51 Things in Pokemon That Are COMPLETE Trolls!

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Welcome to my sequel to 51 things in Pokemon! In this video I go over 51 of the biggest trolls in Pokemon! Instead of a heavily-fact video with a ton of research behind it, I took the humor route and basically did a funny intro 51 times! This took FOREVER and couldn't have done it without the help of my boy TheAuraGuardian, so big shout out to him! If you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like, it's greatly appreciated; and also if you're enjoying the channel be sure to subscribe! And don't forget to comment down below what you think is the biggest troll in Pokemon. Until next time! See ya~!
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Commenti 80
Dobbs 3 anni fa
this video took FOREVER to make omg x-x hope you guys enjoy it! ~ shout out to my boy TheAuraGuardian for helping me out with it😎
MJ Johnson
MJ Johnson 10 giorni fa
When Pokemon doesn’t listen to you because of it’s at higher level. 🚫 fun
A_Person_YT 22 giorni fa
Extra one: Ur DS dies right before u click save
Louis Somera
Louis Somera Mese fa
Carl Gaviola
Carl Gaviola 2 mesi fa
I found 2 on number 12 and 19
KenzieLSM / KenzieTGM
Ball mentor 3:24
Vian Emanuel Tanri
I found all the masterballs here is it 1 2:13 on grass. 2 3:23 you know it and.......................................number 3 10:13 on the below of the text main channel Am i badass now? ..........................
vazromi92 6 ore fa
Can someone please tell me what he says at 7:46? Theres no way hes saying greninja...
K3vs Youtube
K3vs Youtube 7 ore fa
52: Joey calls you and keeps talking about his ratatta...
Janessa Parallag
FartsdicksxD from dorkly
Akshaya S
Akshaya S 18 ore fa
Crispin Martillano
44 gross
TheReptain Giorno fa
Everything is true except 41. I beat her everytime first try idk whats the problem about that xD
Diego Nicomedes
Diego Nicomedes 2 giorni fa
I already found all of them here 0:45
Deltarune 33
Deltarune 33 2 giorni fa
GavTheGoldNinja 9000
My friend once found a shiny geodude (in Leaf Green btw), he was so excited....... It self destruct
Harrison Seeber
Harrison Seeber 3 giorni fa
Masterballs I found: 1: 3:24 And ye thats it soooo ye
Janessa Parallag
Janessa Parallag 3 giorni fa
1:21-1:31 Me:instant laughter
Janessa Parallag
Janessa Parallag 3 giorni fa
0:15 captions:fire this 😂
Dusty-Ann Fortier
Dusty-Ann Fortier 3 giorni fa
I saw the first mega Pokémon ball I think I saw it
weetopeetop 4 giorni fa
You should have done 52nd fact about nothing
Tyshawn Stubbs
Tyshawn Stubbs 5 giorni fa
I can understand the Greninja losing to X. It's not like he EV trains Pokemon to perfection. CARRY GOOD MOVES and not... CUT...
nolasco yanco
nolasco yanco 5 giorni fa
3:22 so that's how you catch a pokemon
duckyboi890 5 giorni fa
I’m a Jigglypuff main in Super Smash Bros
Wait I have a theory:The tree is a Sudowudo ,fire moves won’t effect,So we use Cut to cut it in half ,then the Suwudo will turn into Bonsly.Thats what I think
A Paige Of A Shaolin monk
Dobbs your too funny
Rupy Shan
Rupy Shan 6 giorni fa
I remember confused Pokemon on my team got sweep so fast
Rory & Cameron Bg
Rory & Cameron Bg 6 giorni fa
I saw da master master ball at :47
GamingWithSplatHuman Memez
3:20 how to always to get a critical catch
Iphazha Masala
Iphazha Masala 7 giorni fa
When you encounter a Wobbufet in a nuzlocke Me: Mew use Genesis Supernova Wobbufett: (Uses Mirror Coat)
Katie Brantner
Katie Brantner 7 giorni fa
5:32 to 5:38
ethan ramcel
ethan ramcel 7 giorni fa
Fun fact: i caugt rayquaza in a pokeball since it does not like ultra balls weirdly
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes 8 giorni fa
gts trading🤣🤣
KiaraDog 8 giorni fa
5:17 dat lopunny sprite on the right through 👀 Edit: my fav pokemon btw 💗
Gregory Madrillejos
I found them
MagnemiteFan 081
MagnemiteFan 081 8 giorni fa
Don’t you just hate it when accidentally knock out a shiny...? I try forgetting about it everyday
mbrown4608 9 giorni fa
I only found two master balls
Thejus Vijoy
Thejus Vijoy 9 giorni fa
I know you are a very busy youtuber, but can you give the name of that song that you played in rotating trainers.
Kakashi Senin
Kakashi Senin 9 giorni fa
Song in 5:46?
Eli 9 giorni fa
041 there they are
The Slowest Shiny Melmetal
Just have a Pokémon with damp then you son’t have to worry about a shiny electrode
Shadow TheUmbreon
Shadow TheUmbreon 10 giorni fa
0:47 I found the master balls
Edina Mrkalj
Edina Mrkalj 10 giorni fa
Master balls :3:23 the old man shoots a master ball
Chloe Sheahan
Chloe Sheahan 11 giorni fa
Missing a move with a 95% accuracy
Giovany Velazquez
Giovany Velazquez 11 giorni fa
0:46 found the master balls too easy 😏
James Lozada
James Lozada 11 giorni fa
The Trolliest thing in Pokemon Sun and Moon: Mother Beast Lusamine’s Clefable using Metronome and Getting a Legendary Exclusive Move, and Sweeping your team
Darknessknight FIN
Darknessknight FIN 12 giorni fa
The master balls where at 0:49
Minato uzumaki
Minato uzumaki 12 giorni fa
Can you please try not to hurt my feelings
Afraaz Suleman
Afraaz Suleman 12 giorni fa
The trollierst thing in a video from dobbs is when someone says ‘it’s at 1:23 or its at 47”
CAAC Ghoxty
CAAC Ghoxty 12 giorni fa
3 master balls are when you explain them
Ty Edwards
Ty Edwards 13 giorni fa
7:24 and she ended the call immediately, that’s so rude
Dj Branham
Dj Branham 13 giorni fa
I caught a shiny marill in pokemon ruby once and saved over my game not knowing it was a shiny
Kamille Rucker
Kamille Rucker 13 giorni fa
I found them all at 0:48. Ya didn’t say they don’t count
Kanapatch (Vee) Laohapisitpanich
Togekiss kinda still has its arms errrr the wings?
RedRP Studios
RedRP Studios 13 giorni fa
I’ve always wanted to know if the bazooka counts as one of the three master balls
It's Comtops 64
It's Comtops 64 14 giorni fa
2:59 me in pokemon stadium vs My friend with all lvl 100 pokemon
Danny The Dino
Danny The Dino 14 giorni fa
0:49 found all the master balls.😎
Akshaj Ghosh
Akshaj Ghosh 14 giorni fa
At least he is super sayain
Linda mc guinness
Linda mc guinness 14 giorni fa
4:54 OOF
QLCL Corporate
QLCL Corporate 15 giorni fa
#53 the ads on this video. And also #54 Watsons magneton ohh god I hate that thing..
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith 15 giorni fa
Once I was playing emerald once and ran into a shiny pidgey but couldn’t catch it it was the first Pokémon I ran into and didn’t have any poke balls yet. Sucks I didn’t even get the chance to buy an pokeballs yet.
cross over maddens
cross over maddens 16 giorni fa
Norbert Bartos
Norbert Bartos 16 giorni fa
6:36 this is soo real
Jaiden Cartelyou Williams
7:05 lol
Thunder Striker
Thunder Striker 17 giorni fa
Blackstar 17 giorni fa
Found all 3 master balls heres the time stamp 0:49
Vesna Kuzmanović
Vesna Kuzmanović 17 giorni fa
52:shiny abra uses teleport
Vesna Kuzmanović
Vesna Kuzmanović 17 giorni fa
52:finding potion instead of pokeball because sprite is same to all items.
Queen Kitty
Queen Kitty 18 giorni fa
i once knocked out a shiny pokemon 😢
Ernie Beth
Ernie Beth 18 giorni fa
Spongebob photoshops are the best like blaziken as Patrick
Abgamer79 18 giorni fa
the fact that ash’s greninja beat mega sceptile but not mega charizard
Abgamer79 18 giorni fa
0:46 there are the three masterballs
Vilmer Andersson
Vilmer Andersson 18 giorni fa
0:46 found all the balls >:)
BloxCrafting Game Proe
tbh the old man does permit the use of mr glitch face over here
II ARANCK II 20 giorni fa
I found the balls
olena polapa
olena polapa 21 giorno fa
Oh no a trollolololololo
Nayan Binns
Nayan Binns 21 giorno fa
i-i-it's not milktank...
Spryzen Master
Spryzen Master 22 giorni fa
zeldristheboss x24
zeldristheboss x24 22 giorni fa
Dobbs if you remember me from another account where I said you suck and stuff well I'm SORRY I will support you as a fan always
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 22 giorni fa
Going on the GTS to get that one pokemon you want just for the OG trainer to want a Level 1 legendary
fawfulmark2 22 giorni fa
Voltorb in New Mauville in Pokemon RSE that go after your Marshtomp that is 10 levels higher by making them not escape and attacking with Spark.
2:20 my gyarados against a random trainer actually happened
Langford Arkinson
Langford Arkinson 23 giorni fa
Woulda been funny if ya called it ferocious level 2 pidgey xD loved the vid though hahaha
Mekhi Wyche
Mekhi Wyche 23 giorni fa
Aw man im feeling tired
Alex Webster
Alex Webster 24 giorni fa
🕳 crap the master balls are such trolls
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