51 WEIRDEST Things in Pokemon!

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Now ever since the inception of Pokemon that have been some pretty questionable things in Pokemon! In this video, I go over 51 of the WEIRDEST things that you probably missed throughout the years playing the Pokemon games! Ranging from Pokemon Red and Blue to Pokemon Sword and Shield, these are the weirdest of them all! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe for more videos like this and to ring the bell so you're notified with every upload! Until next time! See ya.
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Commenti 80
Dobbs 5 mesi fa
Who will find all of the Master Balls? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hid them pretty well hehe
Shadow TheUmbreon
Shadow TheUmbreon 4 giorni fa
1:00 I found the master balls
Rafa Voigt
Rafa Voigt 5 giorni fa
@Zachary Scovel e
Kate Dolack
Kate Dolack 6 giorni fa
I Found 1
ģ a c la papster
ģ a c la papster 8 giorni fa
Found em
E Letourneau
E Letourneau 10 giorni fa
Well, I found 1:50 !
Aaron Aguirre
Aaron Aguirre 7 ore fa
3:32 ima head out
GD Kium
GD Kium 10 ore fa
Good intro of all timee
Jamey Williams
Jamey Williams 10 ore fa
I found them all 1:00
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 15 ore fa
Found the master balls at 1:02
Young gamer Adrian
Found all master balls
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang 18 ore fa
Same I love f to
FN LN 19 ore fa
Eggs are basically natural pokeballs confirmed
A Paige Of A Shaolin monk
I died laughing at #26 😂😂😂😂
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 20 ore fa
Shedinja can also learn Final Gambit for some reason
SeradawnYT 21 ora fa
The fact that you can’t catch Pokémon that have fainted
jack savelli
jack savelli 21 ora fa
Are just gonna ignore that he looked for all of these and he calls cryognal, crygoginal
Remix Cube
Remix Cube Giorno fa
let me guess wailmer ate skitty
PCPU gaming
PCPU gaming Giorno fa
the second one is number 25 at 5:03 and the first one is number 5 at 1:51 but i cant find the third
zulfiqar G and R and I
Tangela cant learn vine whip because its vines are all tangled
Shaun Lopez
Shaun Lopez Giorno fa
mbrown4608 Giorno fa
I only found one masterball
beyblade trevor zay
I found them at 1:00
remy dog'o
remy dog'o Giorno fa
Gael Martinez
Gael Martinez 2 giorni fa
The furret one makes sense because it can stand on it's tail i think that was sentret
bryan diaz varela
bryan diaz varela 2 giorni fa
Kadabra evolves while still holding an everstone is because he's a magician and magicians always do tricks to blow your mind
Small and 13
Small and 13 3 giorni fa
Zapdos: AHHHH!!!!
Mr oof
Mr oof 3 giorni fa
Well, ash is not as strong as Minecraft steve.
GON GAMER 5 giorni fa
Man WTF did a new born walimer just F****d skitty???? Imagine delcatty with a wailord!!!
Rodrigo Dorantes
Rodrigo Dorantes 5 giorni fa
Pointing out something you have to wait until your 10 but there are preschool trainers lol
Emilio Duarte
Emilio Duarte 5 giorni fa
Emilio Duarte
Emilio Duarte 5 giorni fa
51 1:
Li Pan
Li Pan 6 giorni fa
Breaking news🧗🏻‍♀️
Spongey Nightmare 64 AdrianZCyndaquil
skitty is so cute but.... i have had it with this whole skitty on waillord acsion.... lava
Azure Santiplays Gaming
I found them all in the same place. THE BEGINNING
video maker miller
video maker miller 7 giorni fa
Dragon types have no weakness in gen one Ice type: am i a joke to you
Will McDonald
Will McDonald 7 giorni fa
1:01 is where they are thank me later
Bernice Jones
Bernice Jones 5 giorni fa
That's is What he just told us about
Maxery Animates
Maxery Animates 7 giorni fa
I found three Baster balls at 1:00
Bernice Jones
Bernice Jones 5 giorni fa
He jsut shown us Also It dosent count when he dosent show us
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 giorni fa
Found 2 :(
XxXLunarWolfXxX 7 giorni fa
Mew was discovered before Mewtwo because Mewtwo is a clone or a copy of Mew so they had to know that Mew existed before they made Mewtwo. Just facts Edit: also how the hell do you get a ferret cause what does it evolves into it cuz I want one now
Douglas Tan
Douglas Tan 8 giorni fa
No wonder I've never heard of Icicle Spear!
Anjali Jasrotia
Anjali Jasrotia 8 giorni fa
5:03 master ball in the trainer's hands
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad 8 giorni fa
Transgender exists in the Pokemon games. Evolve a female Azurill and it has a chance to turn male.
Adrian Josiah
Adrian Josiah 8 giorni fa
The song at the end dude😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gaming beast tv
Gaming beast tv 8 giorni fa
water heals 50 hp and potion heals 20 cuz, water is made by god while potions in pokemon are man made
Finn Mc
Finn Mc 9 giorni fa
The npc's that witnessed the burning towers were holding everstones
Darknessknight FIN
Darknessknight FIN 9 giorni fa
How abaut, FREAKING VENOSAUR IS 2M TALL! (Charichard is around 1,6m)
Hyena Madness777
Hyena Madness777 10 giorni fa
Found them all at 1:01
J-Dog666 Memes
J-Dog666 Memes 10 giorni fa
I have been wondering why mewtwo comes before mew in the Pokedex for like 3 years now and I'm so glad I found someone else that was also wondering that.
The EXTRA 10 giorni fa
All three of them are at the time of 1:00
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon 11 giorni fa
That beginning skit was so accurate
Jhoana Artisola
Jhoana Artisola 11 giorni fa
BambiFan#1 simply known as Malhar
luna 12 giorni fa
agha gabriel
agha gabriel 12 giorni fa
Mindy Sucks
Dustorm The Destroyer
That intro was all sorts of wrong.
XcSavvy 14 giorni fa
We not gonna talk abt how the wailmer skipped evolution and mated with a cat
toymare the best
toymare the best 11 giorni fa
Other pokemon:WTF
Nadia Blue
Nadia Blue 14 giorni fa
I think we all know what that Skitty wanted from that Wailmer. And she definitely got what she wanted!
Hudson Nichols
Hudson Nichols 14 giorni fa
Magikarp can learn hydropump
richel justiniani
richel justiniani 14 giorni fa
Masterballs: 1:00 Ez
smashmallow101 16 giorni fa
8:50 dobbs you're an idiot dragon is still weak to ice
Huma Hmar
Huma Hmar 16 giorni fa
Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm there is a 3 master ball
hanna the werewolf
hanna the werewolf 17 giorni fa
Did Anyone Actually Find ALL Of The Master Balls?
Ciaran Brogan
Ciaran Brogan 17 giorni fa
Found Em
Redpar45 -
Redpar45 - 17 giorni fa
The reason elgyem can learn steel wing is because it’s tm 51 like area 51
Austin Buckland
Austin Buckland 17 giorni fa
I found them all at 1 minute
Aarondaduck Gaming
Aarondaduck Gaming 18 giorni fa
Mewtwo can’t learn fly
Janine Kelly
Janine Kelly 19 giorni fa
I love furrets to
Tyrone YT
Tyrone YT 19 giorni fa
9:06 Charizard:??????????????
Mettaton’s Agent
Mettaton’s Agent 19 giorni fa
Elgyem and Beheyem learn steel wing because it’s TM 51
Andrew Crutchfield
Andrew Crutchfield 19 giorni fa
I found a master ball
Chiyoko Frost
Chiyoko Frost 19 giorni fa
1:02 all of the master balls
Everytime I think of pokemon x.d. I think of it being pokemon XD... is that game really that funny?
Globby78 20 giorni fa
5:31 it’s also a genderless Pokémon so it doesn’t even do anything
Ryan Bowman
Ryan Bowman 20 giorni fa
Listening to Dobbs speak, all I hear is Rick from Rick & Morty
Don’t ask me why I don’t have profile pic
I put this on my ringtone just so u know 9:07
Ieuam banta
Ieuam banta 20 giorni fa
They are so cute 9:04
Titanus Snakey Productions
Rattata is based of a mouse. RATtata is a MOUSE
Karen Ploch
Karen Ploch 20 giorni fa
Roby Gunawan
Roby Gunawan 21 giorno fa
tha opening egg is a wailmer not a warlod
Lets Get Me Started
Lets Get Me Started 21 giorno fa
That theme is for chases
That Shuckle Guy
That Shuckle Guy 21 giorno fa
I found all three master balls click for answer
That Shuckle Guy
That Shuckle Guy 21 giorno fa
Just go to 1:00
Dark shiney Umbrion
Dark shiney Umbrion 21 giorno fa
The fact that I hachet over 2000 litten eggs and didn't find a shiney litten
Milky Lumi
Milky Lumi 21 giorno fa
Ok can you explain me how a pokemon with every single type will be *inmune* to steel?
Kelly Henderson
Kelly Henderson 21 giorno fa
Found Them all (joke) at 1:00
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