AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)

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Director : David Mallet
Producer : Dione Orrom
Set Design : Peter Bingemann
Lighting Designer : Steve Nolan
Camera Supervisor : Barrie Dodd


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26 ott 2020




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rune watdefak
rune watdefak 4 minuti fa
thanks for making rock n roll still alive
Simon Bailey
Simon Bailey 17 minuti fa
Amazing. 73 years old, experimental prosthetic ear drums, and Brian sounds better than ever.
elio nicolai
elio nicolai 17 minuti fa
Shane Robins WPR
Shane Robins WPR 22 minuti fa
Love the band but today i walked into local Sanity store(CD shop) and front and center was AC/DC , Rolling Stones and Queen monopoly board games for sale. Right then i thought hell no what has rock n roll/ heavy metal come to when bands of the calibre of ones i mention have to market them selves on board games. I get it they need to make income but really there are better ways. Just my thoughts, think i need to listen to some Slayer to clear my head.
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza 44 minuti fa
Donald Trump
Dj Demon
Dj Demon Ora fa
I have been using this name for years in many things. Was it stolen from me?
SIB Kill
SIB Kill Ora fa
โคตรมันส์ 🎶🎶
oi ran
oi ran Ora fa
愛すべきマンネリバンドである 日本ではスモールジャパンと揶揄され知名度がないとされてるが、そんな事はどーでもいい、AC/DCの音は聞いててとても気分が良いからだ^^ タテノリのリズムはそーゆーモンだ♪ マドンナとシンディ・ローパーを例に挙げても、世の中のアーティストが時代の音に変化しないと淘汰され消えて逝くように あのマイケル・ジャクソンですら時代に合わせて音楽を作ってきた しかしAC/DCは初期から2020年まで一貫して同じ音楽だwwwwwww これはスゴイ事で、時代の音に合わせないとほぼアーティストは消えてしまうのにAC/DCは消えなかったのだから 古臭い音だと中傷されてもやり続ける=継続は力なり イギリスとアメリカを合わせると活動期間内に置いてメインチャートで4枚のアルバム1位を獲得してる 人間は環境の変化を嫌うくせに、こと音楽に対しては時代の音じゃないと中傷揶揄する白痴な生き物である ファッションも車もそーだが、時代は回ってくる角ばった車が丸くなり・・そしてまた角ばる お婆さんみたいな服装が今若者に現在流行してるもの正にソレ 時代に追い越され、時を経て時代がAC/DCに追いつく・・AC/DCはそーゆーバンド 愛すべきマンネリバンドだ
Scorpius Abrasax
how on earth are these guys still doing this!? Do not let the lesson be lost on you, if you set yourself to it and "stay on target" you can do very big things. Thanks to AC/DC for a fantastic role model.
Cool Good Boy
WWE Survivor Series 2020 Theme Song “Shot in The Dark” is indeed an awesome WAR song 💥
Jahdale Entertainment
This performance is on fire they had to get reviewed.
Buttkiss 05
Buttkiss 05 3 ore fa
I know that Bon Scott was a huge part of AC/DC, but I've lways liked Brian better. Hes been with the band for 40 years now and is still giving a good performance. Bon Scott still has my respect but I'll take Brian Johnson
Cookie Monster
Some youngster edited this
Huxe 3 ore fa
I find's super, is der klassische ACDC Sound den jeder mog..., "für'n rest sog i, schleich'ts eich"
Martin Ortiz
Martin Ortiz 3 ore fa
Good for Brian j.
Martin Ortiz
Martin Ortiz 3 ore fa
Good for Brian j.
Ronnie Smith
Ronnie Smith 3 ore fa
I need a pick-me-up, a rollin' thunder truck I need a shot of you That tattooed lady wild like a mountain ride I got a hunger, that’s the lovin' truth [Pre-Chorus] You got a long night comin' And a long night pumpin’ You got the right position The heat of transmission [Chorus] A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark Yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah [Verse 2] Blasting on the radio, breaking on the TV show Send it out on all the wires And if I didn't know any better, your mission is to party 'Til the broad daylight [Pre-Chorus] You got a long night comin' And a long night goin' You got the right position The heat of transmission [Chorus] A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark Yeah, еlectric spark A shot in the dark beats a walk in thе park, yeah [Bridge] My mission is to hit ignition [Chorus] A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark, Yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah A shot in the dark Ooh, a shot in the dark A shot in the dark A shot in the dark A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah
jason guimond
jason guimond 4 ore fa
Shit slaps
MIKE BORGIA 4 ore fa
Always consistent and still have the magic! It’s not their best record but still has its moments. #acdc
Topete 4 ore fa
Camila Teixeira
Não vejo a hora de ter turne 😍
BADA BING 4 ore fa
Smiles all over my stupid face!!!!!
Eric Gilbert
Eric Gilbert 5 ore fa
Perfection in a few chords....
Jim Barnett
Jim Barnett 5 ore fa
AC/DC greatest band of all time not even close
Fausto Epis
Fausto Epis 6 ore fa
AC/DC VAN HALEN for me number one w rock fuck rap
Renato Mejia
Renato Mejia 6 ore fa
Treva Smith
Treva Smith 6 ore fa
So fucking happy the guys are back and better than ever!!! AC/DC FOR LIFE!!!
Henry Simon
Henry Simon 7 ore fa
This is classic.
Tendrian que volver al argentina, ya es hora de volver, ya pasaron mas de diez años del histórico recital en river plate
Jorge Sequeira
No cabe duda, acdc los mejores
Taylor Inouye
Taylor Inouye 8 ore fa
Whoever disliked this video, you dont know what REAL music is 🙄 This kinda music is literally what defines music, especially when all the instrumentals are real, and not created by a computer AC/DC FOR LIFE!!! 🤘🤘
percy ortega
percy ortega 8 ore fa
sigo y sigo escuchándolas una y otra vez
Caroline Moreira
AC DC is backk... this is rock and roll !! it's pretty fucking awesomeee
Ibrahim Tayung abiya
Angus Young was the only original members from 1973 until now No Angus,No Ac/Dc thumbs up if you agree
Александр Дмитровский
дааааааааааааааааа блуeтььььььььььььььььь
Diverging Perspective
One word: longevity
Outdoor Shack
Outdoor Shack 9 ore fa
You can see the regret of shaking his head in Angus's eyes!
And their back boys
Sascha Dietrich
AC/DC rock our Souls....
Kevin Larsow
Kevin Larsow 9 ore fa
If yer like me and 57 years old, you've been run over by a Rock n Roll Train
Darija JV
Darija JV 9 ore fa
How old are they?😉Brian sounds better then ever!! Rock on!!!!
This is actually a classic now.
Iman Adam
Iman Adam 9 ore fa
Who else is here after watching WWE Survivor Series
Triv 72
Triv 72 9 ore fa
this sounds like nothing they've ever done before
KEFAS P 9 ore fa
W końcu normalna muzyka. ✌
lee batt
lee batt 9 ore fa
They are in their sixth decade as a band, compare this to the stones when they were in their sixth decade. In my mind there is no comparison. This band just never gets tired.
guitarplayinerd 10 ore fa
Didn't Ozzy make a song called shot in the dark? I think that one is better.
Joe Dominick
Joe Dominick 10 ore fa
Survivor series 2020 anyone?
Christian Plouffe
I love AC⚡️DC, but I think we can admit that the chorus saves this song. It makes it go from a 5/10 to a 8/10
hubert bouquet
hubert bouquet 10 ore fa
I'm 68 years old and not always shot in the dark but...
archiestone 10 ore fa
Is it just me or does the chorus sound like, "I shot the dog"?
David Hackett
David Hackett 10 ore fa
Pfizer may be working on the "shot" to battle COVID (and God Bless them for it) but AC/DC's shot is what makes me happy.
Riley Dallaire
Riley Dallaire 11 ore fa
Brian Johnson sounds better than he did in 2009, this man is aging backwards 🙌🏼🙌🏼 love to see it
Raekon Teves
Raekon Teves 11 ore fa
Quem é do Brasil da uma Curtida
dusan 88
dusan 88 12 ore fa
being an rock star is the most ungrateful, there is no retirement. People live their job and enjoy
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker 12 ore fa
The News: “Pandemic,Pandemic,Coronavirus,Coronavirus” AC/DC: “We’ve had enough of this sh*t, Have an album” 🙌🏻🔥
jr 55
jr 55 12 ore fa
Fossil rock! Represent us old geezers! These guys never disappoint.
Salvattore Vargas
Una leyenda
Lynny B.
Lynny B. 12 ore fa
Super Amazing... Like always... They still got it...How can there be so 4.6k dislikes?!?!
Aleksandr Katschalow
Come to Russia Legends, please!
omü müo
omü müo 12 ore fa
Hat das Seniorenheim wieder Betriebsausflug? 😂😂😂👍
PT H1xy
PT H1xy 12 ore fa
By far the best band that was made back in the day. And Bryans still goin on 73 years. Lets goo. You will never get old
Ja_Apa 13 ore fa
He bears a strong resemblance to donald trump.
Will C
Will C 13 ore fa
Ross Perry
Ross Perry 13 ore fa
I love there New song 👌😎. Good stuff 😃😎
Roland Rongen
Roland Rongen 13 ore fa
Shot in the dark
Wandi Ohl
Wandi Ohl 13 ore fa
Gods of rocknroll 🤘
Foam Sniper
Foam Sniper 13 ore fa
Angus young might be the most formal guitarist
Emile F
Emile F 13 ore fa
It's obvious they are now in their 40s but it's fine, the bosses still rule..
Armando Ahuatzin
Brian Johnson , Sammy Hagar and a few others are living proof that old guys can still sing and rock like a boss.
Eduardo Cordeiro
The best rock band of all time.
Eduardo Cordeiro
AC / DC, equal to themselves. Great album.
Robert Ross
Robert Ross 14 ore fa
Here is what I miss most about Bon, a master poet. He could take a common phrase, a colloquialism, and turn it into a metaphor. He excelled at it. With Brian, we get only the common phrase but no poetry. "A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park." Uh, okay. Thankfully, Angus can still carry a band like few others.
Brani 14 ore fa
Omg the song from fortnite
Emile F
Emile F 13 ore fa
Omg who cares? 😂
Bert Lubbers
Bert Lubbers 14 ore fa
Fernando José Señor Toca
Malcolm and Bon must be proud wherever they are. This song is a back to the roots and sounds like a great classic. Congrats guys
Michael DeGraw
Michael DeGraw 14 ore fa
Phil Rudd couldn't be more bored lol. Great tune.
yvan lesaulx
yvan lesaulx 14 ore fa
RoCk NoT DeAd !!!!
Great music !!!! I also mix some stuff and even made one song by myself, greet for YOU !!!
GarodahKing NDS
GarodahKing NDS 14 ore fa
How the hell did AC/DC not get nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance for the Grammy's? What a joke that "woke" BS has become.
acdcrocks67 14 ore fa
I can remember a time when no one listened to ac/dc. I have been a fan since I found a cassette copy of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in a garbage box 40 years ago.
Gabriel M Bosqueti
angus voltou a tocar???????
Moisés 15 ore fa
meu amigo é só porrada e bomba ! muito bom .
Сашка Порох
An Impressive song thanks grandfathers.
jason guimond
jason guimond 15 ore fa
This gets me so fired up 🔥
Eric Wyatt
Eric Wyatt 15 ore fa
Been listening to AC/DC for almost 40 years. This is a pretty dope song, and I feel that Brian Johnson, somehow, has saved AC/DC from extinction for the third time in his career. We all love Bon, but we need to appreciate the work Brian Johnson has done even more.
Kennedy_Pimenta 16 ore fa
Андрей Траут
gory raff
gory raff 16 ore fa
Equação de Humanas
Johnson é um monstro!!👏👏😎
Cherry Magazine
Cherry Magazine 16 ore fa
One more time! 😈🤘 the AC⚡DC FAMILY
Star_Spade XV
Star_Spade XV 17 ore fa
“Return of the Kings”
justin wu
justin wu 17 ore fa
simple music best song ever !
Андрей Скараев
Молодцы! Вечными никто не бывает.
Pedro.D Tapia.M
Pedro.D Tapia.M 17 ore fa
Говорите по-испански
Pedro.D Tapia.M
Pedro.D Tapia.M 17 ore fa
Julianto Kurniawan
Is this the new Expandables movies? 😍
Eric Nicolaisen
Eric Nicolaisen 17 ore fa
So glad these fellers came back to the stage
Troy Goodwin
Troy Goodwin 18 ore fa
So good to see Brian Johnson back as the leader. It's AC/DC, NOT Guns n AC.
haf2win 18 ore fa
This kids....is REAL music!
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