33 missing kids found during operation in L.A. County: FBI

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A multi-agency investigation in Southern California led to the recovery of 33 children who had been missing, including eight who were sexually exploited, the FBI announced Friday. This story aired on the KTLA 5 News at 3 on Jan. 22, 2021.
Story: ktla.com/news/local-news/33-missing-children-including-some-who-were-sexually-exploited-found-during-multi-agency-operation-in-socal/

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Commenti 100
#sope 4 giorni fa
Poor kids
tremeree jphp
tremeree jphp 4 giorni fa
33 kids rescued, 1 arrested?
**PINK** Pink Ladybug
Did they catch the adults that were involved or the owner of the property.. someone knows something.. speak up for the children
j W
j W 13 giorni fa
No other info? where were they? Who were the predators? Where did FBI get the clue??????
Dan Arnets
Dan Arnets 17 giorni fa
Coincidentally, minutes later Hollywood producers started announcing the cancellation of almost a dozen of projects!
ash tree
ash tree 19 giorni fa
33 of them huh? Good one.
I bet Adam Schiff complicit with this.
Angelia Walthall
Angelia Walthall 27 giorni fa
Sick Adults.
Mrs Mary
Mrs Mary Mese fa
am so glad i came across Maskoffweb.com site they credited my account with $4,000 hack transfer
Hi23 Oop
Hi23 Oop Mese fa
Omg 33 kids omg
john naile
john naile Mese fa
Good job!!
Bunny Films
Bunny Films Mese fa
Great work! Glad the investigators rescued them. More needs to be done to put these sickos behind bars.
American Girl
God bless these children, Lord heal their hearts, minds and souls.
Lora May
Lora May Mese fa
I can’t believe I still know people who don’t believe this isn’t a bigger crisis. How can we see all these videos and they don’t. Add them all up and it’s insane how many children have been rescued the last couple years and so many more to go. I know I share the prayer that we start seeing more of these people getting taken down and our children and women (and men) be brought home to safety.
Greenie Houdini
I don't trust the FBI
no1wrench Mese fa
I'm glad this sting succeeded, unfortunately, any ties to the Clintons or bidens will surely be covered up.
daniel Anaya
daniel Anaya Mese fa
Good job FBI. 👏
Body cravings in a jar Love
The fbi needs to do well being checks in all home and abandon buildings and large cargo trucks and vans . Sicking and they should get the death penalty they are terriost
Fithe Skeper
Fithe Skeper Mese fa
Trump, qanon and republicans behind this . Quick let’s form a cult
Sir Retsnom
Sir Retsnom Mese fa
Biden and Newsom cannot afford to have these operations to continue as this is not what their donators paid for. Now that Trump is gone, pedos and trafficking can continue!
malinda redix
Dont understand why their faces covered need to see them
malinda redix
They always hiding the complete truth of the people involved holding these missing kids
malinda redix
Soooooo who were involved I need names and associations real talk
Alexandrea Jaramillo
Good bless la police
Samantha Perucci
Thankgod they was found alive..
sergey botchkarev
🙏 may they have a safe recovery... Blessings for many
smart dog
smart dog Mese fa
You need to FIND the REST of the CHILDREN ‼️⁉️‼️
mary barone
mary barone Mese fa
sokin jon
sokin jon Mese fa
I find it peculiar that it's THIRTY THREE. It's ALWAYS 33.. 33 everything. 33 everywhere!!
sharon adkins
i liked the video dew to fact they recovered 💀
sokin jon
sokin jon Mese fa
Shut down all FOSTER CARE CENTERS..they are the hub for human trafficking..
sokin jon
sokin jon Mese fa
Disgusting. Throw the adults down a cliff.
Keal2kool Mese fa
They should have their body’s ripped apart by horses. But of course we’ll be paying for food and their living arrangements instead smh
Maranatha The Lord Cometh
Praise The True & Living God!😇
Seng Dongma
Seng Dongma Mese fa
More kids disappear every year there, than in any other countries around the world, expect of course some countries in Asia, and Africa...but ...how is it possible in a country who try act as world leader of freedom.
sokin jon
sokin jon Mese fa
was always this way on the news till the crapwads are are imprisoned till death. And they should lock them up with murderers so they can take out the trash.
Michael Matteocci
Why does it have to be 33 children why couldn't it be 30 children? You FreeMasons are the reason these children are being sacrificed organ harvested molested raped sex trafficked y'all are the reason for this bs!!!
Kake Johnson
Kake Johnson Mese fa
Tyler Hannah
Tyler Hannah Mese fa
I wouldn't doubt it if the dots connected all the ways to the Vatican and Hollywood.
JohnAFowler Mese fa
If these kids had been attacked by the same breed of dog, that breed would be banned, outlawed and or destroyed. Let's apply the same mentality to these Two Legged Dogs that Prey on our Children.
Angela Saucier
Amen. Rabid dogs.
ChickenCatch Mese fa
remember ''Operation : Not Forgotten''? weird how that has not been on the news. hm
Atam Atam
Atam Atam Mese fa
Omg 😈
David McKay
David McKay Mese fa
Always 33 ya Mason freaks
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Mese fa
Shut down all FOSTER CARE CENTERS..they are the hub for human trafficking..
AngstG Mese fa
I find it peculiar that it's THIRTY THREE. It's ALWAYS 33.. 33 everything. 33 everywhere!!
John Barnes
John Barnes Mese fa
Why isn't Govenor Gavin Newsom doing more about this?
Gina Will
Gina Will Mese fa
The person??? Why not give us name??
chris georgallis
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Mese fa
“Get jobs”? 13-17 year olds need jobs?🤦🏻‍♀️
David Powell
David Powell Mese fa
Do you know the FBI runs one of the biggest pedophile bigest rings in the world
Jafet Diaz romero
They should do this everyday all day until the shift is done then the next officers do the same till crime has been dettered or is that to unrealistic or unreasonable. No let's take a break and slack off on the job and poke fun at civilians cos we pigs and ain't got nothing better to live for. Than being dirty pigs. And they should arrest the dirty pigs too. Wish it was always this way on the news till the crapwads are are imprisoned till death. And they should lock them up with murderers so they can take out the trash.
MGTOW Matty Mese fa
My BIG Q is > will the parents be CHARGED?> oh we cant charge single mothers.. > who would look after the children >? DER whos looking after them NOW?
RUN MAN 2 Mese fa
10:42 ʜᴀs ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Get more info
Arthur Rai Candyn
Nicole Williams
Thank you Dear Holy Spirit
Jim H
Jim H Mese fa
What happened to defunding the popo?
Eri's Animals
Oh my, oh my god... wow- im so sorry for these poor kids who were stuck with those SICK, HORRIBLE adults!
Tony sinner
Tony sinner Mese fa
Theres that 33 again
Joel Winhoven
Keep up the awesome work F.B.I...Get them babies home..
Awesome Alie
Awesome Alie Mese fa
Thank Trump for signing executive order for stopping human trafficking. They have also found many kids in other states . Why the border wall stops human trafficking? Google operation underground railroad. Pray for Biden not to reverse it by his executive orders he doesnt read.
Shy 2120
Shy 2120 Mese fa
Need to speed up the process. The state do what they can.I hate how slow the process is however to anyone who might need to hear this Don't give up.Remain strong. You can do it....😇😇😇
Loveto ClearClouds
“Get jobs”? 13-17 year olds need jobs?🤦🏻‍♀️
SuperDaveMan Mese fa
Who the hell would downvote something like this?!
Nature Boy Alfey
Biden Supporters
Siewlai Tan
Siewlai Tan Mese fa
VIRAL NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Kaynon Hurd
Kaynon Hurd Mese fa
Dan Sutcliffe
Thank You!!!! Groucho Marx is smiling from heaven on this.
lightworker Andrea
Where are the other 800,000 missing children?! Did they ✔️ all the underground tunnels used for child trafficking??? The number 33 makes me think freemasons. Idk?! 🕵️
Nubian Warrior Goddess
I'm so happy the children were found alive
Tia Grant
Tia Grant Mese fa
Oh my God!
Survivor Cole
I just pray that Jasmine Dean from Jamaica is in that batch.Give those traffickers the death penalty for destroying mothers heart.
James S
James S Mese fa
Good job
day dazed
day dazed Mese fa
Of the 33 children 8 of them were sexually assaulted by the people that found them but don't worry because they are investigating themselves
Lilly Dee
Lilly Dee Mese fa
In the past these kids were just seen as "runaways" and left on the streets to die. It's taken decades for the damned law enforcement to realize they are victims of human trafficking and to take action. Just unbelievable. All "pimps" human trafficker's deserve to rot in jail for life!
J C Mese fa
St Josephine Bakhita
BatOneTwo Mese fa
Great story! ~~~Save The Children~~~ Blessings, Fran
ali Mese fa
Your film showed a child in handcuffs?
Zizi Bressa
Zizi Bressa Mese fa
Shame on our criminal system. They catch those people and then freed them to do everything again
P J Mese fa
Look at the social media sites with them selling sex. There are 100s of thousands. Even Tiltok is just another site with links to their porn sites. No way most are 18 plus.
David doe
David doe Mese fa
Brenda Ball
Brenda Ball Mese fa
Thank you President Trump for making this a priority.
iiiruby Mese fa
33 damn
Lee Samardzija
33 eh? 🤔
C Mac
C Mac Mese fa
These traffickers and rapists are walking around us everyday
DfRT tolir
DfRT tolir Mese fa
*Don't let them get to you're basement those pigs*
Julia Baumer
Julia Baumer Mese fa
Should be executed children sex trafficking those poor children if I was the parent of any of those children I would have a lawsuit against anyone involved in this
Orpheus Head
Orpheus Head Mese fa
Their parents?
Christian Mendez
Wow what is going on nowadays
Swashbuckling Adventures
What's more disturbing? The traffickers or their customers 🤔. Let that sink in for a bit.....
ovojul Mese fa
Pray for our children 🥺🙏
Thordan Mese fa
This increase is thanks to computer technology for criminals.
Kalyssa S
Kalyssa S Mese fa
33 missing children? Of course its 33.... right in our faces. These people are sick
My chemical Reality
Lot of pissed off democrats .their f toys just got taken
Donnie S20
Donnie S20 Mese fa
Police doing real work good job👍
Aqua Rose
Aqua Rose Mese fa
What about the men paying money for these kids. When will they pay for hurting these kids? They are the real problem. No customer's equals no trafficking.
Santos Carrillo
Basic needs I would imagine they might need more
wnnalis cioov
How many Children go missing a year? Not Enough coverage of this Sick Situation..
Roblox Bot
Roblox Bot Mese fa
During operation so that means while getting there kidneys
Manu Inoc
Manu Inoc Mese fa
Kill them ryt away
This guy
This guy Mese fa
I wonder why they dont show they faces of the ring leaders .....maybe because of racial issues im sure ...every pimp or pimp associates are all the same color ....100% and its part because they have been brain washed into a belief system and the parenting they recieved...ive seen it all and many come and go but all end up in prison or dead at a young age so they live life tomorrow isnt possible...thats the worst part no ...the parents that sell those kids and report them lost and recieved money on monthly bases are the worst ...also the same colors....its a life style they will not drop...one family i lived next 2 the father slept with his own daughters and grand daughters same with the mother....and they was all over the streets at night brothers pimping they own sisters ....its a family business they kept saying ..sad reality that most of those case are all related and family menbers they target....they also use the adoption services to get free children and they have inside help at dcfs...i tried to explain at dcfs of my neighbors and they acted like its ok if they are poor and family ..incest and child abuse isnt ever ok because your related ...again the same color ....other races do this but this race is the professional level since they came from this same product since the early ages before Lincolns greatest accomplishments....people please stop this
This guy
This guy Mese fa
Your opinions dont matter to me ..you know mines thats all..
katden220 Mese fa
Oh but let’s open the borders, stop building the wall, and release the illegals because they don’t have anything to do with child trafficking. Whether or not they are involved with this bust they have been in the past and will be more so in future with a Biden regime. But just like all good little democrats there is nothing to see here, move along move along......
lang 1007
lang 1007 Mese fa
Laurie LaTour
my goodness
love dove
love dove Mese fa
The traffickers will be back in the streets in a couple of days doing it again.
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