4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/french-omelet-recipe
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4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Commenti 11 166
Unknown YAG
Unknown YAG 6 ore fa
Lol i swear im watching this vid while im eating some eggs😂😂😂
Ry Zy
Ry Zy 7 ore fa
Lorenzo FTW!
Max Power
Max Power 8 ore fa
Interesting fact about omelets that nobody ever mentions. It is virtually impossible to burn an omelet. The omelete mixture is just about 100% burn proof , they should use it to line the suits of racing car drivers and the outside surface of the Space Shuttle. Go on try it, turn your pan up to RED HOT should be anyway for cooking an omelet) make sure the pan is well buttered and fire in your omelet mixture and go off to the pub. When you come home your omelete will be ready and unburned. YOU CANT BURN AN OMELET.
Kanori Yin
Kanori Yin 8 ore fa
Just ask a chinese cook for an omelette.
Akshay Mohite
Akshay Mohite 9 ore fa
Why would you roll the omelet?
Abhiyan Bhandari
Everything I knew about cooking eggs is wrong 😭😭
OutSiider 10 ore fa
lets be honest... If you put mushrooms in stuff, you are nasty...
Benjamin Decker
Benjamin Decker 11 ore fa
Lorenzos Style with Barbs herb mix and mushrooms. :)
Pinque Bluebird
Pinque Bluebird 11 ore fa
Gordon Ramsay is inventing new ways to express himself after watching this.
theprisonier 11 ore fa
this is not an OMELET... this is eggs with something...
Ducki Flyerz
Ducki Flyerz 11 ore fa
Didn’t even watch it .. eggs in a pan stir it ..omelette.. pointless vid
leonsky 12 ore fa
I think Lorenzo is secretly a level 5 chef.
Ro Sa
Ro Sa 12 ore fa
I would only like to try the Home Cook‘s Omelete .
Michel Roux, Jr. Enough said.
Kylehere 12 ore fa
Ohhh so they removed some of the moisture from the vegetables so that the filling isn't too moist
loplo 13 ore fa
Level 2 is bomb
steph soppanish
steph soppanish 13 ore fa
Lorenzo’s omelette looks the best imo tho the first one is probably more my skill level.
Esteban Peral
Esteban Peral 13 ore fa
Totally an eggspert
Skr Skr
Skr Skr 13 ore fa
im a level 1 chef Im a level 2 chef IM A GOD DAMN PRO CHEF FOR 80 YEARS
Miguel Morales
Miguel Morales 13 ore fa
What the hell with level 1? She is not even a cheff
StannieDum1 14 ore fa
Great. You can't beat a misspelt omelette! ;)
Borja Albiol
Borja Albiol 14 ore fa
Gérard Lelouch
Gérard Lelouch 14 ore fa
American people talking about cooking... It's like seing blind men teaching archery...
Bodi Games
Bodi Games 14 ore fa
Level 3 👎🏻 Jacques papin omelette 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Joyee Cheng
Joyee Cheng 14 ore fa
i relate to level 1 so much on an emotional basis
Lino Silva
Lino Silva 14 ore fa
Salt on raw eggs? They are all amateurs.
zumbie 14 ore fa
Levels 1,2,3 out of 10 right?
noamto 14 ore fa
Level 1: Amateur. Level 2: Home cook. Level 3: Professional chef. Level 4: Scientist. Level 5: Dexter.
Kia Davis
Kia Davis 14 ore fa
I always think Lorenzo's food looks the best
you is stupid
you is stupid 15 ore fa
brain: lets watch this. me: no, the stomach will get hungry brain: no it won't me: ok, *watches the video* stomach: rumbles brain: alright we have a problem.
Fash out
Fash out 15 ore fa
Level 3 chef? Not a thing, that's like saying I'm level three in doing laundry. Cook isn't a real job
ArNizoX 16 ore fa
me : *put two eggs on a plate with no egg shell in it* -YEAH IM LIT
mando fox
mando fox 16 ore fa
Level 1 .... Isn't even level 1
Martin West
Martin West 16 ore fa
Lmfao 4 levels of omelets....hilarious
Daan W.
Daan W. 16 ore fa
These are 3 levels of omelets with corrections, not 4.
shpluk 16 ore fa
Genuine question: Is it an American or an English speaker thing that they always point out that things are theirs, i.e. "gonna take MY filling", "fry MY vegetables", English is not my mother toung and to me it sounds weird.
Cyrille 16 ore fa
those four ways of cooking an omelette is really embarassing.... I prefer mine but good try, lol
no112358 16 ore fa
Who doesn't like bacon... I can think of a few billion people.
Straight White Nerd
Why is a 14 year old rating their food
bobby Kyna
bobby Kyna 17 ore fa
At first I doubts that professional chef are lv. 3. Then I realize, the Asians are at lv. 10.
harbinger200 17 ore fa
Level 2 beats all. Visuals are not important unless you are a snob.
Dewan Hassan
Dewan Hassan 17 ore fa
Simple 1st place: Level 2 2nd: Level 1 Firmly 3rd : Level 3 Whose going to pipe in mushroom in an omelette
fish 17 ore fa
What's with all these pretentious, wannabe chefs who can barely cook and their picky taste in omelets? All of these looked serviceable.
Harley Cargullo
Harley Cargullo 18 ore fa
Did i hear the level 3 chef's name BARB only stranger things fan will understand/know
Atypique 18 ore fa
Eggs are just delish..... no levels necessary
Saman Lama
Saman Lama 18 ore fa
Why is this called 4 levels when there’s only 3?
fish 17 ore fa
Food scientist.
Adèle Boyle
Adèle Boyle 19 ore fa
Why can't anyone just make a basic omelet using only eggs?
fish 17 ore fa
Because they have taste.
foodmore 19 ore fa
The best omelette are Thai style minced meat omelette.
FrozenExplosion 19 ore fa
mine are level 5 compared to any of these.......
fish 17 ore fa
We're pretentious, aren't we?
vimal kirti
vimal kirti 19 ore fa
but which is healthier ? health matters is unknown to cooks
Abdoul Aziz Mbodj
nice and funny ^^
정지훈 20 ore fa
Vasily Bakarashvili
Lorenzo is still the best
MegaVin99 21 ora fa
Really entertaining!
yafet tuwanakotta
Is this somekind standup comedy?
Mario Jr Candazo
jacques Pepin omelette is level 5
genie113 22 ore fa
Lorenzo is Charles Boyle
Pavao Pšihistal
that level 3 chief is overcompicating it...
Adam Hill
Adam Hill 22 ore fa
‘Fresh errbs’. They’re called herbs with an h you fools
fish 17 ore fa
Some accents leave out the h, get over yourself.
Alberto Rastrollo Iznata
top level is spanish omelets
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