3 million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome: Study | Morning in America 

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Three million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, according to a CDC study. Dr. Tom Pitts discusses the symptoms you may experience if you suffer from this disorder. Pitts says this disorder should be treated with immunotherapy.
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@josegarcia9661 2 mesi fa
Finally, CFS is being recognized
@BuddyRevell455 2 mesi fa
Mine started in 2020.... anyone else?
@DeepDishPizza 2 mesi fa
Not me. I started feeling great in 2020, because I hate people.
@josegarcia9661 2 mesi fa
Dont listen to ignorant people. If they don't have CFS they wont understand.
@DeepDishPizza 2 mesi fa
I thought I had chronic fatigue symptoms then I stopped drinking Soda(Pop) and I’ve fantastic ever since. I also lost 40lbs because I stopped drinking that crap.
@Chiefdan 2 mesi fa
Too bad you mention fatigue only and link it to CFS. Because unfortunately "CFS" is the common name for ME/CFS which is much more than fatigue alone. ME/CFS shows serious disruptions in all the systems in the body (for instance severe cognitive decline, neurological symptoms, hormonal issues as mentioned and dysautonomia) and with Exercise Intolerance (symptom exacerbation) as the MAIN symptom, not fatigue! But very happy to hear this neurologist say it's a auto-immune response. Yes, that's very important to know for all medical staff out there. But please, oh please stop using the fatigue as the main symptom. That's old news and definitely not accurate (only in the accute phase, so for ppl suffering from Long Covid it could be at the forefront of the immense list of symptoms they experience). Fatigue is a common symptom for many diseases, so it's ridiculous to use it as a marker to label someone with CFS, let alone ME/CFS. Please check the wonderful explanation Mayo Clinics share on their website, if you truly want to know more about ME/CFS.
@tcp03 2 mesi fa
Hello. We definitely mentioned more than fatigue but remember I only get a few minutes to answer lots of questions. This is not an inclusive list of symptoms as it’s not a grand rounds here. The symptoms are actually not nearly as important as they can be lots of things but rather the timeline and surrounding events. Then I perform things like EMG/NCS, EEG, MRI, blood work etc and those tend to be negative save for inflammatory labs as this is not a structural lesion but rather a biochemical derangement. As someone who gets autoimmune patients such as Myasthenia and MS off of ventilators for a living, I see the root cause as autoimmunity and if we were to focus on that and not the non-specific symptoms we’d be much better (using things like ivig, complement inhibition, rituximab, etc). Fatigue and exercise intolerance are the most commonly reported symptoms followed by suboptimal cognitive performance and pain. These are less important for decision making as they all come from the overuse of metabolic resources producing a constant inflammatory response. You can call it ME/CFS or CFS for short but that’s not root cause thinking as this is the outcome where as the proper name should be more like post infectious autoimmune response syndrome which causes symptoms of CFS/ME for others it causes seizures for others thyroid problems, for others joint problems. So CFS/ME is one of several entities that are from post infectious autoimmune responses. The management doesn’t change. It should be treated as CIDP primarily using things like ivig, complement inhibitors, rituximab depending on which igG is expressed on the antigen cell surface as this will tell us which specific part of the immune system to inhibit. Thank you for your support in this fight. Take care and be well!
@maryyt1 2 mesi fa
I was thinking the same thing. I've had ME/CFS for many years and was finally diagnosed in 2010 (I think it really started in the '70s when I came down with Mononucleosis in my early 20s and it just kept getting worse as I continued to work, raise my family, etc, rather than taking care of myself). I had to take early retirement in 2009 because my brain finally just wouldn't work well enough anymore o do my complex job, I almost completely lost my ability to read - which I learned to do at age 4 - and now I barely function most days. I wish, too, that people would always include the word 'syndrome' after the words 'chronic fatigue' because it seems to often generate the response of 'Oh, yes, we're all tired!', which totally irritates me! You'd think I'd get over it by now. ;)
@kleigh4418 2 mesi fa
Some of the comments just aint it..very ignorant
So chronic fatigue syndrome is like long covid in that it results in a disordered hypothalmic pititutary axis. This can cause hormonal dysregulation, sleep dysregulation, heart arrythmias, and breathing and tempreture dysregulation.
@preshisify 2 mesi fa
@randoir1863 2 mesi fa
BIDENOMICS IS WORKING !!! Well I mean it's working in the sense that people HAVE TO WORK MORE to stay afloat !!!!!
Go workout and change your diet
@angelomar8577 2 mesi fa
its called obesity
@tcp03 2 mesi fa
How do you explain the millions of people with this problem that are not obese? Please don’t be so dismissive of folks who are suffering from a very real problem.
@jaymudd2817 2 mesi fa
You mean Biden Fatigue Syndrome.
@alephmale3171 2 mesi fa
Millennials: Is that what they’re calling Depression nowadays? 😏 Gen X: Is that’s what they’re calling despair nowadays? 😏 The Greatest Generation: Is this what they’re calling laziness nowadays? 😏
@jhanna9680 2 mesi fa
What a snake doctor that is full of crap. Most of these folks always "tired" are just bored with life.
@tcp03 2 mesi fa
I am a quadruple board certified neurologist who gets people with things like Guillain Barre syndrome, meningitis, and myasthenia Gravis off of ventilators for a living across 18 states and over 20 facilities in the U.S. This is a well known medical issue with studies from places like Columbia University, my fellowship Alma mater substantiating it. You are disparaging so many by calling them lazy and bored with life.
@ow3wells 2 mesi fa
@@tcp03I’m registered nurse who was once a respiratory therapist and I agree.
@tcp03 2 mesi fa
@@ow3wellsThank you for your service. My Aunt, a nurse, was the only medical person in my family before me and she was my inspiration to enter medicine. I appreciate you. Take care and stay safe out there. Proud to be your colleague.
I am a physician assistant who got CFS and had to stop working. I was not bored with my job that I spent 6 years in school for and $45,000. I was forced to stop because of illness that prevented me from caring for children and working. People love to believe illness is not real, and that will power overcomes all problems so they dont have to face the reality it could happen to them. Or they only believe in things they have personally experienced.
@josegarcia9661 2 mesi fa
You are ignorant