo kekekek
@Think before You speak and yet he done better than you do bro :)) u can't even play in a small league and win for them it's hard for a player to carry a team in the nba finals tho u need a good team to beat all the good teams there don't be such a dumb also durant is still young there :)))
The Call
The Call Anno fa
bron wade bosh play golf bruh?
Gum Anno fa
Seeing durant this young age, i miss this durant.
Bryant Graham
Bryant Graham 3 anni fa
This was a great series. I thought OKC would take it though
Imagine okc keeping their core.. 3 future MVPs they HAD..
Manis Themeasure
How easy it is to forget that OKC was a super team, all drafted but nonetheless a super team. Lack of leadership, perhaps from KD or the front office made it hard for that team to stay together. That OKC team was, at the minimum, a three-chip team under a more efficient leadership/management.
jose martinez
jose martinez 3 anni fa
I hope lebron James can do this at the lakers
Jorden Varghese
Jorden Varghese 3 anni fa
Who's here after Westbrook just got traded to the rockets
VB37 3 anni fa
Who's here when we realize that cp3 was kinda better than westbrook and we beat the rockets 2 times in a row
Jay Lee
Jay Lee 3 anni fa
3 hof'ers yet couldn't play defense
Chris Doodnauth
Chris Doodnauth 3 anni fa
Hahaha waiting for Durant to come back and do it all over again
Salim Slamsi
Salim Slamsi 3 anni fa
Owen 5 anni fa
there will come a time where Bill Russell wont be handing out the finals mvp trophy anymore, thinking about it makes me sad
Kieran B
Kieran B Anno fa
People underrate Chris Bosh’s strength
gor9027 3 anni fa
OKC failing to get back to the Finals and watching Golden State go from lottery team to regular West champ juggernaut during their title window might honestly be the biggest failure in NBA history.
Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 2 anni fa
Choking a 3-1 lead to them too
Marc V
Marc V 5 anni fa
Tho would've been the greatest finals ever if russ and harden were in their primes
SG_ Umer Rabbani
Imagine that OKC team today. Smh 😥
Sanath Rao
Sanath Rao 2 anni fa
They would still loose..two of the most ball dominant players in the same team..some super teams are just not meant to win
Samuel Canaan
Samuel Canaan 5 anni fa
Back when Harden was decent on defense
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 4 anni fa
Fun fact, Miami original name was Heatwaves. Before their inaugural season fans didn't like it so they shortened it to just Heat.
Mj Shakar
Mj Shakar 3 anni fa
Harden, KD, Westbrook but no ring is unbelievable
LON SOLO 3 anni fa
The Young King 👑 Gets His Crown!!!!
Vince Tv
Vince Tv 2 anni fa
Respect MIKE MILLER One of the deadliest final 3point shooter in NBA FINALS HISTORY
Jermaine Durham
Jermaine Durham 11 mesi fa
Miller was cold blooded i use to lik him alot he was clutch
Степан Русаков
Хорошая игра тогда выдалась☺
Trevor Crotts
Trevor Crotts 4 anni fa
if this thunder squad was still together they would be a real problem for the warriors
Jonathan Benoit
Jonathan Benoit 2 anni fa
D Wade, the Batman, and the 🐐 man
Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 2 anni fa
Only in the minds of haters. Every key run- wade was on the bench.
Dan Han
Dan Han 5 anni fa
as Ali would say "this is like a good amateur versus a real professional". Lebron schooled KD, Wade schooled Westbrook (and Harden schooled himself lol)
O’Brien Island
I loved this time in life!
S 3 anni fa
Lebron was really playing defense out here
Jermaine Durham
Jermaine Durham 11 mesi fa
Heat lebron way better then lakers lebron period
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Back when LeBron had good team mates
sennsir_ 4 anni fa
20:48 KD walks away with NO F's towards good sportsmanship 😂
TELLIS 4 anni fa
sennsir_ he already dapped up Lebron before when there was like 10 secs left in the game
Rey 3 anni fa
The only time we see Harden in a Finals.
Miko Fidel
Miko Fidel Anno fa
and westbrick
chowderpowder 6 mesi fa
I'll never get tired of saying this: 2012-13 Bron was the best Bron.
Evan Roldan
Evan Roldan 3 mesi fa
2012 Was the Year I got into NBA
kap neo
kap neo 2 anni fa
KD, Russell, Harden, Ibaka with Perkins couldn't even put up. a fight...... how strong was that Heat team
Mac Neill Jhon Calamaan
@Zack Armstrong. im a lebron fan but he did choke on 2011
Zack Armstrong.
Zack Armstrong. 2 anni fa
Fr OKC did have a great team that year in 2012 with KD, Westbrook and Harden but this was Lebron in his absolute prime. He was on a mission to prove all the doubters and naysayers wrong about choking in the 2011 finals
Evie Tiller
Evie Tiller 4 anni fa
Harden wasn’t one of the top players on that team. If I remember correctly it was Ibaka, KD, and Russ. Harden was a 6th man.
CodeBreaker 2 anni fa
by that logic, Ginobili wasn't one of the top five players in that Spurs dynasty lmao
Matt Rowland
Matt Rowland 3 anni fa
he was only the sixth man because he didn't fit well with Russell and KD. He was absolutely the third option. Imagine your first string go to the bench only to have your second-string helmed by James Harden. That team was just stupid...
Myleek B
Myleek B 3 anni fa
Ibaka wasnt better than Harden ....
The beard hadn't reached it's full thickness yet.
JordanJapan 3 anni fa
It's crazy seeing how LeBron is actually getting fouled on like every layup here but the refs stopped calling them because they felt bad lol
Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 2 anni fa
Dude.... It's a huge huge conspiracy regarding the targeting of kings' success
King Sosa
King Sosa 3 anni fa
It’s crazy all those guys left okc .... including Westbrook
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 4 anni fa
The big 3 showed everybody where teamwork gets u
TonYume Anno fa
The time when James Harden was in the light weight division.
SacredMastaj 4 anni fa
2012 Miami was the BEST!
Malo 5 anni fa
makes me cry everytime ✊
Mlg Noscoper
Mlg Noscoper 5 anni fa
imagine if James and Kevin went back for one more year with okc and won a championship, that would be the best nba finals ever
Mlg Noscoper
Mlg Noscoper 5 anni fa
yeah, biggest nba flop of all
李國瑋 4 anni fa
OMG they got Westbrook,Durant ,Harden,Ibaka,Fisher!
John & Alyssa Henson
@19:05 Eddy Curry lol. Free Championship Ring. His finest NBA moment.
D B 6 anni fa
back when lebron always tried to cover that hairline with a sweatband
Restored Word Peace
0 2
0 2 3 anni fa
His hair made a biggest comeback in nba history
JT Tha Beatman his hair line was always messed up that’s why
Jauhari Lee
Jauhari Lee 5 anni fa
He wore a headband when he was teen
Damien Bermudez
Damien Bermudez 5 anni fa
Did anyone see my boi Mike Miller lock down harden on that one play
Macaroni Zalad
Macaroni Zalad 3 anni fa
boy I miss this prime lebron
TheSaltMaker 2 anni fa
This ain't Prime LeBron
Reaps 3 anni fa
Whats crazy bout this game it was probably their game plan to let Mike Miller have those shots
grimey grim
grimey grim 4 mesi fa
Before there was Steph and Clay there was Mike and Shane
Sükran Kaya
Sükran Kaya 6 anni fa
this OIKC team would have been deadly if harden had stayed there imagine harden, durant, westbrook now superstars on their teams
Choco Lanai
Choco Lanai 7 mesi fa
beautiful ball movement
HiImRawr 4 anni fa
Back before James harden got foul calls every single shot
Luis Hina
Luis Hina Anno fa
We want KD and Harden back to Oklahoma after Nets
Big Johnson
Big Johnson 5 anni fa
Should of kept Harden these guys were on the come up
Rafi Kumara
Rafi Kumara 2 anni fa
no one talk about how good mike miller was?
Jerrod and Portia
Jerrod and Portia 19 giorni fa
Shane was a real one lol
Michael Rucker
Michael Rucker 4 anni fa
That team should been kept together
JetPackGuy 4 anni fa
18:15 that’s ball smoovement
Adam 4 anni fa
wow, this was when it was actually fun to watch every game. KD ruined the NBA
Benjamin Dulay
Benjamin Dulay 10 mesi fa
in this game,the real big three were lbj wade and mike miller
The Goat
The Goat 3 anni fa
Got damn wade was fast asf 1:15 damn lol
Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons 3 anni fa
Dammm you right... Now I know why they use too call him flash.
Virgil Moody
Virgil Moody 3 anni fa
Do you have the full broadcasts of all the games from the finals?
Riss And Kris
Riss And Kris 7 mesi fa
RIP Mr Bill Russell.
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