51 WEIRDEST Things in Pokemon!

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Now ever since the inception of Pokemon that have been some pretty questionable things in Pokemon! In this video, I go over 51 of the WEIRDEST things that you probably missed throughout the years playing the Pokemon games! Ranging from Pokemon Red and Blue to Pokemon Sword and Shield, these are the weirdest of them all! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe for more videos like this and to ring the bell so you're notified with every upload! Until next time! See ya.

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Dobbs Anno fa
Who will find all of the Master Balls? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hid them pretty well hehe
Jean Tan
Jean Tan 12 ore fa
GIizzy_YT 9 giorni fa
21 Pg3d
21 Pg3d 14 giorni fa
All three
slovan01 20 giorni fa
thegrummymuffun 28 giorni fa
1:50 ball
bridget corcoran
I found master balls at 1:00 all of them
Alexander Harrington
zapdos's cry at 4:13
Kyle Buffkin
Kyle Buffkin 2 giorni fa
News, dynamax Shedinja with rest ha, help focus sash
Commandix Nostalgia
Also the fact that Tangrowth,the evolution for Tangela was introduced in Gen 4. Really dumb!
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez 4 giorni fa
How is the last Pokemon not flygon in the freaking bagon evolution line
GINGY_zamination Yt
Zap dos sounds like lunala in pokemon journeys
Julian Gunnell
Julian Gunnell 5 giorni fa
6:27 I could see those being useful on Shedinja
Random Top13
Random Top13 5 giorni fa
Poor Brendan. He had seen things😔😔😢😢😢
drewstroyer 6 giorni fa
i foudn the masterballs 1:00
Dracochompers 14 giorni fa
Master ball 1 found
Jessica Bradley
Jessica Bradley 15 giorni fa
The intro
Aimar Lasarte
Aimar Lasarte 16 giorni fa
The fact that bellsprout has 75 atack
Chopper Is a doctor
Chopper Is a doctor 20 giorni fa
one master ball is in the map aftre you show pokemons
Stephanie Schanel
Stephanie Schanel 20 giorni fa
Master ball at 1:50
coffee Mese fa
1:00 found all the master balls B)
idk Mese fa
That ending was perfect 9:06
Deucalion Baker-Fortman
Find them all
Lord Zeno
Lord Zeno Mese fa
Walooooord is hereee
Pablo Rodriguez Alvarez
There's a reason elgyem and beheeyem can learn steel wing
Hari Rana Magar
Dobbs in Pokemon Asia English there's one problem witch is in episode 10 in diamond and pearl one boys hair is green now when the boy and his dad came out the hair is brown
I found em
You showed us them in the beginning and u never said those ones count😎
Aiden Rodden
Aiden Rodden Mese fa
Because he is a but hole
kurtis vandermiller
I forgot cryonogol even existed.
Armaan Zameer
1:51 master ball 5:03 master ball 7:19 master ball
Paxton Mese fa
well arcanine can learn teleport because it was planned to be a legendary
Paxton Mese fa
i found ALL master balls
Romantic Child
8:35 Wrong ! There are 8 immunities that are : electric on ground, ground on flying, normal on ghost; ghost on normal; fighting on ghost, poison on steel; dragon on fairy and psychic on dark. So you can't have 14 immunities if you combaine all of the types together ... You have to calculate all of the resistances and weakness again with that.
Ljupka Ilieva
Got em 1:00
yi zheng
yi zheng Mese fa
Cause whopper is the fist
Rahima Begum
Rahima Begum Mese fa
Magikarp can breed with CHARIZARD
R Gaming point
Furret is measured by head to tail and not head to leg
minecraft maddnes
I found the 3 balls in the intro when he shows you
Nadar Velan
Nadar Velan Mese fa
8:46 dragon type had ice weakness 😌😎😎
Kriz24 Gaming
Love your Channel. So fun. :)
I found the master ball as soon as you show them
Your Drinking Buddy
Sinestea/Polteagiest pokemom based on tea pots/tea cups cant learn scald.
Smileyland Noel
Smileyland Noel 2 mesi fa
Muk and gardavor can make eggs
Smileyland Noel
Smileyland Noel 2 mesi fa
Nikola Stankov
Nikola Stankov 2 mesi fa
Cayden Begley
Cayden Begley 2 mesi fa
You showed us the three master balls at 1 minute see and go to 1 minute and we'll see three master balls
Tasleen Kaur
Tasleen Kaur 2 mesi fa
Wailmer was hatched right so why can it breed with a Pokémon that’s been with a trainer for probably only a few minutes!?
Mannuell Juan
Mannuell Juan 2 mesi fa
Yuri catlover1
Yuri catlover1 2 mesi fa
Wow I forgot sorry can breed with wailer XD
Peggy MacInnes
Peggy MacInnes 2 mesi fa
At 1:01 I found all master balls
Megan Bravo
Megan Bravo 2 mesi fa
i really like #26’s point
Tom Engelbrecht
Tom Engelbrecht 2 mesi fa
Lickitung can't learn "Lick" in gen 1.
Amber Head
Amber Head 2 mesi fa
I found master balls it’s when you said you hid them you showed them right here
Shelby Bayer
Shelby Bayer 2 mesi fa
Dialga CAN'T stop time Dialga CONTROLS the flow of time Breeding isn't *Breeding* by normal means It's two sources of Infinity Energy mixing
pikachu32 2 mesi fa
Wailmer: **is just born** Skitty: I'm gonna f*ck that
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 2 mesi fa
Charizard being 5'7 and only weighing 200lbs destroyed my childhood. By high school, it was like "I'm pretty sure I could beat up Charizard in a fist fight." Lmaoo
Purple Kyat
Purple Kyat 2 mesi fa
7:38 Ah yes obviously the pokemon that was mew but experemented on was discovered before mew. Such logic much wow.
Makoto kitty
Makoto kitty 2 mesi fa
Fun fact: cat pokemon can bread with a whale pokemon. Me: that explains why their are so many monstrosity pokemons in the anime books etc
Francis Johnson
Francis Johnson 2 mesi fa
I saw the three master balls right at the start they are really obvious
Princess C.J.
Princess C.J. 2 mesi fa
I was always tht horrified about there sex too....
TheShinyGuru 2 mesi fa
Elgyem learning steel wing was a mistake by the develooers at gf.
Kyan Milow Steltenpool
I did find the master balls cu me you did show them when you told that to us
Three master ball
Jakub Setler
Jakub Setler 2 mesi fa
Kadabra can still evolve holding an Everstone because a magician saw Kadabra offensive to himself and sued game freak
GibZ 2 mesi fa
1:51 5:03 7:20
what the____
Andrew Rosti
Andrew Rosti 2 mesi fa
#49, the dragon one, is incorrect. dragon is weak to ice in gen 1 and beyond.
Garrison Fuller
Garrison Fuller 2 mesi fa
all of them are at 1:00
Duck fishron
Duck fishron 2 mesi fa
1:01 found the 3 master balls
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa 2 mesi fa
Cough cough butterfree beijg 3-7 and weighing 70Lns
Lemano opius
Lemano opius 2 mesi fa
Found them all at 1.04
RandomPokemon Thingz
I found the master balls 1:00
Leostar 2 mesi fa
38 is still the most BS reason ash didn't win the pokemon league, seriously, WTF
L.I.T.Z LITZ 2 mesi fa
My friend has that same Pokémon card with the sentret
L.I.T.Z LITZ 2 mesi fa
Found them
isa day
isa day 2 mesi fa
1:00 found em all
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 2 mesi fa
The intro to this is my ring tone and I was confused
gabi.n_art 3 mesi fa
That intro was too much :^|
ErRoR 4o4
ErRoR 4o4 3 mesi fa
Tangela:(learns vine whip anyway 😎)
Nathan Leimer
Nathan Leimer 3 mesi fa
When you realize the skitty in the intro couldve been the wailmers parent
woper is the fist
Ryarat 3 mesi fa
The golem pooping just sent me into a laughing fit.
Phoebe Currie
Phoebe Currie 3 mesi fa
whooper realized that he had no fists but he was the fist
Dinodude 889
Dinodude 889 3 mesi fa
#21 they learn steel wing cause it’s TM 51.
Enzo Isaiah
Enzo Isaiah 3 mesi fa
human balls ha haaaaaaaa
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 3 mesi fa
If you go out in public You better bewearing yamask.
Thiyagarajan Thiyagarajan
Bro we can teach rest to all of Pokemon ex hanter yeah all Pokemon can learn rest in gen 1 because i think all are lazy Pokemon but rest is an physical type move
Dennis Spencer
Dennis Spencer 3 mesi fa
Miltank drinking its own milk hahaha
ImKHII 3 mesi fa
1:01 very late but found them all
robot Herobrine
robot Herobrine 3 mesi fa
Found them
Jose Marie Antonio de Jesus
It’s weak to ice
Furret9 3 mesi fa
Breeding alcremie with Inteleon, cinderace and Rillaboom
Furret9 3 mesi fa
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 3 mesi fa
The fact that there are shiny legendary Pokémon
Farah Ahmed Karim
You can breed a double ice cream cone with a sword
Farah Ahmed Karim
Why the f did Skitty just do it with a newborn, yes, NEWBORN, Wailord?
Daniel Mapley
Daniel Mapley 3 mesi fa
I found all master balls
Grimphantom99 InsaneEndermanGaming
Actually dragon types in pokemon stadium 1 Is weak to ice. Still love your videos keep it up!😊👍
Winter Fury
Winter Fury 3 mesi fa
Eryn Ortiz
Eryn Ortiz 3 mesi fa
You forgot Metagross can breed with Zygarde
Raditya Kusumaningprang
I found master ball 3
Liam Jethro
Liam Jethro 3 mesi fa
1:03 i found them they were all in a collective line for some reason
Jesus Rangel
Jesus Rangel 3 mesi fa
Wtf is wrong with that skitty
Gotta catch èm all
The weird thing is levitate ability like you can pull levitate pokemon with gravity but if levitate pokemon used dig;eartquake and magnitude don't affect them i don't know why this happens
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