2019 Singapore Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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Who would light up the streets of Singapore and take pole around the tight and twisty Marina Bay Street Circuit?
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21 set 2019




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Commenti 80
Victor Yepez
Victor Yepez 28 giorni fa
5:13 '' FALTA UNO ''
Vettel went completely off track 2.50
Los Kolpos
Los Kolpos Mese fa
Jack Davies
Jack Davies Mese fa
0:02 you could say that every weekend Crofty!
Zac Sirett
Zac Sirett 2 mesi fa
Devanand Djati
Devanand Djati 2 mesi fa
Funfact:2018 Mercedes pole lap is faster than Ferrari's pole lap 2019
Loading. 2 mesi fa
this just shows how hard it truly is to achieve an extremely fast time like Hamilitions 2018 singapore Q1 time with a 1:30 .015
Raul Wise
Raul Wise 2 mesi fa
🔥 🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:47 💖 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💯
Pedro Pascual
Pedro Pascual 2 mesi fa
Remember Hamilton time was 1:36 :0 in 2018
Finlay Kingdon
Finlay Kingdon 3 mesi fa
Ivan Jimenez
Ivan Jimenez 4 mesi fa
Nobody talking about Vettel's first lap, absoluty amazing. In my opinion his lap is better than Leclerc's one, Leclerc had his car out of control, he was lucky this time, but Seb gave me the feeling that he had all under control.
Dingbat Fool
Dingbat Fool 5 mesi fa
Sync IOS
Sync IOS 5 mesi fa
Honestly qualifying seems more exciting and interesting than the race
Zack E
Zack E 5 mesi fa
Crybaby leclerc
Rafa DN
Rafa DN 8 mesi fa
The Red's Like To Win
Cassie 8 mesi fa
Charles leclerc's the next generation of the champions.
mas nagol
mas nagol 8 mesi fa
a whole playlist of SATISFYING FORMULA 1 ENGINE SOUNDS - search 'anguslogan69' on spotify
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni 8 mesi fa
We would like to see Sergio Perez in another competitive team.
frankieg bangems
I watched this live was awful filming of the stragglers instead of the front runners.
Cassie 8 mesi fa
#43 on trending
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 mesi fa
I never thought I would be vulnerable for any religion, but this Leclercism is getting me...
Charming nowhere to hide
Well done Charles. Thank you for wakin up f1. Amazing.
Joanna 8 mesi fa
Grosjean already paying Haas back for the new contract then. 😆
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson 8 mesi fa
"I lost control 3 times on that lap" - Leclerk - This goes back to something the great M. Schumi let slip in a posting - {if it was really him, yet it is still holds true, if something you can do} To be right on the edge of control is fast - to go over the edge out of control and bring it right back can be even faster, while also far far more dangerous.
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson 8 mesi fa
@Joanna Oooooo..K. I can not even support myself, all my work in advanced vehicle design and clean energy CRUSHED buy a huge billionaire funded criminal organization, now known as Gang Stalking, or the Kochtopus. Do you folks, Aussies, have gang stalking destroying the lives and work of all people that want to make clean energy?
Joanna 8 mesi fa
again, support Aussie farmers and manufacturing workers.
Jeric Lamb
Jeric Lamb 8 mesi fa
I told myself, seb really won the singapore, had come true it's really different if you have a God in life, congrats seb
Charming nowhere to hide
If your car produces too much horsepower you go to the back of the grid ? PC claims another sport. As for the advert the last McCain potatoes we bought were from India. Nev
the fortnitelegoman
Who was at the singapore grand prix 2019 i was it was brilliant
Ale Larocca
Ale Larocca 8 mesi fa
Ale Larocca
Ale Larocca 8 mesi fa
@fouoii gyhh woooow.realy?
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 mesi fa
Ausnützen mein Bluten auch noch......Wahnsinnig.......
L a z y L i l l y
I’m here in singapore
L Ncube
L Ncube 8 mesi fa
Sorry can we forget Verstappen and applaud Leclerc.
F1 Maniac
F1 Maniac 4 mesi fa
Fuck off twat its not Max's fault that lecrash has a better car
Santri Forever
Santri Forever 8 mesi fa
waw, 2M+ viewers, just qualify video, very exited
K S 8 mesi fa
I hated people booing Lewis on the drivers porade. People who boo at the drivers should be have their heads stamped on..we don't need you.
Mike B
Mike B 8 mesi fa
Those Ferrari's are outrageously smooth...
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 8 mesi fa
#43 on trending
M Mandy
M Mandy 8 mesi fa
Oh my, i was so sure the haze was Number #1
MeatWood 8 mesi fa
i wouldnt even know how to start making this my career
Ask to seduce Miss
I think Leclerc has turned his AI settings down.
Tanthien Nguyen
Tanthien Nguyen 8 mesi fa
Ausnützen mein Bluten auch noch......Wahnsinnig.......
Tanthien Nguyen
Tanthien Nguyen 8 mesi fa
So nennen Sie Wissenschaftler & Hintern dran an Flüchtlingskinder Organs & Kinder Geburtschein rauben.....Schweizer Politikern Krankhafte
Red Tale
Red Tale 8 mesi fa
If your car produces too much horsepower you go to the back of the grid ? PC claims another sport. As for the advert the last McCain potatoes we bought were from India. Never again, support Aussie farmers and manufacturing workers.
Ask to seduce Miss
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 8 mesi fa
#42 on trending
Will4Real 8 mesi fa
When is Lance Stroll's dad gonna wake up?
GamerFrancis TV
GamerFrancis TV 8 mesi fa
Bruh the thumbnail looks like a bae home alone meme format
Dan Gearing
Dan Gearing 8 mesi fa
Halo is gay
Alex Kartwright
Alex Kartwright 8 mesi fa
Leclerc is a future legend
Tomasz Jaworski
Tomasz Jaworski 8 mesi fa
Robert Kubica by was wszystkich dojechał jakby miał inny bolid
Deep hug
Deep hug 8 mesi fa
Grosjean already paying Haas back for the new contract then. 😆
Exot1c1 8 mesi fa
brubaker21 8 mesi fa
The face of Toto....just priceless.
Locks TNE
Locks TNE 8 mesi fa
To all the random people scrolling through the comments,I hope you reach your biggest dreams in life❤️ Mine is to make people laugh and show somewhat skill any support would mean a lot:)❤️god bless you
Deep hug
Deep hug 8 mesi fa
pitbull 8 mesi fa
for all who say Ferrari will not win. hahahaahahaaa
Shine Studio
Shine Studio 8 mesi fa
Video download itvid.net/video/video-5ALfA6dtu6w.html
Shahadath Khan
Shahadath Khan 8 mesi fa
Why is this in the youtuber gaming section?????
Mw4 Cod
Mw4 Cod 8 mesi fa
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix 8 mesi fa
DonGranatoII 8 mesi fa
My quali highlight: To see hulkis gf. Gosh its true no luck in the game means beeing luckily in love.
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega 8 mesi fa
que pista mas fea
A BCD 8 mesi fa
Why was toto laughing? Honestly
FullOilBarrel 8 mesi fa
f1 theme music was the best idea
A C 8 mesi fa
leclerc is the new hamilton - the kid is awesome
our2chance 8 mesi fa
looking for those "sandbag" comments, keep them up 😂
Delusional TanTan
What do they relegated to
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 8 mesi fa
Forza seb! 🇩🇪🇵🇹
Hal Meer
Hal Meer 8 mesi fa
Silviu C.
Silviu C. 8 mesi fa
F1 is becoming more and more like a game of chess. Too much strategy, too small racing. Chess is boring.
XX ALISTICX ig [alisticx]
Hamid Ferrari
Hamid Ferrari 8 mesi fa
Forza Ferrari !!!
Aki 8 mesi fa
ルクレールのフェラーリ、フェルスタッペンのレッドブル。とうとうメルセデスを脅かす脅威になったのではないでしょうか? ベッテルは惜しかった
Moulana Aidi
Moulana Aidi 8 mesi fa
i dont get it, why is it trending on gaming??
piero martini
piero martini 8 mesi fa
Il ragazzino per fortuna sa come far viaggiare la Ferrari!!!!!!👍👍👍
Toastmasters International
Bet a million that there's going to be a"Valteri, it's James" in this race!
Joey-A. ·
Joey-A. · 2 mesi fa
You are a GENIUS
Alessio Tricolore
Altay Şentürk ah
Altay Şentürk
Altay Şentürk 3 mesi fa
It happened lol
Abel Ardions
Abel Ardions 8 mesi fa
I'm starting to believe that Leclerc will dethrone Lewis before Max in the next few years. This man is superhuman!!😱😱😱Hats off for him for his performance!!👏👏👏
Rhys Flores
Rhys Flores 8 mesi fa
Look at that Ferrari crew. So happy.
U CR 8 mesi fa
2020s are the year of Leclerc and Verstappen.
Michal Šustr
Michal Šustr 8 mesi fa
Charles Leclerc
Adonis Top of Men
fantastic …….
Anderson Ramos
Anderson Ramos 8 mesi fa
Let's go Leclerc. 💪🏽
Alexander Sly
Alexander Sly 8 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video--fusUxEPwsw.html Do something for humanity...... Make them aware
Cristito Alano
Cristito Alano 8 mesi fa
It's good for f1 that now the Ferrari is dominating thanks to Charles but Ham is well ahead on points. I think vets career is on its downfall. Hope Charles would minimize the lead of Hams to make f1 more exciting.
Gian-Luca Nardini
I'm back into formula 1, thank you Leclerc! Thank you ferrari!
Ethan 8 mesi fa
Why is this trending on gaming lol
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