4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of pizza. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which pizza was the best?
Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/chef-sim-cass-dough-recipe
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4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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24 giu 2019




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Commenti 13 506
Alex Montes
Alex Montes 13 ore fa
How about an episode where the food scientist makes their own version of pizza
The Bossnes
The Bossnes 17 ore fa
4:00 It's like the vodka keke
keegan day
keegan day 18 ore fa
Level 3 sounds like Alan rickman
Gubi Giorno fa
I can buy a extra tasty Pizza under 7$ lmao
msApgirl05 Giorno fa
Honestly, Stephen’s pizza looks the best. Has some pretty colors, nice shape, and cheese in the crust. Beth’s pizza looks kinda plain (I know that’s how her husband likes it but I need me some toppings) and the shape is in desperate need of help. Sim’s crust is more burnt than my back after spring break.
Victor Huang
Victor Huang Giorno fa
level 3 chef cheated, he used ancient flay-vah
emmar joshua
emmar joshua Giorno fa
is it just me or the level 3 chef speaks and cooks like marco pierre white?
Danz Mojica
Danz Mojica Giorno fa
...still waiting for Stephen to add half a cheesecake on his pizza
DXN Giorno fa
Pro cook burnt his pizza. That’s overcooked to charcoal loool
- Cubeau -
- Cubeau - Giorno fa
Beth is still adding cheese on her pizza.
Klea J. Meksi
Klea J. Meksi Giorno fa
I am the Italian coment you were waiting for: we do not approve any of this.
Simran Kaushik
Simran Kaushik Giorno fa
One thing I learned is that Richie is really lucky.
Teanna Santana
Teanna Santana Giorno fa
ima just be Italian about it
Stephanie Gould
Stephanie Gould 2 giorni fa
Where’s Frank?
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 2 giorni fa
There is a chef that is "squeeming" the white part of the peppers makes a bitter flavor.... That's just lazy
Veganizedbydre 2 giorni fa
Surprisingly stephen’s pizza came out looking better than the other two’s
o k
o k 2 giorni fa
Tbh level 1 pizza looks the best
strawberryseason 2 giorni fa
It seems like they make these videos to basically put the amateur down.
Anime4 LaijFuh
Anime4 LaijFuh 2 giorni fa
I'm Beth won this one, Reason She makes a amazing pizza with stuff you find at home
asandrius86 2 giorni fa
Level 3 is a PRO? LOL the pizza looks horrible ...
Anime4 LaijFuh
Anime4 LaijFuh 2 giorni fa
how is it soft and has a crust???
AquaMare7 2 giorni fa
a part of me legit thought Chef 3 was gonna bring out a cow for the cheese part 🤣
Skyrim 2 giorni fa
Level 3 Chef sounds like Walder Frey from Game of Thrones😂😂
rjsmith2007 2 giorni fa
Not a single one of these made an actual circle with the crust. It's not that hard guys.
bunetoff 3 giorni fa
Pizza hut better than all of these tbh. Sorry. Deep pan >
Joana Islam
Joana Islam 3 giorni fa
Stephen: that's gonna be my tinder profile picture.. hell yeaahh🤣
Ian Kevin
Ian Kevin 3 giorni fa
Level 3: "I'm adding ashes of a dead Italian grandma into the dough."
- Cubeau -
- Cubeau - Giorno fa
To get a lot of FLAHVER
Haas Claw // Megumin
LvL 1: This Egg is from my fridge LvL 2: Okay First, we have to go to a local Poultry Farm that Gives fresh Eggs. LvL 3: Lets raise a chicken with proper care and wait for it to lay eggs. LvL 4: I made this Egg.
Tanveen Dola
Tanveen Dola 3 giorni fa
I love Steven
Ilikebread Bread
Ilikebread Bread 3 giorni fa
i only watch this channel for stephen, lorenzo and beth 😌
Nacho 3 giorni fa
When I grow up, I want to be beth.
madmax 3 giorni fa
Level 3: what i think i look like when cooking Level 1: what i actually look like
- Cubeau -
- Cubeau - Giorno fa
Brandon Hayden
Brandon Hayden 3 giorni fa
Man Idk, I've got my own fairly generic recipe that I've mastered. It's similar to Papa John's but with a lot more flavor, and the crust tastes like fluffy/crispy garlic parmesan bread sticks. These 3 pizzas look like oddly shaped crackers with unappetizing portions of tomato sauce, cheese, and odd toppings.
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes 3 giorni fa
I'm a level 1 chef I'm a level 2 chef I been baking since 1973 Uh sir I asked what level chef are u
Valentina Becerra
Valentina Becerra 3 giorni fa
stephen bless your soul
FLAWLESS PopBatMAN 3 giorni fa
This dough will BE WET me: HMMMMMM
Fastfirefox1 3 giorni fa
The amateur pizza is more circle that the others. How can they be experts or a cook is they can't make a circle.
emh8604 3 giorni fa
Level 1: Assembles a lunchables pizza. Level 2: Recipe from Italy Level 3: Like God, I use 6 days for my pizza.
Carlos Cuellar
Carlos Cuellar 3 giorni fa
Whatup with the 15y old "Scientist"?
Dimfieee 3 giorni fa
but like, i swear beth should become a narrator asap
Dimfieee 3 giorni fa
deep inside we all know that the level 2 chef makes always the best food
Юлія Julia
Юлія Julia 4 giorni fa
The first was the best! The third was burned!!
Justin Crews
Justin Crews 4 giorni fa
Beth made a lunchable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kazenshi 4 giorni fa
How old is the food scientist? jesus...
Santi12007 4 giorni fa
The comment section is unwatchable.
Mauricio Rivero
Mauricio Rivero 4 giorni fa
Level 3 chef likes his sausage thin and sort of long lol
Natan Gitman-Schulte
Steven’s friends: let’s spend money Level 3 chef: hold my beer
Rayna Hall
Rayna Hall 4 giorni fa
level 3 was doing good until he added those vegetables
Santi12007 4 giorni fa
Delete your comment
Maija 4 giorni fa
Nobody: Americans: *CHEESE*
- Cubeau -
- Cubeau - Giorno fa
Swiss people
Josh Klein
Josh Klein 4 giorni fa
I never put the olive oil in my dough, I put the olive oil in my mouth
Oliver Mackenzie
Oliver Mackenzie 5 giorni fa
Producer: So how many cheeses are you adding? Level 3: Yes
Oliver Mackenzie
Oliver Mackenzie 5 giorni fa
adem gashi
adem gashi 5 giorni fa
While Level 1 and 2, both amateurs, met my expectations, I am dissapointed by Level 3, who used all these fancy techniques but produced nothing that resembled to a high quality pizza. The layer was too thick, thats not a pizza.
ZannyH 5 giorni fa
Imma be real I guess I’m all American if only eat the level 1 pizza but only because I’m not too into cheese and the others had way to much for my taste
Matthew Munoz
Matthew Munoz 5 giorni fa
Anyone else here I like my sausages long and thin
windycitycrew21 5 giorni fa
If the first dude didnt put his hands on the sauce to spread i will most definitely pick his
DARK M00N 5 giorni fa
In these videos level 3 chefs always need 3 days the leasy even if it's just fries potatoes.. in the end their dish looks the worst.
Axegirl 2018
Axegirl 2018 5 giorni fa
Damn that guy has been a chef for 41 years wow
StetVasile VasiRo
StetVasile VasiRo 5 giorni fa
Bogdan Ristea
Bogdan Ristea 5 giorni fa
Wow, these pizzas are nothing like in the commercials
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