39.08! McMurtry fan car breaks Goodwood Hill RECORD! | Festival of Speed 2022

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Thew's a new Goodwood Hill RECORD. After 23 years Nick Heidfeld's Timed Shootout record in the McLaren MP4/13 has been broken. F1 and IndyCar star Max Chilton's new 39.08 second run in the incredible McMurtry Speirling fan car has knocked over two seconds off that time.

It's also taken the Outright Hill record from the Volkswagen ID.R. Romain Dumas' time of 39.9 seconds was smashed earlier in the day in practice, and a further 0.1 seconds in the Timed Shootout.

Is this the best Goodwood run you've ever seen?

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25 giu 2022




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Goodwood Road & Racing
One word to describe this run please
Eddie G
Eddie G Mese fa
Van De Walle Matthias
W H Mese fa
Mark Sanderson
Rahal Fan girl
Markus Siegmeth
This is absolutely bonkers. Takes off like a Top Fuel Dragster, corners like an F1 car and looks like a squished batmobile. I love it!
Thomas Hayhurst
@Big 1 it'd do that then need a full rebuild since everything seizes up and the clutch packs literally fuse together. The speirling has a 350 mile range, can actually turn AND as a brucie bonus it's pretty ready for road legal homologation
Miche Campbell
@M L Turn your sound on
Niki S
Niki S Mese fa
@M L You could play some music in car stereo.
Thomas Hayhurst
@Big 1... You forgot the bit about only in a straight line and the engine needing a $100,000 rebuild after every run.
Thomas Hayhurst
@Kris Nicholson the fans aren't actually that big. The space underneath the car that generates the suction is only about 1 square metre (An R8 GT3 has about 9 square metres of underbody)
Riley Forrer
Riley Forrer Mese fa
This literally looks like the 60s batmobile, like when they sped up the tape to make it look jet-car-fast. His thing is unreal. Absolutely fantastic
Oliver 26 giorni fa
Cameron Assing
Paint it black. GIve the keys to Michael Keaton (Adam West RIP).
marko Mese fa
literally ??????
Bulb X
Bulb X Mese fa
Looks like cerbera speed 12 for me...
blake hastings
Omg was about to comment how ut looked like the batmobile in the movies.... dead on!!
mmwosu Mese fa
The gasps, applause and gleeful laughter from the crowd as this tiny batmobile whooshes by tells the entire story
Mark675 Mese fa
@bofooit gojo calm down 😂
TriTerra Mese fa
@giang tran ok
giang tran
giang tran Mese fa
TriTerra Mese fa
​@giang truc ok
giang truc
giang truc Mese fa
Mohammad Zaman
Oh man I hope McMurtry will be racing at Pike's Peak, seeing this run for almost 8 minutes would be absolutely epic
Kris Nicholson
Kris Nicholson 16 giorni fa
@Key I was gonna fkin say.. Me.. Filters? You must be fkin mad! I NEED filters to stop me getting myself into trouble with the thought police, AGAIN!
Key 16 giorni fa
@Kris Nicholson it has filters to prevent pebbles and larger debris from damaging the downforce system and sending them flying out the back; just dust comes out
Kris Nicholson
Kris Nicholson 16 giorni fa
@Key I have filters?
Key 17 giorni fa
@Kris Nicholson has filters
Tylor Miranda
I have been developing an unlimited class vehicle for Pikes Peak and now that I've seen this thing I'm unsure of I want to complete. This is sure to make king of the mountain and to hold that record.
Rufus T Firefly 2nd
I was stood right by the track, next to the Main Bridge by the Future Lab area, when this took place. It went past so quickly I honestly didn’t see it. In fact it sounded like one of the Red Arrows had flown by us! Such an astonishing run by Max Chilton after he had just 1hr sleep the night before. This car is pushing the limits of not just performance but driver capability
Barely Streetable
Barely Streetable 19 giorni fa
@Phillip Wake lol no.
Phillip Wake
Phillip Wake 20 giorni fa
The 2004 Ferrari F1 car on current F1 slicks would be faster than a current modern F1 car.
Barely Streetable
@Polar Bear lol wrong. The cars are much quicker on road circuits, including Monaco where lap times have dropped over 8 seconds in 8 years.
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Mese fa
@Barely Streetable F1 cars were faster 20 years ago than today. They have been limiting the top speeds for safety reason. It is very doubtful that any F1 car would beat this record. They are not built for hill climbs.
Barely Streetable
@benji the F1 record was 23 years ago in what is now a 24 year old car.
PC_Screen Mese fa
This is by far the best possible advertisement for the company. They went from being basically unknown a couple days back to now everyone wanting a ride on their car
Aaron Davies
Aaron Davies Mese fa
@arkhsm ford yeah but it's built by a man who used to build aeroplane it have redundant fan just incase one packs up when driving
Verbal Vertigo
@Matthew Soldano but how would they get a shot at the wheel without being pro drivers?
CPDynamics Mese fa
That's how it's done
Richard 77
Richard 77 Mese fa
@BaleScream and hoover bags
brisance Mese fa
Trust the steward's reaction when the car launched off the start. He's seen plenty of fast cars but this is on a whole other level.
racerfink Mese fa
He had that reaction because Chilton took off before he was given the signal to go.
Ask to seduce Miss
to a whole new level...
Aleksandar Gospić
Have no words, absolutely ridiculous and breathtaking! But to drive it that fast on such a narrow track is as impressive as the car itself, unbelievable drive by Max Chilton!
sandenson Mese fa
I'm more impressed by Max Chilton's humongous balls to drive this car up the hill than the car itself, which is already insanely impressive.
Same Mese fa
sandenson Mese fa
@The Loam Courier I just looked it up. Max is Tom's younger brother.
The Loam Courier
Is Max of relation to Tom Chilton from the BTCC?
sandenson Mese fa
@Paddy Mc Is that the one in which he slides all over the place? If so, I've seen that one, and that was crazy, indeed.
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc Mese fa
It generates 2 tonnes of downforce stationary, the only way that thing hits a wall is if the driver drives into one. Heidfeld's record back in the 90's in an F1 car is way more impressive.
Eva 25 y.o - check my vidéó
I saw this live today and have never seen anything move so fast, the way everyone in the crowd reacted too you just knew you were watching something really special
Ink_25 Mese fa
That comment has been copied and pasted by a bot and is spam.
Graham Potter
Until the next time the record is beaten, then it'll be forgotten
Jamie Lynch
Jamie Lynch Mese fa
I genuinely have never seen anything as fast as that looked on that track. I thought I'd got playback in 2x mode! Very impressive and won't forget that for a while!
Winchester Music
@Kryse the dust you see actually comes from the exhaust of the super high powered fan it has underneath it that works as a reverse hovercraft creating half a ton of downforce. Basically vacumes itself to the track
@Lorenza McCoy it was…until the next year when F1 went faster.
Denley Richards
@Kryse it does say its a fan car, so it's like a vacuum cleaner, sucks it's self and all the dust it picks up is blown out the back
Zed Fender
Zed Fender Mese fa
Neither camera men or commentators could keep up. The people there to see this got a special piece of motor racing and why its epic.
jodikk Mese fa
@PC_Screen why do everyonve never mention the 2 TONNES OF DOWNFORCE from the ¤#"!=?)( electric turbines? OK, it's a claimd 2 tonnes, but it seems to work.
Mark Persad
Mark Persad Mese fa
My eldest son and I were there on the Saturday this year. The run then was extraordinary, the Sunday run was off the scale! The Goodwood FOS is a wonderful event. This is the 3rd time for me and family. It is something we look forward to for months. Get there if you can.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Mese fa
Wow, decimating the long standing run by Señor Heidfeld (in a car fighting him all the way) I do hope this car has the range for a Pikes peak challenge too.
Nicola Pellegrino
Fan cars are absolutely amazing this run is incredible and I've seen the previous record, I never imagined someone could have beaten it 😯
Thiago Sanches Casagrande
I have never seen anything move that fast, outside or inside a track. Genuinely astonished.
Dan Pennington
I would love to se the race telemetry from this run, the lateral g's must be incredible.
Casey Murray
Casey Murray Mese fa
iirc one article said it can hit a peak of 6 gs in the corners.
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran Mese fa
Ask to seduce Miss
Fan cars are absolutely amazing this run is incredible and I've seen the previous record, I never imagined someone could have beaten it
Sam Payne
Sam Payne Mese fa
The tiny size of the car really emphasises the speed. If f1 cars got smaller again they would look amazing too
Hangry Hippo
Hangry Hippo Mese fa
F1 cars in 1990s & early 2000s were much smaller lighter and knife edged handling than the cumbersome fat rubbish on show now
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc Mese fa
@Nasser// / Seriously never expected to see unwarranted Alonso hate here.
Rodolfo Ramos
@Sep G "Death is boring" If fatal races are that boring, then why is Rallysports popular? Because I am having a hard time thinking of anything more dangerous than going 250+ km/h while zooming on cliffs and around villages on considerably safer than standard and heavily modified hatchbacks, crossovers and sedans. The only thing I'm picturing being more dangerous than that is doing exactly the same thing, but on a bike instead.
Róbert Sás
Róbert Sás Mese fa
Yeah, true, but you can't get the excitement back to F1. It's a dead motorsport the last 10-15 years.
Ammar Ismail
Ammar Ismail Mese fa
The acceleration and downforce is mental!
Roland M. Dill
I've watched this run at least 10 times and it still looks incredible
Vincent T
Vincent T Mese fa
That final shot of the front LED's barely seen amidst the dust is so intimidating and awesome.
Chris Ward
Chris Ward Mese fa
Slot car performance finally scaled up to reality. Absolutely bonkers
For Lack of a Better Name
The dust coming off the fan really gives off the impression that it's contstantly breaking the sound barrier. Sounds like it too!
@Tim Walls ik thats what i said :o
Tim Walls
Tim Walls Mese fa
@IcePhoenixOfTime Fan cars are 50 years old.
50 year old technology be like ^^'
Rob S
Rob S Mese fa
Batmobile ESC...
The track is clean now.
richard coughlan
This is truly spectacular! What a feat of engineering! Bringing it back to the UK 🇬🇧
tortor 07
tortor 07 Mese fa
Even on that short track it was a hundred times more interesting than watching an entire F1 race.
XA351GT Mese fa
It looked like Michael Keaton's Batmobile especially from behind. Amazing watching it blow the dust out of the track. I'll bet it has so much suction it could drive upside down.
Marlon Dela Rosa
Welp, one of the best 39 seconds of my life well spent. Congratulations Team McMurtry!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Kiran S
Kiran S Mese fa
I saw this live today and have never seen anything move so fast, the way everyone in the crowd reacted too you just knew you were watching something really special
Kurt Karasch
Kurt Karasch Mese fa
You need to watch a nitro car then. LOL. This is slow af. ha Obviously two different types but nothing will ever touch a top fuel car in our lifetime.
Thomas Hayhurst
@Purwanti Allan as much as I love this thing, that isn't correct. They say it'll do over 200mph but they didn't say how much over. It can do 0 to 300kph in 9 seconds according to their engineers though
Purwanti Allan
@TJSTYLER 78 yep. 39.09
Purwanti Allan
@Pozza Pizz 39 seconds? More like 38.87
Purwanti Allan
@Jason Wilkinson yep. 400kph.
Wire Wizard
Wire Wizard Mese fa
The crowd saw fast cars all day, but you could still hear their reaction when this fan car came past! I want to see/hear one now!! 🏎💨
Wally R.
Wally R. Mese fa
How this driver managed keep focused control, is truly the amazing part 😳
The Luminous One
McMurtry have my respect, clearly know what they're doing.
Um yes
Um yes Mese fa
The first time I have seen a car looking like it's been fast forwarded 😂 Incredible
PWR keyring
PWR keyring Mese fa
I saw it in person yesterday and lemme tell you, the video does not do it justice to just how fast this machine is irl. It literally blitzed the entire circuit and everything else. Awesome machinery
PWR keyring
PWR keyring Mese fa
@Michael Scott 150mph might’ve been max speed actually but ye still mad over such a small twisty course
Michael Scott
@PWR keyring It's a 107mph average speed but over a 39 second uphill twisty course that's absolutely bonkers.
Purwanti Allan
@Mike Johnson yep.
Purwanti Allan
@PWR keyring and very strangely sounded.
raditz Mese fa
@PWR keyring That's true for any super/hyper sports car but for a jet engine... well... yeah :) Thanks!
Drew Lovelyhell
That thing is *insane!* It sounds amazing, like a jet-car. Being able to take corners at high speed must surely be the key to super-quick laptimes. I suppose it would be unforgiving as a race car though. Are fan cars banned from hillclimb competitions? I just read that it's limited to 241kph. Imagine it's full potential!
Chas Stevens
Chas Stevens Mese fa
I have to keep watching that run. The car is awesome, the driver is awesome too IMHO. Seemed like a perfect run at warp speed
Half Baked Gaming
The world's fastest road sweeper is absolutely cracked! I would have loved to see that myself!
Alex Craig
Alex Craig Mese fa
Wow I love it! It's comical just quick it is, almost cartoon like. Bravo to the McMurtry team for making such a car.
Soundbelch Mese fa
That start official's reaction when the car moves off says it all. That fast and that quiet. Remarkable piece of kit.
Purwanti Allan
@Niko 1988? Wow.... Its been 34 years now. Niko, have u watched the final episode of Nijigasaki Anime Season 2 last Saturday? Glad i watched. The FUTURE PARADE song that they sing is simply LEGENDARY. 👍
Niko Mese fa
@Purwanti Allan and? It still sounds great which was the point. Also the 767B is from 88
Purwanti Allan
@Mikko Rantalainen have u watched Nijigasaki Season 2 Final episode last Saturday, Mikko? Lucky that i watched it. Man that episode was legendary. And many considered to be the best of alltime. 👍
Purwanti Allan
@Soundbelch 767B was obsolete since 1986.
Nick Richards
@Mikko Rantalainen I don't know anything about the car. I assumed though that it has a fan for creating downforce, and then regular electric motors for the wheels. The whining of electric motors at various speeds, and being sensitive to bumps on the roads is what makes me suspect it's got electric motors for the wheels. I'll do some more investigation though!
James Storey
James Storey Mese fa
……. Absolutely insane. Amazing machine. Amazing driver. Byooootifal!
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Mese fa
The dust coming off the fan really gives off the impression that it's contstantly breaking the sound barrier. Sounds like it too!
Boxy Metalworks
Reminds me of the Volkswagen IDR run up Pikes Peak! Phenomenal run 👏
Emily An
Emily An Mese fa
I’m so happy I got to see this in person. Genuinely looked like I was watching sped up in real life. Absolutely bonkers
Elli P
Elli P Mese fa
I'm not interested in taking sides over how a vehicle's powered; ALL racing fans should appreciate commitment when they see it. Whether it's bikers hitting 200 mph on the Isle of Man TT course, rally nuts flying between the trees in a Finnish forest, F1 drivers threading a car through the streets of Monaco in the rain, or this outrageous display of concentration and nerve, what matters is that we're still seeing real people with real guts taking real risks.
MrcabooseVG Mese fa
@MrMonotone On a public road sure but it's not designed to be used on public roads, it's designed for race tracks
MrMonotone Mese fa
@MrcabooseVG It's very likely they could be, just the same as previous ground effect cars. Go over a bump or otherwise loose suction, and much of the downforce/grip has gone, with potentially severe effects on corners particularly.
Adam Tacon
Adam Tacon Mese fa
Great run Max Chilton!
CockatooDude Mese fa
@BJoe1976 Or I guess a race series with closed cockpit cars like LeMans could make use of the fan design as well.
J024 Mese fa
Monaco? Come on....
Moolaz Mese fa
Would love to see the telemetry on this run! Crazy quick!
JoeWitAFro Mese fa
this is so insanely fast; it makes me wonder if those hay bails would protect any of the spectators if it crashed.
Kaine Denning
Absolute rocketship....unbelievable acceleration 😯
Jan Tore Kyrdalen
Love the reaction of the two marshals!
barath4545 Mese fa
This is such an EPIC time. It looks sped up, it ain't. The commentators on live stream COULD NOT KEEP UP! Wow, just wow, just like I thought the VW ID.R was going to set a record that stood for 20 years, then here we are. I wonder if this thing has a battery that can last for ... say 7 mins and 56 sec, in say, Colorado, maybe next year? *hint* *wink* *nudge*
TheBowerbird Mese fa
@Mickey Yes it can. It has a 60kwh u-shaped battery and a range of 250 km with the fan off.
TheBowerbird Mese fa
It has a range of 250 miles, (60kwh battery) so yes it could go all the way up Pike's peak.
CatInTheHat Mese fa
@Mickey The IDR did pikes peak in about 8 mins while using more power due to inclines. Why wouldn't it be able to do Colorado?
ATS599 Mese fa
@Kyle Coffey very nice!
4thzone Mese fa
@wjrneo2 It’s not just that the fan will have to spin faster, but also that the external pressure is now lower so the differential between internal and external is decreased. This results in a lower resultant force.
Rowe Productions
Madness! Absolutely mad how fast it is 😂👏🏻
Stephen Troyer
It's so fast, the camera operators were having a hard time keeping up with it!
Waheguru Namaste
Amazing! That's some serious power.
Still in my heart have to say Nick in the f1 V10 will be the best memories ever That sound and commitment, and as Nick said he could have put a bit more in
🌹 Lora F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🌼
I genuinely have never seen anything as fast as that looked on that track. I thought I'd got playback in 2x mode! Very impressive and won't forget that for a while!
Ask to seduce Miss
The tiny size of the car really emphasises the speed. If f1 cars got smaller again they would look amazing too
SOS15 Mese fa
0:01 WHAT A FIGHTER JET!.This is one of the lower reaction times I've seen in my entire life
vinza pramana putra
I really want to see this car to crush every circuit time record
martin naylor
That almost looked unreal as it was so fast.😳
NoobyJackZ Mese fa
The engineering behind that car is extraordinary!! Must be a proud moment to set a new record at goodwood. 10 years from now electric vehicle's are going to be mind-blowingly fast the way those fans create that downforce even at a standstill is extreme!! Congratulations 🎉
E. Stephen Curator
@Luis Matos cellphone marketing has prioritized powerful hardware and slim form-factor over battery life. It would be easy to make cellphone that lasted over a week between charges. But it would be slightly thicker and heavier. And the OS would have to ruthlessly terminate background processes.
Brad Jordan
Brad Jordan Mese fa
not nearly as impressive as the effort it takes for combustion engine than just battery packs aside from downforce aero etc etc you know the technology with no moving parts
Terry Stevens
@България над всичко Eight years is an eon in motor racing development.
Young Rody
Young Rody Mese fa
I'd like to see them first though, but tbh I think Aluminum Solid state batteries are the way to go, sure not as potent as lithium but they are far more appropriate for daily applications and hybrid vehicles
NavySeal2k Mese fa
@Thomas Hayhurst What has that to do with the point we where talking about? By the way apple juice has way less accidity than orange juice.
Justin Newman
Now I know how DHL delivers their most important packages on time
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Mese fa
Oh my goodness!! Impressive driving!!
Keith Engle
Keith Engle Mese fa
Love the one guy at the start jumping spreading his arms like "wait where'd it go?"
Nick Meurice
Nick Meurice Mese fa
I was standing just past the start line and couldn't believe the speed at which this thing whooshed past like a near silent rocket. Left open mouthed!
Am I the only one more impressed with the driver being able to actually react fast enough to control this thing, than the car itself?
Miata Mese fa
it's max chilton. incredibly consistent
@Blasphemous sim racer on a controller dude you just described reactions. muscle memory is a part of what constitutes a reaction. given a reaction is a response to stimuli, stimuli not limited to basic things like visuals but extending to whole environments. a racer in a car is reacting to their environment the way they have trained to. instinct/muscle memory/(whatever you want to call it) is subconscious reaction to stimuli. a reaction is quite literally an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.
Blasphemous sim racer on a controller
@GhoulcallerGisa I'll be that guy then that goes further :) it's down to muscle memory more than anything else, then you react when things don't go as predicted. "Do this steering angle at this point at this speed... oh, getting bit of understeer this time round, a slight lift off the throttle fixes that"
@hamdan ali a reaction is just a response to stimuli, they're all just reacting to their environment. doesn't take away from the fact that it's special, you don't need to split hairs over words to recognize the feat
hamdan ali
hamdan ali Mese fa
@beyond72 yes but they don’t drive on reactions. they drive on instruct, feel, and trust in the car. reactions are just to correct a slide or avoid a crash.
Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly Mese fa
Wow, decimating the long standing run by Señor Heidfeld (in a car fighting him all the way) I do hope this car has the range for a Pikes peak challenge too.
Jon Trownson
Jon Trownson Mese fa
30 minutes flat out.
Kenny Chow
Kenny Chow Mese fa
The reaction of marshal tells all. A rocket launched in front of him.
Ronnie Johnson
I can’t imagine how fast it feels. With gps mapping and traction control, it may cause a black out.
N N Mese fa
This is the first time the sound of an EV gave me chills
Nomad624 Mese fa
The cheering at 0:22 really sells it all. Its extremely rare for any car at Goodwood to get that kind of reaction.
juziu66 Mese fa
let alone an electric car. these guys have seemingly made the only fascinating electric supercar
Cam Wat
Cam Wat Mese fa
@Paul Williamson Not only that, it was so utterly fast, it just didn’t need any engine or exhaust note to add to the drama. A few petrol-heads (myself included) were converted there and then.
Paul Williamson
The fact is you could hear the gasp before the cheers, something you could never have heard with an internal combustion engined car!
MotoGoat Mese fa
@Cam Wat Same here, we were in the same crowd ... the atmosphere was so intense during that run ... awesome to experience!!
Cam Wat
Cam Wat Mese fa
@rdfox76 You are absolutely right, I was there at 0:22. There was a genuinely jaw-dropping moment where you gasped before anything else, even though we’d spend all day watching some very fast cars this quite literally took your breath away.
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc Mese fa
I've never seen an F1 driver leave so much time on the track, that could've been way 39 seconds. Look at how wide he is of the main wall about 2/3rds up the track. I bet Button who was sitting there watching and waiting could've stepped in that and done the same this go.
Gorbi Gordon
Gorbi Gordon Mese fa
Incroyable !!! Il faudrait créé une course pour ce genre de voiture !! Ca déchire !
You know something is fast when even the stewards who LITERALLY see cars take off jump when this car takes off
Grahame Jackson
Sounds insane. What were the G's on pull away and each corner?
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
I genuinely thought that nothing could beat the VW ID.R, this is something else.
onkelRio Mese fa
@Ruben Hernandez this was also at ID.R so... corner-speed with much aero was in summ shorter time as less aero and speed on the straigts... same with a smaller battery.. limits speed on Döttinger-Höhe of near empty battery.. but less weight on corners before.. i had an highly interestingly seminar at Willi Rampf about her engeneering both records... soo nice... McMurtry can mount a smaller battery for better laptime at Nordschleife.. 🙂
John Doe Silver
@TwN 919 use the same ground effect without fan.
DaVile Mese fa
Records always fall. You think like a conservative caveman. I genuinely think the time will get lower and lower as humans progress in technology. Records always fall
arkhsm ford
arkhsm ford Mese fa
@The ants are taking over Thank you my ant friend, he thinks he is the smartest person in any room, obviously !!
arkhsm ford
arkhsm ford Mese fa
@ULM Hey Mr Almighty, this small team's small effort just SHAMED your almighty peoples wagon up the most prestigious DRIVEWAY in the world....FACT, so stop wailing like a 2 month old and give them due credit, FOOL !!
golden turd Zeniru
The way it corners perfectly is bonkers.
NickBdesigns Mese fa
It sounds amazing! Similar to the sound of the land speeders of star wars!
Jason Newman
Jason Newman Mese fa
Holy acceleration. The balls it must take to run a lap that fast.
David Kim
David Kim Mese fa
That thing made every other car look like they were going slow motion. Crazy beast of a car!
Tanveer Tk
Tanveer Tk Mese fa
Now that's an art of true engineering ❣️❣️
Adele Hayley
Adele Hayley Mese fa
I saw it in person yesterday and lemme tell you, the video does not do it justice to just how fast this machine is irl. It literally blitzed the entire circuit and everything else. Awesome machinery
Adele Hayley
Adele Hayley Mese fa
I saw it in person yesterday and lemme tell you, the video does not do it justice to just how fast this machine is irl. It literally blitzed the entire circuit and everything else. Awesome machinery
Reine Johansson
Super cool and crazy fast from all aspects !! Thanks for the clip now I will do further research on this creation,the evening saved‼️
Blake Johnson
The handling on that thing 👌
James Mayhew
James Mayhew Mese fa
Watch the top ten times from this shootout to truly understand just how fast this thing is.
Chris McNabb
Chris McNabb Mese fa
The guy on the start line startled by how fast this car took off! 😆
Creates its own down force even sitting still. Insanely clever and obviously extremely effective. Well done guys!
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Creates its own down force even sitting still. Insanely clever and obviously extremely effective. Well done guys!
PhillipZX3 Mese fa
Not sure why there's so much "hate" over the sound (or lack of) from an EV because THAT thing sounded fabulous to my ears. It was close to the sound of a turbine. I think this makes two major sprint-style events where the EV has become the new leader. Pikes Peak is the other.
Chris Short
Chris Short Mese fa
That starters reaction at the beginning:)
Dylan Iceman
Dylan Iceman Mese fa
I have never seen a car accelerating like that. WOW!!! This really looks like a car Batman would drive.
the joe I don't know
This is insane. No matter if you hate electric cars, you have to admit this is impressive
@DaveL By your logic even ATVs/quadbikes and 4-wheeled motorcycles (such as Dodge Tomahawk and Yamaha Tesseract) are cars
racerfink Mese fa
30-60 minute run time for a track day? 😂😂😂 So you’re loading up and going home after the first session if you’re even the least bit competent behind the wheel. I wonder if they’ll even let you run at a track day. Can’t imagine too many people would want their cars sand blasted from the trash coming out the back.
mastichka Mese fa
@Bulju because most of the cool sound lovers are after the standing by people turning their heads after them being "cool" I.e. pumping their EGO.
Paul K L P
Paul K L P Mese fa
@mastichka I certainly don't miss the coal fired steam engine.
Adam Fry
Adam Fry Mese fa
@Luca Goodoer you highlight of the crazy cool stuff about this car as negatives😂. You rather see a family hatchback go up in 2 minutes. Bore off, it's called pushing the boundaries and it just did it better than anyone else has ever managed ever!
Roger Bowen
Roger Bowen Mese fa
Amazing run. They NEED to go to Santa Pod, it could set records on the 1/4 mile.
Scott K
Scott K Mese fa
Now I want to see it drive inverted... It generates enough downforce, even sitting still, to make that theoretically possible...
Joe Tee
Joe Tee Mese fa
That’s epic , congratulations top work 👌
Hound 4 Sound
That's literally mind boggling, it's like watching one of the old 80s racing movies on fast forward, that is an insanely fast machine that grips as well, won't be beat anytime soon.
AF1 Mese fa
Just saw this live. Nothing wow'd the crowd more than this as it flew past. Absolutely astonishing performance.
James Hughes
James Hughes Mese fa
@Nikita efremov Hmm, as shown by all those people close to the track record...oh...hold on. This stuff is difficult, the fact you don't realise that means you don't know anything about it.
Nikita efremov
@Evo 8 Power again, technologies used in theese cars are different. And VW didn't go for extreme hp or a fan, yet has almost the same result. Getting enough money and engineers to produce a one-off showcar is nothing new or impressive.
Evo 8 Power
Evo 8 Power Mese fa
This car is build by a small English company.....and beat the HUGE vw group
Nikita efremov
@Steve Mayne id-r has giant aerodynamic wings all over the car to balance it and allow for maximum downforce,again,seen only on hillclimb one-off cars and some insane time attack machines. It's just pr, there's olenty of cars that could do more or less the same
Justin Stergar
00:00 The folks at the starting line flinched a little when it started the race. That's how i knew it was going to be fast.
DOhman Ohman
DOhman Ohman Mese fa
That is absolutely crazy fast!
Jaakko Pöntinen
0:25 that laugh from someone in the audience :D I feel like how that laugh sounds. What a cartoonishly fast vehicle!
OakTree Mese fa
Blazing run, absolutely nuts.
menelaos007 Mese fa
If Formula E would feature speed and cars like this I‘d pretty damn sure watch the whole season
看海人 Mese fa
@Karmic Selling F1 had fan cars for a few races decades before and was banned. Drivers complained. The fan blew dust and dirt to the following cars. It makes the visibility extremely bad for other cars.
Karmic Selling
Even better once Formula One adopts it.
看海人 Mese fa
@Mikko Olavi Järvinen Yes. They put redundancy fan in the car. One fan fails the car loses half the downforce not all
skierpage Mese fa
@看海人 Make the driver swap the battery pack on his own, using only a mechanical dolly and her bare hands. The goal should be to have at least one driver crushed or electrocuted by the swappable pack each season. Put some danger and excitement into Formula E!
H i!
H i! Mese fa
@McLaren F1 GTR exactly. news flash to some.
Uau!!!! Incredible!!!
andy elliott
andy elliott Mese fa
Averaging over 100 mph from a standing start, crossing the finish line at 149 mph.
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