5 Crazy Things Red Bull Racing Has Done With An F1 Car

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Watch the 5 Best Off Track Red Bull Racing Moments, from driving on a hotel helipad in Dubai's Burj Al Arab to driving the empty roads of the United States of America and... a Zero G F1 Pit Stop? But... how?
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Full videos:
00:16 Seven Star Spin in Dubai w/ David Coulthard: itvid.net/video/video-bx3eNZyunf8.html
00:51 F1 Car vs Skier w/ Max Verstappen and Aksel Lund Svindal: itvid.net/video/video-AsDgI6Ec3fQ.html
2:21 F1 Car vs Scrum w/ Daniel Ricciardo: itvid.net/video/video-JbAjrPuNNCE.html
3:26 F1 US Road Trip w/ Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen: itvid.net/video/video-ld7c6ZO4n2A.html
7:35 Zero Gravity F1 Pit Stop: itvid.net/video/video-IVMICgfzICs.html
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Commenti 60
Red Bull
Red Bull 8 mesi fa
Which one of the videos is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.👇
sieghart rhike
sieghart rhike 23 giorni fa
6:55 music title pls
Air Tawar Sejuk
For the open road it would be funny if the car use turn signal to overtake the caravan and also need to wait for red traffic light .
l81z Mese fa
Driving on different surfaces like the sand and the snow. You could put an F1 car on a dock and turn it into a boat or use that same principle to give it tank tracks, other than only special wheels
Luka Millenaar
Usa road trip
mandanugera a
mandanugera a 2 mesi fa
Red Bull: OG Against the ODDS
Jacky Poo
Jacky Poo 4 giorni fa
3:24 how is the camera/drone btw? that looks awful XD
Pack26 7 giorni fa
Red Bull F1 car: Uh, let's go to the beach each, let's go get away, they say wat they gonna say!
Charles Koushik
Charles Koushik 11 giorni fa
As much as i like redbull drivers and f1 team i like their pit crew and mechanics...
Charles Koushik
Charles Koushik 11 giorni fa
People like me likes redbull cz they are the only team that likes to have some fun...
roblox player
roblox player 14 giorni fa
The ending of number 2 prib scared the living hell out of all of us
dani van 't ende
dani van 't ende 14 giorni fa
Everyone in F1: I’m spending my money to improve my car. Red bull: Wait, you guys are spending money to win?
Andres Gaviria
Andres Gaviria 17 giorni fa
Redbull may do a F1 scruming session too.
Nguyen Tinh
Nguyen Tinh 19 giorni fa
seplayer 24 giorni fa
It would be somehow pretty amazing if there was offroad F1 races.
putatdaun 26 giorni fa
So cool RB team!!!
Michael Odhiambo
Michael Odhiambo 26 giorni fa
Make it a street circuit
Slack Gaming
Slack Gaming 27 giorni fa
rugby team: wins riccardo: ima hit the camera with this ball i got here
koke ekok
koke ekok 28 giorni fa
Love Red Bull! Drank one today!
Sucks to be the guy behind Max at the beach
about the car vs rugby team...the d1 car doesn't weight much at all..also the driver has to be bellow 60 kilos
Quadrillion Mese fa
0:56 he looks like Micheal Jackson
Sygo Squirrel
3:25 i love his reaction to hitting camera
Mr Unknown
Mr Unknown Mese fa
Ghshr Ksidhc
Ghshr Ksidhc Mese fa
I hate energy drinks, but I love Red Bull.
Random Person
Others: Okay you are driving a really expensive F1 car, don't crash it Redbull: LET'S GO ON A TRIP SHALL WE
Aaron Willis
Aaron Willis Mese fa
Redbull already preparing for rainbow road
YodaGames Legends
vengefull potato
how the heck did they evev get an f1 car on the heli pad?
Neelesh -ನಿಲೇಶ- ಪೈ
Do an overtake test in corner with Grosejan and verstappen without damaging the car.
Augustas Paulauskas
A tripp with an f1 car nice
Moon Shredder51
5:18 when you hear that Crew 2 main theme But RB be pulling that Forza Horizon card tho
Jeff Mese fa
We need a Vegas GP man
Vihar S
Vihar S Mese fa
imagine screams of V8 car in LA roads
Vihar S
Vihar S Mese fa
Mercedes Left The Grid
BWG_Spencé Mese fa
Should of used spiked tires instead of chains
Damn ,i just love Red Bull
Eron Sebastian Ermino
why do you guys always use the rb7 doing razy things
K Nine
K Nine Mese fa
he can run the m over if he was pressing the gas half way instead of pressing it all the way
kai ninja
kai ninja Mese fa
Those beach boys all look like the black Stig only with an addition of sponsors.
Mikael strengen
Wow next time dont give a f1 to redbull
sangeeth raveendran
Zero gravity pitstop is supercool.... Becoz i was a mechanic
Josh Tey
Josh Tey Mese fa
When Max had the tire change in Miami,I felt bad for the rear jack man
quando se tem dinheiro podemos fazer oque quiser
Inevitable Catto
Company: Let's do zero gravity pitstop. Other team: Wut? How?! RB team: Haha bolt goes brrrtt!!
mcdanne222 Mese fa
This is why i love Red Bull Racing ... always do stupid but EXTREMELY NICE things that are unexpected, keep doing that guys!
FELITO 21 Mese fa
Who else recognize the "The Crew 2" song lol
Morono HodekMur
Зиро граввити ин, три, ту, ван.
Jonathan marvel saptrasto saptrasto
I have a question, why they kept using the same F1 car for stunts?
pedro lopez
pedro lopez 2 mesi fa
es esto d3 berdad o me estas dando alas o q pedo
Σταυρος Ποδογυρος
I think that #2 is the thing that everyone would like to do at Gran Turismo
Transporte Schwarz
All of them
Ethan Arceo
Ethan Arceo 2 mesi fa
Ok RB Let Swap the entire engine in Nascar
Ron Jacobsen
Ron Jacobsen 2 mesi fa
Red bull must be sponsored by our rich politicians they have crazy money. And the hottest toys.
DethroneKing MMA
lets all forget the joke that was the sponsorship of Ninja...
Mallarows Gang
Mallarows Gang 2 mesi fa
Imagine the car was upside when gravity came back
Karnady Juan
Karnady Juan 2 mesi fa
Red Bull: Mate we need some wet tires and chains for downhill snow race Pirelli: ........... Red Bull: Some non-slick tyres too for our Miami Beach run Pirelli: .......... Red Bull: for our 0G trip, how about some ... Pirelli: *hanging the phone*
Jacob Pallattumadam
7:05 pfft Roadabouts?! Racing lines are better
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade 2 mesi fa
So when can we see a Red Bull F1 car in Mario Kart?
ladwich 2 mesi fa
5:50 the crew 2 music 🔥🔥
Jack V
Jack V 2 mesi fa
Video #3 for Driver #3. We like this.
Blue J 360
Blue J 360 2 mesi fa
Paddle tires and glamis pleasse
alldave 2 mesi fa
zero gravity; just like the space station video's ... on the same plane! COOL!
Dino d
Dino d 2 mesi fa
Marq marquez got turned on made a fool of himself on motogp bike. He should ask redbull for help. When it comes to stunts
Eduardo Galeazzi
I million likes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Red Bull
Red Bull 2 mesi fa
1 million times thank you!
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