5 Crazy Things Red Bull Racing Has Done With An F1 Car

Red Bull
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Watch the 5 Best Off Track Red Bull Racing Moments, from driving on a hotel helipad in Dubai's Burj Al Arab to driving the empty roads of the United States of America and... a Zero G F1 Pit Stop? But... how?
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Full videos:
00:16 Seven Star Spin in Dubai w/ David Coulthard: itvid.net/video/video-bx3eNZyunf8.html
00:51 F1 Car vs Skier w/ Max Verstappen and Aksel Lund Svindal: itvid.net/video/video-AsDgI6Ec3fQ.html
2:21 F1 Car vs Scrum w/ Daniel Ricciardo: itvid.net/video/video-JbAjrPuNNCE.html
3:26 F1 US Road Trip w/ Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen: itvid.net/video/video-ld7c6ZO4n2A.html
7:35 Zero Gravity F1 Pit Stop: itvid.net/video/video-IVMICgfzICs.html
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Commenti 1 713
Red Bull
Red Bull 2 mesi fa
Which one of the videos is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.👇
Fauzi Machamili
Zero gravity
legin makez
legin makez Giorno fa
Red Bull seeing it with chains on that snowy mountain was amazing
Solomon Chan
Solomon Chan 3 giorni fa
in the streets of NYC please
Robert Hilden
Robert Hilden 7 giorni fa
The snow one was insane to see that skill and control. Imagine using a vehicle like that and those tires on snow, with only a few chains to help.
Heil the Lux mains
Heil the Lux mains 13 giorni fa
Send a car to the moon
Lil Indomie
Lil Indomie 10 minuti fa
Me: can you lend me your car? Friend: yeah just don't make any damage or do weird stuff with it Me:
victor 91
victor 91 Ora fa
now that's just crazy.
Good commercials
Mystic Astro
Mystic Astro 8 ore fa
Merc: alright season over, place the car in the museum. Redbull: R O A D T R I P
ChipInspector 12 ore fa
aeroflopper 17 ore fa
zero G was cgi...
Majlo T
Majlo T 19 ore fa
5. - yeah and ?
Soap Swaby
Soap Swaby Giorno fa
Am I the only one who hates this
mishoboy mishoboy
Red bull making a video about Red Bull
legin makez
legin makez Giorno fa
damn this was cool
Casey G
Casey G Giorno fa
I wish there was a way to like a video twice
Red Bull
Red Bull Giorno fa
i liked your comment. Does that count ? 😎
Supimraid Giorno fa
you guys should make an f1 sky dive
thirdy III
thirdy III Giorno fa
Hahahaha..lol THEN NEXT CRAZIEST THING TO DO in a F1 CAR is to put it to the test in the back of TRENTXWB TURBOFAN and let see if it will FLY OFF or it will STICK TO THE GROUND.
Seth Boltron
Seth Boltron Giorno fa
Now make a car skim on water, sorta like a response to DC Shoes' Pipe Dream
Nguyen Duc Hung
Nguyen Duc Hung Giorno fa
I'm expecting you to race at Nordshleife next time
Kofi 2 giorni fa
Thats it how do i apply for a job at Red Bull 😅
Rex Salisbury
Rex Salisbury 2 giorni fa
Hahahaha..well done Red Bull team..the last vid in Zero G is the best!!
CrazyPCKid 2 giorni fa
The last thing yall have your minds on is energy drinks...
Ed and Chris
Ed and Chris 2 giorni fa
#1 verstappen and ricciardo colliding into each other
I hope there's more to come
Bob Houghton
Bob Houghton 2 giorni fa
1.4k dislikes? How? This is epic free content.
bro code
bro code 3 giorni fa
i want that weed that these red bull fellas smoke
Garner Brown
Garner Brown 3 giorni fa
This is the definition of "pointless". Thanks, may I have my time back please?
Jasper Lilienfeld
Jasper Lilienfeld 3 giorni fa
what I really want to see is a specially modified F1 do a full lap of a rally cross track.
Ben W
Ben W 3 giorni fa
Hey let’s go skiing! Shows up in an F1 car
Red Bull
Red Bull 3 giorni fa
There's always that one friend who is way to competitive .. 😂
Eduard Šajgalik
Eduard Šajgalik 3 giorni fa
You just made me want to play Crew2. Worth the update.
Deep GAMER 3 giorni fa
Only 5!? All red bull do is only crazy thing even on tack
Nugroho Akbar
Nugroho Akbar 4 giorni fa
We wait RB F1 in a moon
Jarek Pszuk
Jarek Pszuk 4 giorni fa
Every other f1 team: "ok, the car is really expensive and fragile if used incorrectly, let's preserve it in a museum" RedBull: *YEET*
Justin Snyders
Justin Snyders 4 giorni fa
Those people at the twin lakes gas station are the nicest people. Always willing to help out when we pass through to black rock
Aryan Ferdiansyah
Aryan Ferdiansyah 4 giorni fa
So when is the first zero gravity Grand Prix going to be held at ?
iaintdonknow 4 giorni fa
Makes me wonder what would be the longest distance an F1 car can drive without having to full it up.
Someone Help
Someone Help 6 giorni fa
3:25 love ricciardo looking shocked when the ball is about to hit the camera lmao
midnightblack 7 giorni fa
Pretty cool
Luke Oliphant
Luke Oliphant 7 giorni fa
How did they get the car up on the building?
Red Bull
Red Bull 6 giorni fa
Red Bull gives you wiiings! 👐
Robert Hilden
Robert Hilden 7 giorni fa
The rugby bit was phenomenal💛 Zero gravity was amazing as well, I’m truly thankful for the extraordinary accomplishments humans have made. The sponsorship is okay at best, but still hopeful for good business that helps the world entirely instead of partly in their actions.
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 3 giorni fa
What kind of blows me away about the rugby scrum is only 3 guys are in direct contact with the rig, taking the force of everything from both sides.
ngemeal tv
ngemeal tv 9 giorni fa
WoW.. Amazing..
Teh angry bird 345
Teh angry bird 345 9 giorni fa
F1 Teams: i Must take good care of this Race car Red Bull: lets do crazy stuff with this new toy
Luiz Filipe Couto
Luiz Filipe Couto 10 giorni fa
3:25 Ricciardo Face ahahahahhahja
MonkeyMechanic01 10 giorni fa
I wanna get on the crew 2 and drive a red bull f1 car across the country.
Ratcoon 10 giorni fa
These F1 cars computers are prolly like “wtf is happening, where the hell are we”
Scandium Gaming
Scandium Gaming 11 giorni fa
Red Bull F1 car in space... Red Bull:- Red Bull gives u wings
Scandium Gaming
Scandium Gaming 11 giorni fa
Son:- hey dad last night I saw an F1 in space... Dad:- thats a great idea son..
MCGREGORY13 12 giorni fa
Tyres at 220% degradation!! Max: Are new ones!!!
Grayson Francis
Grayson Francis 12 giorni fa
Anyone else want a red bull after this
PauL1e 12 giorni fa
2:58 Daniel was spinning his tires so ofc there isnt traction/power but otherwise he would have won this but idk :D
Chris Coulthard
Chris Coulthard 9 giorni fa
Till he hits the grass with slicks
CTA K 13 giorni fa
It's awesome.
Babbit Babbarelli
Babbit Babbarelli 13 giorni fa
Instead of having a bunch of toys like sand rails, snow mobiles, and rocket ships I can just have one RedBull F1 car and do all that stuff. I'll save tons of money for more RedBull drinks. Awesome!
Red Bull
Red Bull 13 giorni fa
Sounds like a plan! 🤙
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 14 giorni fa
Love the KALEO
MarcoLee 14 giorni fa
Is that a new kind of compound tyre?
Andy C
Andy C 15 giorni fa
Red Bull the playboys of F1. Zero G pit stop unbeatable. But driving upside down would give it a run for top spot.
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 15 giorni fa
It seems like Red Bull always find ways to achieve the unachievable. So why not let Max and Alex race each other on the bottom of the ocean? That must be a beautiful and surreal sight. 😍
Matt Ball
Matt Ball 15 giorni fa
Anybody: "thats impossible" Redbull: "hold my taurine"
WordToMomsYo 16 giorni fa
Zero gravity pit stop? Absolutely absurd, in the best way possible. 💪🤙
Mickie Gould
Mickie Gould 16 giorni fa
His watching in 2020
Quin Novashinski
Quin Novashinski 16 giorni fa
6:31 PAUSE poor guy :(
David Calderon
David Calderon 17 giorni fa
Red Bull should make a pro scooter channel love Red Bull is the best
Todd Schmidt
Todd Schmidt 17 giorni fa
Would love to see Red Bull show up at pikes peek for the hill climb with their F1 car
Phillip Gonzales
Phillip Gonzales 17 giorni fa
Still waiting for Redbull to drive on the roof of a tunnel
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