5 fastest superbike 

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The five fastest superbike money can buy
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22 nov 2023




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Bro h2r is not street legal but h2 is
@levi-gs2jd 2 mesi fa
And he showed a M1000 RR not the S model XD
@nameless798 2 mesi fa
It depends, in Colombia for example an h2r can be legal if they add lights and mirrors to it.
@levi-gs2jd 2 mesi fa
​@@nameless798 Wow, that sound very dangerous.
@Raptor01726 2 mesi fa
No h2r is legal h2rr isn’t
@nameless798 2 mesi fa
@@Raptor01726 h2rr ? That does not even exist
the number 1 is not a bike anymore,. that's a BEAST 🤯
@ranelmontanez2813 27 giorni fa
Your right the dodge tomahawk is not a bike it's a quad/car
@kjelldesnouck8204 23 giorni fa
thats more engine then bike daaamn
@user-gt6pu3px7k 19 giorni fa
That cant top twin turbo hayabusa
@NabiL_Lam 18 giorni fa
It’s a v8 engine with wheels
@ahmadnajmiroslan 16 giorni fa
*Bro graduated from Taco Bell*
@dan3thegoat 2 mesi fa
bro pulled his information from the Wendy's menu
@kite4792 2 mesi fa
The last one I had
Yh because bmw s1000r actually goes 320 km/h
@dan3thegoat 2 mesi fa
@@bernardoviolante6926 eh not really. Most superbikes have a restricted ecu that wont let the you go over 300kmh
@suryakisku3895 2 mesi fa
​@@dan3thegoat He definitely meant without ecu limit
bro said street legal, then put H2R in it lol
@Alfred_The_3st 10 giorni fa
In some places it probably is, plus if you pull enough strings…
@HelplessTeno 7 giorni fa
1. No, it isn't. 2. That would be, ding ding ding, ILLEGAL.@@Alfred_The_3st
@Alfred_The_3st 7 giorni fa
@@HelplessTeno ok. Mb. The second part was a joke tho
@9067daniel Mese fa
hayabusa: **looking innocent at the back** 😇
@sanai288 14 giorni fa
Coz it is
@AudioFabric 2 mesi fa
That tomahawk aint doing 560, nor is any human on it 😂
So true😂
@ggnielfrancis 2 mesi fa
Correct 💯 hahahaha
@HandleYugo 2 mesi fa
$7,000 and covering my hospital bill il attempt it on an empty road
@shanthisai4380 2 mesi fa
@@HandleYugobullshit you would.
Haybusa enters the chat 🤣
@richm7471 6 giorni fa
Hayabusa USED to be the fastest street bike years agobut it’s not even coming close to the H2
Bruh, that tomahawk is like the Lazareth LM847💀
@grzegorzd83 Mese fa
Because it's Lazareth, you can see it by the Maserati badge on the engine
@Security-ou9ep 2 mesi fa
That last 1 is a tank bro
@yuu_nyx 2 mesi fa
And 560 topspeed on paper🤡
Bwm s1000
@Goldringsvr 2 mesi fa
Nah it's Batman's motorcycle
@ArtiGamerYT 2 mesi fa
lmaoo underrated
Batman be like : Yoo that's my bike 🤣😂
@Shashwath_V Mese fa
Blud said street legal and showed an H2R and a Panigale V4R💀
so? the v4r is streetlegal with stock exhaust
@Shashwath_V Mese fa
@@gerritducati9615 oh is it? I thought the R version wasn't
@aaron911205 29 giorni fa
V4R is street legal
@joehenry5708 29 giorni fa
​@@Shashwath_Vv4R is street legal , yeah h2r ain't street legal idk if it becomes legal when u add some mirrors and headlights, and i see a lot of h2r fanboi kids crying in the comments 😅 it's funny asfk .
@Shashwath_V 29 giorni fa
@@joehenry5708 yeah I don't know cuz I'm pretty new to bikes, actually
@12pan 2 mesi fa
bro pulled these informations from mcdonalds bathroom 😭😭🤣
@Raju_malla_07 2 mesi fa
The dodge tomahawk looks like something that batman would ride
Hayabusa be like: 🗿
@lemonz903 2 mesi fa
The last one literally has 4 wheels 😂
@dude9159 2 mesi fa
It’s still considered a motorcycle, the wheels are “together enough” to be considered a motorcycle. The Dodge Tomahawk is the world’s fastest, but isn’t the most reliable even if it were to-be street legal.
@shivamarya5225 2 mesi fa
And its top speed has never been tested because they never made it. Its a marketing stunt from Dodge, the bike has no aero and would fly off the ground if they even tried 350
@dude9159 2 mesi fa
Yeah, the bike really needs aerodynamic mechanics here
@shivamarya5225 2 mesi fa
@@dude9159 yep only tall claims from dodge, not even drag builders are stupid enough to race something with no downforce, and no one tested its top speed because they said no one was brave enough, its just a load of bc
@dude9159 2 mesi fa
I personally want to test the top speed ngl. It would be quite an experience. But of course, one can't afford to make even one mistake. Still, it would be fun to try, and survive of course
@mr.pac.4614 Mese fa
These are crazy speeds!!😳
Good video❤😊 Very informative
@dukeboredom 2 mesi fa
Bro they didn’t put the engine in the bike, they built the bike around the engine 💀
@pac4798 2 mesi fa
@casultras1989 2 mesi fa
Yeah that's pretty much how you build a vehicule.
@anotherone35 2 mesi fa
​@@casultras1989learn how to spell first dumbfuck
@paulpatel5531 2 mesi fa
The last one and third one
@user-gn6yx3kt5k 12 giorni fa
That Kawasaki’s gonna get me in trouble if I ever buy it
bro 1and 2 are my fav so nice
@vodaaan5744 Mese fa
Too bad they're both not legal
Why I’m not taking h2r That’s not legal on road❌ I don’t have money to buy it✅😂😂😅
@sssstsst26 2 mesi fa
how much does it cost
@awakeinvader 2 mesi fa
@@sssstsst26UR LIFE (joke)
who said you cant drive it illegally ?
@@sssstsst26 ull be looking at 50k-60k
@nighthawk4933 2 mesi fa
@@sssstsst26 50 k but for that you have to put down 15 20 k and then do car payments from 500 to 700 if you wanna pay it fast
@user-me3fz4jc3b 29 giorni fa
We convinced our entire generation that this is a battle that we could win.
Bruh when Dodge Tomahawk became road legal 💀... That's also when it's production is limited.
@gbeving3167 2 mesi fa
Man's straight up forgot about the limiters on everything
@dan3thegoat 2 mesi fa
exactly bro
What’s a limiter ?
@@josiahwatts1323it’s called the gentleman’s agreement all bikes made after 2000 are limited to 186mph
@Rico-wp7dg 5 giorni fa
Dodge Tomahawk looks like it can time travel
@kleberbaptista7962 19 giorni fa
I would choose the Ducati all day, any day. Yet the BMW was so amazing as well
@SwiftyTrucks10 2 mesi fa
Bro the last one looked like Batman’s bike
That mofo cant even be ridden. Double front tyres..What a mess of an onvestment.
@soorzj Mese fa
​@@bohemenper1636 Bro but v12 engine in a bike means it's close to someone's dream come true
@thedawn335 Mese fa
Its fake
@ChadAlsum 26 giorni fa
Wow nice video. Thanks loving first three bikes! Love the first one. Great looking engineering!
@hopalong8715 2 mesi fa
The tomahawk was a Dodge concept - that speed was estimated WITHOUT taking into account drag/friction and other factors. It was never tested to have a topspeed, let alone that high.
But the bike in the photo has a maserati v8?
@hopalong8715 2 mesi fa
No... The Tomahawk was powered by a Viper V10. Furthermore you can see the 5 sparkplugs per side. No idea why it has a Maserati badge on it.@@PaganiZondaF650hp
​@@PaganiZondaF650hpDodge Viper V10 was what the Dodge tomahawk had
@smoke05s 2 mesi fa
Nope the Tomahawk has 4 wheels, its a car, not a bike. (that will probably tip over going 25mph when you try to turn) Please update your list and put the real bikes where they belong.
@@smoke05s it absolutely is not a "car" it was a CONCEPT motorcycle that had a Viper V10. Plus the tires were effectively just bicycle tires, so obviously it needed 4 for stability. And if your "smart" enough to know anything about a Dodge Viper and it's V10, then you'd understand that the Tomahawk concept bike had a proven top speed of way over 200mph but, however was so unstable that once it reached a certain speed above 200mph during test runs that it would literally begin to takeoff like a plane therefore preventing the bike from reaching it's THEORETICAL top speed of 347mph
@sidvicious2829 25 giorni fa
Wonder how long the electric would last at 350 kmh,Kawasaki is seriously rapid but that Ducati is gorgeous!👍
@miekbell162 7 giorni fa
the last one is like a dream that i can never have
Fun Fact the last one shown is not the Dodge Viper tomahawk but a bike from the french designer and builder Ludovic Lazareth called the LM847.
@Usmaan_G77 2 mesi fa
It looks similar to Batmans Bat-bike or whatever it’s called
@jack6969lol 2 mesi fa
Yea Dodge tomahawk is a Hypercar
@jack6969lol 2 mesi fa
And that bike wont even reach 250
@@jack6969lolThere was a dodge made bike called the tomahawk but I think it never did get to run for anything. It looks draggy anyway, no way it can get past 350
@soumyadipray1374 2 giorni fa
I and tomahawk born at same year 😂❤
Going Over 200 miles per hour on a bike is crazy
Bro justing asking for those tickets 😂
@Soeks77 2 mesi fa
Tickets? U don’t pull over on a motorcycle 😂 especially w no chase clause u jus keep riding
@deadosaka1712 2 mesi fa
tickets? in a motorcycle? hah, funny joke. just dont let them catch you and remember to remove your license plate 😂🔥
@AsherCB350 2 mesi fa
@@Soeks77every state is becoming a chase law now
@Soeks77 2 mesi fa
@@AsherCB350 no lmao florida just became a non chase state.
@AsherCB350 2 mesi fa
@@Soeks77 that’s just not true bro they’re literally going to start chasing anybody speeding now. Because they say there’s no reason not to
When the LS-218 went “ “ it hit different 🥵
@weprayforcars7 Giorno fa
Fun fact: all super bikes are limited to 299 km/h because of an agreement made by bike companies decades ago so yeah, buy any of the top fives, you'll still get the same speed, but Hayabusa is the only street legal superbike that reached 312 km/h as far as i know because it was launched before this agreement was signed.
@Arjun-nx 2 mesi fa
To ride last bike person should have eagle eye😂
No they should be an eagle
They should have a good life insurance 💀
CBR1000RR-R fire blade without limit is monster bro😎🤘
@mfre2290 19 giorni fa
Buddy did two minutes of research.
@mysticflow941 2 mesi fa
S1000RR goes way more than 299, but it got speed limiter My Gsxr 750(2012) goes 299 Its like video from wikipedia
Ur 750 goes 200mph. 😅😅😅😅😅😅 my ass . . I bet u got a katana that does wheelies at 200 too. 😅😅😅😅
​@@doitrightcmrs3373he didn't even say mph dumbass
@mysticflow941 2 mesi fa
@@doitrightcmrs3373 on video there Is km/h not miles…
@mysticflow941 2 mesi fa
@@doitrightcmrs3373 itvid.netg58-Y0Sl7DA?si=qB9VkqOYT1y6J-Ti Take a look boy I got 2012 full titan akrap,kn air filter, powercomander:)
@motomax_99 2 mesi fa
​@@doitrightcmrs3373 bro, learn conversions 299km/h is 185mph where did you get 200 from lmao
@ImProlific68 21 giorno fa
The S1000RR will be enough speed for me. Thank you
@davienstrong 10 giorni fa
H2R sounds INSANE
@RiderZer0 2 mesi fa
I have yet to see someone take a tomahawk that fast.
Last one is so fake there is no car that can go that fast
Maybe someone 400kg
@haterade317 2 mesi fa
I haven't heard of anyone going faster than 200 mph on the tomahawk.
Does anyone else go into a acknowledge that was a mazarati, not a dodge? Just me?
@ISAK.M 2 mesi fa
​@@nighthunter-bb1hjJust u its 100% a Dodge
The Tomahawk would lose any race if the track had one turn.
@echpai Mese fa
last one is what my bike looks like after I maxed it out in a video game
@kdigiacomo 2 mesi fa
Guy down the street from me rides an H2R on the street. On the scanner a cop actually said "it's that fkn guy again". 🤣🤫
Is he Legal?
@onorinalabajo6404 4 giorni fa
😢❤❤❤❤❤xhbbmmvssn Fjlnbvxf
@akugrace5401 5 giorni fa
No. 1 that's an alien bike 😮
@jaicegomes2881 2 mesi fa
It’s crazy how you named the tomahawk but not the hayabusa when it was that fasted bike for years
funny thing is that wasn't even tomahawk, that was the maserati lazareth
@musewolfman 2 mesi fa
​@@soubhagyasahoo7671I was about to say, "who the hell glued a Maserati badge to a Tomahawk?"
​@@soubhagyasahoo7671I did t notice the badge but instantly counted the cylinders like wait that's not right it's not a tomahawk
@JitLocks 2 mesi fa
was not anymore
this content is not true 😅
I like how noboby notices that the dodge is actually a maserati 😂
@zifah-bn7em 25 giorni fa
Asked a salesman..." How fast this bike can go. ?.." the salesman replied..." It depends on the riders...how brave can they be...."...heheheheheh
For all the people wondering, the Dodge Tomahawk is a functioning concept vehicle that was made by using the Dodge Viper V10 engine as both the engine and the frame, with the seat, fuel tank, and suspension bolted directly to the engine. It has four wheels with independent suspension, but the wheels are close enough together that you can lean into a corner like you would on a regular motorcycle. Do to the high power output and lightweight, the "motorcycle" has a calculated top speed of 350mph, but no test rider was willing to try and take it there back when they were showing it around. I believe a couple of riders went over 200mph, and that the top speed was "confirmed" with wind tunnel testing and simulations, but it's been a while and I might be misremembering. The thing sounds wicked though. That massive V10 with a short exhaust and no vehicle body to obstruct the noise must sound incredible going through a tunnel.
Last one has a Maserati engine
@@LuigiVbattista Yeah, I'm aware that the one they put in the video isn't the Tomahawk, but since several people already commented that I didn't think it was worth mentioning again. Instead I said what the Dodge Tomahawk is, since the video didn't do a very good job of it.
@inb4230 Mese fa
😂lol no THEY DIDN'T, that thing was never tested at over 100mph and even back then when it came out everyone laughed at the claims that ranged from 400 to 600km/h depending on which dodge representative was talking. That was the Americans pulling another tuatara "record ",Back then everyone claimed RIDICULOUS things like countach or diablos "going "200+,i remember the brits coming up with some tvr saying it was "terrifying, the fastest car in the world " when it was a lemon. vw spent billions getting the veyron to 400km/h ,carbon fiber, special tyres, wind tunnel, form over function,if you think that lump of steel with zero aerodynamics, wind protection, hell without any thought behind it except BIG MOUDOR can go 500km/h I've got a tower in Paris for sale if you're interested,Fk it's not like 6,700hp busas haven't been around for well over a decade now,most aerodynamic bikes ever, BIIIG turbos lowered stretched
Also not street legal
@enosmn 29 giorni fa
my first thought was id love to see a test rider crazy enough to take it to 560km/h
@lainthor5808 17 giorni fa
Imagine falling down going full speed on one of those ....😢
@Ls1.. Mese fa
love the ducati pringle
@Not_adri Mese fa
Bro did NOT do his research
Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Also, I love the Ducati V4R.
@meeragray7441 12 giorni fa
The old man’s 900r ninja championship edition is the craziest thing I have ever been on period
First one isn’t regular bmw s1000r, it’s they M Bmw s1000r
@mr.jam3568 2 mesi fa
No R1???
@@mr.jam3568 no xd
@dragoonxgamer 2 mesi fa
It's M 1000rr
@LegoLiam12345 2 mesi fa
And it does over 300kph ask me how I know 😂
@airforcemtb6021 15 giorni fa
Saw the dodge tomahawk, and my light reaction was, "wtf is that?!"🤣🤣
Dodge Tomahawk. Who in the hell ride that bike Robo Cop!!!
@mominmomin4073 2 mesi fa
Electric bike sound was best 😂😂
@Lilkjang 2 mesi fa
There was no sound
@mominmomin4073 2 mesi fa
@@Lilkjang But in this vedio there is a sound .
@Lilkjang Mese fa
@@mominmomin4073 oh ok
@zentadulan Mese fa
Waw miyah waw waw edobidaw🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥️🔥️🔥
I see 4 motorcycles lol…electric does not count 😂😂😂
If we’re talking about real top speeds, should’ve included the ZX10, GSXR and Turbo Busa.
The first motor. I think its faster then the buggati
Nahhh that last one looks like Batman would own that thing😂😂
@SKETCHunlimited25 26 giorni fa
The bike shown at number 1 is not the Tomahawk. Its the Ludovic Lazareth LM847
@tomaxxxx536 Mese fa
lol guy on the ninja was shaking his hand like he was actually holding on 🤣🤣🤣🤣
H2 is bad for quarter mile unless you're a professional rider w excellent handling experience, that bike still wants to wheelie even at high gear
@lunaluna4264 2 mesi fa
That’s why you stretch the bitch
That's why they get it stretched.
Stock it dont. It's actually kinda slow compared to what you would expect. Needs a flash.
@user-xf3xo9hw2v 27 giorni fa
"Street legal" with h2r and tomahawk 😂😂
@oombla Mese fa
S1KRR is electronically limited at 299 dude. It can push more if done properly
Bro, the last one is actually a car dressed up as a bike😅😂
Top 2 my favorite BMW S1000RR and DUCATI PANIGALE
@ITS__kOtE 26 giorni fa
bro if the wrold would create 100k mph bike💀
@SimplyDriftin 2 mesi fa
Thats an M1000RR not an S1000RR
@josuaz900 2 mesi fa
Thank you, I was looking for this comment🥲
Suzuki GSXR-750 Slingshot (86) in other words.... my baby.
@user-bh9ut6vc8b 16 giorni fa
I like how it said “street legal”
I'm dying at the fact that the editor of this video doesn't see the Maserati emblem on top of the intake at the end 😂
@eeboi420 Mese fa
bruh that dodges handlebars were connected to a supercharger
@alexfredenberg165 26 giorni fa
400 km an hour means 248 mph
The last one is called Lazareth LM847, powered by a Maserati engine. Lazareth itself hasn't posted a top speed test for it.
@willg7869 2 mesi fa
two different bikes the Tomahawk was released in 2003 as a concept built but was then put into official production
True, but I know that the Dodge Tomahawk bike isn't powered by a Maserati engine. Take another look on the intake, you'll see the head of a Trident which is Maserati's Emblem.
@patyrocker99 2 mesi fa
Dodge tomahawk had a dodge viper srt10 engine
@Axon_The_best 10 giorni fa
That last one probably weighs enough to give caseOh a run for his money💀💀
The last one belongs to Batman
Honda cbr1000rr 338 km/h
@Highreving 2 mesi fa
Thank you ❤😂
@ItsLincoln600 2 mesi fa
It’s not 338mph maybe kmh
@wee3ty162 2 mesi fa
​@ItsLincoln600 he wrote km/h
pretty sure u meant the triple R
@fik1239 2 mesi fa
​@@_the_eversor_lad_you mean the cbr 1000rrrrrr sp rrrrr firrrreblade rrrrrr?
@seb_can Mese fa
Says s1000rr and proceeds to show an m1000rr
That tomahawk looks like something Batman would drive lol
Bmw : 320kmph Ducati v4R : 374kmph Ls 218 : 354kmph H2R : 400kmph Dodge tomahawk : 600kmph Thanks Dear 🥰🥰
@luckyboy311 Mese fa
Truee man he doesn't know itt
É verdade... A tomahawk usa o mesmo motor do dodge viper, e pode sim chegar aos 600km/kh.. porém nenhum ser humano se atreveu a pilotar ela a essa velocidade. São duas rodas trazeiras e duas dianteiras.. elas trabalham nde forma a permitir estabikidade nas curvas. A tração é acionada por um cardãn. Semelhante ao sistema de um veículo.
@@dirleidalpiaz894that’s one bike I would never buy
@@kendtchileninjah5905 Neither do I.. due to the lack of money and in addition to having nowhere to go, there is no runway here for a rocket on wheels like this. And, there are only two like this in the world.
Mtt 420 RR?
@Reece-bp4wc 28 giorni fa
Little bit faster than my 50cc moped 😅
Fireblade: Am I a joke to you?
@paulbaskar8646 2 mesi fa
Hayabusa be like : hold my beer 😂
Yea, don't know why it wasn't here. The thing reaches 300+km/h even at stockk!!
i was looking for the hayabusa comment cuz i was wondering wtf is was too 💀
Bro Hayabusa got beat by Kawasaki H2 with 400 km/h
​@@mharouffmua4831Busa is Limited H2 has Supercharger
Isn't a gx14r faster than the Hayabusas
Guaoooo tremendo motores espectaculares moto Dichoso el que la tiene Dio los bendiga siempre 😮😮😮
@zezeti2246 Mese fa
That last one is something Batman would ride😅
H2r be like " jalwa ha hamara "
@rocker10039 29 giorni fa
I thought suzuki gsx r1000r would be here too👀
@Matt-eu4kg 2 mesi fa
That last one is a straight shot to hell 😂
Number 1 is the only reason little kids know about the Dodge Vipe..
@47wigwam Mese fa
I’m having fun with my R6
That last one look like some Batman ish
@azzyjijie8660 2 mesi fa
This motorcycle as i remember, it's made at year 2003 maybe.
@rastabuda4774 20 giorni fa
What over 500😮? No way ,where would you drive that 😮
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