A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - itvid.net/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - itvid.net/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - itvid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - itvid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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Commenti 54 509
Samillianna 2 ore fa
I am exactly a 32 year old lady!!!
S K 2 ore fa
Omg I love their bedroom set. Anyone know where it's from??
kitt 2 ore fa
Mentioning nb folk! I love you!
sof_4 3 ore fa
kizzilkum 3 ore fa
This is one of the most wonderful video I have ever seen ^)))
Megan Acton
Megan Acton 3 ore fa
Jenna is the ASPCA of plants
Tropical Garden Lover
im a man, is is it ok to watch this video? Xd
Myriam Luciano
I saw a funny video you made about braids and hair tutorials the other day it was hilarious! 💖I love your haircolor looks on you! It looks way better than the previous blonde! But of course you look pretty in both colors though! Just this darker hair color brings out your nice face features more. Beautiful! 💖
Sezamowy Pączuś
Bc of you I now went from 0 to 1 plant. I need more 😍
Haley N
Haley N 5 ore fa
Jenna, please grow a vegetable/herb garden. Sincerely, everyone.
paigey ok
paigey ok 6 ore fa
I wish I was a 32 year old lady so I could watch this video
Alison Keiser
Alison Keiser 6 ore fa
OMG, Jenna, where ever did you get that honkin' rose quartz?! Chica!
nada 7 ore fa
your house is so beautiful and the plants make it so much more amazing
VikiFedia By
VikiFedia By 7 ore fa
Привет КамедиСтор!
Boxer Girl
Boxer Girl 7 ore fa
I love how Jenna talks abt her plants like their humans 🙂❤
LadyBoss 143
LadyBoss 143 8 ore fa
This will be my virgo ass when i own my own place i already know 😂😂😂😂
Elli B
Elli B 8 ore fa
SuperMisty 9 ore fa
19:07 Name him Kensington
Courtney 9 ore fa
do a video of you dusting your whole entire house 🙂
SuperMisty 9 ore fa
2:22 Kermit looks like a disoriented stuffed animal/baby
Trevor Shingler
Hi I love this k thanks bye
SarahDawnable 9 ore fa
"Ms. Keisha" YASSSSSSS
brand woy
brand woy 9 ore fa
wait.. is your dog stoned?
awhyeahalicia 10 ore fa
Mattie Carpenter
I developed an unhealthy obsession with succulents, and then I found mountaincrestgardens.com The baby succulents they send to you are PRECIOUS. And like 4$ each. Ps. Please send help 😭
Kayla Simoneaux
Kayla Simoneaux 10 ore fa
Any tips for someone who wants a small plant in a bedroom? Any starter plants?
Antonia De La Torre
3:01 I realized this video was not for me lol
Ali V.
Ali V. 10 ore fa
Prickly Pear plants are THE BEST EVER!!! Please surrender your home to these plants, and equip them to rule the country. America could do with more environmental activists in positions of power, and who better to represent than an actual plant?
Mik G
Mik G 10 ore fa
This might be one of my very fav videos of jennas it makes me so happy and calm omg
Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann 10 ore fa
This video is beautifully shot and you, Jenna are so smart and such a good teacher! More videos of you edumacating us!
Megan 11 ore fa
You should name the palm Kenny P
Rose G
Rose G 11 ore fa
Name the palm *in Jenna’s voice* palm BEETCH
Jessica _
Jessica _ 11 ore fa
Um I'm a Virgo...
Kayore Grace
Kayore Grace 11 ore fa
I have 3 plants. I’m gonna need some more.
Sarah Marina
Sarah Marina 11 ore fa
You should do a spring/summer update when a lot of them have flowers
Pame Von Shoe
Pame Von Shoe 11 ore fa
Plant some: Cosmos, Daliah, Delphiniums, gazania, Poppy's, peony's oh man so many flowers!!!
Dawn Coffelt
Dawn Coffelt 11 ore fa
Oh Hell Yeah! You're wearing the shirt Julien bought you!!
karlee kirk
karlee kirk 11 ore fa
also 1:59 "wait... that's what that's for? are you multiplying plants?" SENT ME
karlee kirk
karlee kirk 11 ore fa
the most wholesome vegan I've ever seen
Ginger Hernandez
I LOVED this. I want to have so many plants some day.
pizzakrydder 11 ore fa
You're such a classy and knowledgeable lady, Jenna!
Brydie Ellise
Brydie Ellise 12 ore fa
wearing jeans and pastel, she's a changed woman
Elizabeth 12 ore fa
What websites did she say she used in the video? I tried checking the description and I watched the video but I must have missed them.
this is so calming to watch i love it
Default Name
Default Name 12 ore fa
@2:29 I've never seen a dog carried like a sack of groceries, but I'm gonna have to try it.
oliver 13 ore fa
I hope you grow a beautiful garden in the spring over there!! it’s currently spring and I think I’m gonna spend a few bucks on plants for my house (even though we have no room because a 7 person house with not a lot of rooms is kinda hard)
Amy Meagher
Amy Meagher 13 ore fa
Can u do a glow up video like where u go outside and do stuff. Most people go to pros but I think u should a at home glow up video maybe get James to come do ur makeup again❤️ ps I love ur channel so much
Hope Flannery
Hope Flannery 13 ore fa
I love just how much she genuinely cares about the plants. It's just so pure.
Kaylin Preston
Kaylin Preston 13 ore fa
I immediately went out and got a Pilea Involucrata and a Kalanchoe Tomentosa
Catrine York
Catrine York 14 ore fa
Doe's anyone else realize that she has a ring on her left ring finger and she's showing of her hand in the thumb nail? Just a conspiracy?
Arianna Endicott
I had two plants a few years ago: a little cactus, & a little succulent. No idea what the specific names were. I got them both at a grocery store, probably for $1 each, and they were in rough shape to begin with. Plastic flowers had been hot glued on the cactus. I set out on a journey to save them both... but they couldn't be saved. I gave up on my dreams of being a plant mom, but I watched this video a week ago and I haven't stopped thinking about hoyas. My local plant nursery just reopened for the season... I'm gonna do it.
Jacqueline Mckennitt
“What is eating you WHAT IS EATING YOU “ that was the best part lol 😂
Elise Cameron
Elise Cameron 14 ore fa
I'm a 32 year old lady, hurray house plants! How do you decide which ones are male and female and how do you name them?
Suzie Halvorson
Suzie Halvorson 14 ore fa
Jenna, can you provide a link to the first perfume plant?
Ms. Watermelon
Ms. Watermelon 15 ore fa
Oh..wait... *That's the shirt from My Boyfriend Picks My Oufits!*
MusicIrene 15 ore fa
Wholesome, positive, passionate, what's not to love? Amazing, original content Jenna
Danielle Bradley
You should name your palm tree Joshua Jackson. Part pretty boy part bad ass
Lily Couto
Lily Couto 15 ore fa
I’m 11 and I find this kind of interesting. There is something wrong w me and now I love plants and ima decorate my whole room with plants👍👍👍
Cj Sparacino
Cj Sparacino 15 ore fa
I've learned more about plants in this one video than I ever have in years of school.
Marly m
Marly m 15 ore fa
Why was this video so relaxing?? Lol
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 15 ore fa
You never cease to amaze me Jenna. You inspire me to be attempt to keep a plant alive. Perhaps I will start with a cactus.
christine gauthier
We have the logee store in Connecticut! You should go sometime jenna!
Megan Cassimatis
unrelated..... your eye makeup really goes off
Morgan  Rivett
Morgan Rivett 16 ore fa
You are the Steve Irwin of plants
Dani By Herself
Dani By Herself 16 ore fa
this is the most "32 year old lady" thing jenna has ever done..... and I LOVE IT! lolol ps. I wish i was one of jenna's plants
KT b
KT b 16 ore fa
Love this, much plant info. Calm tone
crystal s
crystal s 16 ore fa
U are just beautiful and I love ur personality since day 1
Galena Silveroak
Kentia palm... name him Jefree Star,as he's the star of your plant kingdom.
Ciddux 16 ore fa
I love how passionate you are about your plants! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and plant names with us :)
Ray Crichton
Ray Crichton 16 ore fa
non binary friends :') thank you Jenna 💕
wild fire
wild fire 16 ore fa
Wow, I really want to look after some plants now
Cat&rach 17 ore fa
Noo Jenna u just made me buy 10 plants omg whyyyy
Josefin Johansson
I think you need to get a baby asap
Faye 17 ore fa
this video is beautiful
Madi Jaye
Madi Jaye 17 ore fa
wow. a. woman.
Steph B
Steph B 17 ore fa
V E G E T A B L E GARDEN! Flex that Virgo extra gene :)
amelia ferris
amelia ferris 17 ore fa
i want to be a 32 year old women with a good enough sense of humor to name a plant mrs. kiesha
amelia ferris
amelia ferris 17 ore fa
shes wearing the pastel shirt julien got her! ha!
Daily Gacha
Daily Gacha 17 ore fa
*I'm only ×××× why u do dis to me... my mom is 34 does I count if she joins* ? *The x means private info*
Scarlett Zanchetta
I love her videos lately she is just doing what she wants to and it’s so entertaining
Leah Finley
Leah Finley 18 ore fa
Jenna is so wholesome. Jenna teach me your ways. We can hang out and talk about plants. It's now all I want in life
Melissa McNerney
Not gonna lie, I fell out of watching Jenna's videos until this one showed up in my autoplay, because ITvid knows too much about me. I'm loving domestic Jenna! So impressed by how much time, effort and knowledge she gathered to build up that house plant army. You go girl!
Rachel Surname
Rachel Surname 18 ore fa
I killed my cactus 😭
Abby Elmer
Abby Elmer 18 ore fa
Awww that’s the shirt julien got you!!
MsSpeakmymind 19 ore fa
I have never connected more with another 32 year old lady. I thought I was the only one.
olivia hingley
olivia hingley 19 ore fa
Eyebrows looking amazing jenna❤️
Нина Клименчук
You so pretty
Axlental Storm
Axlental Storm 19 ore fa
Yes please. Alllllll theeeeee plannnnntttsss
donkeygal28 19 ore fa
Wtf. I’m sorry did I just watch a Jennamarbles video and actually learn something? Who?
M's corner
M's corner 20 ore fa
Hi Jenna!! I've had a Hoya from over 30 years... yes the same one. Found out a couple of years ago that they like to be pruned a little in the spring and they like "orchid mix " blended in with regular potting mix... My girl had a bunch of flowers last July... for the first time in 30 years... Lolz!!!
Beverly Wellington
Name your next 2 Zizi plants "Zizi Top" and "Azizi Ansari"
isa 20 ore fa
5:14 the dog is me:)
Kasey McMillan
Kasey McMillan 20 ore fa
This video makes me want to buy like 700 plants😂😂😂
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor 20 ore fa
My mom is like this...giving life to the plants 😍
mery E
mery E 20 ore fa
Finely you eyebrow game is on top
Brandein Guerrero
This video was really cool I watched the whole thing.
funfuz 21 ora fa
I watched this video this morning before my aunt came over and then she gave me a begonia maculata out of the blue!
Emma Noffke
Emma Noffke 21 ora fa
get a tickle plant
M H 21 ora fa
Are you engaged?????
sarah7654 21 ora fa
I had to re-start this 4 times because I wasn't appreciating it enough.
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