2020 Land Rover DEFENDER - ALL-NEW Land Rover DEFENDER 2019 and 2020

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2020 Land Rover DEFENDER - ALL-NEW Land Rover DEFENDER 2019 and 2020 / 14,000 Hectare TUSK TESTING across the Borana Conservancy by Wildlife Managers
The new Land Rover Defender has moved a step closer to production after successfully completing a demanding testing program with Tusk in Kenya, in support of their lion conservation initiatives in Africa.
- Tested by experts: New Defender undergoes testing in Kenya with Tusk to support lion conservation initiatives in Africa
- Tougher than ever: Specially camouflaged Defender prototype was used by wildlife managers to support conservation operations across the 14,000-hectare Borana Conservancy
- Unstoppable capability: New Defender was put to the test towing supplies in support of operations and fording rivers while tracking prides of lion
- Trusted partners: Land Rover has been an official partner of wildlife conservation charity, Tusk, for 15 years and 2019 is its Year of the Lion, to highlight declining lion numbers in Africa
The Borana Conservancy is home to flat plains, deeply rutted tracks, steep rocky inclines, muddy river banks and thick forests, giving the new Defender a chance to showcase its unrivalled breadth of capability.

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6 giu 2019




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Commenti 30
Alpha SQUAD official
New Car Videos: goo.gl/5nPYXv
MrNotebookguy 8 mesi fa
All you 2020 Defender haters. This is a far superior vehicle than the old Defender. It will sell twice as many and every single owner will love it. A 2020 defender with stock tyres can do better off road than a fully rigged old defender
thybigballs 7 mesi fa
How do you figure? This new Defender has the exact same suspension parts as the Discovery. You know, short control arms with no articulation?
1911indi 8 mesi fa
there are more lions in rich people's home zoos !!!
Hannabelle Sisters
Modernized? Seriously? It's Inutility car, fake off-road, chinese style, product in Slovakia, no eco friendly, no innovation, without the plate it is an anonymous car...expensive same a gold and diamond, perfect for a milf and cougar wife. Ridiculous!
jarnail singh
jarnail singh 8 mesi fa
Most beautiful add. What a way to represent a story of defender.
Mark Whitehand
Mark Whitehand 8 mesi fa
So perfect for the school run in Chelsea yes?
Shimron Netia
Shimron Netia 8 mesi fa
love from Kenya... thank you LANDROVER to introduce the new 2020 Land Rover DEFENDER in our country...
Fahrenheit 8 mesi fa
Looks like jimny !!!!!!!!Omy:|\
K, T
K, T 9 mesi fa
Rip defender... Sales will slow down when the new defender comes out. People buy it for a reason...
楊文良 9 mesi fa
I am still stick to the G wagon
Mr PERFECT 2 mesi fa
楊文良 u will. Never go of road
Nico Marley
Nico Marley 9 mesi fa
Just horrible
Mafape Babel
Mafape Babel 9 mesi fa
The new defender is National Geographic???
bighand69 9 mesi fa
What the hell is Land Rover doing. Who cares about Lions. People just want a good defender. If they want to make a film about the plight of lions then they should sponsor it and if they want to help the lions then start a campaign. But please stop trying to virtue signal.
TRGaRetroGamer 9 mesi fa
that is no defender
Prince Elvis
Prince Elvis 9 mesi fa
Who agrees jaguar just destroyed our defender 😩💔💔
Union 9 mesi fa
Difender потерял свою батальную карсту и стал как все...
Eric Byers
Eric Byers 9 mesi fa
Looks like a discovery
Igor Kotovich
Igor Kotovich 9 mesi fa
Unlike discovery 5 :)
高島幸子 10 mesi fa
this is no more Difender I loved.
Ramón Casanova
Ramón Casanova 10 mesi fa
It's a new Suzuki?
vaduzcrew 10 mesi fa
Official car for wildlife conservations around the world 😊
Reitse Vandenberg
Why dont they make a defender that look like the original but put the needed safety in the car.
John Ubert
John Ubert 9 mesi fa
JL has no clear direction. They should have copied Toyota Land Cruiser. The old defender could have been upgraded and a bit of change in design.
Gabriel Villegas
Gabriel Villegas 11 mesi fa
Very nice story. Shitty defender
Herald Loshi
Herald Loshi 11 mesi fa
Thanks for bringing the test to Kenya.Karibuni tena.
Ecco Sabanovic
Ecco Sabanovic 11 mesi fa
..well..good news is, old defenders will pick up some neat price, while this piece of hipster crap will be nothing but yet another bleak vehicle with no particular standing out point...
diesel92kj1 11 mesi fa
The guy that tested this did a post on Facebook. They didn't like it.
楊文良 9 mesi fa
diesel92kj1 Yeah, I saw it too.
Soylent Green
Soylent Green 11 mesi fa
JLR doing their best to sell this new....LR as defender???? Sad it will never replace the old Defender 🍌✔️
Jesper Hansen
Jesper Hansen 11 mesi fa
No, No, No... That is not a Defender. Why make another Discovery/Range Rover lookalike?! Defender was discontinued because of demands for more passive security in the car, such as airbags aso. Well, just build a Defender with that added, how hard can it be?!
healthyamerican 11 mesi fa
land rover use to send their new vehicles on camel trophy events. now they let them ride on a dirt road, yet they still call them a land rover. this is not a defender, this is a mall crawler
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