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Watch the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor celebrating Adam Sandler on CNN.com or CNNgo.
The Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize, which is named to honor one of the world’s greatest humorists, was awarded to Adam Sandler at a gala performance featuring some of the biggest names in comedy -- including Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien, Ben Stiller, Dana Carvey, Pete Davidson, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anniston, Idina Menzel, David Spade, and more -- on March 19, 2023, and aired nationally on CNN on March 26, 2023.
The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor recognizes individuals who have had an impact on American society in ways similar to the distinguished 19th-century novelist and essayist Samuel Clemens, best known as Mark Twain. As a social commentator, satirist, and creator of characters, Clemens was a fearless observer of society, who startled many while delighting and informing many more with his uncompromising perspective on social injustice and personal folly.
“Adam Sandler has entertained audiences for over three decades with his films, music, and his tenure as a fan favorite cast member on SNL,” said Kennedy Center President Deborah F. Rutter about this year’s recipient. “Adam has created characters that have made us laugh, cry, and cry from laughing. I am looking forward to a laughter-filled evening like no other as we celebrate his career at a ceremony that is sure to bring together the best in comedy.”
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DesertDawg1987 2 mesi fa
Guy tells the story of his entire career from childhood. Mentions almost everyone who ever helped him a little bit. What a guy.
Bethany Nash
Bethany Nash 2 mesi fa
So true. This is a man of true perspective. He hasn’t forgotten even a minute of how he got to where he is. That’s a special quality!!
David Floro
David Floro 2 mesi fa
And without him reading from a single note, btw. He truly hasn’t forgotten a single person who helped him achieve what he has
Fred Werza
Fred Werza 2 mesi fa
You can judge a man by how many friends he keeps and what they say about him --- contrast Adam Sandler vs. China Donnie Trump and you'll see what I mean
B L 2 mesi fa
Explain his life in a nutshell I felt like I got so much information and yet it seems so short.
NomaD Mese fa
Adam is one of those rare ones that didn't get fucked up by the industry and actually made everything go right with hard work and good values. The man deserves his fame and awards for his service as an amazing actor and comedian. He is a great role model for future generations.
niggamode Mese fa
Lol you couldn’t be more wrong
Lourds Romer
Lourds Romer Mese fa
Love this comment. Reminded me of my babysitter who wud take me on dates n one she explained, it weeds out the bad one❤❤❤so I get it how much he loves his sisters, I which family members hung on2❤for dear life, the results r great!!!!
TuckerVFX Mese fa
To be fair, people said that about bill Cosby for years 💀
fredwin Mese fa
​​​@TuckerVFXfair warning, you should never blindly idolize anyone, especially a celebrity. Also unfair to judge someone against an actual disgusting criminal just because they share the same profession.
marsbars12 Mese fa
This has got to be the most genuine, heartfelt acceptance award speech I’ve ever heard. He’s got such a presence that just sets ya at ease and sends love into the room whenever he speaks. Well deserved! ❤❤
Diego Lopes
Diego Lopes Mese fa
I can't this of a less deserving comedian to win this prize. He must be the least funny comedian in the world.
Brandon Gutierrez
​@Diego Lopes funny enough to wim the Mark Twain lol
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
Is he a hew?
Zyx Mese fa
Watch Brendan Frasers
Diego Kano Cañizares
It was really from the bottom of his heart. Maybe that is why his movies have that special charm, because of how genuine he is!!
Brittany Flores
Brittany Flores 2 mesi fa
The silent moment between Spade and Sandler spoke a million volumes. Hearing Schneider sing a reprise of Grow Old with you was tear worthy. Adam Sandler is one hell of a good guy, and everyone there knows it. Well deserved 👏
Collins Customs Services
Def choked up when Schneider sang. These guys are my heros!
shadow sama
shadow sama Mese fa
no matter how old adam sandler gets he will always look like that one 14 or 15 year old goof in basketball shorts from the neighbour who keeps playboy magazines in his closet and pranks everyone in the whole neighbourhood
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
How many of them are hews?
anthony c
anthony c Mese fa
@Collins Customs Services Rob Schneider love him (for being an antivaxxer) or hate him (for being an antivaxxer). you decide
Collins Customs Services
@anthony c his beliefs are his beliefs. 🤷‍♂️
Lauren Calderon
“So many ppl in this room make me feel good about what WE’VE done together” ugh I adore this man wth
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler Mese fa
Thanks for your continuous love and support ❤️❤️
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler Mese fa
For how long have you been a fan of mine?
V W 2 giorni fa
@Adam Sandler 😂😂😂😂
ARAM decoy
ARAM decoy 2 mesi fa
I loved it when he said, "you guys are my real friends" i really felt his emotion
Heath Edwards
​@Diego Lopes thanks for your comment it really adds so much here.
Tonez Mese fa
@Diego Lopesooh, copy pasting your responses here, getting lazy!
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Mese fa
Friends that make me money that's is lol
Nickadis 2 mesi fa
He really said the names of the people who helped him in life like they’re the most important people in the world, I love that.
Ohh 2 mesi fa
It's normal down to earth celebrities like him that give me faith in humanity that everyone can be that way if we're just given some love.
Michael Winstanley
In his eyes they are the most important people in the world.
Lew Stone
Lew Stone 2 mesi fa
None of you actually know him.
SlyFox 2 mesi fa
@Lew Stone And yet I still feel closer to him than I do to you, a person I'm actually engaging with. Sandler's attitude really is that magnetic.
Michael Winstanley
@Lew Stone and how do you know none of us have met him before
Chuck Brown
Chuck Brown Mese fa
What a super way to honor all of his friends and family. So selfless. He deserves all of the success he's achieved.
luvnliv Mese fa
What a lovely guy! And what a great acceptance speech! So eloquent. He summarized his whole life journey within 10 mins and thanked everyone who crossed his path. Well deserved recognition. Loved his movies. Admire him as a wonderful person even more 🙂
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
His speach was us hews are so awesome
Reem Ahmed
Reem Ahmed 2 mesi fa
I cried when he was talking about his family's support. He sounds so so grateful. It fills my heart with joy knowing he grew up feeling so loved and so included. Will forever love this man, he's absolutely precious
Diego Lopes
Diego Lopes Mese fa
I can't this of a less deserving comedian to win this prize. He must be the least funny comedian in the world.
Delia Bustamante
❤I have always loved Adam Sandler and I love all his work! I feel he is a wonderful person and always keeps his heart open and the fact he has such old friends that are still in his life says a lot!
Tonez Mese fa
@Diego Lopessays the actual least funny comedian in the world
Jody Ritter
Jody Ritter Mese fa
@Diego Lopes curious to what age range you fall into?
Private Mese fa
@Diego Lopes man how sad is your life?
Desiree Fudali
He was so informative of how he made it to this night. He was so generous with his friends and colleagues that helped him along the way. He was so loving with his family. I enjoyed his speech.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
Or it's all lies
Rin Tintin
Rin Tintin 2 mesi fa
That strong family unit while growing up, that’s why he’s an amazing father, husband, friend and human being.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
Hews do everything they can for other hews
Ayellet Shaham
@Joe Dirt oh yeah, Chris rock is another famous “hew” 🙄
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Mese fa
That 10 sec fam
A Lad and a Dad
A Lad and a Dad 2 mesi fa
Adam Sandler is proof that you can achieve fame and fortune, and still remain grounded to your family and values. Amazing guy, well deserved award, Adam.
Robert Bernard
Robert Bernard 2 mesi fa
True observation
Drunkard Farnham
Fuck yeah.
KirbSyde 2 mesi fa
Is it?
Jason Viglione
Wow. This was terrific. So genuine and humble. He did it all for fun and to make people happy. What a gracious acceptance.
It's hard to find this level of authenticity these days, especially in Hollywood. Adam Sandler, sir, you are without a doubt one of the greats... Genuine, down to earth, loving husband and father, and someone who truly appreciates the support he's received. I couldn't think of a more deserving individual. Bravo my friend, you've earned it!
Tia Xenia
Tia Xenia 2 mesi fa
This is amazing! He calls out all his homies, just real people who helped him along the way. They all saw something special in him just the way all his fans do. He's such a mensch.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
He called out a bunch of hews?
I loved that too
Zulu 2411
Zulu 2411 Mese fa
@Joe Dirtwhy you so obsessed with Jews kid?
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Mese fa
@Zulu 2411 Ever hear of the synagogue of Satan?
ManOSteel86 Mese fa
That moment between him and his daughters was special,You can tell he was fighting back dad tears. As a dad of 3 girls I feel em😢😢😢.
Brandon Salazar
Brandon Salazar 2 mesi fa
GOAT. Awards aren't enough appreciation for all this guy's done. Much deserved
Peter Hand
Peter Hand Mese fa
Love this guy. This is why my wife and I chose "grow old with you" as our wedding song and named our cat "sandler." He's really the best
Wanderingjew 2 giorni fa
This is so cute.
B G Mese fa
I love how humble he is. He’s not like any other star.
ROJAS 2 mesi fa
What a beautiful speech, hope all kids learn from this man the way I did through life and his awesome movies! Thank you Adam for all you’ve done and keep doing 🙏
Critical 5 giorni fa
When he was talking about wanting to be a signal for the next generation I truly felt like screaming "YOU DID!" because without this man I know alot of 90's kids woulda been lost in the sauce.
Juut Mese fa
About his older brother: "(...) he made me feel like I was..." 3:47 *proof that sibling support is so important. Love this authentic beautiful man. Funny to see his nice suit is as XL as he always wears his shirts & shorts in XL. Gotta love his unique way of being himself. Surrounded by so many kind hearted people who let him believe in himself. Bravo mr. Sandler. Keep on making more feel good movies & stay healthy for a long, long time. ♥
Camila Mese fa
I love his humility. One thing i can say looking back at the decades of laughter he brought me and my family is that he always left us with a warmth and love in our hearts. Thank you, Adam. Well deserved
J Q 2 mesi fa
I don’t think I’ve heard a speech in at least 30 years in which I truly believe this person loves their wife and kids and siblings and friends. Beautiful. Give him as many awards as you want. I’ll show up to listen. ☺️
Tay McKenzie
Tay McKenzie 2 mesi fa
Agreed. The Oscars would have played the "wrap it up" music 9 minutes into his speech. Screw the Oscars. This man deserves everything. Determination and pure comedy.
TS 2 mesi fa
I concur and same!
UserMll 2 mesi fa
Wolfie1967 2 mesi fa
Well said!
KirbSyde 2 mesi fa
Will ya?
nycdontstop Mese fa
Seeing this moment makes me happy that I have been a fan all of these years. What a wonderful human being. Grateful to be part of the generation that has seen his career, and always looking forward to what is next.
Herman Munster
He deserves this for sure. Made a few lemons but 98% of his movies are wonderful and can be watched over and over again. He surrounds himself with equally funny people and they all bring out their best. CONGRATS MR. SANDLER!
This is why I love Adam and supports him in all he does! He’s not only a humbled funny guy, he’s also genuine, a true friend, and most of all a family man. You can tell her truly loves and cares for his wife and daughters. And of course his parents. This was a very WELL DESERVED AWARD. Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊 ❤
Chococraker 2 mesi fa
I feel so touched by Adam’s speech and all his friends’. I’m so happy for him for winning this award but mostly his remarkable career. True friendship, thankful and grateful people. Gratitude is what we all need. Maybe this is why their comedy can always make me laugh and touched. Please keep making movies, funny or touching, we’re all growing old with you.
Ku Egenti
Ku Egenti 2 mesi fa
The fact that all his friends showed up to this event means he is a great friend & human being. Well deserved
Lew Stone
Lew Stone 2 mesi fa
Well they have to kiss his but if they wanna keep getting parts in his horrible movies.
Samantha B
Samantha B 2 mesi fa
Some of them owe their careers to him. Keeps them working
Jeffrey Moran
Jeffrey Moran 2 mesi fa
He took everyone with him when he got fired from Saturday night live and put them in almost every movie he was in.
Grant 2 mesi fa
I think you’re romanticizing life I bit too much
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan Mese fa
Grew up watching his films. Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, Little Nicky, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, Anger Management and Click are definitely among my favourites from him and I rewatch them regularly. Cheers Adam for so many fond memories, well deserving of the award 👏
Sas4l 21 giorno fa
50 first dates, eight crazy nights, just go with it, Mr deeds we can do this forever ❤
Ashley Dunham
Whether you like his movies, music, comedy or not, he's one standup guy! Loved this.
Lynne Morse
Lynne Morse Mese fa
“Grow Old With You” makes me tear up no matter who sings or changes the lyrics. This is What can happen when u have + give unconditional love + support from childhood to adulthood. Something to aspire to (+ envy).
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler Mese fa
Thanks for your continuous love and support ❤️❤️
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler Mese fa
For how long have you been a fan of mine?
Benjamin Casey
He really is a down to earth, wonderful kind hearted human, awesome idol of a father to his girls and a respectful and loyal man to his wife. He is the best there is. We love you sandman!
Shane P
Shane P 2 mesi fa
Adam Sandler definitely deserves this. The dude been making us laugh for decades
Loving Mayberry
I think Adam must be the kind of friend who ALWAYS has your back. This was a beautiful, heartfelt, honest acceptance speech. And what an incredible, positive, supportive family he has, and i have no doubt that he is raising his daughters with just as much love. Love you Sandman! 💙
GirlofNicky 2 mesi fa
Class, humility, gratitude, love of family & friends. That is success. Standing O well-deserved.
Jen Hoegeman
Jen Hoegeman Mese fa
Even his crooked tie is endearing. So Adam, even if unintentionally. Adam, you were the star of the house when raising my (now, teenage) sons. You kept it clean (for the most part, lol), when it needed to be. My eldest, at 7, once wrote out all of the lyrics to Lunch Lady Land; misspellings, malapropisms and all. It was the only song he ever wrote out, and I still have it. (Of course, at that age, I didn’t tell him he could easily look up lyrics on Google - even though he knew by that time what Google was). You have made such a loving, humorous, and incredibly cool contribution to not only comedy but to generations of impish (but still compassionate) tweens to come. [Edit: Oh yeah, I am also a huge fan of all of your dramatic work. Punch Drunk Love is still my favorite.]
rlb2444 Mese fa
Classy, humble, kind, respectful, gentle and well deserving of the award.
Turtle 2 mesi fa
I've never been able to sit thru an acceptance speech, yet alone more than 11 minutes of it, and was able to give my full attention from the beginning to the end. That's how impactful Adam is.
Melanie Weicker
Melanie Weicker 2 mesi fa
Same!!! I never listen to these kinds of speeches yet I was completely engaged the entire time!!! 💯💯💯
Joe Zaccaris
Joe Zaccaris 2 mesi fa
I still get misty eyed listening to his Farley song --- we all need friends like Adam!
Kilamkam47 2 mesi fa
I saw 11mns and thought "yea I'm def not finishing this" , then he started talking....
Axel Henx
Axel Henx 2 mesi fa
lost me 4 a second tbh, im at 4 minutes
Not About The Clicks
I guarantee watching Jon Stewart's ceremony will fly by in comparison
Mike Mese fa
Adam and all his friends really did change comedy for the best at least in movies and skits. Grateful for him and everyone of them! Even Farley
Donna Milanowycz
Congratulations Adam!!! Such a true heartfelt emotional speech ❤️love him even more!!!
Kevin 2 mesi fa
I love this guy. So many unforgettable performances. Subtle. Nuanced. Overboard. Crazy. Funny. Sad. He's got it and done it all.
Matt Morris
Matt Morris Mese fa
The Sandman is the friend we all need, what a legend!
Thalia Amaro
Thalia Amaro 2 mesi fa
A well deserved reward. One of the best, hands down , and the fact he named every single person by first AND last name that helped him come up....we love you adam❤❤❤❤
Hunter Mainwal
Such an amazing speech, so kind, I enjoyed every second. Damn near cried lmaoo
Thy Apostle
Thy Apostle Mese fa
This is so wonderful ❤ what a fresh breath of gratitude and humility. Adam Sandler, you are a grade A+ act ❤
Lil Boss
Lil Boss 2 mesi fa
I don't think there are enough words to describe what an amazing human being he is. Simply outstanding!!!
Phebz Peters
Phebz Peters Mese fa
He's a gem 👏👏👏
A. Colleen Fray
A. Colleen Fray 2 mesi fa
Adam is an American dream come true. Man, that made me laugh and cry all at once, he’s a real gift to us all. Thanks for your hard work, laughs, and pure joy you bestowed upon us. God bless you and yours, Adam.
Kedo 2 mesi fa
Adam Sandler is that friend who would always be there to cheer you up with a laugh no matter what. He’s done that for all of us for decades. Nobody deserves this award more.
Cam Kornacki
Cam Kornacki 2 mesi fa
That story David spade told about when his family member died and Adam Sandler came to his house to cheer him up, shit had me ROLLIN
Luci S
Luci S 2 mesi fa
Native Americans would say otherwise. Google is your friend.
DIYhobby 2 mesi fa
How the hell would you know?
Teela Smith
Teela Smith Mese fa
What a heartfelt speech with a touch of humor...perfect 😀
Dimitri Caras
Hearing Sandler’s stories about his parents, brother and sisters im so not shocked that he turned out how he did the way sandler works with his friends on all of his projects just shows the love instilled into him by his family he brings out to his friends
Siobhan O'Shea
The reason I wanted a Bulldog is because I saw Meatball , I dreamt of having a dog like that and my dream came true . She , besides my children was the greatest love of my life. The stories i have heard about Adam are absolutely beautiful and Jackie is absolutely gorgeous . God bless this family always and thank you for the laughter and loveliness you bring to the world .
Andrew Green
Andrew Green 2 mesi fa
Love sandman. Remember the night he sang the Hanukkah song I was dying. And hearing him say he owes it to coming from a great family and the respect he had for his mom and dad. Helps us realize how important it is for this next generation to give them a loving home.
San Jo
San Jo Mese fa
He is so underrated. I always thought he made great and funny movies
mermaidofaloha 2 mesi fa
Thanks for a lifetime of laughs. This award show brought back so many memories. I never realized how much you made me laugh, helped me through decades of life & was there for all of it, with me, hysterically encouraging me on. I'm watching old clips with tears of joy. I♥️U. This 60 year old retired teacher with heart problems, homeless 18 months, sitting in my truck in the rain laughing & reminiscing thanks to you. Big love from this Kauai jew.♥️ I'd love an extra part in your next movie. I did acting as a kid in Hollywood. L'Chaim~ here's to life.✡️♥️🕎
mcnasty Mese fa
I love the fact that adams family means the world to him. They are what matters. His wife is beautiful too
edmi edmi
edmi edmi Mese fa
Great heartfelt acceptance speech thanking everyone from family to everyone throughout his career....congrats Adam, well deserved!! 👏👏👏👏
Sunflower Meditations
I grew up watching his movies and they always cheer me up in adulthood too. He’s so genuine and that’s why people love him.
James Greenbaum
One of the MOST incredible comedic talents who defines the meaning of humility, family, friendship and gratitude. Adam Sandler continues to inspire while making us laugh.
Someguy Yup
Someguy Yup Mese fa
I grew up watching him in the 90s. The man has always been awesome. I remember my dad owning one of his albums back in the day lol. Now my kids watch or hear him in hotel Transylvania. A legend. A great man. A great father. A true inspiration.
Andrew Strom
Andrew Strom 2 mesi fa
PARENTS! Listen to this, hear this message. I grew up in a place where everyone told kids they would never make it, and rarely did many of us try, but hearing this inspiration by Sandler proves what a little positivety and encouragement can do for someone!
Dondadda1 Mese fa
Yeah man My dads like that
mskidi Mese fa
It helps greatly if you are Jew ish trying to make it in showbiz. If you arent, positivety and encouragement might not take you as far as Adam Sandler went.
Andrew Strom
Andrew Strom Mese fa
@mskidi I'm honestly just talking about positive reinforcement, from parent to child, here. Not trying to play the race game.
Izzy Mese fa
What great man. I always loved Adam Sandler and his movies. I grew up watching this man's movies and they always made me happy. He deserves this award and so much more!!! ❤
Is there anyone else out there who is so effortlessly LOVED by everyone? Thinking on it, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say a bad word about him, or that they didn't like him....how could you not like him, honestly?
lll Trac
lll Trac Mese fa
Adam Sandler, Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman.
Juan Carlos Núñez F
He deserves all the best. His kindness and honest humor has brought so much joy to the world. When my dad passed away me and my mom were completely heartbroken and one of the things that helped us keep going were Adam's movies, despite the pain we felt we could sit together and laugh and get back some of the joy life had taken away from us. For that I'll be forever thankful. Adam is a good friend to millions of people. Sandman, you Rock, brother!! 💙
Benjamin A McCarty
Well deserved to a very grateful man! The way he speaks @ his Mom, Wife, Kids, Siblings is VERY SINCERE! God Bless you Adam Sandler and to many more movies!
Sumwear777 Mese fa
There's a guy that is incredibly grateful for everyone and everything in his life. God bless you, Adam.
Tony Maselli
Tony Maselli 2 mesi fa
so humble, generous and has shared his talents with the world. forever grateful for this guy's comedic rise coinciding with my childhood years into adulthood. now i watch his movies with my kids and it blows my mind.
Clyde The Bulldog
This dude is unreal. He is the ultimate friend. Almost everything he does, he incorporates them damn near every time!!!!! He deserves everything he has received and then some. Congrats, Adam
Lew Stone
Lew Stone 2 mesi fa
Clyde the Bot
Veronica Calloway
And so much more!
Clyde The Bulldog
@Lew Stone Lew the Taint
Juice  Willis
Juice Willis 2 mesi fa
Cool story, but what work has he done to deserve a Mark Twain award?
Jake_Fitness Mese fa
I love when he laughs at his own jokes. He’s my favorite ever.
zingger896 Mese fa
Adam is awesome! Him and his close friends are so fun.
El Chico
El Chico Mese fa
This guy is one in a lifetime! Such a genuine gentle soul. I could only dream to have such character. God bless him and his family!
Imelda Torres
Adam you earned this award u've worked hard and u're such a great person. U're so real and humble even after all ur success you stay humble that's a beautiful thing.
Andre Gordon
Andre Gordon 2 mesi fa
The man literally embodies the phrase “never forget where you came from”
Surresh Guhan
Damn just listening abt his life nade me tear up. Its true what he says. The movies i grew up with like grown ups etc were all movies me and friends loved. He wanted to create movies that he enjoyed watching as youth for the future generation of youths and he did just that. Thanks Adam Sandler. He was a big part of my childhood and movies like Mr Deeds, Anger Management and Click really made up my childhood. We all appreciate you Adam. You really were that guy when we were growing up. Mission accomplished.
Adam Beyl
Adam Beyl 5 ore fa
His comedy has been a soundtrack to my life. I've been a fan since the first album. Almost 30 years.
Eg International
There is something special with Adam. He can make you think, feel, laugh and cry same time. Happy to be alive same time with him.
Oussama Dinia
Just amazing. Top 3 actor of all times for me. The goofy style of his roles makes just want to relax and enjoy the moment. And then this talk and well deserved award. Congratulations to him. So cool.
Mati 2 mesi fa
He seems such a simple, humble and cool man, and he is hilarious. Well deserved award
mskidi Mese fa
Why wouldnt he be humble? Is there anything special about him? He is a Hollywood comic, not Dostoevsky
Gregory Tindal
Gregory Tindal 2 mesi fa
I actually teared up a little. People can say what they will about Sandler but he really really cares about the people around him. Just watching his movies over the years you can see that if you were friends with Sandler, he took care of you.
Lisa Cagle
Lisa Cagle 2 mesi fa
I too teared up. He's just special!!
Matt Lahey
Matt Lahey 2 mesi fa
I met him when he was filming Mr Deeds in CT. He was very down to earth and chill. He's got the best job in the world. He gets to make whatever movie he wants with all his friends. Who wouldn't want to be able to do b that for a living?
Miles Mayhem
Miles Mayhem 2 mesi fa
I bawled for four hours uncontrollably, after watching this.
Gregory Tindal
Gregory Tindal 2 mesi fa
@Miles Mayhem That's a little bit excessive, are you doing ok?
Daniel P
Daniel P 2 mesi fa
I always noticed this, there are those comedians that stick together. The news/late night comedy shows are tight knit like that too...but no one took care of his friends like this guy did through his own company.
Liza Villalta
Only him!! Only he can end it about the award like that 😂❤
Jlainez602 Mese fa
That was amazing, the whole show was a cultural roller coaster of the times and great comedic memories. A true renaissance man.
Kryxys 2 mesi fa
I loved Adam before I even saw a movie. He got me with the audio. I knew then how amazingly funny he was. I saw his movies later and then only made me love him more. But one day I stumbled upon, "Reign Over Me". I knew then he was a master. He was one of the very few greats we get in our lifetime. This amazing man has made me laugh, made me sing, and make me cry. I can't think of anybody more deserving of this award. Mr. Adam, I wish you were my friend. Not because I think it would get me into a movie or make me anything. But because you are so sincere. Anybody lucky enough to call you friend is lucky beyond any words because I sadly have never known friendship as you give. My entire family loves you.
Cori Morganson
ITS ABOUT TIME. I can't think of anyone more deserving. Love ya Adam. Keep us in stitches. ❤😊
Muhsin Jega
Muhsin Jega Mese fa
Adam's life is an example of how a good family unit helps shape you to your adulthood
James David
James David 2 mesi fa
So humble damn, to recognize that people were building him up even though he wasn't actually the best. And how that turned into determination, hard work and never taking no for an answer. Good on Adam..
beyonder 2 mesi fa
It occurs to me after seeing this that being humble is easy if everyone around you is always telling you that you're the best. Now imagine growing up and no one tells you anything supportive or positive so you have to constantly repeat openly how good you are....and then being called conceited for it.
Honestabe_9 2 mesi fa
Both are deep, but you know what’s even better… Objectively, if you can, getting SO GOOD at something/something’s in silence and then eventually you can’t be ignored… People will then eventually thank/praise you for it once they find out
Maverick33 guy
Maverick33 guy 2 mesi fa
@beyonder You're either humble or you're not dude...it's a trait not everyone has...supported or not
Cub 2 mesi fa
TimeWillTell Mese fa
as rich as he is, hes down to earth and he is real. Love the guy
Noah Daugherty
What a one of a kind man. He will always be a legend.
Thomas Schuldt
literally one of the most fun guys in the world, loved most of hes movies.
Jon H
Jon H 20 giorni fa
We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Adam
Ariyana delao
This building is filled with true and talented actors and they’re all their to support him 😢
Aly 2 mesi fa
What a perfect acceptance speech. Adam is such a stand up guy (no pun intended) and has been making people laugh for decades. It makes my heart so happy to see him get this recognition and love that he is so deserving of!
Mike Hochwald
Mike Hochwald 2 mesi fa
Me too!
Mr Hood
Mr Hood 16 giorni fa
Adam has always been a favorite and he deserves all that is good in this world
Jeremy Griffith
Love Adam. We all need more friends like him.
Chris C
Chris C Mese fa
I laughed, I cried. What a great speech. I wouldn't even call myself a big Adam Sandler fan, but when I think about it, I realise how much he has given to me and my family. Sitting with friends laughing, watching Punch Drunk Love and learning something about myself. Thanks, Adam for putting it out there and being a small part of so many lives. Bravo.
Stephan Van der merwe
Always struck me how he has many of the same cats in his movies. His loyalty and humbleness sure came through in that speech. Top man 👏👏
Al Da
Al Da Mese fa
this guy is a MASTERPIECE
PV 2 mesi fa
It takes an entire life to make two good friends and he has a dozen of them vouching for him and his character..that’s truly inspirational..
Rogemille Castillo
More like three dozen. He's just loved by everyone around him.
Danielle Boudrot
He is such a huge part of all of our lives ..He has given us so much laughter through the years , I only hope we get to enjoy more of his undeniable talent !!
greetadamsandler @ gmail com
Hello, the best things in this world cannot be seen or touched but can only be felt with the heart. Thank you for all the love and support showered on me. Please write me on the address above to stand a chance to meet🤍
MCCF 2023
MCCF 2023 Mese fa
Bravo Adam! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
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So easy😎
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