A Day in the Life of a Pet Raccoon

Tito The Raccoon
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This is Tito The Raccoon's typical day. He starts out with a quick walk around the block followed by some training. Its important for him to learn how to perform tricks and listen to my commands. After training he gets to go and play with his ferret friends. Listen to all the cute and funny raccoon and ferret noises! Finally, he has dinner and then goes to bed!
This was one of my most frequently requested videos. Ive been frequently asked (FAQ) to create a video showing Titos day to day life. The ferrets are part of Titos day to day routine as well!
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Damon Liu
Damon Liu 6 ore fa
There's this raccoon in my yard, and it's been there for a few days maybe. It sometimes leaves, but always comes back to eat our plants and the food we give it. My brother said, "come here" and it walked toward us, but it'll be long until we can befriend it.
Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell
Racoons are such destructive animals tho 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ poor ferrets
Wood Kangaroo
Wood Kangaroo 18 ore fa
Let go
Royal Indigo
Royal Indigo Giorno fa
Gabriel Palummieri
Raccoons are just cats with the minds of dogs
The Names Yolku
The Names Yolku Giorno fa
i want domesticated racoons
Chico Giorno fa
1:40 He's like *Fuck this shit im out*
Alex Ko
Alex Ko 2 giorni fa
Actually it kinda changed the way that I see raccoon now
Marco Macedo
Marco Macedo 2 giorni fa
What a cute trash panda 😭 they may be rodents but raising one the right way, I know they are harmless
Jonathan Malvin
Jonathan Malvin 2 giorni fa
take my money! i really want of those
Danny Girl
Danny Girl 2 giorni fa
I love all sorts of animals God's amazing creatures, good for you for taking care of him.
klikitz smith
klikitz smith 3 giorni fa
those ferrets are loving life
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips 3 giorni fa
Burn it
Friendika Alif
Friendika Alif 4 giorni fa
I taught a wild raccoon how to ride bike Now i go to college on foot
taraclarissa 4 giorni fa
He seems like a really good pet owner. I had 1 ferret and he kept me so busy. I don't know how this guy does it!
Mark Guan
Mark Guan 4 giorni fa
y does it look so fat?
Keith 2006
Keith 2006 4 giorni fa
Raccooneggs would be proud
Xristos Xatziantonis
He looking kinda thicc
BigDaddyCool42 5 giorni fa
Looks like you are forcing this animal to do things you want. Probably because you think it makes you cool. Reporting this as animal abuse
SaintMUSIC Giorno fa
Is it any different than an average ferret or cat? Just cause it’s not my normal doesn’t make it abuse
DEAGLE 5 giorni fa
Is fat i needs more exersice
therealandylee 5 giorni fa
Takes your raccoon out for a walk, *WALKS THE MOTHERFUCKER YOURSELF*
Sydical 6 giorni fa
Watch out! There's a masked criminal in your home!
W 6 giorni fa
I would have no patience for trying to get him to go on a walk
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 6 giorni fa
There not a big fan of walks, but it’s good for their health *literally just Carrying it*
Little Things
Little Things 6 giorni fa
Elmar Panza
Elmar Panza 6 giorni fa
is that rocket?
Key Kat
Key Kat 6 giorni fa
I think its clear he likes to eat bananas
Min h
Min h 7 giorni fa
He's getting obesse
TelsaWolverine -
TelsaWolverine - 7 giorni fa
Gimme gimme gimme gimme
CharlieChalk 7 giorni fa
raccoon eggs?
Weird looking chicken
Royal Yang
Royal Yang 7 giorni fa
So cute😍
Royal Yang
Royal Yang 7 giorni fa
Soooo cute😍🤣🤣🤣
Enzo Scrève
Enzo Scrève 7 giorni fa
Imagine wasting so much fockin' water
Only Breezy
Only Breezy 7 giorni fa
ah yes, the serotonin is here
serene rahayu
serene rahayu 7 giorni fa
My landlord has one and i dont get it??? I live in southeast asia how come racoons got here????
NidgeDFX 8 giorni fa
this is awesome.
Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall 8 giorni fa
Just a SHARED THOUGHT: I am Sure that if you Get Your Pet Raccoon a BODY HARNESS...Like the Kind People Use on Dogs...Instead of your Placing a Thin Leash around his Mid-Section....then Tito Would Feel Way More Safer when Venturing Out on the Street. You can Even buy a Harness that has a HANDLE on it...So your Pet can be PICKED UP by a Handle ...located Safely.... in the MId of the Back where the Handle is Placed....in case of a Quick Emergency ...the Animal can be picked up and taken out of the Way. It was hard to Watch you use a Thin Leash and Wrap it around your Bigger Sized Raccoon....knowing that his True Safety & Especially his Comfort was Not being taken into Account. ***Okay...Thank you for Sharing this Video. ***God bless you and your Precious Tito...and Our Family Hopes You Get Him the BEST Body Harness That Tito Will Enjoy to use on his Walks !
Amanda N
Amanda N 9 giorni fa
Your garbage cat is very cute. A little wacky, but overall a good man.
Amanda N
Amanda N 9 giorni fa
Also your long hamsters are very spunky and very energetic. They look like they have a lot of fun!
WAW Network
WAW Network 9 giorni fa
Dude is smart lol he knows that if he goes for the walk you’ll feed him food if he just stays still and remain calm. Lol that’s why he acts nuts through out the day lol
Yourdaily dragon
Yourdaily dragon 9 giorni fa
Nice cat you got there
Migue Puente
Migue Puente 9 giorni fa
Appreciate how he blurred the raccoon dong hahahaaahhahaha
XIASWORLD 10 giorni fa
Rocket blink two times if you're being help captive!
MarkOfTheNorth 10 giorni fa
I was looking for videos on how to exterminate these varmints
nahshon white
nahshon white 10 giorni fa
Lol let Rocket go lol
Lisa Guerro
Lisa Guerro 10 giorni fa
Tito is walking you bud...
Kevin 10 giorni fa
raccoons are like dogs, but with hands that have fingers
Philip Cariño
Philip Cariño 10 giorni fa
You can keep them as pets?
JJ Jetterson
JJ Jetterson 10 giorni fa
That’s cute
darrin st.amand
darrin st.amand 11 giorni fa
I love animals especially reptiles I am a furry :3
Paul Blart
Paul Blart 11 giorni fa
Nooo you cant have a pet raccoon you get diseases Haha raccoon go brrrrr
M.A 11 giorni fa
you dont need anything to be happy in life except a racoon and some furret
Hafizh Yoanta
Hafizh Yoanta 11 giorni fa
10:27 Rocket and Groot.
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez 11 giorni fa
You should have named him Rocket haha... Anyway take care of Tito, he´s a special raccoon.
Miles Yum
Miles Yum 11 giorni fa
Tito sits BLOB
Djole 06
Djole 06 12 giorni fa
I also want racoon where to get one???
Sikko MaMi
Sikko MaMi 12 giorni fa
landon. 12 giorni fa
hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, GOOD BOI
Zack ز
Zack ز 12 giorni fa
You waksted lots of water that bothers me
DeMarcus 13 giorni fa
She’s gotta catch em all
Frightened Skillet
Frightened Skillet 13 giorni fa
He wants to teach him how to solve rubicks cubes in order to increase his already growing intelligence
Natasha Letourneau
Natasha Letourneau 13 giorni fa
I can’t believe how smart they are
Charlie Dallachie
Charlie Dallachie 13 giorni fa
I’d get one and name him rabbit
SaintMUSIC Giorno fa
I wanna get one and name it cheeto
Cortax 14 giorni fa
Even the raccoon tryna wash his hand during quarantine
Zo Marasigan
Zo Marasigan 14 giorni fa
*Insert hooked on a feeling song*
JUDAS DA SNITCH 14 giorni fa
Very weird my friend!
Carlos Martin
Carlos Martin 15 giorni fa
Aren’t raccoons nocturnal? Has he seen another raccoon in the wild? I think they are pretty fascinating animals, they wreck havoc on a couple of my properties but they still bring a joy to my heart just because they are so damn smart/creative.
Darryl Joudrey
Darryl Joudrey 15 giorni fa
Why do guests always check the medicine cabinet?
Egwuekwe Chima
Egwuekwe Chima 15 giorni fa
So .......the raccon was walking its human
G_dunn82** 15 giorni fa
All I see is a feline orangutan
Eva Jackson
Eva Jackson 15 giorni fa
Awww! Your raccoon is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
broward county
broward county 15 giorni fa
Cutest video ever
OA 15 giorni fa
5:08 I have no clue what he’s doing there but it’s adorable
theislandguy 16 giorni fa
4:30 Boi he thick!
Gamer Lexy
Gamer Lexy 16 giorni fa
Probably not possible but you should teach him to solve it
luiz gutierrez
luiz gutierrez 16 giorni fa
No one cares
DeepVibes 12 giorni fa
Clearly you were interested enough to click on the video
Joris de Bruin
Joris de Bruin 16 giorni fa
1 year later and I really want to know if he is able to solve the cube! Haven't watched any other video's of the channel yet.
Cat Merchant
Cat Merchant 17 giorni fa
Tito is such a sweetheart! I love him!!!
Friendly Fish
Friendly Fish 17 giorni fa
I bet I could guess why your pet would be fat
SIMPLE SPIN 17 giorni fa
I knew a guy that had dozens of them, he told me he never raised a single one past 5 years that didn't get mean..You might get lucky and have him 4 years, that's it..I'd be surprised past 4...There's something in them the guy said where they reach an age where they want to roam and find mates etc. Good luck. I had a baby as a kid named Mapache' Spanish for raccoon..Good luck!!
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