30 Times Edouard Mendy Impressed Petr Čech

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▶ 30 Times Edouard Mendy Impressed Petr Čech
▶ Edouard Mendy
▶ Stade Rennes
▶ Welcome to Chelsea FC 2012/2021
▶ Best Goalkeeper Saves
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22 set 2020




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CFCVideos 2 mesi fa
Lampard: “Mendy is having a medical as we speak - as long as that’s all okay, he’ll become a Chelsea player.” Please subscribe for more ! :)
Samsung Saracen
Samsung Saracen 19 giorni fa
Mendy cost 22m Kepa cost 75m Mendy value 150m Kepa value 11m
GLG 1997
GLG 1997 Mese fa
Viva Lina
Viva Lina Mese fa
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 44043183.sexygirlsx.ru
Kinjal Doshi
Kinjal Doshi 6 ore fa
Mendy has been a total success so far hope he can continue this form
Falilou Falilou Diop
Machasalah mendy 😍😍
Daniel Winger
Daniel Winger Giorno fa
Mendy and other signing have really given me confidence and my bet winnings will be marvelous this session
Alvin Ang
Alvin Ang 2 giorni fa
I will buy his TOTSSF card next year...
Agusta Kurniawan, ST
Amazingly this goalkeeper !!! Hands and feet are equally amazing!
Mohammad Faiz
Mohammad Faiz 5 giorni fa
Woww perfect save..succes for you mendy
Z Z 6 giorni fa
I’m not a Chelsea fan but I’m impressed by him for Chelsea
Doku Felix
Doku Felix 10 giorni fa
Perfect signing
Gucci Alcopone
Gucci Alcopone 10 giorni fa
Mendy-synonym of clean sheets
Lalalalala Lalalalalalalalalalalala
commanding skill
Alex Polim
Alex Polim 18 giorni fa
Amir Abbas
Amir Abbas 18 giorni fa
Eyoba Degefa
Eyoba Degefa 18 giorni fa
Im a striker but he convinced me to be a keeper😂😂
JO-N 19 giorni fa
The next lev yashin Super Mendy Great Goalkeeper
Long Hoàng
Long Hoàng 19 giorni fa
Get out Kepa
Danny Dan
Danny Dan 20 giorni fa
Who's here after he's kept six clean sheets in a row at CFC
Adeniyi abayomi
Adeniyi abayomi 20 giorni fa
Mendy is a great goalkeeper,his talented
Moussa Mbaye
Moussa Mbaye 23 giorni fa
Addo Thomas
Addo Thomas 23 giorni fa
He is a good goal keeper
Vinus Johnson
Vinus Johnson 24 giorni fa
Mendy will be one all time great
Arukah 24 giorni fa
I can't see impressed Petr Cech
Mark Donovan
Mark Donovan 25 giorni fa
Who signed Kepa? Can they swap the signing fee? Mendy already deserves it more. Kepa, be humble and pay him the money you don't earn, give it to charity at least.
David Diop
David Diop 25 giorni fa
The best goalkeeper in the world right now
Barry Udegbunam
Barry Udegbunam 25 giorni fa
Mendy is so good
kenneth kariuki
kenneth kariuki 26 giorni fa
Lloris betta watch out
manuu emmanuel
manuu emmanuel 26 giorni fa
my best goalkeeper Mendy
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 26 giorni fa
hiya hiya
hiya hiya 26 giorni fa
Mendy bikin insecure para striker 😂😂
Kengonzi Monic
Kengonzi Monic 27 giorni fa
What a good signing
richard douglas
richard douglas 27 giorni fa
I didn’t realize he was that good
Adnan Orochi
Adnan Orochi 28 giorni fa
Do you know that Rennes have another good Keeper from Sénégal perform just like Mendy now,, wow that club surprise me Chelsea need to do thé same make goal keepers not buy them..
Francis Senyo Yao Kumah
The black Petr Cech
Zaki Jaffar
Zaki Jaffar 29 giorni fa
Malick kosso Diba
I love my contry🇸🇳🇸🇳✊🏿
All Sports Here
itvid.net/video/video-6QUFht3ZsKM.html Throwback to the match that caused Petr Cech to be wearing helmet
Tinotenda Sanyika
Pat Guei
Pat Guei Mese fa
Je vois Mendy E comme P cech un grand gardien très talentueux félicitations à F lampard pour la signature de se grand gardien de but
Cheikh Diagne
اترین اصلاحی
mendy is really good for lyon😢
Moses Muinde
Moses Muinde Mese fa
oun7es Mese fa
Some of this strong parries away from danger are exactly what we need, especially from set pieces Some of the Free kicks Mendy saved, Kepa wouldn’t have bothered to move for
Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray 25 giorni fa
GLG 1997
GLG 1997 Mese fa
FIRST GOAL TIMO WERNER TO MAN UNITED itvid.net/video/video--o7XKE1hccI.html
djiby dia
djiby dia Mese fa
Nice job
Affan hakeem
Affan hakeem Mese fa
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YG_小陈晨 Mese fa
I Thought We Will Get Nick Pope xD
tay tay
tay tay Mese fa
I got my channel recover now successfully with the help of Johnhack631 on Instagram, I can recommend him to you
Entertainment Repost
EPL is something else,,,cool down my mouthous neighbors😹😹🏃
red Mese fa
sounds like a heylucig type beat
Nana Agyeman
Nana Agyeman Mese fa
4 sho this signing is a good one
Goofy16 Supergoofy
Onana is way better then this guy😂😂😂
James Diana
James Diana Mese fa
ACCOLADES FOR YOU SIR🙏 KENDRYHACK on Instagram recovered my account successfully in few minutes. He is 💯%✅☑️✅ He is reliable and trustworthy
James Diana
James Diana Mese fa
ACCOLADES FOR YOU SIR🙏 KENDRYHACK on Instagram recovered my account successfully in few minutes. He is 💯%✅☑️✅ He is reliable and trustworthy
James Diana
James Diana Mese fa
ACCOLADES FOR YOU SIR🙏 KENDRYHACK on Instagram recovered my account successfully in few minutes. He is 💯%✅☑️✅ He is reliable and trustworthy
Mamadou Dione
REYZELo Mese fa
If Chelsea’s defense won’t play better , any goalkeeper doesn’t help
Jayjay Kolo
Jayjay Kolo Mese fa
Edit : chelsea also bought their best ever goalkeeper guess from where ?rennes back in 2004..
Carlton Wilson
Kepa Gonna Hold Some Much Bench.
Zzixy Mese fa
His not World Class! But.... better then Kepa. Oblak Is World Class!
Sacred Paranoia
Not sure he will allowed to get a goalkeeper shirt from kepa
konnel madiba
He knows how to make himself big 👍👍👍👍
junior garcia cabarcas
Amazing mendy 💪💯
MGM Music
MGM Music Mese fa
@0:46 damn what a save
Don Promise
Don Promise Mese fa
Am serious LIVERPOOL fan but I like him 👍
shedoxtlxvejuice !!
The beat is 🔥🔥🔥 ngl
Ikpa-Agodo Kingsley
Let's know if he's better than Kepa. Talking is cheap.
Abe Lockaddictus
He is a decent goalkeeper who has a big weakness. He punches the ball into play not away from play
Sympoh Simon
Sympoh Simon 2 mesi fa
Le me hope this season we will do better
Sympoh Simon
Sympoh Simon 2 mesi fa
We got a goalkeeper now am comfortable
David J Adeyemi
David J Adeyemi 2 mesi fa
This guy is a real deal
why there is no petr cech's impressed expression?
Dan Fernandes
Dan Fernandes 2 mesi fa
First impressions...... rolls ball out
Alexander Hikmala
Mendy should wear a helmet just like cech lmao
ZaaL The Great
ZaaL The Great 2 mesi fa
Imagine having a gk that actually moves! This is a dream
Geowana Purmana
Geowana Purmana 2 mesi fa
Mendy is just another gambling for Chelsea. If the target are winning titles Chelsea need a high profile GK. Maybe Oblak or Donnarumma
Just A Hooman
Just A Hooman 2 mesi fa
even Kepa would be great in youtube
jon780249 2 mesi fa
Chelsea mendy the goalkeeper problem.
Nawfal Baqir
Nawfal Baqir 2 mesi fa
Alexander Ime Alex
Moves like Manuel Nuer....his reflexes are good, which is the first test of a good goalie. Kept was meant to be a midfielder.
DREW # 2 mesi fa
partingalano 2 mesi fa
He can't be worse than Kepa
Aydin 2 mesi fa
we are screwed he cant catch the ball
aku adalah aku
aku adalah aku 2 mesi fa
manchester city vs bournemouth 2-1 Full Highlights itvid.net/video/video-ZEgHAb7R0Oc.html
Yass IN Blues
Yass IN Blues 2 mesi fa
Number 16 .like Fabian Barthez
Moses Adongo
Moses Adongo 2 mesi fa
Please this guy is very very fantastic he goes with two hands with the ball ⚽️
Ayomide Fasakin
Ayomide Fasakin 2 mesi fa
Honestly that first free kick looked like it entered I had to replay in SLO mo to see it
agbagbla saviour
Which country is he from
akakpo kenny paul
Red Orange
Red Orange 2 mesi fa
Zouma, Thiago , Mendy and azspi all speak French so I guess the communication is not an issue. . .
Red Orange
Red Orange 2 mesi fa
I thought Hillario was the GK coach. . .
Eugene Noah
Eugene Noah 2 mesi fa
R10 already faced him..woo
Tanaka Siwawa
Tanaka Siwawa 2 mesi fa
We are covered
Abdinasir Jibril
Who else is distracted by the beats 😂
Fall Am
Fall Am 2 mesi fa
you don't his video with his National Team Senegal
M. A. K
M. A. K 2 mesi fa
4:53 what a save 😱😱
carvey sando
carvey sando 2 mesi fa
Even Kepa looks good on ITvid...
winemeister 2 mesi fa
I'm another keen to see him against West Brom, at the moment I'm holding onto that statistic about winning our first league match of the season on a Monday night the last twice we won the League! We won't win it with Kepa, no matter what the problem is.
Kamaal Padinhar
Kamaal Padinhar 2 mesi fa
Finally we can cover the main hole !
Eshu Tandon
Eshu Tandon 2 mesi fa
Okay honestly guys his positioning looks extremely good
Sam Mathew
Sam Mathew 2 mesi fa
Chelsea had to take an ambulance to bring Mendy 😂
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