4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of pizza. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which pizza was the best?
Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/chef-sim-cass-dough-recipe
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4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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24 giu 2019




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Commenti 80
Alyssa Johnson
Alyssa Johnson 9 minuti fa
Level 3 chef annoying asf and put 30 types of cheese for no reason
Indian Gothic
Indian Gothic 42 minuti fa
I was an atheist before I saw Stephen.
Sora Nakumara
Sora Nakumara 8 ore fa
Im not gonna lie, level 1 looked most like a pizza, level 3 had better ingredients. But he was stingy on the sauce
Sunny Narwhal
Sunny Narwhal 12 ore fa
This is how many times the level 3 guy said *"fLavOR"* This is how many people the level 2 lady's pizza is dedicated to This is how many people think the level 1 guy put too much sauce on his pizza. This is how many people skipped over the food scientist's part. | V
Mj tiger
Mj tiger 13 ore fa
Why does the level one chefs food look better than the others?
Robert Hart
Robert Hart 15 ore fa
Me watching the video: "I can't wait to read the comment section for this one."
Piringo LaHardee
Everyone: commenting on lvl 3's accent Me: did lvl 1 really just shove his fingers in the sauce??
María GM
María GM 22 ore fa
Don't ever use a roller on your pizza. Periodt
Alaskan Bull Worm
The Flying Bat
The Flying Bat Giorno fa
Not going to lie, Level 1’s pizza looks better then Level 2’s pizza.
It’s Cesar btch
Pro chef : this pizza has ingredients that are 300,000 years and and will take 500000000000000000000000000980000000000000000 years to make and 5 million hours to finish
EvilAsh110 Giorno fa
I made pizza for a living for a long time and I have issues with all three of their pizzas.
brendan galia
brendan galia Giorno fa
Sorry sim you burnt ur pizza
panda man
panda man Giorno fa
4 levels of pizza armature to home cook. To professional chef to Italian
Pilar Cano
Pilar Cano Giorno fa
Level 5: so we start by growing the wheat
Grace Sun
Grace Sun Giorno fa
This dough, will be w e t - sim 2019
I'm Stephen and I'm a level 1 chef I'm Beth and I'm a level 2 chef I'm Sim Cass and I've been a baker since Jesus's Last Supper
James Thomas
James Thomas Giorno fa
Where's level 3 from he sounds English but he says words in an American way
Cristiana Monti
Cristiana Monti Giorno fa
This level 3 chef really gets on my nerves, i don't know why, but i think it has something to do with me being italian I swear i'm actually serious
Fashionable Changeling
He annoys me as well. He seems like the kind of person who loves telling you, you're wrong.
В Р 2 giorni fa
Why is level 3 chef screaming at me???
Chirisa Boaler
Chirisa Boaler 2 giorni fa
They all look so good 😋
sean juth
sean juth 2 giorni fa
Notice how the food scientist is critiquing instead of making
Help me reach 10k Subs without videos
I thought level 3 was simp
Help me reach 10k Subs without videos
Why is the food scientist 12
Dylan Pedder
Dylan Pedder 2 giorni fa
f l a v o u r
Cristiana Monti
Cristiana Monti Giorno fa
Venexiana Valentine
That was so sweet. Making her pizza personalized for her husband who loves his pizza with no toppings.
The Default Guy
The Default Guy 3 giorni fa
Why is Beth Level 2? She's a Gramdma! She should at least be Level 3576...
Thomas Willard
Thomas Willard 3 giorni fa
Lvl3 Chef: Makes 3 day pizza dough using 3 year starter and arcane secrets known only to the Gods Also lvl3 chef: a gloopy goo of Worcestershire sauce
Damir Mustafic
Damir Mustafic 3 giorni fa
There are pies. Level 1, obvious garbage, level 2 is more a Sicilian pie, Level 3, sour dough!?! Neither can make shapes I guess.
Cristiana Monti
Cristiana Monti Giorno fa
The level 2 actually looks pretty accurate, but the level 3 completely over complicated the recipe, because i actually know how to make a pizza, and all those tricks don't add a lot of new or improved flavour
Hira Amjad
Hira Amjad 4 giorni fa
Level 2 = disappointment
Hums_ I
Hums_ I 4 giorni fa
Beth: My husband doesnt like anything on his pizza. My sister: TWINZIES!
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins 4 giorni fa
Severus Snape burnt his pizza...….
Hillstop Gaming
Hillstop Gaming 4 giorni fa
Me making a pizza lunchable
SolarWhite 4 giorni fa
4:53 That throw was so smooth
SolarWhite 4 giorni fa
Steven is the guy that doesn't save money, and will refuse anything expesive
Timmtj Ruppert
Timmtj Ruppert 4 giorni fa
Steven is a massive cheapskate
tehpay 4 giorni fa
wow what a great 9:23 video
Kai Jie
Kai Jie 4 giorni fa
Where did rose go
Rachit Kotecha
Rachit Kotecha 4 giorni fa
Why is there a level 4(After Tasting Education)??
ok can we talk about how the level 3 chef's pizza looked the least appetizing
Loizor456 5 giorni fa
I prepare pizza all the time and I can say the level one cheff have no idea what he is doing.
retromario player
retromario player 5 giorni fa
Love how the level 1 chef was using store bought items and talking like a professional chef
Donjave vlogs
Donjave vlogs 5 giorni fa
For someone who calls himself a pro chef he got the sauce wrong there was nothing italian about it, you don't use a mixture of pizza's you mostly use mozzarella, Level 1 and 2 I'm sorry that's not how you make a pizza
Arvinda Comacho
Arvinda Comacho 5 giorni fa
The lvl 3 chefs pizza is so burnt.his toppings were good thouggh
FamkeTV 6 giorni fa
The last pizza looks like a 4 year old homeless kid made it
0601 96
0601 96 6 giorni fa
The level 1 pizza looks the best
M M 6 giorni fa
Level 3 pizza is far too burnt. Would not be satisfied with that pizza in a restaurant.
ath_ ala
ath_ ala 6 giorni fa
i dont see any pizzas.
Daniel Kotselov
Daniel Kotselov 6 giorni fa
*t* *h* *e* *s* *O* *u* *c* *e*
Landry 6 giorni fa
I love making pizza and I've had a lot of success. IMO the best recipe is on www.frenchguycooking (dotcom) /pizzadough He's a ITvidr and that's his online dough portion calculator. Watch his video(s) on YT for more detailed info. It's so easy to make it circular without a roller lol
Just another Human being
6:48 I was drinking water and I spilled it all over my clothes😂
Cheese Hacker Woah
Cheese Hacker Woah 6 giorni fa
beth gets no screen time 😰
Ksiądz Rybok
Ksiądz Rybok 6 giorni fa
Niharika Khullar
Niharika Khullar 6 giorni fa
Beth's pizza looks like a big naan that i can eat with a gravy.
HappySloth 6 giorni fa
Beth: Cups grams and actual measurements Sim: A BiG GLoOpY gLOoP iN tHerE
Vrabo 6 giorni fa
0:53 That.... those are fake sound effects.
Madcowe 6 giorni fa
the way he cut his peppers hurt me more than if I had cut my finger with the knife
Marta Šuković
Marta Šuković 7 giorni fa
3 chefs... 3 levels... 3 very different and perfect accents
Kaiyo Tayomi
Kaiyo Tayomi 7 giorni fa
Wait is his name *simp*
Diogo Mello
Diogo Mello 7 giorni fa
No disrespect to the level 3 Chef but FRANK IS LITERALLY ITALIAN. Side note: I can’t respect a chef who makes their own Tomato sauce just to add sugar to it put sugar
Diogo Mello
Diogo Mello 7 giorni fa
No disrespect to the level 3 Chef but FRANK IS LITERALLY ITALIAN. (Side note: I can’t respect a chef who makes their own Tomato sauce just to add sugar to it put sugar)
Sharp Egg
Sharp Egg 7 giorni fa
So uh how much olive oil level three chief ? Level three chief: Y e s*
Umair Khan
Umair Khan 7 giorni fa
Why does level 1 look better than level 2.
Hey 7 giorni fa
Billie FairyPrincess
They are all missing the cheese of all cheeses ... Asiago!!!
Austin Banuelos
Austin Banuelos 7 giorni fa
Literally every single bite in the level 3 pizza is different
Actually No one
Actually No one 8 giorni fa
why did stephen not put cheesecake smh
Barney's Lover
Barney's Lover 8 giorni fa
Level 3 is ICONIC
TheBeast798 8 giorni fa
Say what you will, that level 3 chef would be a great teacher. Very straight forward about everything, and explains why he does it
Mike Beringer
Mike Beringer 8 giorni fa
I love when Beth talks about her sons. It makes me smile and reminds me of my mom.
PabloV99 8 giorni fa
I liked the level 1 best, although I would personally make the dough instead of buying it, and a better cheese. The level 3 one had too many cancer spots on it for me. Level 2 looks like a naked lasagna.
Ehab Ibrahim
Ehab Ibrahim 8 giorni fa
Beth is one of my fav people
Damo 8 giorni fa
I’ve seen better looking pizzas from my local kebab house
Giulio Rossi
Giulio Rossi 8 giorni fa
Forever Alone
Forever Alone 9 giorni fa
Also... Is anyone also kind of scared of the food scientist or is it just me? hahaha
Forever Alone
Forever Alone 9 giorni fa
Beth is such a sweetheart
Tha Keey
Tha Keey 9 giorni fa
Imma be honest the level 1 chef was the best looking pizza out of the 2
Alguien :v
Alguien :v 9 giorni fa
Level 2: Sadies sauce, good dough, you can't beat it Level 3: F L A V O U R
Lisa Rai
Lisa Rai 9 giorni fa
Steven: If you're a pro like myself you know to keep your hands out of the way. *Almost cuts himself * Staring intensifies
Noah E
Noah E 10 giorni fa
I'm sorry But all these are not looking tasty 😬
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