6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person

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17 nov 2019




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Commenti 80
Ash ja
Ash ja 5 minuti fa
This was so stereotypical
Amanda Vasconcelos
This is the first one i was routing for the liar lol
Kyana M
Kyana M 10 ore fa
Elizabeth just dancing and being amused is everything
Jake Schatzberg
Jake Schatzberg 10 ore fa
This is just live action Danganronpa
Ava Shirk
Ava Shirk 10 ore fa
did anyone else realize that they said "we brought together 7 white people" even though one is black
galatic captain
galatic captain 13 ore fa
Elizabeth sounds like Selena gomez
Badger Destroyer inc.
This person isn’t even black. Completely culturally white in every way.
Sina Janekeh
Sina Janekeh 15 ore fa
me: see's the title *confusion*
Flopadas 18 ore fa
Só eu não gostei desse vídeo? Tipo, são várias pessoas colocando um padrão de quem o porquê a pessoa não seria negra e sim "branca", dando qualquer motivo para eliminar a outra pessoa, pelo simples fato dela gostar de algo, por conta do seu nome e n coisas... Pra mim não exatamente o que falaram nos comentários: 6 pessoas tentando não serem racistas por 12 minutos
ShadowWolf_SCK 18 ore fa
Mariah angered me idk why
Luca Light
Luca Light 19 ore fa
Hold up is Cody in a different odd man out video?
Fabaa Faba
Fabaa Faba 20 ore fa
Is #2 the same guy who was so bored by the 16 vs 6 blonde girl on crutches
Jaxon Spooner
Jaxon Spooner 20 ore fa
Man I had no idea who it was gonna be
chukee boi
chukee boi Giorno fa
“My race is human” Whitest thing he could possibly say
Elijah Solo
Elijah Solo Giorno fa
This would be easy just tell them to say the n word
Baby Mochi
Baby Mochi Giorno fa
The police: isn't she the one who got a lot of money? Let's not chase her anymore 👁👄👁
Augustin Gervasio
She said she is black then he said one is a lair... So one of the white guys is just Asian or something.
cheeesonator Giorno fa
Okay but Mariah is not white white. She’s a light skinned something.
Orian and DJ Playz
this is so funny 😂 just watching them guess plus Elizabeth the vouce was so good
Rodrifire 19
Rodrifire 19 Giorno fa
They speak portuguese obrigado
Thomas Mack
Thomas Mack Giorno fa
Man, Elizabeth really felt that car one.
Franck James
Franck James Giorno fa
Strange concept for me but I guess this is how USA teach their citizen how to think
Allegra Chauvet
Allegra Chauvet Giorno fa
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cat lady-ish
cat lady-ish Giorno fa
lol they’re trying so hard not to be somewhat offensive
Milo Giorno fa
Hot Chelle Rae! not Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elizabeth! XD
OofAndDoof Giorno fa
Arabs traded Africans to whites. Mind blown 😳 get your history in check
AlexTheGoatYT 2 giorni fa
CEO’s of White Guilt
Noah Shaw-Sanchez
Noah Shaw-Sanchez 2 giorni fa
10:12 yeah, that’s how numbers work
Xavier Korir
Xavier Korir 2 giorni fa
Do it with black peeps and 1 white peep
Idzi eS
Idzi eS 2 giorni fa
They shouldn’t have said who the black person is. Imagine we would have to guess for ourselves.
Idzi eS
Idzi eS 15 ore fa
@Maximus Craig Exactly, we can, but they still have a need to tell us at the beginning. I find it funny and was being sarcastic.
Maximus Craig
Maximus Craig 2 giorni fa
how would we have to guess? we can literally see who's white and who's black
C-J Salvatore
C-J Salvatore 2 giorni fa
Mariah isn't white
KIRBY WITH NO BRIM 2 giorni fa
Well she ain't black either.
X D 2 giorni fa
i am white i am white i am white i am white i am white i am white i am black one is a liar so who's the liar 😂
Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis 2 giorni fa
I mean, does Elizabeth REALLY need to be blindfolded?
Stefan Mihajlovski
Stefan Mihajlovski 2 giorni fa
you can literally peak between the nose and the blindfold this has to be rigged hahahahaha
When Elizabeth said "That's crazy!" I was sure she had given herself away. -.-
Abdullah Mansoor
Abdullah Mansoor 2 giorni fa
I figured it out under 2 minutes.
Omar Jaramillo
Omar Jaramillo 2 giorni fa
Elizabeth is adorably cute :)
Arno Zela
Arno Zela 2 giorni fa
„My goal was to be as white as possible“ Ok
Sunflower Boy
Sunflower Boy 2 giorni fa
didn’t know they could lie to save themselves 👁👄👁
stansvt08 gettingcloser
Brandon "come on look at me" omg wtf a racist
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson 2 giorni fa
Black panther if watch you black
Nathan 2 giorni fa
I saw this on my recommendations and thought, “this is gonna racist quick
damilola ogunjimi
damilola ogunjimi 2 giorni fa
See what they said about the police ? White people know these things they just look away 😂😂
shree711 2 giorni fa
They should have thrown some foreign accents in like French or British just to confuse people.
mahbi mb
mahbi mb 3 giorni fa
He speak portuguese, omg hahahaha
Harsha Paladugu
Harsha Paladugu 3 giorni fa
You should do all black people blindfolded but tell them there’s only 1 black person and the rest are white
Pussy K mana
Pussy K mana 3 giorni fa
10:07 wtf the don't see u lol
Excuse me what??
Excuse me what?? 3 giorni fa
this was hard to watch bc nobody can say anything cause they’re scared to be called racist🙄
casey eidson
casey eidson 3 giorni fa
none of them knew how to stand properly
Dylan Yearl - Football
next episode "6 real people 1 secret alien"
Iraadha Adam
Iraadha Adam 3 giorni fa
Why blindfold the black ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯
itssgalactix 3 giorni fa
mariah was speaking fax the whole way
Isabellaarist e.
Isabellaarist e. 3 giorni fa
Yesss we love Mariah
XXJDPLAYS1226 3 giorni fa
“My tactic was to act as white as possible” *can you define that?*
The Pope of the Church of Tea
Top 10 videos that aged poorly in under a year
crazy life of rabbits
Can people stop talking about racism and enjoy the video smh
crazy life of rabbits
"My race is human" i like that
BEM 4 giorni fa
This is the stupidest episode.
Emma William
Emma William 4 giorni fa
The title is kinda racist!
Bruh Brandon is basically luke from ltt
Damn Austin Evans got tattoos?
VEEloved VEEtches
VEEloved VEEtches 4 giorni fa
I feel like this is a racist thing
Bradley Langford
Bradley Langford 4 giorni fa
i recognise cody from somewhere ?
Lonliest HCF
Lonliest HCF 4 giorni fa
“I am black” “one of them is a lie”
cosmobius 4 giorni fa
Brandon is cute
Kyle Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd 4 giorni fa
i knew it was elizabeth from the start because i saw that she was black
Guadalupe Achával Collazos
Erin: Sour patch kids aren't vegan. Some Months later and Brandon found out they were vegan 😂
Jessika Does it
Jessika Does it 4 giorni fa
Ryan kind of looks like Michael Cera
julan ayco
julan ayco 4 giorni fa
"My race is human.", YES BOI alsooo i think we all collectively agree that Elizabeth must be protected at all costs
Raw Jew
Raw Jew 2 giorni fa
thank you for that great comment broski lol
Alexandra Horwood
Alexandra Horwood 4 giorni fa
Brandon: I swear if you put your hands up for me- **several hands go up**
Turo Salmela
Turo Salmela 4 giorni fa
"My race is human" that one hit
Aja Owens
Aja Owens 4 giorni fa
11:15 😂😂
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena 4 giorni fa
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena 4 giorni fa
10:07 LOL
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena 4 giorni fa
3:51 omg she's so smart.......
LordFarquadsmemecollection 69
Is it just me or does Brandon look like young Chris prat
Dragondave17 5 giorni fa
9:00 oof, that sucks
Luís Araújo
Luís Araújo 5 giorni fa
Elizabeth has a little black accent...I could tell from the beginning
hana sall
hana sall 5 giorni fa
no way, it was elizebeth!!!! damnnn never expected that
Daniel Takawi
Daniel Takawi 5 giorni fa
What they were looking for here is black culture, but a black person does not necessarily have to grow up in black culture. A person with black skin can be white, and vice versa.
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